Focus On: Normal-Type

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It’s officially the weekend! WHOOP WHOOP! Everybody have a good week?  I actually had to sign up for my class trip this week, and guess what? I’m going to China! 😀 But that’s not happening until Chinese New Year, so it won’t affect these articles. Speaking of that, I should probably let you guys actually read it. As promised, I wrote about a type with many, many Pokemon in it! And in addition to that, I spiced up the article a bit, to make it more enjoyable. So without further adu, here are the Normal-types in Gen V!


The sprites should be animated now, if they’re still static or aren’t showing up for you, please tell me in the comments! (I couldn’t find animated sprites for them all unfortunately.)

To start out this long ‘Focus On’ article we have the Lookout Pokemon, #504 Minezumi, and the Precaution Pokemon #505 Miruhoggu! Now before I really start this article off, I just want to say that I never expected much from this Pokemon and its stats and such didn’t surprise me at all. When I first saw Minezumi I was like “WTFFF ugliest Pokemon ever. Its eyes look like they’re staring into my soul and they’re going to kill me!” Once actually playing the game and seeing it in action a lot, my opinion changed. Minezumi does really have this certain cuteness to it. I still have yet to figure out what aspect of Minezumi is cute, but the cuteness is definitely there. Actually…thinking about now, I didn’t really like Minezumi until I caught one and nicknamed it ‘Daigo’. Weird. Anyways Miruhoggu is just like Minezumi. You’re first thinking it’s the ugliest thing in the world, and then you see Aloe’s kick your butt and then you realize how much potential it really has. I really like the colour scheme on Miruhoggu and what’s weird is I actually really, really like both Minezumi’s and Miruhoggu’s eyes now. Now time for the stats of these glorious Pokemon. Both these Pokemon are extremely average stats wise. Minezumi’s highlights include its Attack of 55, it’s HP of 45 and his speed of 42. This, for a Pokemon you get on the first route, isn’t that bad. Once evolving into Miruhoggu at lvl. 20, its highlights basically remain the same. Miruhoggu has an Attack stat of 85 and Speed of 77, but unlike Minezumi, its Defenses (69) are higher than its HP stat. (60) But, he does have the pretty nifty ability of Keen Eye which prevents other Pokemon from lowering its accuracy. Because Minezumi evolves quite early compared to other Pokemon in this generation, Miruhoggu doesn’t have the stats capable of making it “all the way”. This Pokemon is, in my opinion, just another HM slave to have on you whenever you need to use Cut. If you do put it on your team, you’d probably switch it out for another Pokemon once you hit the 4th or 5th gym. If you disagree and think you can beat the Elite Four with these guys, here’s how to catch them. Unlike other early route Pokemon, Minezumi can be found in very few places; Routes 1, 2 and the Abandoned Lot of Dreams. Miruhoggu on the other hand can be found in various places in the Isshu region including Routes 7, 15, 18, the Abandoned Lot of Dreams and the P2 Lab. Regardless of how weak I think it is, I will admit I did have a pretty hard time with Aloe’s Miruhoggu…

Next, we have our cute puppies gone bad ass! The Puppy Pokemon, #506 Yooterii, the Faithful Dog Pokemon, #507 Haderia, and the Generous Pokemon Muurando! I’m actually fairly surprised by this Pokemon. It has a pretty awesome Attack and Defense throughout the evolution line, and not to mention it’s goes from super cute looking to super strong looking in a snap! Yooterii and Haderia are this generation’s Pokemon which almost every trainer in Isshu has. I originally thought that I’d get sick of them after a few towns, but, surprisingly, I actually look forward to seeing one in battle. Everything about Yooterii is just plain cute. It’s big eyes, it’s small body the way the fluff covers its entire face. It really looks like a Yorkie in real life, only even cuter! They captured the essence of the perfect, majestic dog in Haderia. The way that it just looks, acts and even its animation makes me want to get a dog name it Haderia and go running through the hills and saving little children from the bottom of wells. (Anybody else think of the Scottish dog from Lady and the Tramp when you saw Haderia?) Muurando is my least favourite out of the three, and not because of the usual “how-could-something-so-cute-turn-so-tough-looking?!” fangirl banter, it just doesn’t look right to me. Mostly in the face area. The design overall is awesome, and I still to this day can’t figure out what bothers me about it. Like I said before, this evolution line’s stats stay constant and pretty decent all the way through. Yooterii starts the party with an awesome Attack base stat of 60 and a pretty decent Speed of 55. Everything else is basically at a 45. Haderia continues the awesome Attack and Defensive stats, making them clock in at 80 for the Attack, and 65 for the HP and its Defenses. Muurando ends the evolution line with an awesome Attack stat of 100, an decent speed of 80 and a solid 90 for its Defenses and HP. The only downfall to this Pokemon is it’s Special Attack of 45, but because all of the moves it can learn through levelling up and through TMs being of the physical variety, it won’t  really matter to much. Since these Pokemon are owned by majority of the trainers in the Isshu region you’d assume that these guys are an abundance in Isshu. Well you guessed right! If you want to have this evolution line available early on you can catch a Yooterii on Routes 1, 2 and 3. Haderia and Muurando, on the other hand, can both be found on Route 10, P2 Lab and the Freezer Container. But if you just want to evolve Yooterii all the way through to Muurando, here’s the evolution process. Yooterii—lvl.16-> Haderia —–lvl. 32 -> Muurando. If you can’t choose between Yooterii and Minezumi, I would definitely catch Yooterii. Its better in design, and stat wise. And it always takes me a bit longer to make Bell’s Muurando faint, just proof of how much potential this evolution line has if you treat it with love and care.

