Focus On: Rock-Type (Finally!)

Hey loyal Pokejunglers!

I truly, truly sincerely apologize, from the bottom of my heart, that this is so late! Long story short, I had big tests coming up, my parents made me study (Even though I really didn’t need to…) and so they cut me off from all electronics. Then I tried out for swim team and unfortunately got into varsity. Which means I have longer practices. And in result of that, I’m not getting home until about 9pm every night, leaving little to no time for homework and these articles. 🙁 Remember, we have lives to. >< So again, sorry! Oh, a lot of you liked the secondary typing section at the end, so I kept it. And I also added it to the past articles. So if you want to check back on the previous ones, feel free to! And I’ll apologize once again for making such a short ‘Focus On’. I wanted to get one out to you guys as quickly as possible, so I took the next type with the least amount. So without further ado, here’s the long awaited return of the ‘Focus On’ articles! Featuring the Rock-types! Enjoy!


To begin this long awaited ‘Focus On’, we have the Mantle Pokemon, #524 Dangoro, the Ore Pokemon, #525 Gantoru, and the High Pressure Pokemon Gigaiasu! I really don’t have much of an opinion when it comes to these Pokemon designs. I don’t hate them, and I don’t love them. Dangoro is kinda cute, (Despite just being a rock. But then again there’s Geodude…) Gantoru is kinda an eyesore to look at after a while, and my favorite out of the bunch would definitely be Gigaiasu. Although I could probably go on a tangent on how I find the red rocks sticking out of it’s body a bit messy, it does look quite bad ass overall. But you could totally disregard appearance for these guys, because they’re stats will rock your world. Dangoro starts with a killer Attack base stat of 75 and an even better Defense stat of 85! When evolving into Gantoru at lvl. 25, the evolution line gets a boost of course. This results in Gantoru having an even awesome-er Attack and Defense base stats, both clocking in at 105. Once evolving Gantoru into Gigaiasu by the method of trade, you’re in store for a crazy awesome Pokemon!  Gigaiasu has an Attack stat of 135 and a Defense stat of 130! I’m just going to let that sick in your head now. 135 Attack, 130 Defense. Hella awesome am I right? Along with this evolution line having the obvious awesome Attack and Defense, they also have a pretty decent HP and Special Defense. Clocking in at 85 and 70 for Gigaiasu respectively. Only down fall to these guys is that they’re extremely slow. The final evolution, Gigaiasu, only has a Speed of 25. Like I said, SUPER SLOW. But, there is hope! To make up for the lack of speed, it has the newly updated ability of Sturdy! Which, for those of you who don’t know, is basically like a Focus Band in ability form. This ability leaves the Pokemon with 1 HP no matter what. This will definitely come in handy if you’re up against a really strong opponent, as you can actually get a hit before fainting. And let me tell you, it get’s really annoying that my lvl. 87 Jaroda has to use Leaf Blade twice on a lvl. 27 Gantoru. So if you’re like me, and want this Pokemon so much you can’t sleep at night here’s where to get them; Dangoro can be found only in the opening of the underground water vein, which, is the cave near the Pokemon Daycare on Route 3. With such a high Attack and Defense rate, at such an early point of the game, catching it is a must! Gantoru, on the other hand, is found in basically every cave after that point. Which include the Electric Rock Cave, Fukiyose Cave, the Ridge, Victory Road and the Great Hall. Gigaiasu, unfortunately, can only be obtained by evolving Gantoru. If you need a Rock-type on your team, or just need a strong Pokemon to take on strong trainers, this evolution line is definitely for you! I mean, awesome stats overall, bad ass design, and they’re pretty common. Who wouldn’t catch this Pokemon? Losers wouldn’t. And ozy doesn’t like losers.

