Focus On: Dark-Type

Hey loyal Pokejunglers! It’s ozy once again! And I still haven’t thought of a good self intro. :S Oh well, I guess I’ll just make something up for each time I post. So uh…what’s the stroy mornin’ glory? The dark-types in Gen V, that’s what’s up. Enjoy! (…..I’m kindof regretting that greeting now, does it even make any sense?)

You know what to do, hit it hard.


To start out, we have the sexy cat and leopard. Pokemon #509 and #510, Choroneko and Reparudasu! I just want to say how pleasently suprsied I am that Game Freak FINALLY put something other then a normal-type or a normal/flying-type in the first few routes! ( Well I mean there’s still the Poochies..) In my opinion, I think Choroneko is the best and most sexiest/coolest/awesomest Pokemon that you can find in all of the begining routes EVER. Only reason I didn’t catch it and keep it on my team this time around, is because Cheren had one, and I don’t like using the same Pokemon that my Rival(s) has. Anyways, for being the new Rattata in a sense, it has a preety dang good Special Attack and Attack, both clocking in at 50. And of course, being that it is a feline Pokemon, (Well to be more specific it is the Ill-Natured Pokemon) it has a crazy high speed of 66. As for Reparudasu, which Choroneko evolves into at lvl. 20, it has a awesome speed of 106 and, like Choroneko, a decent Attack and Special Attack of 88. These guys can be found in various places all around Isshu. For Choroneko, these Routes include routes 2 and 3. As for our Cruelty Pokemon Reparudasu, it can be found on Routes 5, 9 and 16. Overall, I really like these Pokemon, but the unfortunate thing is that because there are so much better dark-types regarding stats later in the game, Reparudasu becomes obsolite.

Next up, we have the Shed Skin Pokemon, #559 Zuruggu and the Scoundrel Pokemon #560 Zuruzukin! Zuruggu can first be found in the Resort Desert, and considering that it has a pretty decent attack of 75, and not mention it’s defese and special defense both being 70, this guy will make a great addition to your team! Because of it’s Dark/Fighting-type, you might think that once it evolves to Zurukin at lvl. 39, that it would have killer attack stats. Well, you’re partially wrong, instead, it goes more to the defense side of the force and gets a killer defense and special defense of 115. As for the two’s design, they’re both total gangsatas. >< I still to this day can’t satnd Zuruggu, allthough it’s animation of it lifting it’s baggy gangsta pants and then dropping them as to say “look, It’s so small!” makes me crack up in laughter every time. Zoruzukin, on the other hand, I can stand. I didn’t like him at first, but realizing how cool and strong he was while playing through the game made me change my mind. I mean, it apparently wasn’t enough that he was pretty strong, bu he’s also a Dark/Fighting-type? I want. Not to mention, he’s just looks like he came out of a ghetto. So gangsta. That’s about all I can say for these two guys, I haven’t actually caught or used either of them, I just know I always had a close-call whenever I fought one.

These next two guys, I want so badly! It hurts me that I don’t have either of them! ;__; Which Pokemon am I talking about? Well I’m talking about #570, Zorua and #571, Zoroark! Duh. The only way to get a legit copy (couldn’t think of a better word) of these two, is through the events that started almost a year ago. To get a Zorua, You have to have the 13th movie event Celebi and show it to two people in a building within Hiun City. One of the “people” turns out to be a Zorua and the real person gives it to you as a gift. As for Zoroark, you have to have a shiny beast from the same event, and go to Illusion Forest. There, you’ll face another shiny beast, but, if you battle it for a while, it turns out to actually be a Zoroark! But, these two are like the Lucario of this generation. In a sense where you can actually breed Zoroark and get a Zorua, even though it’s technically classified as a legendary. So, you can get these off of the GTS, but the only problem is most people will willingly trade it to you for a lvl. 100 Reshiram or Zekrom. ;__; (Actually when I was trying to get a Mijumaru the same thing happend. But that’s a different story.) Anyways, Zorua has a killer Special Attack of 80, and because you can technically get it fairly early in the game if you have the event Celebi, it would make a great addition to your team! And even when it evolves into the Monster Fox Pokemon, Zoroark, you won’t have the guilt of feeling like a noob for using a legendary on your team! The crazy Special Attack increases evn more with Zoroark with it clocking in at 120, not to mention it’s Attack which is at 105. To evolve Zorua into Zoroark you have to train it lvl. 30, but i’ve also heard some rumours that you need a rare candy to actually get it to evolve. (?) But I doubt that’s true. As for these guy’s design, the Evil Fox Pokemon, Zorua is just absolutley adorable! But, the sprite version of it makes it looks kinda ugly. Zoroark, well he…er…she just looks BA 24/7. I know there’s some stuff about the spelling of Zorua vs. Zoroa, I’m just sticking with Zorua ’cause it sounds better. >< (Can’t Believe I forgot to say this: They have an awesome ability! Illusion! Basically, it’s gives them Ditto powers for a bit. It lets them transform into a Pokemon on the opponent’s team. (I think the second slot?) What’s fun to do is mess with the noobs on Random Match. They think they’re facing a Pokabu, then BAM! It’s a Zoroark.)

