ps- we’re all still alive

In case anyone was wondering ;D  I’ve been busy since a friend of mine from out of state is in town with some of his college classmates and we’ve been having fun plus a bunch of other stuff.  Also I’ve been accepted into an English college in Tokyo, Japan for the Spring ’11 semester so right now my plan is to leave the US mid-December to move into my dorm.  I kept this whole process under wraps because I didn’t want to look stupid if I didn’t end up making it in :p  I’m *extremely* excited about this.

As far as site stuff goes… we still have a few more focus on articles to pump out.  I will be covering Grass and Bug… Daigo will be doing Ground… and NL wants another shot at writing one as well.

What I’d really love to do is have access to all the animated Black and White sprites so I can revamp PokePet to include all of them and make a mini-site for it.  Ah well.  I’ll continue to be patient.

<3 pokejungle

ps- While you’re waiting for a new article remember we have chat*, forums, and a facebook page! *Chat will soon be switching over to IRC :3

  1. FIRST.

    You’re still alive 😀 I was panicking there, going all, “OH MAH GAWD, WHAT HAPPENED TO THEM!?111 OH NOEZ D:” But now I’m relieved. Phew!

        1. There’s a thread on the forums of the site that starts with a smo and ends with a gon that’s got a good percentage ripped with no shadows.

          And waaaaaaaaah I’m so jealous! XD Me wants study Nihon de! Blargh. 🙂 Have fun.

  2. Congrats pal! I’m doing an internship too, but in Europe next semester. You’re going to have a fantastic experience!

  3. FINALLY, NO MORE OF OZYS CRAZY COMMENTS, read some b/w news that b/w has swear words, which might complicate things for english users in english
    ps. please don’t have physical fight with wpm
    pps. the immortal comment thread (focus on fighting) has ended, lets party
    ppps. the troll of the week is spencerfallman

    1. Uh, it bans swear words from being used as nicknames. It doesn’t actually HAVE swear words, unless there’s some random Lass or something I haven’t battled or heard about.

    2. the games have always had “swear words”
      a few gym leaders refer to the name character as “omae” and the evil guys usually refer to the main character as “kisama” which in turn, can only be translated to bastard in english. :/
      soo uhh ya

      1. oh maybe i should explain that a bit more. ><
        So uhhhh… there's many ways to say "you" in japanese.
        they include: "anata", which is the common (normal) way of saying it, "omae" is used for mostly boys and is considered rude, but it's really more casual (i always use omae) and then there's kisama which is like super duper rude. 😛
        so the transltors would translate all of those from that to "you"

  4. ok,iv got,3 things to let you all know,first,im happy to report that i got ALL of the isshu region pokemon(excluing the events except genoscet),second,finnaly got the blue stripe basurao with rock head,and third,im happy for you pokejungle,going to thay fancy collage,and all that,good luck,and go for it(also,yesterday,i bought a casual jacket!!! and if anyone gets a crogunk with the poison hand ability,i will trade almost any pokemon for it!mostly isshu region pokemon)so keep that in mind,and hit me up,cause i will trade some of them,except my ononokusu,its a beast

    1. Shut the hell up. You’re annoying and no one cares if you have all the pokemon. Get lost 🙂

  5. Congrats on Tokyo 😀 I got accepted into a college in Pretoria, SA. I’m leaving the day after Christmas.

    P.S I don’t mean to be mean, but don’t give NL a shot at writing again. Just let Ozy do it……

  6. Hahahaha, taking English in Japan? That sure won’t be a waste of $100K for a useless degree.

    1. Ahahaha. It is an English speaking college. I’m going to get a minor in Japanese and am undecided about my major.

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