Moving on, we have our next batch of Normal-types! Well, to be more specific, Normal/Flying-types. Introducing the Baby Pigeon Pokemon, #519 Mamepato, the Wild Pigeon Pokemon, #520 Hatooboo, and the Pride Pokemon, #521 Kenhorou! Out of all the “early bird” Pokemon, this is probably my least favourite. When I first saw Mamepato I was pretty disappointed, but then I remembered that even the mightiest birds in the Pokemon world had pretty ugly, weak-looking pre evolutions. So I decided to give it a chance, and well, frankly I’m a bit disappointed. Mamepato is somewhat cute, but because of the boring colour scheme and how it looks exactly like a pigeon, it just seems so average and bland. Like I could probably get myself a real life pigeon, call it Mamepato, get a Pokeball and call myself the first ever person to own a real life Pokemon. I don’t really have much of an opinion on Hatooboo other than that its sprite and animation just looks extremely awkward, and it really bothers me. But I won’t make a final judgment until I see the Sugimori art. (I have a feeling that the art is already out….is it?) Now, I actually really like Kenhorou, but its random colour splash bothers me a bit. I just find the green body and the pink “mask” so incredibly random. I realize that Hatooboo does have the pink “eyebrows” but to go from eyebrows to that huge flowing mask is a bit too drastic in my opinion. (Waits for the flamers to start criticizing my small dislike for it.) But that only applies to the male version of Kenhorou. Much like a peacock, the female version of it is pretty bland and ugly. It’s just the same body shape take away the mask, and instead of a green and black body it has a brown and black body. Like I said, it’s very bland. But despite its rather boring design I still feel that it has some majestic aspect to it, which makes me like it just a little bit. Well that’s enough about their design, on to their stats! This evolution line is pretty well balanced when it comes to stats, but the Attack stat and Speed stat have the obvious highlight. Mamepato has pretty average stats considering the time which you can obtain it, it has a 55 Attack and solid 50 or it’s HP and Defense. But its Speed is actually one of its lowest stats clocking in at a 43. Once it evolves into Hatooboo at lvl. 21, its Attack increases to a solid 77 and it’s Speed finally overtakes it’s Defenses at 65. Then once making its final evolution into Kenhorou at lvl. 32, its Attack gets increased to an awesome 105, it’s Speed turns into a pretty decent 93, and it’s HP and Defense raise to an 80. So overall, like I said, it is quite well balanced. But this would probably never make it to my team roster, based on its rather boring design and it’s fairly average stats. If you really need a Flying-type I would suggest catching this and then swapping it out for a Wargle (Pokemon White) or something like that. But if you’re satisfied with this evolution line you can hop on over to Route 3 to catch Mamepato, Route 12 and the Illusion Forest to get a Hatooboo or Kenhorou. Or, you can go to Yaguruma Forest where they all reside, although it’s much more likely to find a Mamepato.

Our next featured Pokemon leads the Isshu region’s cute, pink and cuddly guild. Can you guess what Pokemon I’m talking about? Well, I pretty sure you can considering the sprite is right above this. But in case you didn’t catch on, I’m talking about the Healing Pokemon, #531 Tabunne! This Pokemon, as many others before me have said, is Chansey’s long lost cousin from Isshu. It not only takes Chansey’s place as the Pokemon Center’s mascot, but it also shares many similarities to it. Once of these similarities is that Tabunne can be found in almost every route in Isshu. But, it’s a bit easier to find and catch one. If you’ve played the game, you probably noticed that when going through Routes a patch of grass will “grow taller” and shake rapidly. If you go into that patch of grass, no matter what, you’ll encounter a Pokemon that is uncommon or rare to that area. This is how Tabunne can find found and caught in each Route. You must find one of these shaking grass patches, and you’ll either encounter an uncommon Pokemon or Tabunne. That means that you’ll find it from a variety of levels. The highest level that I’ve seen a Tabunne be is lvl. 54, and, I caught it of course. But, I would probably never ever use it. Tabunne does have rather decent stats, but nothing that really impresses me other an it’s HP and I guess it’s Defenses, clocking in at 103 and two 86’s respectively. This is a perfect Pokemon for more Defense orientated trainers, but as for offensive trainers like myself, it’s deemed useless. But, despite that it does have awesome abilities! It can either have Regeneration or Healing Heart! Regeneration restores HP when the Pokemon is switched out, while Healing Heart sometimes heals the status of your team mate Pokemon in a double battle. So I guess with the awesome abilities it could be deemed quite useful. I don’t know…I still feel like I’m not giving this Pokemon enough credit. But it really is cute. O///O

This next evolution line is one of the first Pokemon that were introduced to us through Corocoro. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Chinchilla Pokemon, #572 Chiraamii and the Scarf Pokemon, #573 Chirachiino! These guys are another one of those Pokemon that are absolutely adorable, but I never expected much from them. I will say that Chirachiino’s stats are pretty decent, but compared to other Normal-types in this generation, it’s pretty weak. Both of these guys are all about Speed and Attack, everything else is well below average. Chiraamii’s base Attack stat is 50 and its Speed stat is 75. And once you give it a Light Stone and it evolves into Chirachiino, its Attack gets raised to a 95 and its Speed is increased to an awesome 115. Everything else is basically in the 60’s, besides its HP which is a pretty decent 75. Some of you might be thinking that those stats aren’t that bad since Chiraamii can be caught pretty early on. Well, I thought the same thing too, but upon playing the game and searching for one in the first few routes for hours, I realized that it is actually found much later Routes. Both Chiraamii and Chirachiino can be found on Routes 5, 9, 16 and it can also be found in the freezer container. Considering it’s stats and at what point you can obtain one in the game, I’d say it’s a pretty weak Pokemon. Although, it does have the nice ability of Technician which raises an Attack with 60 base power or less by 1.5 times. Which, can be very useful and it’d make it much, much stronger. Like I said before I really, really love how cute these two are, and I always felt bad whenever I would battle one because I thought it was to cute to faint, but nonetheless I still have those nitpicky things that I hate. It mostly applies to Chirachiino though, Chiraamii is just too cute to handle. Is anyone else bothered by how Chirachiino looks EXACTLY like Chiraamii? I mean it basically looks like you went to the Pokemon Musical and put on a scarf accessory and, well, ya that’s pretty much it. I think it would’ve been better if they didn’t give Chiraamii an evolution if you ask me. I actually thought that it wasn’t going to get one at all, but Game Freak totally surprised me. Actually, now that I’m bringing up the subject, any opinions on that? Do you think Chiraamii really needed an evolution?

