Focus On: Dark-Type

Hey loyal Pokejunglers! It’s ozy once again! And I still haven’t thought of a good self intro. :S Oh well, I guess I’ll just make something up for each time I post. So uh…what’s the stroy mornin’ glory? The dark-types in Gen V, that’s what’s up. Enjoy! (…..I’m kindof regretting that greeting now, does it even make any sense?)

You know what to do, hit it hard.


To start out, we have the sexy cat and leopard. Pokemon #509 and #510, Choroneko and Reparudasu! I just want to say how pleasently suprsied I am that Game Freak FINALLY put something other then a normal-type or a normal/flying-type in the first few routes! ( Well I mean there’s still the Poochies..) In my opinion, I think Choroneko is the best and most sexiest/coolest/awesomest Pokemon that you can find in all of the begining routes EVER. Only reason I didn’t catch it and keep it on my team this time around, is because Cheren had one, and I don’t like using the same Pokemon that my Rival(s) has. Anyways, for being the new Rattata in a sense, it has a preety dang good Special Attack and Attack, both clocking in at 50. And of course, being that it is a feline Pokemon, (Well to be more specific it is the Ill-Natured Pokemon) it has a crazy high speed of 66. As for Reparudasu, which Choroneko evolves into at lvl. 20, it has a awesome speed of 106 and, like Choroneko, a decent Attack and Special Attack of 88. These guys can be found in various places all around Isshu. For Choroneko, these Routes include routes 2 and 3. As for our Cruelty Pokemon Reparudasu, it can be found on Routes 5, 9 and 16. Overall, I really like these Pokemon, but the unfortunate thing is that because there are so much better dark-types regarding stats later in the game, Reparudasu becomes obsolite.

Next up, we have the Shed Skin Pokemon, #559 Zuruggu and the Scoundrel Pokemon #560 Zuruzukin! Zuruggu can first be found in the Resort Desert, and considering that it has a pretty decent attack of 75, and not mention it’s defese and special defense both being 70, this guy will make a great addition to your team! Because of it’s Dark/Fighting-type, you might think that once it evolves to Zurukin at lvl. 39, that it would have killer attack stats. Well, you’re partially wrong, instead, it goes more to the defense side of the force and gets a killer defense and special defense of 115. As for the two’s design, they’re both total gangsatas. >< I still to this day can’t satnd Zuruggu, allthough it’s animation of it lifting it’s baggy gangsta pants and then dropping them as to say “look, It’s so small!” makes me crack up in laughter every time. Zoruzukin, on the other hand, I can stand. I didn’t like him at first, but realizing how cool and strong he was while playing through the game made me change my mind. I mean, it apparently wasn’t enough that he was pretty strong, bu he’s also a Dark/Fighting-type? I want. Not to mention, he’s just looks like he came out of a ghetto. So gangsta. That’s about all I can say for these two guys, I haven’t actually caught or used either of them, I just know I always had a close-call whenever I fought one.

These next two guys, I want so badly! It hurts me that I don’t have either of them! ;__; Which Pokemon am I talking about? Well I’m talking about #570, Zorua and #571, Zoroark! Duh. The only way to get a legit copy (couldn’t think of a better word) of these two, is through the events that started almost a year ago. To get a Zorua, You have to have the 13th movie event Celebi and show it to two people in a building within Hiun City. One of the “people” turns out to be a Zorua and the real person gives it to you as a gift. As for Zoroark, you have to have a shiny beast from the same event, and go to Illusion Forest. There, you’ll face another shiny beast, but, if you battle it for a while, it turns out to actually be a Zoroark! But, these two are like the Lucario of this generation. In a sense where you can actually breed Zoroark and get a Zorua, even though it’s technically classified as a legendary. So, you can get these off of the GTS, but the only problem is most people will willingly trade it to you for a lvl. 100 Reshiram or Zekrom. ;__; (Actually when I was trying to get a Mijumaru the same thing happend. But that’s a different story.) Anyways, Zorua has a killer Special Attack of 80, and because you can technically get it fairly early in the game if you have the event Celebi, it would make a great addition to your team! And even when it evolves into the Monster Fox Pokemon, Zoroark, you won’t have the guilt of feeling like a noob for using a legendary on your team! The crazy Special Attack increases evn more with Zoroark with it clocking in at 120, not to mention it’s Attack which is at 105. To evolve Zorua into Zoroark you have to train it lvl. 30, but i’ve also heard some rumours that you need a rare candy to actually get it to evolve. (?) But I doubt that’s true. As for these guy’s design, the Evil Fox Pokemon, Zorua is just absolutley adorable! But, the sprite version of it makes it looks kinda ugly. Zoroark, well he…er…she just looks BA 24/7. I know there’s some stuff about the spelling of Zorua vs. Zoroa, I’m just sticking with Zorua ’cause it sounds better. >< (Can’t Believe I forgot to say this: They have an awesome ability! Illusion! Basically, it’s gives them Ditto powers for a bit. It lets them transform into a Pokemon on the opponent’s team. (I think the second slot?) What’s fun to do is mess with the noobs on Random Match. They think they’re facing a Pokabu, then BAM! It’s a Zoroark.)

