I swear to god I’m crying right now I’m laughing so hard.  Ozymandis found this while randomly Google-ing.  Picture accompanied the post (written by a “MrKitty”):

Episode 1: Deep Within the Heart of PokeJungle

One dewy morning, a young Celebi meandered past the trees of Ilex Forest. The leaves of the trees glistened with dew, and the chatters of wild Chatot could be heard in the distance. A strange sense of time drifted across the forest, as if someone had uprooted a tree from Sinnoh’s Eterna Forest and planted it in Ilex Forest. All was calm; there was not a note of dread in the forest.

The Celebi wandered on and on through the vast forest, smelling the fragrant aroma of the sleeping Sunflora. They were still asleep, since the sun had not completely risen yet. The Celebi picked a nearby rose and smelled it as it continued to fly onward. What a wonderful morning, thought the grassy-eyed Pokemon.

As the Celebi sat down on a rock to rest, he spotted a young Tsutarja who seemed to searching the ground for something. He levitated toward the Tsutarja, curious.

“Hi, what are you doing here on such a glorious morning?” inquired the curious Celebi.

The Tsutarja seemed shock by the sudden voice. “Oh, uh, hello!” he responded. His leafy tail wagged from side to side.

“What’s your name, and what are you doing here?” asked the Celebi.

“I’m PokeJungle, nice to meet you! ^_^ Unfortunately, I lost an important object somewhere around here, and I can’t find it…”

“Oh, that’s pretty bad. My name’s Serebii,” the Celebi said flirtatiously. “I’ll help you look for whatever you’re looking for. What are you looking for?” Serebii hopped off the rock and walked toward PokeJungle.

“Oh, nothing important,” said PokeJungle, “it’s just a Gooey Orb that my great-grandfather gave to me before he passed away in fall.”

“I see,” responded Serebii, as he began searching the ground for the Gooey Orb.

For thirty minutes they searched the ground, but neither could find the Gooey Orb. “Ahh, this is taking a while,” joked Serebii, as he crawled across the earth. Then, he felt his head bump into PokeJungle’s.

“Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry, PokeJungle! Are you all right?”

“Yes, Serebii~” said PokeJungle timidly. He giggled softly.

For a long while, they met eyes and looked at each other silently. Serebii felt a strange sensation within his stomach, as though a group of Butterfree were dancing there. He looked back up to PokeJungle, who smiled shyly. Serebii slowly moved closer to PokeJungle, and they exchanged a long, passionate kiss.

When they were done, they looked at each other again. PokeJungle and Serebii both giggled—it was love at first sight. They kissed again, for a longer period of time now, then rolled onto the floor as they engaged in their intense romance. All throughout the morning they made passionate love, as wild Chatot and Pidgey sang from above.

I…I’m quite speechless now.  I can not believe I just read that.  Or maybe I can’t believe someone wrote that.   Ahahahahahaha.

<3 pokejungle