Our next article is on the season change gimmick Pokemon, both having the classification of the Seasonal Pokemon, I Introduce to you #585 Shikijika, and #586 Mebukijika! These two are one of my favourite Pokemon in the 5th generation! Well mostly because of Mebukijika. >< Shikijika is just pushing it with the “super-girly-almost-to-cute” look, but Mebukijika’s alternate forms are simply amazing! Oh, maybe I should explain that first. Like I said before, it is the season change gimmick Pokemon. For those of you who don’t know, Pokemon Black and White have season changes every month, and both Shikijika’s and Mebukijika’s appearance based on what season it is. Shikijika’s colour only change on the season (Pink for spring, green for summer, orange for fall and brown for winter), but Mebukijika’s appearance completely changes! (See above sprites, from left to right: spring, summer, fall, winter) I have absolutely no complaints on design, like at all! Mebujika looks majestic, beautiful and strong all at once, in all of his forms! Kinda like Bambi’s dad… If I had to pick which was my favourite out of them all, I’d have to say the winter form. Because the two colours just contrast so well, and there’s so many differences compared to other forms, and it just looks pure amazing! I really wish these things existed in real life! Unfortunately, you can never keep them in a certain form; the form will automatically change once the season starts. For example if you catch a Shikijika in the spring time (pink) and then use to during the summer time, it will turn green, same goes for Mebukijika. I really wish they’d make an item so they could stay in a certain form forever I really want the winter form to just stay and never change! :’D But, I keep debating whether or not to put it in my upcoming English game, and the reason for that, is it’s stats. They aren’t really all that bad, they’re decent, but compared to other Pokemon that you can catch later on, they’re kind of below average. Shikijika basically has straight 50’s and 60’s excluding it’s decent 75 Speed stat and kinda suck-ish Special Defense stat of 40. Once evolving into Mebukijika at lvl. 34, the 50’s and 60’s turn into 60’s and 70’s, it’s Attack gets a solid 100 and, finally, it’s Speed gets a pretty good 95. So it’s pretty fast and can throw a punch or two, but I think it’d be quite challenging if it fell behind a level or two. Especially in the Elite Four. Although one of my friends has used a Mebukijika all the way through the game and was fine. So, if you think you can handle this beauty, go to Routes 6 and 7 to obtain a Shikijika, and the Dragon Spiral Tower to catch yourself a Shikijika and a Mebukijika! In the end, it’s really up to you on whether or not you’d think it’d be good to put on your team. I probably wouldn’t even realize it’s stats just because it’s looks so pretty! Only possible thing that could improve this Pokemon was if it’s typing also changed with its form.

Next on our Normal-type list is the Headbutt Bull Pokemon, #626 Buffuron! You can only find this Pokemon on Route 10, which is really unfortunate ‘cause it has a really nice design and pretty awesome stats. For those of you who don’t know, Route 10 is right before Victory Road, so you won’t really see one or be able to obtain one until the you get to the 8th gym. I really wish they gave Buffuron a pre-evo so I could catch it early and use it. Because it just has an amazing stat line up! Well maybe I should be more specific; it has awesome Attack, HP, Defense and Special Defense, (being 110, 95, 95 and 95 respectively) but its other stats kindof suck. It surprisingly not all that fast having a 55 Speed stat and its Special Attack is just a mere 40. Although its move set is mostly built of physical attacks, so that shouldn’t matter that much. To go hand in hand with its high Attack stat it has a signature move called Afro Break, which deals an awesome 120 power! But the only down side to this move is the recoil. Now most of you might think that recoil is nothing new, and it usually doesn’t affect the user’s HP all that much. But, this Pokemon can have the ability Reckless, which doubles the power of moves that have recoil damage, but the recoil damage is also doubled. So, using such a strong attack like that could really be the reason to many battle losses. But I don’t think anybody would want to even get near this thing considering how bad ass it’s glare is! But I think it’s afro refrains me from taking it seriously. Ever since I first saw it, and still to this day, I laugh a bit whenever my eyes grace this buffalo’s head. But I’m still not sure if I’m laughing with it, or at it. I laugh even more when it uses Afro Break, because the animation is basically an afro attacking you! Pure “lulz”. Only problem I really have with this Pokemon is that Game Freak decided not to make it Tauros’ evolution. I know they said that they’red be no old Pokemon ties in this generation, but it just looks so similar! And yes, I realize that there can be more than one Pokemon that looks like a bull, but much like Mamanbou, I would’ve preferred it if they saved this Pokemon for a future generation and said it was Tauros’ evolution. Because the rest of Tauros’ poker buddies have gotten pre-evos and evolutions, and he’s overdue for one.

