Focus On: Fighting-Type

Hey loyal Pokejunglers!

So, before I begin, I wanna inform you guys of two new events that will take place in Pokemon Black & White via Wi-fi!

  • The Pokemon Kumashun will be given away via Wi-fi from October 22, 2010 to November 29th, 2010. There’s nothing special about this Kumashun at all. (ozy’s note: I guess the reason they’re giving this away is because it’s kinda rare unless it’s winter? That being said, by the time this event is half-way done, it will be winter in the games…>.>)
  • The second is actually a code that you will get via the Global Link from October 20th, 2010 until November 19th, 2010. The code will unlock a Croagunk with the special ability Poison Hand.

Now that that’s out of the way, on to the Fighting-types of Gen V!


To start off the Fighting-types for this generation we have the Brawny Pokemon, #532 Dokkora, #533 Dotekkotsu and #534 Roopushin! To describe this evolution line in one word: STRONG. Two words: HELLA STRONG. These guys were made for battling and they will kick major ass. Their stats it total proof of that. Starting out with an Attack base stat of 85 and a HP of 75 Dokkora could definitely single handily take out the entire first few gyms for you. Once evolving at lvl. 25 into Dotekkotsu its Attack HP and Defense get a boost, making them clock in at 105, 85 and 85 respectively. Then, once you trade Dotekkotsu it will evolve into Roopushin, and here, ladies and gentlemen, is where this evolution line’s true power is revealed. Roopushin gets crazy boosts in all of the previously mentioned stat groups making them 95 (Defense), 105 (HP) and, are you ready? 145 friggin’ base Attack!! That is hella power! It could probably take out an entire army if it needed to! It’s design surely could scare it away! I’m not saying any of them are ugly, because they really aren’t, they’re just big and muscular and have a clown nose. I just find it to be a weird combination. But I definitely can’t complain! I mean along with its power, all of them have awesome animation! Dokkora flings his wooden plank in the air and then catches it, Dotekkotsu readies his iron bar to fling at the opponent Pokemon, and Roopushin just picks up those cinder blocks and wringles them around like they were nothing! This evolution line is by far the best in stats out of all the Fighting-types in Gen V. By far. So, if you’re convinced that you want one, listen up. Dokkora can be found in Yagaruma Forest and the Freezer Container, while Dotekkotsu can only be found in the Ridge. Roopushin, unfortunately can only be obtained if you evolve it from Dotekkotsu. I would definitely recommend this Pokemon to anyone. You can get the first stage so early on, so why not? It’s strong in the beginning and even stronger at the end. So go! Go now and catch it!

Next in line we have the Judo Pokemon, #538 Nageki! Let’s start with its design. I, personally, don’t really like it all much. I don’t find it ugly, I just find it unattractive compared to Dageki. Nageki’s design has a mix of everything that I just don’t like. It’s red, it’s really short and hat and it has a crazy caterpillar eyebrow. Whereas i prefer blue, skinny and well normal eyebrows. Despite that, I do still like this Pokemon overall, and that’s because of it’s awesome stats. It has an amazing HP base stat of 120, a killer Attack stat of 100, and awesome Special Defense and Defense. Both clocking in at 85. But, unfortunately, with so much power, it also has to have a weakness. And in this case, it’s Nageki’s Speed, which has a base of 45. So, if you’ve fallen in love with Nageki, you can find one on Routes 10, 16, and 18. As well as right outside of Yagaruma Forest. Despite my hatred of its design, I really could just overlook it an put it on my team. With an awesome Defense, Attack and HP, and not to mention how early you can get it in the game, Nageki would definitely make an excellent addition to your team.

