Focus On: Flying-Type + Poison Type

Hey loyal Pokejunglers!

So, this time around, the article will serve two purposes. As you can tell, it will still serve as another article in the “Focus On” series, but because of the abounding amount of comments saying that I should change the way I write these, this will also serve as a ‘test’ of sorts. So I made my writing a little less “casually-talking-with-my-personality-screaming” and it a bit more “english essay” in a sense. Some of you did say that you liked my articles fine, so, thanks for the support.  After you read this, comment below telling me if you like this style of doing these articles better than what I did before

UPD: I noticed that the Poison-Type article would also only have one Pokemon evolution line in it, so I added it in. Enjoy. 🙂

You know what to do, hit it hard.


So here we are guys! The first ever pure flying-type, Pokemon #641, Torunerosu the Whirlwind Pokemon! (Well unless you count Arceus holding a Sky Plate…) This guy is the only roaming legendary in the Isshu Region, and there’s a few things that you need to do in order to get this Pokemon. First of all, he’s a Pokemon Black Version exclusive, so if you have Pokemon White, you’re out of luck. (You’ll get Borutorosu instead) Even if you do have Pokemon Black, it’s not just going to start roaming by yourself. You’ll notice that in the evenings whenever you walk on Route 7 the weather isn’t the usual light drizzle. Instead it’s a very harsh monsoon-like storm. If you go about half-way through the route while the ‘monsoon’ is happening, a lady will invite you into her house. After being invited into the house, when you leave, Torunerosu will fly down and just looks at you. From that point on it will officially start roaming the Isshu region, and unlike other roaming Pokemon, you can easily track this Pokemon down. Whenever Torunerosu is in the area, the entire route will have that monsoon-like weather. Pretty nice eh? As for this guy’s high point stats, it has a killer Attack of 115 and a crazy awesome Special Attack of 125. And not to be outdone by the attack stats, he also has a pretty nice speed which clocks in at 111. On to its design, I think the design of Torunerosu is really good! The colour scheme, the attitude it shows and even the animations all add to making an awesome legendary! Only problem I have with its design, and actually most of the legendries in Gen V, is that even though it has all of the awesome stuff that I mentioned earlier, it still doesn’t have the full essence of a legendary, or at least to me. I could totally see Torunerosu being a regular Pokemon and having a pre-evo. I still can’t put my finger on what is making me think that, but that’s just me. (What do you guys think? Comment down below with your opinion!) I really don’t see to many flaws in this Pokemon. Other than it’s pretty low Defense (80) and HP (79), that is compared to its other stats, I don’t really see any battle related issues. Although I would’ve liked for the monsoon-like weather to not happen whenever he’s in the route. I kind of liked it better when it would be a complete surprise to face a roaming Pokemon and catch you off guard. But again, that’s just me.

For the grand finale, we have the only pure poison-types in Gen V. The Garbage Bag Pokemon, #568 Yabakuron and the Dump Site Pokemon, #569 Dasutodasu! Let’s start out with their appearances. When I first saw them I immediately  cringed and looked away, I mean c’mon, they’re literally garbage for Christ’s sake! Don’t pretend you didn’t either at first. But over the three or so weeks since the release of Pokemon Black and White, like all other Pokemon will and have, they grew on me a bit. Yes, I still hate their design overall a bit because it’s a bit to ‘trashy’ for me, but they’re still useful in the game. And for those poison-type lovers out there, I know you’ll catch it, and use it to its full potential. I just know I won’t. These two guy’s stats are pretty decent overall. Yabukuron has better stats based on the time you’d be able to get it in my opinion. It’s highlights are its Defense, Special Defense and, surprisingly, Speed. Clocking in at 62, 62, and 65 respectively. It also has a pretty decent HP of 50. As for when it evolves into Dasutodasu at lvl. 36, it still has decent stats, but still, not super great for later on in the game. It’s high points of Attack, Defense and Special Defense increase to being 95, 82 and 82. And it’s HP goes to a pretty solid 80 base. So although it’s design might not appeal to all, it’d still make a great addition to your team. I, personally, have never taken a liking to poison-type Pokemon, nor has one ever made it onto my team, so I feel like I might not be showing this ‘dump’ of a Pokemon’s full potential. (Real quick thing, while doing this article, I just realized that what I thought to be Yabakuron’s nose is actually his mouth with spiked teeth. >< I like the design much more now. 🙂 I know, I know, I’m a bit slow. But surely I’m not the only one who made that mistake right?)