Continuing the article we have my all-time favourite Normal-type of this generation and possibly the best Normal/Flying-type of all time! I give you the Young Eagle Pokemon, #627 Washibon, and the Valour Pokemon, #628 Wargle! I absolutely LOVE these Pokemon! They definitely has a spot in my top 10 favourite Pokemon! Washibon is the most adorable thing ever and it just makes me want to hug it and never let go! And Wargle- well Wargle is friggin’ Wargle. I have absolutely no words to describe it. It’s majestic, strong, amazing and just made of pure awesome. And that’s a total understatement. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it in anyway. The colour scheme is both attractive and makes me glad to be an American. I really think we should ditch the eagle and make this America’s official mascot. I mean it just looks so powerful, like it could pick up a mountain and move it across the world like it was nothing! GAH! It makes me giddy just thinking about how amazing it is! It’s just such a shame how late you can gain access to it though. You can only find both Washibon and Wargle on Route 11, but you can find just Washibon on Route 10 and on Victory Road. But, what sucks is that it’s a version exclusive. It can only be found in Pokemon White, which sucks for people who decided to get Pokemon Black (Like me…) instead we get the ugly diaper-wearing vulture. Ugh. You lucky ducks! For those who have Pokemon Black, you’ll have to trade with a friend or trade via the GTS. If you’re thinking “Wait, since it’s a version exclusive I won’t see it! How will I be able to see it?!” Well, I was quite worried about that myself, but fear not! Once beating the Elite Four you’ll gain access to Sazanami Town, where two trainers have one. Unfortunately the two trainers are a bit tough to beat and it will take some time to be able to see one. The first one that you’d probably be able to see is owned by the big brother in the rich family that owns the villa. But to be able to beat him you’ll have to beat 5 others, and wait 5 days for him to appear in the villa itself. The other trainer who has one is the Sinnoh league Champion Cynthia. Hers is a bit harder to see as her Pokemon are incredibly strong and she always sends it out towards the end of the battle. But, if you can beat her, you’ll finally be able to get one! And thanks to this I am now a proud owner of Wargle and many of its offspring. 😀 Which, by the way, can only be males, you’ll never see a girl Washibon or Wargle. But that’s enough on its appearance and how to obtain it, now it’s time for the deal breaker what will make sure you get one, its stats! This evolution line is all about HP and Attack. As evidenced by Washibon’s 83 base Attack and HP base stat of 70. Once evolving into Wargle at lvl. 54, its Attack increases to an amazing 123 and it’s HP raises to an awesome 100! It also has the pretty decent Speed stat of 80 and the solid Defenses of 75. So overall it’s an amazing Pokemon! Probably the most perfect Pokemon ever created! GAH! It’s amazing! If you can’t tell, I really, really, really, REALLY like Wargle! Only thing I absolutely hate is that you get it so late! Why Game Freak, why?! Why must you make such an awesome Pokemon obtainable so late in the game?! I really wish Wargle got a three stage evolution and replaced Mamepato…

Finally to end this long article we have one of the event Pokemon of this generation, gracing the Pokemon world with the classification of the Melody Pokemon, I give thee Meloetta! This Pokemon is just pure elegance! I really haven’t seen a Pokemon since the Gardevoir days, and I think Meloetta tops it by far. The long hair, the “skirt”, its animation and even the leg placement just screams elegance! Everything is perfect and smooth design wise. The colour scheme makes the green and white pop, making it visually stunning, and well just amazing to look at! Only thing I could really say as a complaint is that it doesn’t have the vibe that other legendries have, much like the other legendries do in this generation. Although I realise that that isn’t much of a valid argument, it’s really just something to think about. As I get the same “vibes” from Meloetta as I do from Gochizeru. But, regardless, it is a legendry and like all legendries before it, it has killer stats, everything is either decent or amazing! Among the amazing is it’s Special Attack, Special Defense and it’s HP, clocking in at 128, 128 and 100 respectively. While it has a decent speed of 90 and Physical traits of 77. So it’s basically a Pokemon suited for special attacks, which makes sense considering half of it’s move set are of that attack variety. Like I said in the beginning, it is an event Pokemon, but that event in which you get it hasn’t actually occurred yet. So if someone says they have one, they’re obviously lying or the used an Action Reply. Because the event not happening yet, we actually don’t have any information on what happens either. But when that information is revealed I’ll be sure to update this!  If none of this has convince, did I mention that because of it’s Normal/Psychic typing it has very few weaknesses? No? What if  I said it has two forms? This form is called the voice form while the other is called…

The Step form. Although it is the same Pokemon and not an evolution, it will get its own paragraph because of its stat and appearance changes. Now to change Meloetta’s form you must do a few things. First of all, you must get it from the future event, and then once obtaining it, you must bring it to Hiun City. In the alleyway there is a restaurant, and within that restaurant is a musician. He’ll see your Meloetta and offer to teach it the move Ancient Voice. And only once it knows Ancient Voice will it be able to change form. Although at this time it is unknown how to change it back. I’m assuming you must delete the move from it’s list to revert it to the Voice Form. As you can tell it gets a major visual change, and very few words can describe it. Only word I could manage to come up with is power. Pure power. Probably to go with it’s now Normal/Fighting typing, it’s appearance goes from just pure elegance to both elegant but powerful! She reminds me of the mythical goddess of War, Mars. She will destroy you, but she’ll do it with grace. I find this design much more “legendary” looking then the Voice Form, if you ask me. And as well as the aesthetic changes it also has stat changes. Unlike the Voice Form which is all about special attacks the Step Form is all about power and speed. As evidence by its new Attack and Speed base stat of 128. They’re numbers don’t really change when switching forms, they just switch over to another stat department. I.e the Voice Form has 77 Defense and Attack and the Step Form has 77 Special Attack and Special Defense. Overall, I’d have to say that this is my favourite event Pokemon out of the three in this generation, and I will probably play around with it a bit just t stare at how beautiful it is. (Random note: Anybody else thinking that Meloetta is really Celebi’s long lost mother?)


All done! That’s all of the Normal-types in Gen V! Overall I’d have to say I’m very pleased with these guy, they might even by my favourite batch of Normal-types yet! Oh, do you guys think I should keep the animated sprites in the articles, or are they giving you seizures? If you don’t like them, or feel like they’re too much, feel free to tell me in the comments! Majority vote will decide! Another thing to comment about is your opinion! I wanna hear them more than you know! So, do you agree with me? Or do you think my opinions are just stupid and I should get a life? Do you think I didn’t give a Pokemon enough credit? Possibly to much credit? Comment down below!

peace and love– ozymandis

P.S. This may be the last ‘Focus On’ you’ll get from me. I might get the chance to do one more type, but after that the last few types will be covered by Daigo, NL and PJ! So if this is the last one I do, it’s been an honour serving you!

P.P.S GAHHHH no Bleach or Glee this week! I am deprived! Dx

        1. Well that’s ‘caus back in the pre-game, there was new news breaking every single day, so we updated basically every day.
          But now since the game’s actually out, not that much Pokemon news (well more of like no pokemon news) is showing up.
          So we had to come up with these articles, otherwise we’d be posting nothing. Dx

  1. Hay, are you guys gonna do a Focus on Dragons section, cause I really want to know where and how to catch a Kibago :p

    1. You can find kibago in the fukyose cave on the second floor, around level 30. U need surf, flash and strength to get there.
      Fo u to locate in the map the name in japanese is : フキヨセの洞穴 / フキヨセのほらあな
      It’s above the first city in the left from Raimon city.