Next, we have Nageki’s long lost brother, the Karate Pokemon, #539 Dageki! The routes you can find it on are Route 10, 16, 18 and you can also find it right outside Yagaruma Forest, just like Nageki. Dageki, in a sense, is the opposite of Nageki when it comes to stats. While Nageki’s stats lean more towards the Defense side, Dageki is all about the offensive side. This guy has a whopping base Attack of 125 and a fairly decent Speed of 85. While all of his other base stats (Except Special Defense, which is a 35) have the solid base stat of 75. Between these two karate twins, I definitely like Dageki by far. And not because Nageki is ugly, It’s just that I prefer blue and skinny more than I do red and fat. That being said, I also really like this guy’s animation, it’s like as if Dageki is roaring up for an attack! So awesome! I can’t really complain about this Pokemon’s design as everything is just perfect. They hit the body shape just right, the colour next to the karate outfit is stunning, and like I said, the animation is just great. Only thing I could maybe bother Game Freak about is it’s eyebrow. It’s really unnoticeable, but after seeing a bunch of these throughout my play through, I couldn’t help but look and wonder why he only has half of an eyebrow. Since the Dageki and Nageki are version exclusives I feel like it’s pretty important to compare the two. I’ll keep this really simple, and remember, this is based solely on my opinion:    Design: Dageki>Nageki     Stats: Nageki>Dageki     Considering how early on you can catch it and how crazy his attack stat is, this guy would be a power house on your team! And also, a bit of a hint: If you’re having trouble with Aloe, go to the outskirts of the forest and catch one of these. Not only will you gain a kick ass fighting-type, but you’ll also beat Aloe easily.

Finally, we have my favourite Fighting-types of Gen V, the Martial Arts Pokemon, #619 Kojofu and #620 Kojondo! These two are most definitely in my top 5 favourite Fighting-types! They both have this elegant and kick ass feel to them. Well at least Kojondo does. Kojofu is just plain adorable. Whenever I play a fighting video game I always pick the sexy girl, ‘cause they’re usually the fastest, the strongest and well the sexiest. When looking at my these two I get that same feeling as I would playing Street Fighter and seeing that sexy strong girl for the same time. They’re basically the same in my mind. Basically, take a sexy elegant fighter chick, take away the sex appeal and you get these gals. Not only are they easy on the eyes, they’re pretty strong. Kojufu’s highlights include a decent Attack of 85 and an ok Speed of 65. That’s pretty average for the time you can encounter this Pokemon. But, once it evolves at lvl. 50 into Kojondo, it gets hella powerful! Kojondo has the amazing Attack stat of 125, a pretty awesome Special Attack of 95 and a crazy speed of 105! Killer right? Only thing that sucks for both of these Pokemon is that they really lack in all the other departments. In comparison to Kojondo’s killer highlight’s the rest of its stats are in the 60’s. If you’re all about a Pokemon having a high HP, not a problem. Although Kojondo and Kojofu both have relatively low HP stats, they also have the awesome ability of Regeneration! Which, in case you don’t know, restores HP once switched out. So you really wouldn’t notice it’s weaknesses at all. Did I mention that it has base stat of 125? Only thing that I absolutely hate about this Pokemon is how late you find it. Kojofu can be found in the Dragon Spiral Tower, Victory Road, and Route 14. Kojondo can also be found on Route 14, but it’s pretty rare. I think this is one of those Pokemon where Game Freak hit a homerun, not only is it a beautiful Pokemon, but it’s also damn useful in the long run.

Pokemon with a secondary Fighting-type:


Thus concluding the Fighting-type article. Remember we categorize by primary typing so you won’t have any article on Pokemon such as Zuruggu who is Dark/Fighting. SO now that you’ve read this, I want you to yoice your opinion! Do you agree with me? Maybe Disagree? Do you think I was to nice to a Pokemon? To harsh? Comment down below!

peace and love– ozymandis

P.S. You guys probably noticed that I added a small section for Pokemon that have a secondary Fighting-type. Do you guys like it and think I should keep it? Or do you think I should scrap the idea?

  1. I like Dokkora, but its evos are ugly as sin. You’re right about them being very strong though.

    I like the red guy more the the blue guy; I dunno why. Stats are good, and I like his eyebrow better. But the blue one is cool too. However, I am definately getting Black.

    Gotta say, I like Kojofu and Kojondo a lot too.

    1. Technically they are. Nageki is only regularly available in White and Dageki is only regularly available in Black.

      Then again, technically they aren’t. The new “shaking grass” feature allows players a very rare chance of finding Pokemon that are normally only available in the opposite version.