Next, we have one of the fossil Pokemon of this generation! Both having the classification of the Oldest Bird Pokemon, I introduce to you #566 Aaken and #567 Archeos! Like I said, Aaken is one of the two fossil Pokemon you can get in Pokemon Black and White. And like all other previous generation’s fossils, you need to actually obtain the fossil and then revive it. Here’s how to obtain the fossil. In the Resort Desert, there’s an entrance to the Sand Castle surrounded by Daruma Mode Hihidaruma. Go down through the steps and you’ll end up in a room with two ‘sand falls’ and a bunch of trainers. Past the two ‘sand falls’ is a backpacker girl. If you talk to her she’ll ask which one you want, pick the Feather Fossil. For those playing the Japanese version, it’s the second fossil on the list. I personally chose the other fossil only because I couldn’t decide. But looking back on it now, I really should’ve picked this guy. Its design is colourful and very well done. Although it seems a tad bit ugly, Aaken retains this cuteness to it, and not to mention Archeos is just plain bad ass. Nothing much else to say for its design, it’s just a rainbow-fied Aerodatcyl. Not only because it has the similarity of it being a bird from a fossil, but also because it’s Rock/Flying. Which, in my opinion, just makes it that much more awesome! I don’t know how many times my Wargle has died just because of Stone Edge.  As for the rest of its stats, it’s most definitely an evolution line that can throw punches, knocking out the opponent, very very quickly. As evidenced by Aaken’s Attack stat of 112, it’s Special Attack of 74 and it’s Speed stat of 70. And once evolving into Archeos at 37 it get a major boost giving Archeos an Attack stat of 140 it’s Special Attack of 112 and it’s Speed of 110. Considering how early on you get this guy in the game and how powerful and quick it is, it’ll definitely be a powerhouse on your team! It’s up to you at the end of the day, but you talk to the backpacker girl and she asks which fossil you want, I’d go for Aaken.

To end this wonderful article, we have one of the legendries of this generation. the Cavern Pokemon, #639 Terrakion! This guy is relatively easy-actually, EXTREMLEY easy- to capture. First off, to have Terrakion appear you need to first talk to the man who explains the legendary trio and meet Kobaron in Fukiyose Cave. After that you’ll gain access to a new cave within Victory Road. Besides needing to meet Kobaron you’ll need a Pokemon with the move Strength to move the big boulder blocking the cave entrance. The opening that goes into the cavern where the Terrakion cave is located, is to the very left if you’re facing down the mountain. And you’ll have to slide down two or three slopes to get there. Once inside just follow the path. (There’s really only one way you can go) At one point (Like a minute later) you’ll reach a spot where you can either go down and continue to one end of the cave, or take a left and you’ll see a big boulder blocking your way. This is where you’ll need strength, without it you won’t be able to get inside to face Terrakion. Once you move the boulder you’ll only see one thing ahead of you; a cave entrance. Inside is a small room with Terrakion right in the middle. And now you’re set to battle, defeat or capture it. Pretty simple right? Like I said previously before in Kabron’s article (see Steel-types) I really don’t like any of the designs of this legendry trio, because I’ve already explained why I won’t get to much into that. But, Terrakion, by far, is the ugliest worst designed legendary the Pokemon world is seen. Everything about it is just bleh. It’s ugly, it’s shaped strangely and it just doesn’t give off the legendry feel that most legendries do. I personally think that if you changed the colour and typing a bit it would look like a Houndoom evolution. But the upside to all legendries is that despite it’s appearance, it has pretty awesome stats. And Terrakion is no exception. It has a killer Attack of 129 and a pretty nice Speed of 108. Everything else is basically in the 90’s. On top of all of this, it’s move set kinda sucks as well. I personally never use legendries so I’ll never use this guy, but if you can get pass the ugly appearance, I guess it’d make a pretty good addition to your team.

Pokemon with secondary Rock-type:


Thus concluding this ‘Focus On’. I’m definetly pleased by all of the Rock-types of this generation! They’re all quite strong and most of them have awesome designs! But it doesn’t matter what I think. It matters what you think! Now that you’ve read this, I wanna hear your opinion! Do you disagree with me? Or, god forbid, agree with me maybe? Do you think I didn’t give a certain Pokemon enough credit? Perhaps a certain Pokemon got to much credit and you don’t agree? VOice your opinion and comment down below!

peace and love– ozymandis

P.S I notice that you guys really like these alot, and you guys always ask when the next one’s will be posted. So, here’s my MMC profile: I update my status whenever I’m writing/starting/finishing a new ‘Focus On’.