  2. “She reminds me of the mythical goddess of War, Mars. She will destroy you, but she’ll do it with grace.”

    Mars was a God not a Goddess…

    1. Ahahah really? xD;;;
      I was always under the impression that it was a woman. >< Shows how I've never taken any myth cloasses. ><

        1. I used to be obssessed at one point because of those Percy Jackson books. 😀
          If you know what those are. ><

          1. ME TOO!!!!
            In fact Im reading ‘Heroes of Olympus: The Lost Heroe’ right now(witch is also from Rick Riordan and is alot like Percy Jackson)

  3. Whenever I think of Minezumi, I think of calling one Justin Beiber. Shame Minezumi dosen’t have sing >.< I mean, come on! If I had a Minezumi named Justin Beiber, it would be living evidence even POKEMON don't like him! ^.^;

    1. Ya, we can. 🙂
      But if we are going to switch ’em so they’re all animations, we’re going to wait for all the animations to be avialable.
      We don’t want some to be animated and some not to be. 😛

  4. Awesomeness as always! Love the animation! I love Wargle too, the best bird pokemon yet! Please make Dragon next, that’s my favorite!

  5. Are all the sprites in this article animated? Because Washibon, the Mamepato line and Baffuron are static for me

  6. Once Meloetta learns the attack, you need to use it in combat to change formes. The moment the battle ends Meloetta reverts to it’s Normal/Psy form, but during the battle you can go back and forth at the same time that you do damage.

    Yeah I have one, and it’s official. 😛

    BTW, I could look for a deer, grab a pokéball and say I have a real Mebukijika, just like with Mamepato! Don’t you diss the Pato, yo!

    1. Have you seen a deer? Its line may be based off them, but they are nowhere near as similar as Mamepato and a Pigeon.

  7. Pokemon Gen. V, you got your favorites, BUT HERE ARE SOME FAKE AND REJECTED ONES!!!

    Name: Wakoshi
    Date found: mid August 2010
    Creator: ?
    Purpose: to fool people into believing it to be a real Pokemon
    Proof: The creator stepped up and admitted it.

    Name: ? – Ugly Plant Pokemon
    Date found: mid August 2010
    Creator: ?
    Prupose: to fool people into believing it to be a real Pokemon
    Proof: The creator stepped up and admitted it.

    Name: ? – Kibago evo
    Date found: early September 2010
    Creator: ?
    Purpose: to fool everyone into thinking it was Kibago’s evo
    Proof: Kibago did not have the word “dash” at the end of it’s name.

    and ?–
    Name: ? – Fat Cat Pokemon
    Date found: early August 2010
    Creator: ?
    Purpose: to fool people into believing it to be a real Pokemon
    Proof: I forgot

    And that’s Fake and Rejected Gen.V pokemon

  8. It’s amazing how our thoughts are so alike.
    To me Minezumi’s fam looks wierd yet cool at the same time. Really unexplainable.
    I just looooove Yooteri and Haderia! Murando’s mustache is too big to be of my liking, and even his ‘coat’ could have been pulled up an inch.
    I dont really like Mame and Hatoo(except i love his name) but I’m okay-ish with Kenhorou I guess. Nice design, but it doesnt give the same majestic feel as Pidgeot, Swellow, Staraptor, and of course Wargle do.
    Tabunne is…. Tabunne.
    Chillarmy I was quite okay with, and it had actually given me some hope for this gen., but I feel that Chillachino’s sheer existence kills this gen, along with Gigear and Gigigear. The fact that they’re both mainly female just makes it worse.
    Mebukijika – Im on the exact same frequency as you.
    Baffuron- My FAVORITE Gen5 Pokemon!!!! Who doesnt love Afros?? And I’m a Taurus, so I love it even more!!
    Wargle- Epicccccc. I’m not really completely comfortable with Washibon though, not completely sure why. Wait so how did you get a Wargle by beating Cynthia? or did I just read wrong?
    Meloetta- Donn wanna comment on this.
    Normal is definitely my favourite type of this Gen. If and whenn i get Pokemon White, I’m gonna make a full normal team. Wargle, Haderia, Baffuron, Mebukijika, Miruhoggu/kenhorou and Snorlax!!! Dunno how I’ll get it to work 😛

    PS- Nice idea of animations!! Keep it up ozy!

    1. I think he meant you can have the option of looking for wargles being traded online once you’ve “seen” it in your dex. Apparently one of the first times this happens in black is when you battle cynthia…which is pretty slack, lol.

  9. Gaaah I totally agree Wargle makes me proud to be an American! It’s so PERFECT! When I found out it was White-exclusive it stopped my internal struggle over whether to get Black or White. And not to mention it’s the Valor Pokemon, which is the name of my old high school 😀

    And I have to say I LOVE Meloetta’s Step Forme. But the Voice Forme is awesome to xD

  10. minezumi line: have you forgot what happened in july when this poke was previewed along with victini?
    new dog line: a real arcanine like dog, yep this line= growlithe line
    pigeon line: ahh time to feed this line to predators, this line: moving target
    chinchilla line: they are totally the same
    tabbune: hm, is this line going to be just as difficult to defeat like chansey, that you need a pwerful move just to faint it >:O
    wargle: ozy sorry but nananana, i have bagsed white and this poke has a handy move against rock and ice types: SUPERPOWER, very powerful and good
    melota: good set of moves, hope ancient voice provide many other genre forms for this poke.
    ps. ozy, all you are going to watch in china is propaganda

    1. afro bull: i recomend this poke to afro lovers, another cool sounding move: afro break. this also looks like bison. basically this poke looks cool
      ps. i added anti-ozy because i have atribute that is opposite to ozy
      pps. ozy you mispelt name in a tweet of yours, its dinoman007

      1. Do you basically live on the Internet? And I can never understand you…also, judging by your comments, you take everything waaaayyyy to seriuosly in a really weird way. What gives? Or are you just going to comment back to me in a vicious and immature manner saying how I’m the loser and whatnot lol?