Pokemon with secondary Flying-type:

Pokemon with secondary Poison-type:


The end. That’s all of the Flying-types and Poison-Types in this Gen! Once again, remember we categorize by primary typing. Might explain why there’s only three Pokemon in this article. So do you disagree with my opinions? Or possibly agree? Do you think I missed anything that doesn’t show it’s full potential? Critisism is always appreciated. 🙂 Comment down below!

peace and love– ozymandis

P.S. Sorry this one is so short, but since it would only have one Pokemon in it I thought it’d be the best ‘test’. So expect another one very soon!

P.P.S To make up for such a short article, I’ll answer any questions you guys have for me. 🙂 ( That is, If there are any.)

  1. Please make another one “Focus on” today!! Like… “Focus on: Grass-type”… Or, if you wants to make it fast: “Focus on: Poison-type”… They are only two lol XD…

          1. Theres lots of fancy dual types this generation (which rocks), so they tried balancing a bit by making the types that are usually primary, as secondary. And the opposite, as you can see when you check Dark types, this time 6 of 7 dark type lines are primary dark, unlike in the past when dark was the new additional kind of type after something like Corphish evolved, making it a water type that got kinda dark if you get my point.

            Of course they can’t do this with normal and bug, since bugs are secondary only in rare exceptions and normal can’t be secondary for obvious reasons.

    1. ahah ya i noticed that. 😛
      so i added in the poison types in there. 🙂

      i’ll get working on another one that should be up tomorrow. 😀

    2. grass type belongs to PJ, he said he’d kill me if i did a ‘Focus On: Grass-Types’. ;__;

  2. srry i disagree that saying the primary type for normal/ flying types is normal do to the fact they r all birds most of the time such Wargle

    1. primary kinda means first, and all of the Pokemon’s order of typing never change.
      i.e. Borutorosu is ELECTRIC/flying.
      so, we would put it in the electric category because electric comes first in the typing order.
      in your example of the normal/flying type, allthough yes, they are birds, and birds can fly which does categorize normally as flying type, but to make organizing these articles better we decided to go with primary typing.

      hopefully that makes sense. 🙂

      1. Gobitto and it’s evo are Ground/Ghost and they are in the ghost article. It does make a lot of sense, but I hope that we don’t get all of these articles fast, but once Bug and Normal come around, we all have to wait 3 days because of all the pokemon that have to be discussed.

      2. Yea, you kinda screwed up the reason for sorting by a logical system, when making the mistake with Gobitto, and now everytime people point at this x__x

        1. ya daigo didn’t really check that out, and we kinda forgot to tell him we ere sorting by primary typing. 😛

          1. he screwed up regardless what way you’re doing this, since he either should have left Gobitto out or have included the jellyfish. genious lol

    2. Well, the creators did put the order as normal/flying for every single one for a reason.
      If we say that Pidgeys main type is flying, then by the same logic you would call Gallades main type being fighting and Medichams being psychic? Why would you do that if it’s clearly the other way around?
      If Charizard is a Fire pokemon then Pidgeot is a Normal pokemon. If Charizard is a Flying pokemon then Pidgeot is a Flying pokemon.
      The ordering is set and never changed. Otherwise Rhyhorn and Geodude would be of the same type, which they are not, Geodude being a Rock/Ground and Rhyhorn a Ground/Rock type <3

    1. he kinda quit then came back, then when having a conversation with PJ he went a bit to far and started insulting PJN, so PJ kinda fired him. ^^;

      it might seem kinda harsh, but you don’t know the stress and grief he gave us behind the scenes. ==;

      1. What a wierd and confusing guy XD… You never know what he does next XD… (Kinda reminds me about a friend that moved to Ireland (XD) and then moved back because he didn´t like their kebeb…XD)

  3. Ok, read it. I liked it more then your other articles, in the way you were more in-depth. But I miss how you ranted on about why you hated there designs etc 😛 I think mash this style and your old style together, and it’ll be a jizzing jamboree.


    Wtf do people say you watch porn all the time?