P.P.S. Keep up with the comments guys! Your words of encouragment and dedication make us all happy. 🙂 But there’s also some hatin’… uh, stop hatin’ please? 🙂

  1. I actually like how Terrakion looks. It’s a strong rock-ox!

    It’s Virizion that looks a bit weird, in my opinion. Along with Cobalon.
    Both are apparently antelopes, but I think Cobalon looks more like a antelope than Virizion,
    who looks like Shaymin’s mom… (ºoº)’

    1. I thought that they were supposed to be dogs…?

      I can kind of see Tera as a Bulldog or Mastiff (big and bulky); Viri as a Greyhound or Saluki (lean and elegant); and then Coba as a Great Dane, maybe? (something big, but lean). They kind of balance each other out, design-wise.

      It makes a little more sense if you believe the Johto trio to be big cats (like me) because that leaves legendary dogs as a viable category.

      1. exactly. These are dogs. Which fits their roles of being guardians/protectors of pokemon.

        I hope everyone who looked at Entei/Raikou/Suicune and used their braincells to figure out they resemble cats, will intentionally call the new ones the dog trio to make it confusing to someone who didn’t look and use their braincells, which would force them to start doing so and stop calling the cats dogs. LOL

      2. They aren’t dogs (they don’t even remotely resemble dogs????), and though popularly known at first as Horses, only Kurido is a horse.
        Tera is an ox, Koba would most likely be a Markhor (fuzzy chest, upright kinda twirly horns, white “boots” and Virizion an antelope (probably a female one, to keep with Aramis’ femininity and when their ears are down it’s pretty similar to Viri) .

        Seriously…dogs? Really?

        1. Well, Johto’s trio are know as Legendary Beasts, which can fall into a category of cats & dogs. I admit I’ve once called them the “Legendary Dogs,” but that was only around the time of the original Pokemon Gold & Pokemon Silver. A little after that, I found out they are actually the Legendary Beasts trio.
          Isshu’s trio is apparently known as the Musketeer Trio.
          I personally don’t have any problem calling them that, especially based on their Pokedex entries.
          Oh, and I don’t think it requires brain cells to understand that a creature doesn’t have to be a dog in order for it to be a guardian or a protector. But, Though, I do think it requires common sense to realize the Isshu Trio look nothing like dogs, except for Terrakion; it’s a little bull dog-ish~☆

          1. The legendary beasts were called that way cuz they were sooo dammmn beast…

            if we work with the same principle, we should call those the legendary bullshit trio

            cuz….. well….. that’s what they are

          2. Fun fact: The secret TM Bark Out can be learned by every Dark type ever, but the non-Dark ones?
            All dogs.
            The Johto trio can learn it

            (and Mew & Arceus but those hardly count)

  2. It’s Focus Sash, not Focus Band.

    And the Terakion and Co legends are based on the Three Musketeers. It’s hard to hate that.

    1. Focus Band is an item actually, as is Focus Sash. They have the same effect except Focus Band will save you randomly (or not at all) at any point instead of Focus Sash which only works with one hit kills.

      1. yeah but in this case, the correct term is Focus Sash, because Sturdy only works if you have full HP, just like Focus Sash, in the other hand, Focus Band, as you stated will save you randomly, but Full HP is not a requirement.

  3. I loved Gigaiasu from the start, and the fact that he got prevos didnt ruin it for me (unlike Gochi-whazzerface and Rankurusu), even though I agree that Gantoro is slightly bad designed.
    The fossils are in my opinion some of the best designed pokemon this gen, even though they resemble previous Pokemon. Aaken is damn cute, and Archeos looks like he’ll rip heads off if he wants to.
    Again, disagree with Terakion being worst, cuz I find him the best, but yeah, agree that he could be changed into a houndoom evo.
    Rock is again a very well-made type this gen. I love the secondary-types as well. Too bad I missed out the chance to comment about Purotoga. Oh well, I’ll wait for bug types. Love those cake-rock crabs!

  4. Ice is super effective against Rock? I thought it was the other way ’round 😉

    Good read though. Can’t wait to get me an Archaeos ^^

  5. I hate to nitpick
    But aaken and archaos aren’t double weak to ice, just regular weak to it (rock isn’t weak to ice at all, just flying) not that an ice attack wouldn’t be able to take it out easily or anything.

    These articles are really great though!

