Focus On: Electric-Type

Hey loyal Pokejunglers!

So, with the last ‘Focus On’ I asked you guys to decide on how I should write these, and the results are in! So drum roll please! Looks like it wassss….a toss up. Great. So looks like i’ll just do it like I did in the last one but put a bit more personality in it? That ok with you guys? “….” I’ll take that as a yes! So with out further or do, here are the Electric-Types in Gen V!


To start off the show, we have the Charged Pokemon, #522 Shimama and the Thunder & Lightning Pokemon, #523 Zeburaika! I’ll refrain from screaming like a rabid fan boy on these, but I gotta say, these two are probably one of the best electric-type evolution lines ever created! Shimama is just plain cute, but also strong, whereas Zeburaika is just plain bad ass and extremely strong. I had already decided to put Shimama on my team but once I saw Zeburaika it just sealed the deal for me. Not to mention their animation of their ‘horns’, or whatever they’re called, running down there back is so cool! They light up and flash bright yellow! I wish I could have one of these in real life.. Anyways, on to its stats. These guy’s highlights are it’s Speed and Attack clocking in at 60 and 76 for Shimama, and 116 and 100 for Zeburaika. Which, by the way, if you want to evolve your cute electric zebra to an ass-kicking thunder zebra, you’ll have to train to lvl. 27. Which is a pretty decent level to evolve at if you ask me, much better than the other Pokemon in this Generation that evolve at, like, lvl. 50-something. There’s a few problems I have with these two. First if all, I really don’t like it how you can only find these guys on one route each. You can find Shimama on Route 3 and Zeburaika on Route 7, but if you look anywhere else, you’re out of luck. I just find it a bit weird; I would think this would be a Pokemon in a lot of the beginning areas. Second problem I have with this evolution line is that their move set kinda sucks. I’m not talking like ‘Shinx’ sucks, because Shimama does learn an electric attack early on, but once you get pass the level 20’s they don’t really learn anything all that good until Wild Bolt. Although it does learn Nitro Charge pretty early on, which, I must say, definitely helped me out a lot until I got my Darumakka. Despite all of that, these guys will definitely make a great addition to your team. I know for sure that they made a great addition to mine. (Quick in-joke that no one will get unless you go on MMC, *ahem* THUNDER ZEBRAS FTW!!)

Next in line is the Pikaclone of this generation, Pokemon #587 Emonga, the Flying Squirrel Pokemon! Out of all the Pikaclones this one, by far, is definitely my favourite! It’s not the strongest thing, but it is very cute, and it’s typing make me so happy that I could about well….get really excited. (Catch my drift?) Let’s start out with its stats. Like all Pikaclones, it’s really not all that strong. It’s highpoints are its Attack and Special Attack, which both clock in at 75, and it’s Speed which clocks in at 103. I’ll give that it has really good Speed, but considering it doesn’t evolve, it won’t make up for the fairly low HP and Defense. But I guess its dual typing of Electric and Flying makes up for it. To be completely honest, the last time I faced one of these, it kept lowering my Pokemon’s accuracy so I couldn’t hit it, then kept attacking me. It eventually took down my entire team, first and only trainer that I lost to in the Isshu Region. Straying away from my pathetic story, let’s move on to its design. Like I said, it’s absolutely adorable! Like I could just fan boy about this thing for ages. And it’s animation? CUTE. I love how it just floats and then slowly fly’s down. I wanted it so bad! It got to the point where I spent an entire day trying to find and catch a Gontoru so I could trade it with a guy for an Emonga. But what I didn’t know, is that you can get it in almost every route in Isshu! Not to mention some huge landmarks including the Dragon Sprout Tower, the Giant Hall, the Fertility Shrine, and Illusion Forest. But weirdly, I never ran into one, so it must be very rare! Probably one of the Pokemon you can only get when you see shaking grass. (Similar to Tabunne) As for its flaws, I feel like I’ve dished out everything that Game Freak could’ve improved on. Overall, cute Pokemon, but fairly weak. But if you like ’em cute and can somewhat stand it’s relatively low stats, it’ll make an awesome addition to your team.