    1. i have no idea. ==;
      one guy asked me on here and i replied “yes” as a joke and i think people took it wayyy to seriously. 😛

      1. I agree with Ryan, it feels a little too bleh now. XD I think this might be a case of ‘unpleasable fanbase.’

        1. that’s what i was thinking when i wrote this. ==;

          but it’s up to the site audience…

          1. personally, i think you did just fine on this go-around. you did, in fact, throw in a little of your design bashing, but you kept it minimal and tasteful.
            wow… listen to me rating your post as if it were porn. lol

          2. I agree, I liked how you voiced your opinions on design. This is informational, which is nice, but I liked the personal feel of your old articles. A mix of both would be great<3

            =END OF RANT=
            ps. if any of you think my comment is funny, punishment is to be sent to the bpmf’s soapbox

    1. ahaha yes it does. 😛

      i’m still a little bit fuzzy on how garabage starts moving and gets a mind of it’s own in the Pokemon world actually…

      1. Same way a pokeball learns to explode, and magnets learn to float, etc. XD Radiation! Pokemon is heavily into nuclear reactors, methinks.

        1. Radiation does everything in Pokemon land! And don’t forget Grimer, the animated sludge.
          For some reason I wanna see Muk’s animation in these games now.

  4. Yo Ozy, I got some questions. 🙂

    1. If you were put in a dueling arena and allowed only 1 item, what would you choose to defend yourself?
    2. What’s your favorite trainer sprite from B/W?
    3. What’s your dream job?
    4. Have you ever played Disgaea? If you have, who’s your favorite character?

    1. 1. Probably satan’s love child.
      2. To be in the SNL cast. But realistically I see myself teaching improv on cruise ships.
      3. Probably the elite trainers (the cool trainers) they’re just so attractive. But if this counts gym leaders and other big characters, it’s a tie between N and the 4th gym leader.
      4. I haven’t….but it sounds familar. 😀

      1. Your favorite trainer sprite is the SNL cast??? O.o LOL JK.

        You ought to check Disgaea out. :3 It’s an awesome series. First one is on PS2, PSP, and DS, but the DS is the most glitch-free and it’s got the most extra features, so I’d start there. XD I’ll warn you, though, I’m 200 hours into my file and still not even close to done.

  5. I’ve liked the garbage bag pokemon right from the start, around the time when people were still hating on it. It’s so cool. I prefer the final form though. I have a bit of trouble visualizing the base form in my head.

    For me I think pokemon based off things you wouldn’t expect are always the best. I don’t think anyone really expected a candle or Chandelier pokemon did they?

    1. Yea, these kind of pokemon were around sicne the beginning with Magnemites, Koffings etc. I’m surprised when people say new pokemons design sucks because its based on an inanimate thing. Most of those are amazingly original, far more than say one based for example on a catTHE END. xD

  6. Does Boruterosu (the electric/flying one) also change the weather of the route it’s in?

  7. Trashbag is one of three poison types this generation. You forgot the pokeball mushroom and Pendoraa who is actually pretty rad.

    1. But those aren’t primarily poison types, they’re all poison secondary, and with the exception of the ground/ghost pokemon showing up in the ghost type article, these articles are organized by primary type only.

  8. I just hate how the only pure Poison type, out of only a few new poison types, has sucky stats to have overall. I have Muk on my HG team and it’s awesome but more of an attack oriented pokemon. There needs to be one that’s more sp. attack, especially with a new poison move that is special and pretty cool.

    1. xD;;;;;
      well nobody liked NL’s because of his writing so he’s kinda out-ish.
      daigo has a bunch of tests coming up and such so he’s pretrty busy.
      and PJ is really busy nwith applying to college
      soooo that leaves me.. ^^;
      allthough my PSAT is next week…

  9. I still think the first generation had the most poison types both primary and secondary. I wonder if their would ever be a tertiary type? I doubt it though. I’m geting black version so I can’t wait to use Torunerosu if I can catch it. Borutorosu and Torunerosu seem to be based off the Japanese mythology of Raijin and Fūjin respectively but I’m likley wrong as always. The Yabakuron stage are definitely the Grimer and Gulpin of this generation.