  6. Am I the only one who prefers Terrakion to the other two legendaries in the trio? (Virizion and Kobaron)

    It looks the most unique (Virizion is Shaymin’s mother) and also is the best designed of the three (Kobaron -_-)

    I’m stuck on which fossil I’ll pick, I was positive I’d pick the turtle line but Aaken is so cute and colourful…and it’s evo seems really strong (except for it’s annoying ability)

    1. Uh.. read above. You’re definitely not the only one.
      (In fact, I think Ozy’s the only one who DOESNT prefer Terakion)

      1. Agreed. Terakion is the best of the three, but only by being the least worst.
        Though if the trio/quad (with Kerudio) were resprited, I think they could look really good.

          1. Actually, Virizion’s grown on me. I think the problem is that its design is a bit unoriginal, ie it reminds me of Shaymin S/Arceus.
            And Cobalon actually looks pretty cool in that one frame of animation where it straightens its leg.

            Btw: I worked out the themed names!
            Cobalon: Cobalt
            Terakion: ? something to do with earth ?
            Virizion: Viridian
            Kerudio: Cerulean
            They’re all colours.

        1. Kerudio’s my favorite of the four, but then again, it’s a legendary trio, so Terikion is my favorite of those three.

  7. Shouldn’t you give a moment about aaken or archeos’s ability? I reckon it’s definitly worth mentioning….

    1. Eh.
      It has a pretty good ability, but unlike sturdy I never see it used.
      I usually only mention the ability if It’s really really really useful.

      1. But Archaeos’s ability is bad for it (very bad really).
        It’s almost like reverse Slow Start, but not as bad.

        1. yeah i know. >< i don't know what I'm wirting. @@;;; just woke up + 3 hours of sleep = brain dead.

  8. Why did I read another of those? lol

    Ugly my ass, what kind of description is that. Just saying something is ugly is stupid.
    Whenever I read you say things like that, I fear your “opinion” would spread over to people reading those. For example someone reads here about Terakion and remembers it as the ugliest legendary, without even having seen it’s sugimori art and not even remembering what color it is.
    All pokemon are unique, different shapes, color combinations. And that’s why I like pokemon. If I wanted every other monster to be a huge badass dragon with thousand spikes sticking out it’s body, with the name dark dragon from fcking hell, I’d go play yugioh or something.
    My point is, why would a person who thinks every other pokemon is plain ugly be writing these articles??

    Legendary feel? I’m sure you don’t even know yourself what you mean by that.
    Does Articuno give you that feeling? It’s because you know it as a legendary for 10 years, nothing more. I don’t buy that it’s because it’s a blue bird OMG. Apply this to any other legendary.

    Btw, theres no reason to write down base stats of the previous evolutions, keep that for the final stage and just amke exceptions when… well when there is any. If something has over 9000 defense, no shit its pre evo has a bit less.

        1. I guess I was kinda hoping it would get better, cause this could actually be great if done right.

          I click the show button because I love to see the srpites of new pokemon by type, because I like remembering what kind of pokemon were added for a type this time. Then I accidentally read a bit of the text and it’s about how ugly a pokemon is. Sorry, it makes me sad ):

    1. well I don’t even know why someone’s opinion would change by reading my own opinion. @@;;

  9. i choose the ancient bird,and it ownes.

    now,does anyone hav a good pokemon black in-game team

    also,looking for a dream world crogunk,if anyone has one,plz make a comment,iv caught all the new pokes,tried many time,and can make a team that agress with me

  10. I think you should have talked about aaken’s ability.. at first i was like woah this thing is really good, but if it drops below half hp i think its attack gets halved.. probly in the top 5 all-time lame abilities, but i agree the design is cool

  11. As always, great article ozy :P. But yea, if its ugly iits your opinion.
    Now i can sorta see them as a dog trio.. When i told my friend that Entei is a lion, Raikou is a sabertooth tiger, and suicune is a cheetah/whatever… I blew his damn mind lmao

  12. gigas line: the only down side to this line is that there is no punchy punchy moves and no acess to elemental attack, but i could imagine them being armour for groudon
    arch line: based off archeopteryx, this line has a good design, but why did they give it dragon moves, but this poke is a ok, that is why i am putting it in my grey team
    terakion: THIS IS A RAMPAGING OX, good with sword moves and has a good counter to flying types, has a wicked sounding ability: heart of justice
    ps. it is almost like ozy has gotten himself 90% of the focus on articles

  13. not the best way to comeback especially from what u said about Terakion

    Terakion is actually by far the best designed out of the three(four if counting kerudio) i mean Virizion just looks like it could be a shaymin evolution and EVERYONE was speculating the likelihood of Shaymin being a legendary. Kobaruon is awesome and is the 2nd best deisgned but not as good as Terakion because that leg thing is awkward. Terakion is beast because he is simply designed and he doesnt’ look like a huge dragon/wildabeast that ppl r so used to these days. His sprite is cool too because after a few steps he fixes his leg positions and looks like he cracks his neck a little bit to get ready for a fight like he was ready to start boxing. I can just see Virizion having a Sky Forme in Pokemon Gray or whatever the sequel will be called.