Leading the uglier electric-types category in this Gen we have Pokemon #602 Shibishirasu, #603 Shibibiiru and #604 Shibirudon! Actually, calling the entire line ugly is a bit of an exatgeration, I only find Shibibiiru somewhat unattractive. Shibishirasu on the other hand, is just plain adorable and Shibirudon looks so awesome! Let’s start out with where you can find these guys. To find Shibishirasu, you’ll have to surf around in the Electric Rock Cave and on Route 14. You can’t find Shibibiiru and Shibirudon in the wild though, to get them you’ll have to train Shibishirasu to lvl. 39 to get Shibibiiru, and then give Shibibiiru a Thunder Stone to get to it’s final evolution Shibirudon. These are one of those Pokemon in the game that will almost slip underneath the radar, I believe I’ve seen one or two Shibishirasu in the wild, and only like two or three trainers with a Pokemon from this evolution line. Those trainers are making a pretty big mistake, because these guys have very good stats. Especially in the Attack department. Starting with Shibishirasu, he has the pretty average Attack of 40 and Special Attack of 45. But once it evolves it gets a double boost leaving it’s attack stats at 85 and 70. And if that’s not enough for you, once it fully evolves into Shibirudon, it’s Attack clocks in at a whooping 115 and it’s Special Attack rises to a 105. Only downfall to these guys stats wise is that they’re pretty slow. (Its speed goes from 60, down to 40 then back up to 50) Only flaw I see in these Pokemon is that I don’t know why Game Freak didn’t takerhis opportunity to make another Electric/Water. Maybe it’s just me, but seems a bit wierd that they get the classification of the Electric Fish Pokemon but yet they’re pure electric-type.

Finally, we have our Electric/Flying-type, the Lighning Attack Pokemon, #642 Borutorosu! This guy is a Pokemon White exclusive, so if you have Pokemon Black and were hoping to get your hands on him, you’re out of luck. You’ll have to trade it from Pokemon White. Like it’s brother genie in Pokemon Black, there are a few things you’ll have to do in order to catch this roaming Pokemon. But I’m not going to tell you for two reasons. One: I’m extremly lazy. Two: I technically already have. So, to find out what you have to do before hand, go to the previous article and read the begining of Torunerosu’s section. Now that that’s out of the way, on to it’s stats! Borutorosu’s are most definitely it’s Attack and Special Attack, clocking it at 115 and 125 respectively. Not to mention it’s Speed of 111. It doesn’t really have any down sides to it’s stats, the rest of them are pretty solid and are in the 80’s and high 70’s. As for it’s design, the colour scheme is friggin’ awesome! It has all of my favourite colours all in one Pokemon! Not to mention it has the best hairstyle and ring surrounding it. Or atleast in my opinion. Only flaw I see in this legendary is it’s moveset. It doesn’t really learn any incredible moves nor does it have it’s own signature move. Although the moves are pretty good from an offensive view point, such as Thunder and Thrash, I personally just find it a bit boring and very usual.

Pokemon with secondary Electric-type:


おわりだぜ。(Translation: The End.) That’s all of the Electric–Types for this generation! I can’t stress this enough because a few people still don’t seem to get this: We categroize by primary typing. So, rabid Denchura fans, relax. He’ll get his turn in the upcoming Bug-Type ‘Focus On’. Now that you’ve read this, I wanna know what you think! Do agree with my opinions? Maybe Disagree? Do you think I didn’t show a Pokemon’s full potential, or do you think I wasn’t harsh enough on a certain Pokemon? Voice your opinion and comment down below!

peace and love– ozymandis

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  1. I’m surprised you didn’t mention that the Shibirudon line doesn’t have any weakness and that Shibishirasu is unable to learn any moves until it evolves.

    And as far as pikaclones go, Emonga is actually pretty useful competitively, thanks to the high speed, Encore, Baton Pass, Agility, Thunder Wave and Eleci Ball!

    Great article as always!

    1. The Shibishirasu line does have a weakness. Only if it holds the iron ball item, but holding that item wouldn’t be too smart it would also lower its speed as well. I totally agree with you about Emonga. I guess almost every pika-pokemon have their own special use.