Before I begin, I would just like to say: Oh. My. God. The Knife Pokemon and the Sword Blade Pokemon just brought me back to my days where I would watch Power Rangers and Ultra Man all day long. LOVE. IT. It shouldn’t have taken you long to guess that I was talking about #624 Komatana and #625 Kirikizan. I mean I even gave you their classifications. :p These two, are, by far my favorite dark types in this Gen! No..I’d say favorite dark-type ever created! I mean look at ’em! Not to mention how strong they are! They have an awesome attack stat! Komatana gets the glorious number of 85 while Kirikizan gets the sexier number of 125. HELLA strong. Unforutuently, you get these guys pretty late. 🙁 You can first find Komatana on Route 9, whereas Kirikizan is on Route 11, allthough, it is pretty rare to find one. I definetly would’ve put them on my team if they didn’t show up so late! I mean the double typing of Dark/Steel is kinda a “mehh” thing with it’s double weakness for a few things, but still! The only bad thing about these guys is that to evolve Komantana, you have to train it to lvl. 52. But still… POWER RANGER! HELLA STRONG! AHHH! I have said enough. This guy? Pure. Awesome.

Ugh. Yuck. Gross. I really don’t even wanna review these two. Ladies and gentlemen, we just went from the BEST to the WORST. Introducing #629 Baruchai and #630 Barujiina….The Diaper Pokemon and the Bone Eagle Pokemon. Ya. It’s seriously called the Diaper Pokemon. Just shows how lame it is. Because I hate this guy so much, I’m going to keep this pretty short. I’ll give it props on it’s decent Defense stats which clock in at 75 for Baruchai and 105 for Barujiina, but considering how late you get them in the game, those stats aren’t really all that “WOW!” factor at all. You first see Baruchai at Victory Road, so lucky for me, I only had to see it’s ugly face rear my way a few times. It’s pretty rare to see Barujiina on Route 11, so you’ll probably have to train the “huggie’s diapers mascot” to lvl. 54 to get it. As you can probably allready tell I really don’t like it’s design. So I won’t go into that at all. Just pure ugly. Wargle>Barujiina. Oh, forgot to mention, it’s a Black Version exclusive so might want to rethink which game you buy. I feel like I’m not giving this Pokemon all the glory it deserves, so for Barujiina fans out there: preach about how awesome it is in the comment section.

Last and DEFINETLY not least, we have the cute, the awesome and the ugly. (Get it? “The Good the Bad and the Ugly” is a movie. Funny right? High five? No? Cool.) Pokemon #633 Monozu, the Rude Pokemon, #634 Jiheddo, the Violence Pokemon and #635 Sazandora, the Brutality Pokemon. The reason why I called them the cute, the awesome and the ugly is, well, because they are. In that order. I just find the way that Monozu’s “bangs” are covering his face so cute! And his little tooth…so cute. Then take that head and multiply that by two, and you just get a combination of pure awesome and cuteness. I mean, it is a Dark/Dragon -type. But then, we reach the end of the evolution line and we get a bit ugly. Sazandora. Allthough I find it ugly, I still like it. All of their stats are just made for making all giddy and jumping for joy. They all have awesome wel, everything! Especially their Attack and Special Attack. Starting with Monozu, it has a decent 65 for Attack and 45 for Special Attack. Then when it evolves all the way to Sazandora, they get bumped up to and 125 for Special Attack 105 for Attack. Their defense also is uust crazy and so is there speed! Just pure awesome! You could definetly win a few with this evolution line. Only two things I hate about these guys. One: You first find the first stage evolution, Monozu, at Victory Road. Why does it always take so long to find a dragon-type Pokemon in the wild! D,: Two: It takes forever for it to evolve and turn ugly. Monozu evolves into Jiheddo at lvl. 50 and then into Sazandora at lvl. 64. If it weren’t for the fact that I see this guy so late, I would’ve kept him on my team forever and made him never turn ugly.

Pokemon with secondary Dark-type:


Andddddd done! That’s all the dark-types of this Gen! AGAIN, we categorize by primary typing so you won’t see the Meguroku family line in this post. So, now that you’ve read it, I wanna hear what you think. Do you think I was to harsh on some? To nice to some? Do you disagree with anything I said? Or god forbid *gasp* agree? Comment down below and tell the world!

peace and love– ozymandis

P.S. Sorry this is so late. ^^; I actually started this like two days ago, but because of school work and me napping at random times because of my lack of sleep, I never got around to finishing it until now. Well actually I got majority of it done, but I forgot to save it. FML.

P.P.S Forgot to mention this, but the Pokemon Global Link is now back up and running! You can download the new C-Gear and participate in the Favorite Pokemon Poll which determines what Pokemon will be given away in the Dream World! Looks like Arceus is winning so far…:)

P.P.P.S. Go check out the newly refurbished MountMoon! I’m there, and let’s face it. Who wouldn’t want to talk to me?

    1. ahaha glad you enjoyed it. ^^
      then again, you ALWAYS like my “Focus On” Posts…hm…fishy.
      cats like fish. xD;;;

  1. Yay Zuzurukin and Zuruggu! OwO I love those two so much~<3

    And why do you call Zoroark a legendary…? Just wondering, because its signature ability is pretty spiffy, but it still seems more of a "normal" Pokemon.
    Like I said, just wondering about that.

    1. well i consider any pokemon that get’s it’s own movie a legendary. but that’s just me. 😛

      1. I understand your logic! *nods* There hasn’t ever been a non-legendary-based movie, has there? I can’t remember any~

        1. Exactly. ><

          I used to consider lucario a legendary. 😛
          they made it seen like there was only one zoeys and zoroark in the world. 😛
          so only one in the world=legendary. xD;;;

        2. I believe if you can breed it, also evolve it and that it doesn’t hold a spot at the very end of the dex (like the last 13 or so spots) or before the starters then it isn’t a legendary.