    Like i said Ozy, not the best way to comeback since most ppl stick with Terakion than the others

    1. ahah these are my OPINION. 😛
      So i totally disagree, 😛
      I like the grass/fighting the best. 😀
      *forgets name*

    2. I like Virizion, he’s pretty :<

      I'd love him to get another Forme, though I do realize you weren’t being serious about that. 😐

  14. FINALLY, SOMETHING NEW FOR YOU BUTTHOLES TO POST, WELL KEEP IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. notice how your the only one here who does this. please just go away and stop it
      CAPS LOCK is not cruise control for cool

    2. I banish you to the depths of hell where they keep the childmeletors and the people that spoil the end of the movie >:[

  15. Your complaint about recoloring and retyping Terrakion into a Houndoom evo is kind of ridiculous.
    If you change colors and what not you can make anything seem like it’s related to anything :p

    Also, with the two birds: You should probably mention their ability “Timid” (or weak-kneed) which will halve their Attack stat when health is ~50%. Special Attack remains unscathed, but…
    Fun fact: The evolved form is the second strongest non-pseudo non-legendary Pokemon, right after Slaking.

      1. Well you should because it could drastically effect if people want to use it.

        It would be like saying Slaking is the most amazing Pokemon ever but forgetting to mention that oh wait it can only move every other turn

      2. Sometimes it’s good to mention negative stuff like this, it gives the reader more details so they can make an informed decision on whether to use it or not. The ability is so crappy that it NEEDS to be mentioned.

        Plus it gives you more to write about. It’s easier to write about things you hate rather than what makes you happy.

    1. I think the ability is actually called “Faint-Hearted”. And ozy, I think it IS worth mentioning. Some people may be turned off by just the ability, b/c it is a major downside (or maybe not). But his stats are reeallly good, and they make up for the ability. Or is the ability there b/c of the awesome stats??

  16. I can see that al lot of people won’t agree with me, but I think Terakion is ugly. He isn’t cute, or cool, or elegant, and all that’s left is ugly. I prefer Pokemon like Victini. Victini is cute, Terakion is not cute.

    Then again, I’m a total girly-girl and a sucker for cute things. I will unabashedly admit that I was dancing around in a cafe squee-ing after I downloaded my anniversary Mew. I did the same thing at the Jirachi download. And when… well, any time there’s a cute Pokemon involved, I squee. Loudly. I named my newly-hatched Skitty and Eevee “Ponyo” and “Soesuke” and proceded to squee over them for about an hour. I still squee whenever I play with them. If it’s cute, fluffy or looks like a baby animal, I’m going to squee.

    tl;dr I like cute Pokemon. I don’t think Terakion is cute. I squee when overexcited. /end

        1. Tee hee, I do make a “squee” sound when I’m excited, though. :3 I’m a stereotypical fangirl.

    1. Hehe, well I’ll say again, Terakion may be the least worst…
      Gotta agree with you on Victini though! I think the way it flicks its ears is adorable!
      All of those kinds of legendaries are really cute.

    2. There are more things to just cute, cool and elegant! What about scary (i.e. Haunter, Spiritomb) and awkward (i.e. Mr. Mime, Wobuffet).

      1. I did squee when mt Togepi hatched way back in Crystal.

        Then agian, I was seven at the time. :3

  17. You guys….seriously, are you guys starting up or something? It’s ozy’s opinion, and we all have opinions. So yeah, just need to point that out before you bash ozy or some other user about Terakion. I actually think it’s pretty ugly too, but I’ll wait for Sugi art first.

    I never knew how crazy pokejungle is without pj himself ._. You guys seriously made my blood boil during the Dark-type article, and the bashing, and the complaining, etc.