  10. I don’t get why the cloud genies don’t feel legendary to you. They’re like the [email protected], like Cresselia or Heatran.
    You can see it having a pre-evo? So do I for say Raikou, now what LOL
    IMO the english pokemon community needs a new classification to separate the legendaries into 3 main groups.
    I’d call them
    Legendary/Mythological, which would include all the big powerful 680ish TBS legends who have the big roles in games stories, like Lugia/Ho-oh,Kyogre/Groudon, Dialga/Palkia/Giratina,Reshiram/Zekrom/Kyurem
    The others are basically just very rare, and I believe theres a japanese name for those which is translated into Illusion Pokemon. It makes sense to separate those, I mean say Mewtwo or Heatran, theres nothing legendary about them, they’re a scientific experiment and a pile of lava that eats mud, they are simply extremely uncommon and special.
    And then there’s the already existing class of lil cute event mew clone thingies.

    I’d call it the first primary flying type before saying its a pure flying type, because that didn’t happen before either and is actually the more surprising fact of the two 😛

    The first time I saw it, I loved it. Don’t think everyone reacts for no reason like you.

    I think I know why you made that mistake with the “nose”. You first saw it in a crappy sprite rip by pxp. That’s why I dislike early leaked info, because the guys leaking don’t care about the quality, they just want the fame LOL In his sprite rips everything looks ugly as hell.
    I anyone doesn’t want to go through that ITS UGLY–in a month–>I LIEK phase again, don’t check the new pokes as soon as someone gives the whole pack of them in bad quality, and instead wait to meet them individually in full beauty in the game or on officialy shown sugimori art. XP

  11. I feel insulted :U
    The trash pokemons are actually my favorite pokemons… not in gen V, they’re my favorite pokemon, EVER.
    The design is just amazingly awesome. Coolest pokemon ever.

  12. Why are ppl so sensitive, everyone has their own opinions on certain pokemon. I think Ozy did just what ppl wanted, separate his like/dislike of a pokemon from their stats and then voice his personal opinion. And unlike a lot of responders he’s not worried/desparate to try and get ppl to have the same opinion he has on the pokemon he likes and those he dislikes for whatever reason, I think it’s extremely immature for ppl to behave like that.

    1. And the statement above isn’t solely in response to the commenters here, but on every post where dif types have been highlighted and then ppl nag about “Why? Why don’t you like it? I like it so why dont You?” Immature, I know I’ve done that in the past, but came to the realization that hey everyone has their opinions and no you don’t Have to convince them otherwise on inconsequential things such as Pokemon, so don’t stress out do chill out, the world is not ending.

  13. only pure flying type: the weather trio (kyogre,groudon, rayquaza) and weather effecters (golduck line, tyranitar, ninetales, castform, hippowdon line, snover line) would like to speak to you
    garbage pokemon: 1.OF. THE.WORST. POKEMON. EVER. it me or did ozy email copies of his entire porn collection to other pjn staff, so that he could do 90% of the focus on articles?
    pps. pj actually fired someone, *consults the serebii green files and beach’s blue files, as both archaic and porygon used to be online partners with serebii and wpm*
    ppps. if ozy drunkenly does grass in the focus on articles, pj will EXTERMINATE HIM with his dalek

    1. HAHAHAHAhahahahahhAHahahAHHAhAHA! The last line was hilarious XD

      I needed that today 😀

      And techinically firing would not be the right word since he wasn’t getting payed (methinks), rather PJN disolved their affiliation with…, or parted ways.

  14. It’s really hard for me to see that Yabakuron’s “nose” are teeth, probably since I’ve been thinking it’s a nose all this time.

    Now are the black looking things his fangs, or is the white what appears to be fangs only from the top. I need someone else to relate to in figuring this out, b/c if it’s the white then it doesn’t show bottom teeth, I’m confused.

    Thanks for pointing that out Ozy and my confusion XD

    I really hope Sugimori hurries up and shows all the artwork b/c it’s dribing me nuts.

    How long did all the artwork take to be released when Diamond/Pearl was released? Anyone know?

  15. I actually liked the old way you wrote articles better because now that you’re actually trying to be serious I can’t help but want to correct your grammar. I think I caught like 3 run-on sentences and 25 missing words… But that doesn’t really matter. What matters is that Torneros (presumed English name), Yabakuron, and Dasutodasu are all very strange-looking. The only one of the Legendary Genies I really like the design of is Volteros (Landros is the “Fertility Pokemon” but he’s the color of dead grass). Yabakuron has little trash mittens that just look like his guts are falling out, and Dasutodasu has bulbous trash ears that really contrast his “I want to eat you!” mouth.