          Movies shouldn’t be used as reference since they’re not really going to explain things exactly the same way the main games would are they? The only reason Lucario and Zoroark were used for movies is because they were hyped up by game freak to be special pokemon (but by no means “are” special pokemon in the overall scheme of things). (Even Riolu can be caught in the wild in black/white now)
          Zorua could just as easily be caught in the wild and nobody would be any wiser.

        1. I think Unknown get their own category. They even get their own Dex in GSC! They’re a bit lit pieces of an ancient civilization, with many mysteries surrounding them.

  2. I do love these focus on type articles. and I think they give us a chance to see each pokemon up close and decide if we want them on our team


    maybe in future you could be less subjective and just report on each poke’s merits and flaws? not just on the aesthetics that you like/dislike?

    1. ahaha can do.
      sorry i dissapointed you. 🙁

      i got a few comments in the past saying i should make it more personal and say what i think of them exactly, but i also get a few of these.
      so i’ll have to balance the two out. 😀

      1. haha all good dude. meant no offense. like I said love these articles.

        Maybe you could do an impartial/cold section and personal like/distaste for each poke. or not…if you’re cool doing as you’re doing all is good

        Again, love these articles, keep it up. keen for the bug type one 🙂

        1. that could work. 🙂
          i’ll try my best.

          ahah no offense at all, i like critism. 😀
          (is that spelled wrong? xD;;)

          the bug one should be coming up soon so check back regularly! 😀

  3. Hey Ozy, if you want Zorua or Zoroark, I’ve got the two events to get them. 🙂 Send me your DPPtHGSS FC and I’ll send one your way.

      1. Yeah, I’ve got one of each, and since Zorua DOES evolve and Zoroark DOES breed, I don’t need both. :3

    1. Rape my butt and call me Charlie! Your heaps generous! But remember, once there used in the event, you can’t re-use them again.

      Like condoms.

      1. Lol, Charlie. But why do I have 2 call you Charlie? Can’t I call you something cooler? Like Dave.

  4. Im having trouble with the pokemon global link website 🙁
    Everytime i try to get to the c gear page (by clicking the red pokeball button with a ds on it) a white box comes up saying something about ID :s
    anyone else having this problem? can someone help a fellow pokefan out? 🙁
    thanks 😀

          1. No worries. ^^ Get a free account on a site like Photobucket or Tinyurl. Upload the picture and it’ll give you a link to post here.

          2. ahh okay, i was about to print screen but now the website says under maintenance til tomorrow, hopefully it will work after that 🙂 if not ill post a link. 🙂

    1. I know how much better daigo’s are. ><
      sorry I couldn't meet your expectations. 🙁

      he should be writing two or three more…I mean we were each supposed to be three or foure so…

  5. Just so you see it – that diaper-bird pokemon…. the diaper is a human skull. That’s kind of badass.

  6. I like the vulture pokemon….in fact I’m starting to like it more than Wargle. I’m still getting white though because of the glorious Rankurusu. :3

    I wouldn’t class Zoroark as a legendary, it seems silly to base what’s a legendary and what’s not after the movies….which are fairly unrelated storywise to the games.

    Do you consider Unown to be legendary pokemon then?

        1. What does being real have to do with anything? O.o Trust me, if they had done the cover as the little girl surrounded by alphabet soup, so to speak, they wouldn’t have gotten as many people to come as they did. Entei was the one they were showing off.

          2.) Hurr derp, letters with eyes. :B

          Which would you choose as the mascot?

          ….plus, they gave out an Entei promo, not an Unown promo. 😀 For what it’s worth.

          1. The argument still stands that basing legendary status solely on the movies is incorrect, or are we forgetting about “Lucario and the Mystery of Mew”?

          2. I know, I know, Lucario was the mascot and yet he’s not legendary. If you think about it, there are similarities and legendary-ish qualities in th Lucario/Zoroark line.

            Can’t be found in the wild/outside of an event (AKA you only receive 1, and it’s at a scripted area)

            None of the ‘normal’ trainers have them, but super high class trainers do (Cynthia/N)

            Really, the whole ‘being able to breed’ part is really all that draws the line between them being normal and legendary. And we’ve already got that line blurring thanks to Manaphy.

          3. Manaphy doesn’t “blur” anything simply because there is no evolutionary line; it is just Phione being gimmicky. There is no evolution process which is literally the one sole factor when determining legendary status, which is made evident from in-game dialogue (D/P/Pt) that mentions how legendaries are “perfect” and thus do not require evolution.

  7. I have to say I am a Barujiina fan…

    But, I like most dark types…With Barujiina being my favorite.

    1. barujina. beast bird ever. why you hattin ozzy? it looks more badass than most flying types.

  8. Urm, *pokes Poocheena* It was Dark type, on first routes. THIS is another reason why Hoenn pwned. It is also a reason why I’m not fund of Choroneeko, I thought the typing was unimaginative. It’s still cool as a whole though.

  9. So tell me again why using an effing human skull for a diaper isn’t one of the most badass things one can do?

  10. Legendary=/=Rare

    Evolving Zorua gives you a Zoroark, capturing Zoroark gives you a Zoroak, breeding Zoroak gives you another potential Zoroak, N has a Zoroak. It is nowhere near being a legendary, just a regular Pokemon only obtainable by an event. It is the equivalent of an event Riolu/Lucario, Meraruba/Urugamosu, and heckeven an HGSS Sudowoodo.