  11. your getting really good at this 🙂 ! although i do disagree with u a lot sometimes, like how I luved enbuoo and daikenki and thought they ruled. In my opinion muurando is one of the coolest pokemon ever! its moustache just fits in to the design! ii luv that pokemon. And I think mamepato and evos are awesome! i think tied with staraptor it is the best followed by swellow than pidgeot than the ugly noctowl

  12. i personally hate wargle, i find it ugly, so im getting black! 🙂 i luv that vulture 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. read the red text;; The sprites should be animated now, if they’re still static or aren’t showing up for you, please tell me in the comments! (I couldn’t find animated sprites for them all unfortunately.)

        1. If you did, you should have noticed that it says that he couldn’t find all animated sprites so some of them are static. you don’t have to ask such stupid questions o3o

  13. Probably the best one so far, sonce this one was so detailed!

    And lol @ mars getting a sex change xD

  14. Nice focus-on Ozy 😉 And yeah keep the moving sprites it looks amazing ;P

    And btw you should’ve mentioned Chillaccino dream world ability which will make it awesome :O

    Don’t know how to get that pokemon with the dream world ability xP but it has Skill link (( always hits 5 times with a move that hits 2-5 times 😉 )) with 3 super moves going with that! Rock blast, Bullet seed and Sweep slap OwO! It’s awesome xD

    Thanks for all your focus-ons I really enjoyed them all^^!

  15. To change Meloetta’s form I’m pretty sure it’s just a case of using the “Ancient Voice” move in battle. You don’t need to delete the move.

      1. Apparently it works like a stat up move such as Nasty Plot, you use it in battle and if it switches it changes back, I think. Kinda annoying you have to do that, it makes it really awkward to use Step Forme.

  16. @pokejungle or ozymandis: Please don´t give NL another chance to do a “Focus On” article…… He was reaaalyy bad…… Crappy bad…… Just take a look at his article…… finished?…… Now take a look at ozymandis article…… finished?……Now, the point is: Ozy makes infinitely better articles than NL, and why NL is an administrator is a HUGE mystery as it seems like he´s just around 10 years old and makes this site look veeery childish and unproffesional……(And yes, this is actuallly the TRUTH, everything else is just a very bad excuse, and no, I´m not the only one to complain this)……

    1. Is NL the one who wrote the Focus on Water-type? If he is, yeah, don’t let him write another one!

  17. Your awesome, Ozymandis. What a pity you are not covering more “focus on”.

    You made me like Maloetta!

  18. Don’t underestimate Chillachino though. It’s practically made to be a fast sub-breaker. What with Bullet Seed, Rock Blast, Sweep Slap and all that. :<

  19. “Once of these similarities is that Tabunne can be found in almost every route in Isshu.”
    Chansey doesn’t even come close to being found everywhere like this.

  20. I really think Wargle’s article got too… squee-ish. I think you let your personal feelings about it prevent you from making a objective decision.

  21. It would be AWSOME if you guys could do a focus on Dark or Normal types!! With animated sprites!!! (mainly because I am dieing to see the vulture pokemon! ((I forgot the name…you know! the one that replaces Wargle in pokemon Black?)) )

    P.S. Can you add the animated sprites to the pokedex if you haven’t already? (I am about to check!)

        1. No Spencer the sprites in B/W ARE animated but the ones in the B/W SECTION aren’t. Why did u ask thsat rather than look ?

  22. Just wanted to let you know that Mamepato’s line, Buffaron, and Washibon are static sprites for me. Also, you referred to the other formes of Shikijika, and Mebukijika in the article as if they were all shown, but only the spring formes are visible *nod nod* Besides that, everything looks good ^^

      1. I made that comment before he put up that side note. When I posted, it just said, “if they’re still static or aren’t showing up for you, please tell me in the comments,” and so I told him in the comments. No need to bite my head off for something he was asking for at time, jeeze……..

  23. Ozy, are you a girl? It’s just cuz you sound like one. We don’t care if you like this or that pokémon. And despite this is probably your last “focus on”, you should know what you’re talking about before making the articles. It’s full of mistakes like comparing Tabunne to Chansey locations-wise, calling Mars a goddess, and saying Ancient Voice must be deleted to revert Meloetta to its Voice forme, between other things…

        1. So I may be interpreting this wrongly, but you seem to imply ozy was a girl because there are factual errors in the article?
          Beacause this kinda implies you thing girls are dumb – not a suggestion many girls like myself appreciate.

          Again, sorry if that wasn’t what you meant.

    1. Check your own post for inaccuracies before you point out those of others’ – between is used when talking about two people, among is used with larger groups. In other words, the end should be “among other things.”.

      1. Kiss my ass, I’m not an english-native speaker, I don’t have to know all your grammar rules, asshole.

        1. The point was to not act as if you’re perfect – and if you’re going to try, at least don’t make any mistakes in doing so.

        2. I’m not English either, and I know a lot of grammar rules, and I don’t even follow English class, so that’s not a good reason o3o

        1. What? Where did I imply that you were a boy? I wasn’t talking to you, or about you. Indeed – I called no one a boy.

        2. …? Are you insane?

          I wrote:
          Check your own post for inaccuracies before you point out those of others’ – between is used when talking about two people, among is used with larger groups. In other words, the end should be “among other things.”.

          As a response to the other person saying:
          Ozy, are you a girl? It’s just cuz you sound like one. We don’t care if you like this or that pokémon. And despite this is probably your last “focus on”, you should know what you’re talking about before making the articles. It’s full of mistakes like comparing Tabunne to Chansey locations-wise, calling Mars a goddess, and saying Ancient Voice must be deleted to revert Meloetta to its Voice forme, between other things…

          How is that me being sexist? Honestly – can you point to anything in what I said that could even be construed as sexist? The whole point of my original post was to correct someone who was acting superior – gender had exactly nothing to do with it.