Before I begin, I would just like to say: Oh. My. God. The Knife Pokemon and the Sword Blade Pokemon just brought me back to my days where I would watch Power Rangers and Ultra Man all day long. LOVE. IT. It shouldn’t have taken you long to guess that I was talking about #624 Komatana and #625 Kirikizan. I mean I even gave you their classifications. :p These two, are, by far my favorite dark types in this Gen! No..I’d say favorite dark-type ever created! I mean look at ’em! Not to mention how strong they are! They have an awesome attack stat! Komatana gets the glorious number of 85 while Kirikizan gets the sexier number of 125. HELLA strong. Unforutuently, you get these guys pretty late. 🙁 You can first find Komatana on Route 9, whereas Kirikizan is on Route 11, allthough, it is pretty rare to find one. I definetly would’ve put them on my team if they didn’t show up so late! I mean the double typing of Dark/Steel is kinda a “mehh” thing with it’s double weakness for a few things, but still! The only bad thing about these guys is that to evolve Komantana, you have to train it to lvl. 52. But still… POWER RANGER! HELLA STRONG! AHHH! I have said enough. This guy? Pure. Awesome.

Ugh. Yuck. Gross. I really don’t even wanna review these two. Ladies and gentlemen, we just went from the BEST to the WORST. Introducing #629 Baruchai and #630 Barujiina….The Diaper Pokemon and the Bone Eagle Pokemon. Ya. It’s seriously called the Diaper Pokemon. Just shows how lame it is. Because I hate this guy so much, I’m going to keep this pretty short. I’ll give it props on it’s decent Defense stats which clock in at 75 for Baruchai and 105 for Barujiina, but considering how late you get them in the game, those stats aren’t really all that “WOW!” factor at all. You first see Baruchai at Victory Road, so lucky for me, I only had to see it’s ugly face rear my way a few times. It’s pretty rare to see Barujiina on Route 11, so you’ll probably have to train the “huggie’s diapers mascot” to lvl. 54 to get it. As you can probably allready tell I really don’t like it’s design. So I won’t go into that at all. Just pure ugly. Wargle>Barujiina. Oh, forgot to mention, it’s a Black Version exclusive so might want to rethink which game you buy. I feel like I’m not giving this Pokemon all the glory it deserves, so for Barujiina fans out there: preach about how awesome it is in the comment section.

Last and DEFINETLY not least, we have the cute, the awesome and the ugly. (Get it? “The Good the Bad and the Ugly” is a movie. Funny right? High five? No? Cool.) Pokemon #633 Monozu, the Rude Pokemon, #634 Jiheddo, the Violence Pokemon and #635 Sazandora, the Brutality Pokemon. The reason why I called them the cute, the awesome and the ugly is, well, because they are. In that order. I just find the way that Monozu’s “bangs” are covering his face so cute! And his little tooth…so cute. Then take that head and multiply that by two, and you just get a combination of pure awesome and cuteness. I mean, it is a Dark/Dragon -type. But then, we reach the end of the evolution line and we get a bit ugly. Sazandora. Allthough I find it ugly, I still like it. All of their stats are just made for making all giddy and jumping for joy. They all have awesome wel, everything! Especially their Attack and Special Attack. Starting with Monozu, it has a decent 65 for Attack and 45 for Special Attack. Then when it evolves all the way to Sazandora, they get bumped up to and 125 for Special Attack 105 for Attack. Their defense also is uust crazy and so is there speed! Just pure awesome! You could definetly win a few with this evolution line. Only two things I hate about these guys. One: You first find the first stage evolution, Monozu, at Victory Road. Why does it always take so long to find a dragon-type Pokemon in the wild! D,: Two: It takes forever for it to evolve and turn ugly. Monozu evolves into Jiheddo at lvl. 50 and then into Sazandora at lvl. 64. If it weren’t for the fact that I see this guy so late, I would’ve kept him on my team forever and made him never turn ugly.

Pokemon with secondary Dark-type:


Andddddd done! That’s all the dark-types of this Gen! AGAIN, we categorize by primary typing so you won’t see the Meguroku family line in this post. So, now that you’ve read it, I wanna hear what you think. Do you think I was to harsh on some? To nice to some? Do you disagree with anything I said? Or god forbid *gasp* agree? Comment down below and tell the world!

peace and love– ozymandis

P.S. Sorry this is so late. ^^; I actually started this like two days ago, but because of school work and me napping at random times because of my lack of sleep, I never got around to finishing it until now. Well actually I got majority of it done, but I forgot to save it. FML.

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