    You can’t say that any Pokemon who you can only obtain once without breeding is a Legendary Pokemon, since there are multiple specimens of the same legendary species out there. The best and primary example of this is the fact that Heatran can be either male or female…if there is only one, shouldn’t it have a set gender? Not to mention that you can capture 3 Lugia in 3 different regions and see them in more than that. =P

    1. I know this comment is not needed, and that I don’t mean 2 offend anybody, but, can we install a vote down button?

      1. If there was a vote down button I bet my score would be negative infinity, if such number exsist.

  11. Just wanted to make a few small points about Baruchai and Barujiina that I’m not sure you mentioned/noticed:

    A. As Porygandrew pointed out, Baruchai’s diaper is the upper portion of a human skull (or a human-like pokemon’s skull, as I don’t know how big she is, and thus the skull might be too big to be human).

    B. Note the use of ‘she’ in that last sentence. Baruchai and Barujiina are both female-only species; Incidentally, Washibon and Wargle are male only species. In addition, Barujiina and Wargle have the same base stat total, 510, which means that this is more than likely a case of counterparts/rival species. If nothing else, I thought you might want to mention that Washibon and Wargle are male-only when it comes time to do the Normal and/or Flying sections (as I don’t know which one they’d fall into in that case, since there’s only one pure flying).

    C. I actually DO like Barujiina enough to at least give her a shot on my team, but Baruchai’s diaper became much less ugly once I realized it was someone/something’s face at some point in time.


  12. I have to say i disagree about the vultures 😮

    Mama vulture looks like shes saying “Oh hey’ll no!”

  13. Where do I go to vote on which pokemon I’d like to be given away? Can’t find it.. this website is confusing. Definitely not interested in another Arceus though

    1. click on the sleeping pickachu then a box will appear.
      click the top event (the red box)

      1. Hmm no sleeping pikachu on mine, thought it was maybe because I didn’t have something asleep but I put something asleep, logged out and back in and still no pikachu there

  14. Choroneko and Reparudasu could also be the Poochyena and Mightyena of this generation. I’m not going to use this pokemon because of the Cheren. I actually like Zuruggu design and concept but the stats for Zuruzukin seem very unique; Whereas Most part fighting pokemon focus on attack or trade defense for attack not vice versa. Zorua and Zoroark seem too far out of obtainability. I could get lucky and receive one via global link. I could ask for a level 1 freshly hatched Zorua, but I ‘m sure its on the top ten list along with the unrealistic legednaries. Komatana and the rest of them are all late pokemon, but judging by the levels you can capture them I wont mind training either of them.

    ps Is it true that Zoura and Zoroark can only breed once?

    1. Why doesn’t anyone wanna get Choroneko on their team, just because a rival has it. I’m sorry, but that just seems stupid. I base my team off of appearance, meaning the ones that I think look the best, I have on my team. I don’t care about stats, or what anyone else has. Which is why my favorite pokemon is flippin’ Giratina. (and people have commented that I am an ass 4 using a legendary) But, you can just disregard this post if you want, just dishing out my opinion on a bronze platter. (Silver is 2 expensive 4 me. 🙂 )

      1. I hate to sound sarcastic, but are you implying that individuality is stupid?
        Virility is the spice of life. It was indivisual ideas and original thought that created most of the pokemons designs.

        There’s nothing wrong with having a legendary on your team, and being person who judge things based on physical appearances, thats your prerogative. Heck, you wouldn’t shake hands with a person that has a gun pointed at your head. Unless you were a hostage negotiator but thats a different story.

        I even play the game in a very unique way. A pokemon I use on my team would have a diverse move set consiting of two elemental moves native to the pokemons type, one normal type move and a move that works best aganst its aweakness. I rearly use TMs but in the new games I might start using them more often. I also wait to evolve until the final move is learned only if the pokemon is not required to evolve.

        Hey, I’m only here to comment, voice my opinion, rant and make friends. I have enough enimies in real life that I can do without. 🙂

  15. Man, I’m so excited about the Kamen Rider pokémon. I don’t care how late I get it, or how many pokémon I have to kick off my team to make room for it, I will be using it.

    1. Kamen Rider? Are you talking about the red power ranger? Because 2 me, Kamen Rider is a Power Rangers ripoff, with dragons. (or whatever the hell they use)

  16. If you’re going to say the Unknown don’t count because it was Entei’s movie, then Lucario doesn’t count, it was the Mystery of Mew, and Zorua and Zoroark don’t count either, because it’s got Entei’s, Raikou and Suicune in it’s movie.

    1. :/ Who got more screentime, Entei or the Unown? Who got more screentime, Lucario or Mew? It’s clear who the movie is based around. Yes, Unown and Mew were the ‘plot point’, but the one they SHOWCASED was Entei/Lucario. I haven’t seen the Zoroark movie yet, but I’m assuming it’s the same way.

    2. Although you’re right that Zorua and Zoroark are not legendaries, and neither are Unown or Lucario, it WAS called Lucario AND The Mystery of Mew. Mew was an add-on, not the main part of the story.

  17. WHAT? The vultures designs are awesome. Its just their stats that are horrible. They just look even more so after EV training a Honchkrow (which has almost 360 attack : D )

    1. how about you try getting a clue. the vultures are not supposed to be sweepers. might want to check out their stats again because barujina is actually pretty damn bulky. i wish people would only discuss things they actually have knowledge of.

      1. I don’t like talking about Pokemon stats. I never have any clue of what the hell they’re talking about. I play Pokemon for the creativity of the Pokemon designs, and the social aspect. I love seeing what people can think up and make different creatures out of they’re “IMAGANATIONS”. (Makes a rainbow with hands. Lol. Name the referance, and I give you a cookie.) I even like looking at Fakemons, because I just want 2 c what people can make.