          1. Oh, I see now… FYI, I wasn’t tryin’ to be superior. I just didn’t like those wrong facts in the article. And your 1st reply was fail because I was pointing information mistakes and not grammar mistakes. I hate when people use that grammar argument when it has nothing to do with what was said…

  24. Yes! I knew i wasn’t the only whot thought haderia looked just like that dog from the “lady and the tramp”. I like yooteri’s evo line until haderia only, muurando is just not…awesome enough for haderia. Also, sugimori’s art for hattoboo and kenhorou ARE out, the scans were even posted here XD. They look great, and i like them, but i just like starly and its evolutions the most out of all the bird pokemon.

  25. That reminds me, tune in to Cartoon Network tomorrow, anew MAD will be on, ten next episode is:

    Fantastic Megan Fox, Mad vs. Wild
    Parodies include Fantastic Megan Fox (a crossover between Fantastic Mr. Fox and Megan Fox) and Mad vs. Wild (a take-off of Man vs. Wild)

    1. …You like Mad? I couldn’t stand watching five minutes of it.

      Personally, though, with few exceptions, I hate all of CN’s new(er) stuff. Mad, Regular Show, Adventure Time, Chowder, Flapjack, DWWD, DBD… The list goes on. What I did like (or didn’t dislike) are: Unnatural History, Tower Prep, Hole in the Wall… I actually can’t think of any new animated shows I like from them.

      1. ay don’t dis flapjack and chowder or adventure time they’re pretty good(the last remenants of the once great CN but bearable) the others suck but generator rex is awesome,

        PS i can’t believe I ‘m agreeing with the TROLL -_-”

  26. Mars is the God of War, roman version of Ares, u might be thinking of Athena though, lol btw I pretty much agree, and Muurando would look a hundred times better without the moustache, and Wargle = love, btw, like the animated sprite!!!

  27. I played through the game just fine with Mebukijika. Actually, if you just give him substitute and leech seed, as well as his signature move, wood horn, he’s pretty much unstoppable by anything slower.

    Also, although its defenses are kind of weak, Chirriccino has a lot going for it. Technician plus Same type attack boost, bust his signature move Sweep Slap to 280 base power after five hits (That’s stronger than explosion) and he even gets Rock Blast and Bullet Seed for more technician boosts. Hell, if you don’t want the boost, once dream world Chirriccino comes out, he gets Skill Link, which makes 2-5 hit moves always hit five times. So, if you don’t believe in luck, you could still boost Sweep Slap to 180 base power, stronger than Hyper Beam and reusable. Add in his excellent attack and speed and he’s one of the best sweepers in the game.

  28. Holy crap. I read this article, and not 12 hours later, I caught a random encounter Shiny Miruhoggu! I’ll be sure to read these religiously in case it is a sort of jinx. It was the first random encounter Shiny I’ve seen since Crystal a decade ago (and I didn’t catch that one -_-‘). Plus, my birthday is on Wednesday! I have to remember to write Black Version a thank-you note for the gift. Anyway, these articles are great! Make sure to do them next generation! [Insert random game name speculation here.]

    1. Yesterday, my friend about had a heart attack when he caught a shiny Tabunne. 1%chance of finding it in the wild, 1/8192% chance of being a shiny ^^

      I’ve been playing Pokemon since 1st gen, and since they were introduced in 2nd gen, I have yet to catch a shiny. Except for the Lake of Rage, Gyrados, but he’s lame…. 100% shiny rate… boring.

      1. I’ve seen a shiny Golbat in Ruby version, I couldn’t catch it because I had no pokeballs. Someone I know caught a gold Magikarp in Pearl version, but thair game was stolen along with the DS.

        1. That Shiny from Crystal was a Magikarp… Oh well. It was a Magikarp and would have become the generic Red Gyarados anyway.

        2. Wow, seeing a shiny and having no Pokeballs is even worse than my bumping into a shiny Bellsprout in HG/SS Safari Zone! I didn’t get it, of course.
          But I have other shinies though. All random encounter.

          Also someone on another forum was speculating that there’s more chance of shinies in shaking patches, especially if you “chain” them by not having any other random encounters, like the Pokeradar.

  29. I have never liked Normal types (except for hoothoot, Tauros and Snorlax), so this focus on didnt really do anything for me 🙁 not having a go at you ozy, just never been a normal fan…. mind you saying that I kind of like the afro-buffalo and im sad to learn he isnt available until much later 🙁

    As far as the animated sprites, im not phased either way they dont make the articles better or worse.

    Also Im still loving the articles and I think your emotions (example: see the wargle article :p) give them a unique touch

  30. melota shares something that only 2 normal types can do, change type. the other 2 are kecleon: 3rd gen poke 1st shown in the middle of the 2nd gen saga, the other is arceus: the creator that can change types with its plates

        1. sorry before wen i saw on urs “whos online” tab & saw members online
          & guests online i thought theres a way we can register in d site
          but afterwards i understood members means pokejungle staff

  31. AWESOME i have always liked normal types but these are the best have u done a focus on grass types yet cos i love grass types they my favourite 😀

    1. Not yet. xP
      Since this is PokeJUNGLE and there’s alot of grass types we’re saving the best for last. 😀

      BTW, love your nickanme. 🙂
      BLEACH FTW!!

  32. GOOD MORNING POKEJUNGLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Visit my Youtube channel (Tsutajaraocks) and excpect a new video TODAY!!!!! (note: this video will be taken by my dad.)

    1. Sorry I just got back from the Zoo and it was awsome, but I’m not updateing my channel with the videos my Dad took. (I’m exhaughsted sorry, and I know I did notspell that right.)

          1. Yes, and that person is the one we are trying to get rid of. If you have any sense, you would stop talking about non-Pokemon stuff/stuff noone cares about. Then you will become awesome. True story.

  33. “Is anyone else bothered by how Chirachiino looks EXACTLY like Chiraamii? I mean it basically looks like you went to the Pokemon Musical and put on a scarf accessory and, well, ya that’s pretty much it.”

