Focus On: Flying-Type + Poison Type

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So, this time around, the article will serve two purposes. As you can tell, it will still serve as another article in the “Focus On” series, but because of the abounding amount of comments saying that I should change the way I write these, this will also serve as a ‘test’ of sorts. So I made my writing a little less “casually-talking-with-my-personality-screaming” and it a bit more “english essay” in a sense. Some of you did say that you liked my articles fine, so, thanks for the support.  After you read this, comment below telling me if you like this style of doing these articles better than what I did before

UPD: I noticed that the Poison-Type article would also only have one Pokemon evolution line in it, so I added it in. Enjoy. 🙂

You know what to do, hit it hard.


So here we are guys! The first ever pure flying-type, Pokemon #641, Torunerosu the Whirlwind Pokemon! (Well unless you count Arceus holding a Sky Plate…) This guy is the only roaming legendary in the Isshu Region, and there’s a few things that you need to do in order to get this Pokemon. First of all, he’s a Pokemon Black Version exclusive, so if you have Pokemon White, you’re out of luck. (You’ll get Borutorosu instead) Even if you do have Pokemon Black, it’s not just going to start roaming by yourself. You’ll notice that in the evenings whenever you walk on Route 7 the weather isn’t the usual light drizzle. Instead it’s a very harsh monsoon-like storm. If you go about half-way through the route while the ‘monsoon’ is happening, a lady will invite you into her house. After being invited into the house, when you leave, Torunerosu will fly down and just looks at you. From that point on it will officially start roaming the Isshu region, and unlike other roaming Pokemon, you can easily track this Pokemon down. Whenever Torunerosu is in the area, the entire route will have that monsoon-like weather. Pretty nice eh? As for this guy’s high point stats, it has a killer Attack of 115 and a crazy awesome Special Attack of 125. And not to be outdone by the attack stats, he also has a pretty nice speed which clocks in at 111. On to its design, I think the design of Torunerosu is really good! The colour scheme, the attitude it shows and even the animations all add to making an awesome legendary! Only problem I have with its design, and actually most of the legendries in Gen V, is that even though it has all of the awesome stuff that I mentioned earlier, it still doesn’t have the full essence of a legendary, or at least to me. I could totally see Torunerosu being a regular Pokemon and having a pre-evo. I still can’t put my finger on what is making me think that, but that’s just me. (What do you guys think? Comment down below with your opinion!) I really don’t see to many flaws in this Pokemon. Other than it’s pretty low Defense (80) and HP (79), that is compared to its other stats, I don’t really see any battle related issues. Although I would’ve liked for the monsoon-like weather to not happen whenever he’s in the route. I kind of liked it better when it would be a complete surprise to face a roaming Pokemon and catch you off guard. But again, that’s just me.

For the grand finale, we have the only pure poison-types in Gen V. The Garbage Bag Pokemon, #568 Yabakuron and the Dump Site Pokemon, #569 Dasutodasu! Let’s start out with their appearances. When I first saw them I immediately  cringed and looked away, I mean c’mon, they’re literally garbage for Christ’s sake! Don’t pretend you didn’t either at first. But over the three or so weeks since the release of Pokemon Black and White, like all other Pokemon will and have, they grew on me a bit. Yes, I still hate their design overall a bit because it’s a bit to ‘trashy’ for me, but they’re still useful in the game. And for those poison-type lovers out there, I know you’ll catch it, and use it to its full potential. I just know I won’t. These two guy’s stats are pretty decent overall. Yabukuron has better stats based on the time you’d be able to get it in my opinion. It’s highlights are its Defense, Special Defense and, surprisingly, Speed. Clocking in at 62, 62, and 65 respectively. It also has a pretty decent HP of 50. As for when it evolves into Dasutodasu at lvl. 36, it still has decent stats, but still, not super great for later on in the game. It’s high points of Attack, Defense and Special Defense increase to being 95, 82 and 82. And it’s HP goes to a pretty solid 80 base. So although it’s design might not appeal to all, it’d still make a great addition to your team. I, personally, have never taken a liking to poison-type Pokemon, nor has one ever made it onto my team, so I feel like I might not be showing this ‘dump’ of a Pokemon’s full potential. (Real quick thing, while doing this article, I just realized that what I thought to be Yabakuron’s nose is actually his mouth with spiked teeth. >< I like the design much more now. 🙂 I know, I know, I’m a bit slow. But surely I’m not the only one who made that mistake right?)

Pokemon with secondary Flying-type:

Pokemon with secondary Poison-type:


The end. That’s all of the Flying-types and Poison-Types in this Gen! Once again, remember we categorize by primary typing. Might explain why there’s only three Pokemon in this article. So do you disagree with my opinions? Or possibly agree? Do you think I missed anything that doesn’t show it’s full potential? Critisism is always appreciated. 🙂 Comment down below!

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P.S. Sorry this one is so short, but since it would only have one Pokemon in it I thought it’d be the best ‘test’. So expect another one very soon!

P.P.S To make up for such a short article, I’ll answer any questions you guys have for me. 🙂 ( That is, If there are any.)