  2. haha Cool Review xD I really enjoy this articles, Sometimes I find myself checking this site like three times a day waiting for the new Article lulz Keep it up dude! ^^

  3. I was gonna post what Tackman says – yeah the Shibirudon line has levitate, making it extremely dangerous as it has no weaknesses. Combined with solid stats and a pretty decent movepool, these guys can be pretty dangerous.

    Emonga is just sooo annoying in trainer fights =( it keeps using double team making it extremely hard to hid. I do have fun killing this little flying squirrel if I actually hit it.

    1. no weaknesses arent THAT amazing if you have like no resistances at all :/
      Because then basically everything that punches you a bit more, pwns you.

      1. Electric is a great typing – minimum weaknesses (in this case none at all) and great resistances, particularly the overall immunity go ground moves and resistance to water moves. I’m positive that this poke will be used competitively for the overall mixture of a great type and great stats.

  4. The zebra rules yea. Another electric thats not yellow, diversity ftw Cold (its really about the temperature, not to mention ice is exclusively water)
    Fire->Heat (Since fire is just the one reaction, yet pokemon of this type are also partially magma, smoke etc)
    Bug->Insect (obvious)
    Grass->Plant (obvious again)
    Steel->Metal (getting more pathetic than I thought…)
    Ghost->Abnormal (face it, they are not actual ghosts, they are simply made of gas or such, basically what isn’t normal)
    Dark->Mean (This is the mostly misunderstood type because of it’s name. The pokemon are not “Dark elemental”, like some anti-light. It’s a battle style. They steal,cheat, use nasty tricks or simply beat you up. It’s a type like Fighting and Psychic, a technique. The original japanese name “evil” further proves that)

    woo a long comment and kind agettin off-topic. Ill just stop here xDDD

      1. like I said, it seems I accidentaly erased more than half of my comment before posting it, leaving a mess. Ok, lemme try to remember what I wrote
        “The zebra rules yea. Another electric thats not yellow, diversity ftw”. But I am personally a bit dissapointed by the final stage, and I believe it’s because I created a zebra/donkey fakemon myself and it actually looks cooler than the real one o__o
        Don’t get me wrong, it’s cool, I guess I’ll like it even better when I see it’s sugimori art.

        The pachiclone (:P) is the first to be actually useful 😀 Not just does it have a bit better stats than the previous ones, just the additional flying type gives it a nice buff. <3
        I still wish they would have evolve Pachirisu instead.. now that there's 2 this seems even less likely ):

        Shibibiru (aka the middle stage) is equally awesome as the final stage concerning design, to me Cold (its really about the temperature, not to mention ice is exclusively water)
        Fire->Heat (Since fire is just the one reaction, yet pokemon of this type are also partially magma, smoke etc)
        Bug->Insect (obvious)
        Grass->Plant (obvious again)
        Steel->Metal (getting more pathetic than I thought…)
        Ghost->Abnormal (face it, they are not actual ghosts, they are simply made of gas or such, basically what isn’t normal)
        Dark->Mean (This is the mostly misunderstood type because of it’s name. The pokemon are not “Dark elemental”, like some anti-light. It’s a battle style. They steal,cheat, use nasty tricks or simply beat you up. It’s a type like Fighting and Psychic, a technique. The original japanese name “evil” further proves that)”

        That’s kinda my whole original post there ya go xD

          1. Wait, I copied it before posting. I will only post whats missing between the words “…to me -X- Cold”
            to me Cold

          2. I got it e_e
            I made a heart there and it uses it as html tag or whatever…

            “to me . You need this fishy face on the middle stage, it’s perfect 😀

            Btw, A pokemon being a fish, amphibian or such, DOES NOT mean it has to be water typed. It’s not the Fish type. I love it that they finally did this step.
            Regardless, if a pokemon can swim or survive underwater, is what egg-groups tell you. Imagine a fish, that does not have any water elemental abilities, it could be simply just Ground or something.
            Another example would be a bird pokemon that couldn’t fly. So it would not e part Flying type, but it’s still a bird, which is also shown by it’s egg-group being the one which is bird exclusive. Although it’s called Flying, theres none of the flying insects, dragons or other monsters in it, so I call it the Bird egg-group. Most of egg-groups have pretty lame names, ie not at all well thought through. Different sites even call some of them differently, so I don’t know if there’s even official names for them, but for example the “Ground” egg-group, I’d call Field. There’s only stuff in like rodents, cats, rabbits, snakes, ducks, cows, monkeys…and I would give the water egg-groups proper names, sicne they obviously dont all have the same pokemon, one being for those that only survive in water, other for those that can go outside just fine etc.
            But then again, not only egg-groups could use better names, it’s also types. If you ask me some of the changes I would make to bring some common sense into it:

        1. Agree completely about the electric bit. In these terms, the topper is definitely Maggyo. A fish, which doesnt look electric, and yet its the unique combination of Ground/Electric. It also only learns one water move, despite being found in water.
          And agree with the typing thing as well, though the Chobomaki line doesnt really look much like insects, so they go against what you said for bug types (though I think theyre based off worms). But I disagree with what you said about Ghost types. Almost all of them have characteristics which people would attribute to ghosts(ghosts exist in many forms in many cultures) eg. wavy ends, floating, detached body parts, spirit-like stuff comng out (like spiritomb and desukan)
          What about Poison? I cant really sum up characteristics for it, coz its got all kinds fo pokemon >.<
          As for type names, those are there for a few good reasons. One I can think of is to make it easier for people to understand type dtrengths and weaknesses. Like its very obvious that physical stuff like Fighting and Normal will pass through Ghosts, but not if ghosts are just called Abnormal.. besides whowants to have a normal AND an abnormal type? 😛

          1. Hehe 🙂

            Yea, the whole idea of giving types more appropriate and names that make more sense, is basically pointless, because with the current terms also kids kind of understand easier what it’s about.

            But my main concern with Ghost is that it’s implying that those pokemon are whats left of dead pokemon, which is what a ghost is actually… And this is not the case.

          2. Hmmm… yeah, Spirit would be much more appropriate, cuz they’re not always implied as dead things.

  5. Happy birthday to PJ!
    Here’s hoping that a rabid Rankarasu doesn’t ambush you and suck you up into his jelly body, only for you to suffocate horrendously and for all the PokeJungle fans to scream “WHY?! WHY PJ!?? HE WAS SUCH A NICE BOY!!!! WAHHHHHHHHH!!”

    …so happy birthday :]

  6. I think Borutorosu was kinda underepresented here. Sure its movepool is low but it has what it needs. It also has the most awesome ability ever, Mischevious Heart. Correct me if I’m wrong but you don’t seem to mention the abilities in these articles, and that’s a lot to miss out!

    and Happy Birthday pj!

  7. …Surely, the Denchura fans don’t bite…get it? Get it…? No…? *sniffles* Anyway, Shibirudon looks cool. It dosen’t really look ugly, it looks feirce and it’s animation is kinda funny soooo….

    Happy birthday PJ! Gonna go to his profile and wish him a happy birthday~

  8. Did you forgot Zekrom, or because he’s dragon and electric? He is my all time favorite

    1. He reviews the pokémon based on their primary type. Since Zekrom is Dragon/Electric and not Electric/Dragon, he’ll review it in the Dragon segment.

  9. Great article 😀

    I looooves the Shibirudon! It’s a strong contender to be on my team when they’re finally released in America :/

  10. Loved the article. electric types are really good offensively and with speed. plus only one weakness, ground. ( pure only)
    Happy Birthday PJ!!!!!!! hope you get many more to come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. The new electric types are really great I guess I’m going to have yet another electric type on my team. Happy birthday PJ on a rather random note, yesterday would have been John Lennons 70th birthday.