        1. well, thank you, but i was talking about the person i responded to, not to whoever you are. you’re not trying to talk about a pokemon’s stats out of your ass; he is.

  18. “Game Freak FINALLY put something other then a normal-type…”, Have you ever been to Hoenn?

    My zorua evolved at lvl 30, where did everyone get this rare candy crap from lol
    since wifi was invented for pkmn games, getting any breedable pokemon is not a problem at all. Instead of the GTS thats always filled with idiotic deals, find someone on the internet (perhaps the chat or forum on this site huh) who has one and can go wifi, problem solved. Illusion is much more useful for mindgames than only for surprising noobs. If the user is smart, you can be really pro and not figure out if its zoroark or not. 🙂

    ARGH ):<
    the condor cavewoman bird poke is awesome. I loved using it in the game, coz its bulky (also from those types) and it saved my ass everytime my WAZAM WOO WAKAWAKA sweepers died coz i wanted to end some battle fast and didnt bother keeping them healthy. The sole thing I dislike is the freakin 54 lvl evolution. Finished the E4 later than I could because I wanted it to evolve before, but it was worth o: the birdie grows on you when you need to spend some time to make it finally evolve 😀

    "Why does it always take so long to find a dragon-type Pokemon in the wild! "
    I saw the first one like 5th gym? or whenever you get surf. A kibago in that cave.
    -Or a trapinch after 4th gym gives you some dragon power in 3rd gen, when you can enter the desert; swablu is just a few routes later.
    -even if you go all the way to gen I, as soon as you can go on safari and know to fish, you can get that Dratini with patience.
    -what did you need for gible? cut? IIRC you dont even need flash since you can just walk a bit next to the stairs you came down from. Maybe strength, so in the worst case its after 4th gym?
    ICE. You can get a dragon earlier than an ice pokemon in:
    Hoenn (after 7th gym wtf and theres just TWO)
    Sinnoh (on the route elading to 7th gym and you can choose between TWO)
    In Isshu you can catch some ice cream around the time you can get Kibago, or wait for the bear or snowflake THE END xD

    I like the darks we got. Especially how most of them are primary darks. Most of the past ones were stuff like, you know, nuzleaf and drapion, who get the dark as a by the way addition afetr evolving; these guys are real dark types <3

    1. Yeah I agree with a lot of your points and applaud you for your facts. I’m starting too get real annoyed by ozymandis’ bias towards certain pokemon, as well as for his lack of pokemon knowledge. For instance, I think the vulture pokemon is badass (human skull, hell yeah), and not at all lame. I think Daigo or pokejungle himself should do these type focuses, or maybe I’m jut being too hard on ozy b/c he hates a lot of the pokemon I like.

      Just some of my thoughts. I really don’t mean to offend you ozy (if you read this), but maybe just don’t give you’re aesthetic opinions on the pokemon. Or have that in a separate section? Idk, but please pokejungle, keep them coming like DAILY. Looking forward to the next ones…

      1. And HELLO ozy???? Poocheyena in Ruby/Sapphire? It’s a DARK pokemon, and Mightyena is 10 times cooler than the pussy cat.

        1. And now ozy doesn’t even have the balls to address my comments…not the best feedback from staff member of the “prestiged” and “honorable”pokejungle. What a tool 🙁

      2. …and by ‘lack of Pokemon knowledge’ you mean your opinion? Because ‘knowing’ Vuljina is badass isn’t really knowledge. :/ De gustibus non est disputandum.

        Quite frankly, I think this is a case of YMMV. ( I like Ozy’s articles. Even with spelling errors, grammatical errors, etc. It’s nice to read someone else’s opinion. It’s even fun when I disagree with what he says, because it either makes me consider his side, or makes me even more convinced that *insert Ozy-bashed Pokemon here* is the coolest thing ever and completely underrated. :3

        1. I love dis comment!!! Stop hating on da Ozy!!! He’s so cool! (so is all da other staff membas)

        2. FYI I was talking about him not knowing that Poocheyena was one of the earliest pokemon to catch in Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald, and he was a dark type. I guess you weren’t too smart to pick up on that. I wasn’t talking about MY opinion. Do you even read his articles fully? And I don’t have to respect ozy if I don’t want to. I mean, I look forward to the articles because I like to hear about all the stats and such, but you callin me out just makes you sound stupid.

          And your stupid, unecessary link meant NOTHING to me. It’s rather pathetic you even looked it up in the first place lol. Look kid, if you wanna argue with someone, go do it on youtube. Oh, and no one says “Sheesh” anymore, it just sounds really lame.

          Quite frankly, I can express my opinion if I want to. Ozy even says in the type focuses, “tell me what you think, do you agree or disagree with me?” Well, I’m doing just that. You need to chill out; again I’m just simply getting my opinion out there, and I don’t care if you like it or not.

          1. I can express my opinion 2, and that opinion is in the shape of a middle finger aimed at you. Sheesh!

          2. I’m sorry I didn’t magically understand what you were talking about/sarcasm. Direct quote: “… well as for his lack of pokemon knowledge. For instance, I think the vulture pokemon is badass…..” Hmm, I couldn’t have possibly assumed the two were related, seeing as they were RIGHT next to each other.

            I do read his articles, thank you. But you reading his articles expecting them to be exclusively on stats is silly. If you want stat-talk, go to Smogon.

            You certainly have the right to your own opinion, but others have opinions, too, and they shouldn’t be called stupid merely because you don’t agree with them.