    There are a lot of pokemon that this happens to, and this picture on deviantart shows how I feel about that 😛 (Not really sure if I did the link right)

      1. but can you please visualy remind people that they have been banned like having prison bars on the banned person’s info or cover the banned person’s posts with a pic of ditto covering it.
        ps. all pjn members, google mobile phone in 1928, it will make you say wtf
        pps. hope ozy doesn’t go to jail in china *thinks back to july, when beachgate happened*

        1. Why would I even go to jail in Chine? @@;;
          Well uhhh if they’re banned, then they wouldn’t even be able to log in…so….I’m not sure what the point is. xP

  34. Meloetta changes into Step Forme when it uses Ancient Voice in battle, and reverts back into Voice Forme when it is taken out of the battle.

  35. I have one thing to say, for the other Focus On people: Can you guys include more of your opinion on the design and etcetera? I was reading the old ones done by others and there’s almost none, which makes me sad since that’s the best part 🙁

    1. only thing about that is like half the people say they want it more opinonated and others say they want strict stats and such. xP

    1. Is the Pokemon you’re missing Washibon? I can’t find him and I would love to see him with those eyes! 🙂

  36. I like the animations! But that’s just because I haven’t gotten the games and I’m not sick to death of seeing them yet. XD I assume tracking them down is a chore, so get rid of them if it’s easiest.
    I’m one of the people who likes reading opinion over stats, but either way these focus articles are totally sweet! Keep them coming! Wait how many are there left?

    Also I need to really get into this Glee thing. And this Heroes thing, and Inception thing. Man I hate having to keep up with things. ):

    1. i am sorry to say this, but glee can make peopl view you as a metro, thats why i watch top gear, which affirms people that you are like them. its like this, drive a pink nissan micra or a buggati super veyron, former make people think your metro, later hides it. but this rant doesn’t stereotype sexualities, all i am saying is that some shows might make your parents suspicous about your sexuality, especially in southern usa.
      ps. pj, why aren’t beach, serebii pjn and other pokemon websites 1 big happy family?

      1. Actually, watching Glee is one of the only things my family does together. 😛
        And if you’re from Seattle you’re either matero, hipster, punk, indie or ummm ya. 😛

        1. predction news:indy mp oakshot has made tamworth an aeroplane training base, more news: since tamworth is the country western music capital of oz, there has been a spate of air crashes because of the horrendous music*
          pps. china is actually competing with japan to make anime and cartoons according to ozzie dateline.

      2. LOL all goods bro, I’m fortunate enough to be able to dodge that sort of harping with relative ease. Can definitely see where you’re coming from though! It’s a sad day when a person can’t enjoy some quality television, and ignore gender assumptions, at the same time.

        I’m not a resident of the US of A, so both your and Ozy’s cultural insights are fascinating things. I didn’t know it was possible to categorise humans so easily!

        As for your last question… it is the harsh truth of the world, that sometimes people are goatfaces, who only know to greet others with ice and bloodied steel. -pats back- That wasn’t referring to PJN, of course.

      1. HAHAHAHAHA SHHHHHHH. I… needed to do things. Like sit at home. And not walk to the cinema.

        I swear I am physically active sometimes.

          1. Well the thing is, Serebii already does that, and really well I might add.
            So I really don’t see the point in doing something that the biggest Pokemon fan website does weekly super well. xP
            But I’ll talk it over with the other staff none the less. 🙂

          2. i dont like d style of serebii
            ur first 2 episodes were gud
            & i dont have DS so i cant play d game & i live in India so i have 2 wait for a long time 2 see d new pokemon

  37. I hope Meloetta to have something related to Madonna at english name, since it represents female pop singers and Madonna means “my lady”

      1. I would love it to be named after Lady Gaga! 😀
        I have this icon of Meloetta singing Lady Gaga actually. ><

      2. How sad it’s the new Madonna, but not Lady Gaga herself. Sorry but get life. If Lady Gaga is the new Madonna. Ok let’s make something clear:

        Madonna= Madonna
        Lady Gaga= New Madonna

        Yeah, that should be named Madonna

  38. When are you guys gonna do another article thing? Not that I don’t like this one! Its just that………………………..(I can’t think of anything!)

  39. This is too Wessel whose reply I just read: I SAID THE OPPOSITE OF WARGLE!!!!!! I LOOKED IT UP AND HIS NAME IS: BARUJIINA!!!!!!!!!!!!

    P.S. sorry for all the capital letters I like useing CAPS LOCK!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Just so you know, dude, there’s a reason for Kenhorou’s gender difference. Real male pheasants have brightly-colored undersides and wattles on their heads, both for attracting mates. Females are more bland. Must you whine about everything?

      1. “Now, I actually really like Kenhorou, but its random colour splash bothers me a bit. I just find the green body and the pink “mask” so incredibly random. I realize that Hatooboo does have the pink “eyebrows” but to go from eyebrows to that huge flowing mask is a bit too drastic in my opinion.”

        Oh, really?

    1. ahahah I know how a peacock finds a ho to have sex with. ><
      And I actually said that I liked that about the bird sooo uh…:)

      1. “Now, I actually really like Kenhorou, but its random colour splash bothers me a bit. I just find the green body and the pink “mask” so incredibly random. I realize that Hatooboo does have the pink “eyebrows” but to go from eyebrows to that huge flowing mask is a bit too drastic in my opinion.”

        Did you, really? I, for some reason, don’t believe you did.

  41. Good reviews of everything, just a side note Mars is not a goddess but a god, i know its not important or anything but for some reason that always got under my skin, any ways good work

  42. fun fact about beach: they leave the banned banners on many peoples profile /({0 ROFL ROFL LOL
    ps.there is a mini game involving miruhogu in bw according to serebii

  43. I check how many times the word ugly is in the article. Sadly it’s 3 times again so I didn’t bother reading it xDDDDD

    Oh well I saw you were talking about “the ugly diaper vulture” when it’s used the third time. You don’t even keep your hatred to the articles in which the affected pokemon appear LOL

    1. Idiotic fourteen-year-olds do as they think is right. Which is why they shouldn’t be on the administrative staff of a fairly major website.

  44. i Hate normal types i just hate them so much theres noting really special about them except their h.p……… if anyone could give me a normal type thats really strong i would really appriciate it

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