  16. if ozy does the rest of tne focus on types (including the forbidden, murder inducing grass type), can we please have guest articles by other webmasters, please?
    ps. *pj has his colourful, gay looking new daleks point their guns at ozy, as he also points his gun pointing at ozy, so that ozy doesn’t do grass type*
    pps. ozy, do you have scissor sisters?
    ppps.pj, what type of car do you drive?

  17. OK, Im gonna go over the Bugs on Gen. V again, but this time, i’ll focus with the stats and new moves.

    First: #540 – # 542: Kurumiru, Kurumayu, and Hahakomori. The new caterpillar, but unlike the previous ones, evolves into Kurumayu at Lv. 20, and evolves into Hahakomori only with happiness value at 220. It’s highest stat is defense. Great, another of those Pokemon with a friggin low stat. HP is 45 and it’s total stat is 310 when it is a Kurumayu, it’s total stat is 380, and Hahakomori’s: 490, Well, it’s total stat goes up pretty high as it evolves. It’s new move: Bug Resistance hits 2 opponents at once in a double (or triple) battle.

    Next: # 543 – # 545: Fushide, Hoiiga, and Pendora. We know . . . the line is also Poison, To evolve Fushide into Hoiiga, it has to level at Lv. 22 and to evolve Hoiiga into Pendora, it has to level at Lv. 30. It,s HP Stat is 30, and it’s total stat: 260, WHAT!?!, It’s stat is lower than Kurumiru’s, Hoiiga’s total Stat: 360 (same as Kurumayu), and Pendora’s: 475. It is known to be based on a centipede.

    Next: The Rocky Crab line: # 557 & # 558: Ishizumai and Iwapersu. Rock is this line’s other type, It’s HP Stat: 50, Its Total Stat: 325, while Iwapersu’s HP Stat is 70, and it’s Total Stat: WOW! a big boost, 475. Well, i guess he’ll be a Pokemon you’ll need on your team.

    Next: # 588 & # 559: Kaburumo and Shubarugo. The line is pure Bug only Shubarugo is Steel, the only way to evolve it is to trade for Chobomaki. It’s HP Stat is 50 and it’s Total Stat is 315 while Shubarugo’s HP is 70 and it’s Total Stat: WOW! Another big boost! 495. I bet he’ll be good to use in your team.

    Next: # 616 & # 617: Chobomaki and Agirudaa. This line is pure Bug, the only way to evolve it is just like Kaburumo’s: Trade for Kaburumo. It’s HP is 50, and it’s total stat is 305 while Agirudaa’s HP is 80 and it’s Total Stat: WOW! The 3rd big boost 495. Well . . . not much i can tell about it.

    Next: # 595 & # 596: Bachuru and Denchura. This line is also Electric, to evolve it, is to level it up at Lv. 36. It’s HP is 50 and it’s Total Stat is 319 while Denchura’s HP is 70 and it’s Total Stat: 472 , Whoa, the lowest boost up of a total Stat i ever seen in this cover up. It’s new move: Anxiety keeps the opponent from eating berries. MEGA COOL!!!!!! : D

    Next: # 632: Aianto. I learned from a commenter it is not a legendary but it looks like one, sory folks, it cannot evolve. HP Stat is 58 and it’s Total Stat is 484. It is classified “The Iron Ant Pokemon”.

    Next: # 636 & # 637: Merarube and Urugamoth. This line is also Fire, wow, the second short caterpillar line, to evolve it, you have to level it up at Lv. 59, though, it will take time to evolves this Pokemon. Meraruba’s HP is 55 and it’s Total Stat is 360 while Urugamoth’s HP is 85 and it’s Total Stat: OH MY GOD!!! 550. The (possibly) biggest boost up in Generation V i ever seen.

    Last: # 649: Genosect. This Pokemon is also Steel, it does’nt evolve for it is a legendary. According to my freind: Team Plasma revived this ancient bug fossil Pokemon into a mechanical one with a huge blaster on it’s back. It has a bunch of alternate forms, you can change them depending on which Cassette you us it on.

    That is it, Folks. This took me . . . i don’t know . . . about 45 minutes to make.

    1. To be honest, this was pretty bad… I’m not even sure if you were being serious or not…

        1. *as punishment for unauthorised focus on review, pj gets his gay looking daleks to EXTERMINATE spencer rellman*

    2. Yea, just stop. No one asked you to do it, and it was completely shit. You spent 45 minutes on creating a bunch of crap no one needs or wants.