    1. Oops, I meant today would have been his 70th birthday. Wow two legends share the same birthday.

  12. zebra line: electabuzz of this gen, plus if they did top gear in these games, zeburaika = buggatti super veyron
    emonga: this flying pikaclone has 2 weaknesses: rock and ice, so thee best way to defeat would be abomasnow
    shib line: when their descriptions came out, ozy here refered to them as penis with teeth, but when their pics came out + ability, i thought DUDE as this pokemon joins sableye and spiritomb, as a pokemon with no weakness, attacks are WICKED, it is like someone combined pikachu and gyrados to give us this line, plus it can be seen as prehistoric, plus it has joined CYNTHIA`S TEAM, i can go on why this pokemon line is WICKED, but i can`t, but DDDDDDUUUUUUUUUDDDDDDDDEEEEEER.
    the other electric flying: 90% similar to borensu, unlike zapdos, (as it doesn`t have similar sprites as other members of its trio), 1 word to describe what this trio is like: pikaclone
    PS. happy birthday pj *gives pj umpty birthday bashes and tell him that he needs to get WoW cataclysm

  13. Well, I’ve been looking for a solid Electric type to use in my team, and Shibirudon looks like a great contender. I’ve never really used an Electric type in my teams, only for Luxray until the 6th Sinnoh Gym, and Electivire in the Battle Tower and situations like that. Since Ground attacks cannot effect Shibiru it will make a good switch in to an Earthquake, which is the one move which wrecks most of my teams.

  14. Yes finally the electric types!!! Awesome article aand cant wait for the bug one! Too bad u cant have more than 6 pokes b/c i really wanted to use an electric type but no room……oh well.
    Oh btw HAPPY BIRTHDAY PJ!!!!! Ironically ur B-Day is on the day of my bestie Victoria’s B-Day so i get twice the party fun!!! Enjoy it to the fullest!!!

  15. i chose the zebra only because of how far down the line it takes to get shibirudon first formthe zebra is awesome i thought its move pool was quite decent and it was a big help in the game if it wasnt for the long road to get shibirudon i would had it on my team in no time

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY PJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. You forgot to mention that Shibishirasu and his evolutions don’t have any weaknesses because of levitate.

        1. My oldest brother’s been learning Indonesian for the past few months to prepare for a two-year proselyting mission for our church. A lot of the time he goes around the house telling us, “Selamat pagi!” (sp?) XD


  17. levitate= thee best ability types weak against ground as it stops ground attacks from doing their job giving us a lot of pokemon that ignore it ie gengar, weezing, shibirudon

  18. *sigh* It still feels like a five-year-old writes these. I mean, dude, you’re fourteen. Come on. I’m fourteen, and these almost seem like a bit of a disappointment to our age range. -_-

    I did enjoy the article, though, mostly because of Shibirudon.

    1. I like Shibirudon too, he’s definitely going on my main team.

      Though, don’t rag on Ozy too much for his writing, he writes like most fourteen-year-olds I know, or at least he writes like the one I babysit. :< *feels old*

      I think Ozy is pretty average, writing-wise. You're obviously just smarter than most kids your age~ 🙂
      (I do mean that as a compliment, by the way; I always wrote a few levels above my age as a kid myself, and I always felt that others’ writing was really juvenile. You’ll just get better essay grades than all of them! :3)

      1. Heh, so true. And thanks for the compliment. xD

        Anyway, I might have Shibirudon in my post-game team, but I already have my final team for the main game. ^^;

  19. This one was great. I loved the way how you incorporated both styles and it really came out great.

    Can’t wait for more man!

  20. Is it just me, or does Shibirudon remind anyone of the one X-Files episode (season three, I believe) with the parasitic critters in the sewer system? No? Oh well…

  21. Hello, I was wondering if some (friendly) people would help me with something. I have been trying to piece together what pokemon are going to be on my team when I get my English copy of White. These are what I have narrowed it down to, but I have one space left. If you have any suggestions or ideas, feel free to tell me. Keep in mind however, I don’t play competitively, so EVs and IVs and Natures and all that don’t matter to me. Also, for the empty space, I would prefer it be filled by something that can be found sort of early in the game. Thank you, this is the team:


  22. I’ve definitely seen a huge quality jump in these articles, and am loving them more and more! And of course, happy one-day-belated birthday to PJ!

  23. Shuburidon’s line is pure electric type for the same reason that Kuitaran is Fire type and Aianto is bug/Steel.

    Shuburidon is based off of a Lamprey, a creature that drills into the bodies of fish and kills them that way. Thats why its Electric type, so it can destroy all fish pokemon.

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