            I’m sorry you’re not familiar with TV Tropes. It’s a very fun and informative site. Your Mileage May Vary has a bunch of examples of times where people have different opinions about a work, not because the work is bad, but because of different outlooks. I’m sorry you couldn’t figure that out from the first paragraph or two on the page.

            …….did I ever say ‘sheesh’? I don’t recall ever saying that… And for the record as many people say ‘sheesh’ as people call others ‘tools’.

            I know you have the right to your own opinion. Did anything I posted say “FOLLOW THE HERD!” or ‘INDIVIDUALITY IS WRONG” or anything like that? And really, posting your opinion online and then getting mad when people disagree is interesting in and of itself. Did you think that every single creature capable of writing on a keyboard would agree with you? Of course there are others with differing opinions. We’re just, as you said, getting OUR opinions out there.

  19. The Dark Dragons are friggin’ amazing. I love the “hairstyle” on the first two, and a I love how badass they become in the final evo.

    1. Lol, ikr. Now that I know that Isshu is based off of New York, i’m starting 2 c alot of the influence for it. Zuruguu being a gangsta, Mamepato being a pigeon, Vultures, American flag birds, and this Dark/Dragon looks like an emo kid. There are probably alot more influences (subway, Hiun city) but that’s my main reasons.

  20. I like the Vulture, not it’s lower evo.
    funny thing is, the Vulture is the Female Wargle LOL
    Wargles are only guys, Barujiina are only girls (or so I’ve heard)
    buut, I think someone already said that

    Anyway, I love reading these, keep doing them :DD

    1. Also, da vulture is dark/flying, while wargle is normal/flying, and normal is basically the opposite of dark, since we don’t have a light type. Speaking of which, I think I have figured out why they didn’t make a light type. What are the two sources of light in the Universe? (That we know of) Fire, and electricity, that’s it, nothing else creates light. Since we already have types 4 those 2, I assume they didn’t c the need 2 make a light type, when we already have both sources of it.

  21. dark cat line: out of all the cat lines, persian line pawns them all
    zurikin line: ozy, again you haven`t considered punk and hardcore, you associate both zu and goch with pop, but the fact that it learns headbutt moves mean it is headbanging hardcore, not gangsta
    kirikizan line: proof that bipedal steel types can do serious damage, plus that it can be considered an enemy of lucario
    zoro line: dark conterpart of both mewtwo and lucario, hope it has goo attacks
    dark vulture: another poke that learns bone rush, plus a poke for heavy metal fans
    hydra line: another poke with a taste of destruction, sweet for people who like destruction…….BBBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMM
    Ps.*watches ozy look at porn on dsi, while typing on pc*
    pps.*also watches pj watching oz tv on his tv, while trying to get back on beach forums*
    ppps. *also watch numerous commentors either watch porn or cleean their guns*

    1. “zurikin line: ozy, again you haven`t considered punk and hardcore, you associate both zu and goch with pop, but the fact that it learns headbutt moves mean it is headbanging hardcore, not gangsta”

      Zuruzukin pokedex entry: Zuruzukin (560): They gang up on opponents that enter their territory and beat them to within an inch of their lives. They shoot an acidic bodily fluid from their mouths.

      It’s a gangster

        1. i have checked dex for zu and there is no acid, plus punk fans, soccer hooligans, metal fans especcially the scandinavians also do it, if you say hoodies, many people wear them
          ps. *watches ai watch porn on his dsi and type on his pc*
          pps. *waits for a lot of email from prev comment*

          1. I don’t have a DSi as it would make me unable to play my japanese copy of Black, and I don’t watch porn because I have better things to do… like… REAL women and not skanks.

            Serebii hasn’t even put up pokedex datas yet. If you want the full pokedex data, you can find it on (I don’t mean to refer to other sites but…) Pokebeach. He’s a gangster, trust me.


    2. Why don’t we just leave it at this pokemon is based on all the bad stuff associated with gangs like punk rocker gangs and hiphop gangs. THe baggy pants and hoodies plus the mohawk are elements of that stuff. So they’re based on both.

      Pretty cool pokemon, wonder after what rapper/punkrocker I’ll name it XD

  22. Before you post the next article, could I suggest copying it and pasting it into MS Word or something like that? Then run it through a spell check and ignore the Pokemon games. K please thanks.

  23. Man, LOL…
    1st, Zoroark isn’t a legendary, noob… neither is Lucario (Bigger LOL)
    2nd, Choroneko isn’t the first pokémon that is not normal or normal/flying that appear on the 1st routes… There’s Poochyena in Hoenn…

    1. -DOWN THUMB

      Der, I made my own vote down button. And I clicked it as many times as possible.(Which is only once. O.o)

  24. I’m got one of the movie beasts on Serebii, so I’m gonna be putting up loads of Zoura’s for pretty simple Pokemon when I get the EU version. I’m sick of how people ask for impossible Pokemon and competely silly ones.
    On the subject of this article though, I like Orz’s style of writing. Sure its got a few mistakes, but he isn’t wrting a novel so it doesn’t really matter.

    1. Lol, Orz. It’s Ozymandis. (Ozy 4 short) Also, what do you mean by silly and impossible pokemon?

      1. By silly and impossible I think they mean people who post trades like “My Lv. 10 Growlithe for your Lv. 100 Ho-oh!”

  25. I would have to agree w one of the commenters up the top, maybe give the info on stats/typing and then later you can rip into the pokemon’s appeal as per your taste. Please, w an icecream pokemon on top 🙂

    Other than that I thought it was very good 🙂

    1. There is a button under the Vote +1 button… it’s called the Reply button, you should try it, I just did, and it felt great!!!