    =end of rant=
    ps. *many pjn staff awake from drug and porn induced sleep, with their pc files wiped out because of ozy wanting to control pjn and working with the traitor working with beach to hand control of pjn to beach*

    1. May I inform you that pokedex entries are bullshit? It’s the one thing I totally ignore in pokemon games, because theyre far from even trying to be serious half of the time. Just check some of them, some I remember being very ridiculous are Regice, Blaziken, Kadabra, Metagross, Heracross, Banette…

      1. Metagross’s entry was pretty retarded once. It said something about metagross eating other pokemon which I though was illegal in pokeworld since in the anime you only ever see pokemon eating pokemon food or berries. Ok I remember slowpoketails, but c’mon. Pokemon can’t eat each other it’ll cause bad press and prob law suits from let’s. So in short, I agree pokedex entries are bull

          1. Oh do you have a Zune HD?! I *really* wanted one (I am a hardcore Zune fan) but ended up going with the iPod Touch just because it had an app store that was open to developers.

            …I kinda of regret my purchase to be honest 🙁

          2. Yeah Zune HD is the bomb. Screen clarity: fabulously vivid. Lady Gaga really pops on the screen! Try watching Bad Romance on it and compare it to Bad Romance on the iPod touch and you will wanna trash the iPod. Same for audio quality. Audio quality: fantastic with a strong bass but overall good balance. Functionality: off the chain! Overall navigation is simpler than the iPod scroll wheel imo. Even though it’s touchscreen I can blind navigate! It’s awesome. Only complaints: Zune marketplace has a crappy selection and is pretty complicated to use, its only compatible with one video format, and there are about 7 apps so far… work in progress, but not a huge deal.

  19. Wha-? . . . but i used their stats and evolution methods and their new moves, you wanted that right? : (

  20. ozzzzzyyyyy, you forgot to add johny
    *just by coincidence, archaic also gets his staff to review the types, possible makes the reviews much better, so does beach and serebii*
    ps. who is doing bugs and rest of the types?
    pps. *coronis and n00bnerd sneak into ozy’s room, put in secret tweets on ozy’s twitter, then secretly use ozy’s ds with their own to beat ozy umpty times, then allow weyard to make ozy a devianart acoount, so that he can put all of ozy’s files on it*

  21. I’M THE IDIOT DOING BUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO YELL ATYOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. *pj asks serebii joe, ozy, wpm, archaic and the white stig to join him and SHOOT spencer, because ONLY PJN STAFF CAN DO THE FOCUS ON ARTICLES, GET USED TO IT SPENCE
      =end of rant=
      ps.*ozy has taser at the ready, so that no one else does the focus on articles*



      1. *all pjn staff get converted into cybermen (ozy), borg(pj), daleks(daigo), zombies(jhonny), flood combat form(nl):ALL OF THEM SHOUT AT SPENCE `DELETE, RESISTANCE IS FUTILE EXTERMINATE, DELETE, RESISTANCE IS FUTILE, EXTERMINATE, DELETE, RESISTANCE IS FUTILE, EXTERMINATE` all of them surround spence, cyberman ozy shouts at spence “for you violation of mini staffing”, dalek daigo continues “you will be dealt harshly by all of us” borg pj finishes “you will be dealt with, like what we did to boarbq” they show boarbq`s skull, they say in unison “you will experience the consquences of your actions” they all point their guns at spence and all say either EXTERMINATE, RESISTANCE IS FUTILE OR DELETE, all of them fire and spence then drops dead*

  22. ozymandis= watchman villian, ozy tell us why you chose a villain name for your pjn username?, are you going to nuke pjn?, are you going to destroy the mount moon community? are you going to be like holystar and evict everyone from the community? run people run from the holy star incarnate!!!!

    1. actually, my nickname has nothing to do with watchmen.
      i’ll keep my reason of making my name ozymandis a secret. 😉

    1. some say that he combined ozzie man and dis, while others say that he hallicianted and came up with that name, all we know he is called ozymandis

  23. What the hell is going on? What self-righteous bastard would post a focus when that’s pretty much ozy’s job??? Harsh man… And the post sucked ass anyway

  24. Spencer, stop making reveiws. saying their stat totals and WOW!!!! a whole lot doesnt help. Also, Kurumiru has several other moves other than Bug Resistance and anxiety isnt an attack. Dino guy, what are daleks and why does PJ have them?

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