  18. Hmm… in light of all the comment flying around about the trios, here’s my two cents: Cobalon, Terakion, and Virizion are based upon bovine/cervine (cattle and deer). I see no resemblance between these Pokemon and dogs… (for that matter, I think the Beast Trio is aptly named since they have characteristics of both dogs AND cats.)

    Could someone explain something to me, though? Why is the new trio called the “Musketeer Trio”? What is the relation? Forgive my ignorance.

      1. “I think the Beast Trio is aptly named since they have characteristics of both dogs AND cats.”
        Entei is a Lion, Raikou a Tiger(sabertooth) and Suicune a Cheetah. They were originally mistooken for dogs because the GS sprites were unfinished and lacked detail. In Crystal this is fixed, where they look great 🙂

        1. I still have to disagree. Entei’s face and stature screams bull mastiff, but it does indeed have a mane and build of a lion. I would agree that Raikou is almost all cat (like you said, sabertooth tiger). Suicune, like Entei, looks like a mix. It’s face looks canine while body feline. Just my opinion, but I like that their “beasts” instead of cats or dogs. Their awesomeness transcends that real-life boundary.

  19. Yay!!! another focus on 😀

    I was thinking about getting the rock trio early on, but im moving over seas next year just when B/W comes out and will have nobody to trade with 🙁 so thats a no go


    I will definitely definitely definitely be grabbing the Archaeopteryx, the design, the typing, how early you get it…i Love it!!

    Finally the bull looking rock/fighting legendary is my favorite of the trio 😀

    cant wait for the next one guys

  20. I absolutely love the entire Gigaiath line, stats and design! ^^

    Terrakion is cool, too. And I like the turtle fossil evo.

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            The average person would say ” that’s so gay” then someone would tell the person to not use gay like that.
            Realising they’re mistake they’d re-phrase what they said to “that’s so stupid.”
            That shouldn’t happen in today in a modern society.
            I strive for a day when “gay” is a synoym for “normal”

            nothin agaisnt you pie.
            I didn’t mean to sound so mean/serious. ><

          2. @Ozy: I agree, but I feel I should point out that the same thing happened to dumb, lame, retarded, demented, spastic, and more recently “downer”, as in a person with down syndrome.
            Stupid people. Stupid people everywhere. And there’s nothing we can do about it.

          1. Lol I never actually thought of how much work you guys put into this stuff…it all just seems so easy cuz it just appears on the website >.<

  21. Personally, I agree with you, ozy, mostly, although I feel you were a bit too harsh on Terakion (can’t say the same for Kobaron). I think it’s meant to have that Bull-Dog (as in a bull and a dog hybrid) appearance that doesn’t seem legendary, but seems rather rebellious.

  22. Dangoro is another Geodude, and it’s evolutions are the same value as Graveler and Golem.

    1. Seriously, why would anyone want to impersonate you? Besides, I don’t think any other human on earth could reach the level of annoying you manage to -__-“

  23. Yall are crazy.
    Half of you seem nice but the rest are a lot of words i won say cuz then ill be as bad as you.
    If you dont agree don be mean. What are you gonna do? Look back at your life and realize the only thing youve done is annoy others?
    Anyways, i likevthe article. And the trio is based off of the musketeers and horselike animals. A bulls power, for example is portmus. Also, the johto trio is based off of cats and japanese legends (same as jolteon and flareon)
    I like long posts.

  24. I AM NOT A SUCKER!!!! AND NO, I WILL NEVER LEAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DX<

  25. screwed up!!!i breeded my female pokabu,and my shiny blazikan from HG,and along with the egg move superpower,but had the dream world ability,thick fat!!! thats not suppost to happen,right? well, sence,its female so im going to breed it,maybe,it will pass the ability,and ill hav more,hopefully ,one will hav the adament.i just wish this would happen to my tsutarja!! so i can get it with the perversity ability.if anyone can get a tsutarja with its dream world ability,or a croagunk from the dream world,i will trade a pokabu with thick fat.and if anyone knows what happened,or can think what happened,let me know

      1. Shut up. Please, for the love of God, shut up!!!! You remind of an annoying, friendless 10 year-old nerd who won’t stop bugging people with his useless comments! Yeah, this might be harsh, but pokejungle would honestly be better without you. Please leave this site and never come back, and take that spencer troll with you. Good riddance, troll!