    2. BTW, I’m sorry if I seem like an ass. When i’m tired, I say things that I regret in the morning. (kinda like a drunk guy)

      1. LOL don’t worry about I know what you mean.

        I’d read comments hearlier before I decided to post my thoughts that mirrored his/hers (?) I didn’t reply to that person’s comment b/c I became lazy and didn’t want to have to read through all the posts to look for it XD

  26. ozy, do you have guns, plus do you have any heavy metal music in your collection?
    ps.*gets zu, kiri and spiritomb to put heavy metal, punk, hardcore and electro-punk and hardcore into ozy`s music collection*
    pps. *finds out that ozy might get arrested for having a lot of porn, because he lives in singapore*

  27. spell+grammar check man. You say you skipped a grade, but after reading this, I would think that you flunked a grade. Seriously, this stuff is hard to read.

    1. sorry. ^^;
      my writing style is kinda hard to understand, i write like i would talk to my best friend.
      so it’s extremly casual and kinda awkward. 😛

      1. don’t be sorry ozy, i love that you write like you’d talk to a friend because it makes it on a more personal level. If it was completely perfect, then it wouldn’t be your style. If people are just gonna read your great articles just to judge stupid things like your grammar and opinions, then there is no point to them reading it, because they’re just telling you that you shouldn’t be yourself 🙂

        1. well, case in point, articles are supposed to be objective, not subjective. these shouldn’t be called articles since they’re being written with a definite sense of subjectivity unique to each individual author. pokejungle should technically call these editorials.

          you would think they would proofread these to make sure the site looks semi-professional. NL’s was soooo bad…

      1. Lol, find. Oh, da irony.

        P.S. I will be putting this in my posts from now on, ’til I go 2 sleep: I’m sorry if I seem like an ass, I’m very tired, and when I am, I say things that I regret in da morning. (Kinda like a drunk guy)

  28. have any of you heard of undies that puffs up the part of undies in front of your parts, that has two more variations exposing your butt?
    ps. shibirudon, attack ozy for making penile jokes about your pre evo

  29. Illusion turns Zorua/Zoroark into the pokemon in the last slot of your party, whatever it might be at the time. (Don’t know if it can turn into a fainted pokemon)

  30. ozy, is your real name jim payne?, if not, if you become a twitterer, name yourself pjnozymandis
    ps.*spots coronis` manga colection under ozy`s porn collection, plans to put the n00bnerd thumbnail as twitter pic, but then sees a whole cargo container of gaga, glee, kp and pink memrobelia in his room*

      1. Although I don’t always agree with your opinions, I have to say Gavin is an awesome name.

          1. i know. ><
            all my school login's for internet and computer stuff and such has always been "glee" 😀

            my name is total win. 😀

      2. Lol, LeavingItAsItIs. BTW, r u sure there is no possible way 2 make a vote down button? (4 Dinoman007, why does he keep talking about your porn collection O.o)

        P.S. I’m sorry if I seem like an ass, I’m very tired, and when I am, I say things that I regret in da morning. (Kinda like a drunk guy)

        1. HAhahaha! PJ did have a DownVote button, but he took it down as he said ppl were abusing it XD

          Which was true XP

  31. Quit bashing ozyyyy you bunch of FEEBASS HOLES! <<<<<Pokemon joke!
    I LOOOOOOOOOOVE STEEL, ICE, BUG, FIGHTING and NORMAL!!!!!!! Hurry PJ team, run home, run home as fast as you can and write!

    1. agreed 🙂 i love these articles! dont listen to the haters. and i laughed really hard at ur joke Bristeel XD…well at least once i got it (im kinda slow lol)

  32. weird how u were bombing on sazandora design, cuz hes like my favorite pokemon from this gen and quit possibly ever XD, not only is he like the coolest type combo ever but hes a mofoin hydra! anyway other than zoroark and kirikizan i didnt realy like the darks of this gen, though Zuruzukin’s “dat ass” face makes me crack up.

  33. all dark types= punk, hardcore and heavy metal
    ps.who has thee LARGEST COLLECTION OF PORN IN the pjn community?
    pps. who also has the LARGEST GUN COLLECTION in pjn community?
    ppps.who also has the LARGEST VIDEO GAME COLLECTION in the pjn community?

  34. can anyone plz help with my team?
    daikenki wargle
    rankurusu abagoora
    boakii denchura
    plz suggest anything

    1. Depending on your version, I suggest Doredia. I’ve got one now with Sleep Powder/Butterfly Dance/Giga Drain/Dream eater and it’s boss. :3 Sleep the first (It’s fast enough for most of ’em), Butterfly Dance a few times, and then either Dream Eater or Giga Drain for huuuuge damage. XD It’s oneshotted soo many pokemon from this strategy.

  35. And this is why pokejungle will forever remain a children’s website for discussing which pokemanz is their favorites based on how cool they look!

    1. I beg your pardon, I am no child. I am a legal adult.

      I like discussing the asthetics of the new designs. Human beings are very visually-oriented creatures, there is no way that appearence wouldn’t influence our opinions of these new Pokemon.

      1. I’m sorry, the general tone and language used made me think you were about 8. Not to mention how you said almost nothing about movesets or strategies, just went on about how much YOU liked how the sprites look. Again, not too much there to claim this site isn’t for young children discussing how cool their favorite pokemanz look. I know nobody has nor ever will claim that this site has any good journalistic qualities, but I would at least expect it to relate to pokemon in a meaningful way, and not just be a site for the childish mods or administrators or whatever you’re calling yourselves to rant about whether they think the pokemon designs are sexy or not.