        1. Leave the kid alone. He’s entitled to ask his own question is he not?

          Youre maturity levels are right up there buddy

      2. You do know that is impossible, unless you either
        A. Hacked the egg
        B. Hacked the parents
        or C. Your lying.
        Besides, dream world pokabu has not been released so ur lying or hacked it.
        So as i speak for anyone else.

    1. Yeah he needs to be blocked or reported or something. It’s really obnoxious what they’re doing. Oh well, some people just can’t help being losers. They’re just born that way :/

      1. normally i would disagree with you but *looks at buttcancer(spencer)* you just disproved my point

    1. yep and where is PJ when ya need him its like we are waiting for jesus to return again or something

      1. haha yes siree couldn’t agree more. Similar to, dare I say the current state of the real world.

        p.s. Oh no I didin’t just go there. Yes I did and I’m not afraid to go back.

    1. Not to be mean or rude or anything thing, Spencer, but nobody’d care if you got shot. The more you comment off topic, the more annoying you are, and the more people hate you, I spoke nicely so don’t reply with harsh words. BTW, this is a POKEMON community, not a Bakugan one, so nobody care.

    2. you deserve it you b*****d >:[ *finishes paying off doctor* hope it was cyanide you sorry son of a b***h

  26. So Ozy, you going to make Dragon type last~Can’t wait to see it, Dragon’s my favorite! I think GameFreak should make new type like: light, virus, zombie, and

    1. Light would be a good type to go against dark and ghost. Virus (or maybe bacteria??) – ehhh. Zombie? Why? I mean it’s interesting, but necessary? And machine would basically steel or electric (i.e. magnemite, gear pokemon). Interesting ideas though. Anyway, I hope Light type is a possibility for the 6th gen!

        1. I believe there’s 17 types currently. I really wouldn’t mind having a light type, but after that, I don’t really see the need to make any more types.


      1. sorry for the rant but NOOOOOO LIGHT TYPE it always seems to invade every pokemonfan site and I’m TIRED OF IT!!!…..again sorry for the rant

  27. OH LOOK, A Mew prime in the HS Triumphant section on the Pokemon site.

    OH : o

    And some HS Triumphant scans are on PokeBeach right now, AND WHY ARE YOU NOT SO ALERT ABOUT THE CARDS!!!, I AM!!!!!


  28. ozy here are 2 sub comments i need to tell you
    1. get 8 hours of sleep
    2. because of a week of inactivity, spencerfallman has now become thee troll of this site, can’t you send him an email to stop trolling this elegant site and making the comment section like the bmpf’s soapbox, can you please make it safe for commentators like yourself to comment safely without going into nuclear capslock mode
    if you reply to this, thanks
    ps. does spencer remind you of certain trolls on pokebeach?

  29. bakugan Vs pokemon, bionicle and yugioh
    bakugan has NO back story, but pokemon, bionicle and yugioh does
    bakugan balls DON’T have replacement pieces, bionicle does
    total bakugan balls/6= real total= same name different colour
    all bakugan need METAL to activate the spring, pokemon cards, yugioh cards and bionicles are ready to go
    bakugan need A portal to go to their hw in real life, yugioh, if based in real life, the cards are ghosts, both pokemon and bionicles, if based in real life are the products of mad scientists
    BAKUGAN WILL KILL SOMEONE IF THROWN AT SUPERHUMAN SPEED, yugioh will cause papercuts, bionicles will cause sore fingers, pokemon will sometimes cause vomiting
    latest bakugan: causes anger for old fans, latest yugioh: fans adapting, latest bionicle: fans angry over axing, latest pokemon:fans currently debating

  30. Stop feeding the troll people.
    The more you acknowledge his presence the more he’ll keep replying, adding more useless comments and annoying you all.

    How is it that hard to ignore spencer? If you see his name just scroll down and ignore the comment.

  31. When’s the next article ozy? I’m getting kinda impatient, but I know your a busy dude 🙂 Oh btw you should do 2 focus ons the next time you post em. Just an idea.

    1. well rthe next one will be up in about an hour or so. 😀
      Making the final touches to it. 🙂

  32. The Nickelodeon original movie: “The Boy Who Cried WEREWOLF” is on right now, 1/2 of the movie has passed GO WATCH IT!!!!!

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