        1. It’s a fansite, populated by fans. We choose what we wish to talk about, it doesn’t matter how old (or young) you believe us to be. If you want to talk strategy, go to Smogon or something. We fans know that we can go to Pokejungle to discuss asthetics, or whatever else we damn well please. If the mods want to be childish, that’s their prerogative. I’m not going to judge them on their behavior.

          Also, who are you to lecture me on my language? I can write at an adult level, but your spelling, punctuation and grammar put you at a child’s writing skills.

          I do not care about movesets or strategies. I play Pokemon for myself, and to have fun. I am not a competitive battler, I enjoy playing through the games and collecting the Pokemon I like. You have no right to consider me a child for that.

        2. ‘…relate to Pokemon in a meaningful way…’ meaning ignoring everything except how good they are in battle? You want that, go to Smogon. Here, Pokemon are more than just movesets/stats. Yes, they might touch on those and they have been in several of the other articles, but honestly that gets a little dry after a while. 49.2%-52.8% damage blah blah blah resisting 12 of 17 blah blah blah 80% accuracy blah blah blah. Not all Pokemon fans are math nerds, and not all Pokemon fans are completely competitive. I for one find it refreshing to see a site commenting on how they look. As pointed out before, visuals are an important part of how humans interpret things. If a game came out now that had the graphics of Red/Blue, do you really think it would be popular? As humans we EXPECT other humans to give us things that are visually pleasing.

          As for ‘good journalistic qualities’, what the hell do you expect? No one here has an English degree (to my knowledge…). No one here wants a Pulitzer for reporting this stuff. These are NORMAL (maybe) PEOPLE expressing their love of Pokemon in a way that others can participate in. That in and of itself is beautiful enough that it should be worth looking over a few typos.

          And before you ask/assume, I am not a child and haven’t been for quite some time, so immaturity isn’t a front you can use against me.

          1. cough ozy’s porn addiction cough, cough ozy saying that the shib line is penis with teeth cough

          2. Not sure what that’s responding to… maybe the immaturity comment? XD Anyway, as I said, they’re normal people. In this case, normal teenage-range male. Would you expect anything different? To me at least it speaks of good character that they don’t hide themselves, put up a huge ‘professional’ front that doesn’t really let you know the personality of those running the site.

        3. You do realize that most, if not all, of the staff members are at least 21. Besides, Pokemon aren’t all about friggin stats. If you love the stats so much, when you go into a Pokemon battle, I’ll make a patch 4 you that doesn’t show the Pokemon sprites, but shows just the stats. That’s right. Just floating numbers. BTW, He does talk about the stats, thank you very much!!!

  36. While I don’t really care for Baruchai, I do like its egg shell/diaper.

    If you turn the sprite upside down, the egg shell/diaper is a skull. 🙂

  37. Seriously if you dont like the way he write don’t read any of his articles and stop whining. Where’s your article and pokemon site? Oh yeah, that’s right…

  38. yikes!! well ive always liked dark types but this generation introduced alot of them. personaly i like #624 Komatana and #625 Kirikizan plus zorua and Zoroark for thier abilities and the ones above for thier attack stat. i hate the dragon with 3 heads i kinda like the bird too.

    POKEMON BLACK BEST mijumaru!!!!!!!!!

  39. Why do these articles look like they’re written by a twelve-year-old? Especially that grammar, yeesh.
    That, and try to keep a more un-biased view of the pokemon you’re writing about. Tell us about what the new ones are based on, what their names mean, etc instead of just creaming over/complaining about their aesthetics.

    I have to say that I like the vulture more than I do Wargle. I was going to get Black version regardless of exclusives, and this bird sealed the deal. Wargle is cool, but nothing beats a bird that shits in a human (?) skull/wears someone’s bones as a skirt. Totally badass. ♥

    1. Thats kind of mean……… he tries his best hes only 14……. check out his bio. and stop criticizing. you try balancing homework, school, personal life and and these articles!!! instead of criticizing give him props!!

      1. OZY’S 14??!! HE LOOKS 18!!! I can’t believe I’m the same age as him. I feel so… honored!!!

  40. ozy, what happened to my comment about dark types being linked to horror and a cause of what daigo wants unseen coughhardcoreporncough
    ps. pj how big is your gun collection?
    pps. ozy, do you master yate?

      1. ozy here are some questions for you
        Q1: how old were you when you started looking at porn?
        Q2: how many items of porn do you have?
        Q3: who got you hooked on porn?
        Q4: does your parents know that you look at porn?
        Q5: has any one taught you the dangers of porn?
        ps. to pj, if ozy talks any more of his porn addiction, ban him till he learns that talking about x rated stuff isn’t appropriate, but also introduce the douch bag of the week, for people who did the stupidist thing.
        pps.*uses mindwipe to remove all porn thoughts on everyone*

  41. welcome dinoman007’s porn treatment centre, tonight’s patient is ozy, first off we are going to an std treatment centre, where pornstars go to get treated for stds, next, were going to shock him in an experiment with pictures of pokemon and porn, shocking him if he is excited by porn, then we are going to blow up his physical porn collection and finally putting a virus on his pc that destroys his online porn collection and put up a firewall that blocks him from accessing more porn.
    ps. did you notice that both kiri and hydra are both inspired by japanese tv shows, what next, a robot whose ability is taking the defending pokemon hostage?

  42. Uh, just so you know, Lucario and Zoroark aren’t legendaries. Just because they’re in a movie doesn’t mean anything. They’re just overrated. Not legends.

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