      All that being said, the chances of (1) Finding a shaking grass spot and (2) Actually finding the opposite-version Pokemon in that spot are so slim that, if you really want Nageki/Dageki on your team, it would be much, much easier to buy the version they are regularly encounterable in. :3 Wow, I just wrote way too much, sorry! :<

      1. …Wierd. I found the opposite version one like two seconds after walking into the area, and proceeded to kill Aloe with it. I guess I’m really lucky (that’s strange).

  2. Good job done. But two problems.
    1st is a minor spelling error in Nageki’s description. It says hat, but you probably meant fat.
    2nd is that Nageki and Dageki are NOT version exclusives. One of them is found normally in grass (Nageki white, Dageki black) and the other can be found in shaking grass (Dageki white, Nageki black). I can confirm that seeing as I catched and used a Dageki while playing white.

    1. Good review. But one problem.

      It’s that you used the word “catched”. “Catched” is not a word, the correct term is “caught”.

      1. Yep, that’s a problem I have had for ages and I keep making that mistake.
        My excuse is that English isn’t my spoken language.

  3. As Nageki has a high HP and a high DEFENSE, along with a really good ATTACK stat… It will crush Dageki wich has lower DEFENSE. Example: Dageki attacks first (As it got a higher speed) with a Brick Break, and it hit Nageki. Dageki has a very high ATTACK stat, but still just manage to do a little damage, because Nageki´s high DEFENSE stat absorbs much of the damage and lets it survive the attack. Now it´s Nageki´s turn. Nageki also uses a Brick Break which make Dageki faint. Reason? Dageki´s HP and DEFENSE is just average, and with Nageki´s base attack stat of 100… The poor karate champion becomes crushified… Judo guy wins!! (Ps: In my opinion, Nageki looks the best…)

    1. (Ps: in the next generation, I hope it will be a Kung Fu guy XD… It will if it gonna work out like Generation 1 and 2 did: At first the Hitmons did have nothing to do with each other, but in generation 2 they got their own pre evo, and suddenly they where in the same family evolution family!! Along with Hitmontop, with i hope will represent a Kung Fu guy!!)

        1. If the pokemon games are selling as good as they do now, it will be another generation, trust me 😉

  4. Like many mentioned, Nageki and Dageki aren’t exclusives.

    And another mistake, you said “Roopushin, unfortunately can only be obtained if you evolve it from Dotekkotsu.” which makes a lot of sense… Except I don’t think that’s what you meant. I think you wanted to mention that it can only evolve via trading.

    Don’t worry, they’re still great articles! 😛

  5. Regardless of the rarity chances, you really should not be advertising Dageki and Nageki as version exclusives. They aren’t. I have both on my game without trading.

  6. Nageki and Dageki aren’t version exclusives, one is just hard to get depending on which version you have.

    Since you can get both with just one version (and without outside help i.e dream world) then I definitely would not consider them version exclusives.

  7. At the very least it’s no good to just call them exclusives just because of rarity….it would be a good idea to mention something more along the lines of “It’s easier to get this one if you have version Black and harder if you have version White”

    That way there won’t be confusion.

    Apart from that I did like this post. 🙂 There’s many fighting types I love this generation: Roopushin, Dageki, Kojondo and Zuruzukin. It’s hard to pick….although I think I’m going with Zuruzukin for my fighting type.

  8. “But if you have Pokemon Black version, you’re out of luck, because Nageki is a Pokemon Black exclusive.”

    ^ Doesn’t make much sense

      1. @pokejungle: Which pokemon will you use in pokemon Black/White? Pleeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaase answer :D…??

        1. @pokejungle: Or wich pokemon(s) is your favourite(s)?? Pleeeaaassseee answer… I BEG YOU!!…please?

  9. @ozymandiz: Please, make GHOST-type “Focus on” next time. There are only five, so it won´t take that long 🙂

  10. Please keep the Secondary-type list – and maybe retroactively include them in previous posts?

  11. The Fighting-Type Pokemon definitely all hit the mark on design. I found all 7 of these to be so well made (yes, even Fat Nageki and One-Eyebrow Dageki) The only odd thing is that Nageki and Dageki have in-built Martial Arts vests, though they really help make the skin colour burst!
    As I’m guessin everyone else noticed, Dokkora Family=Machop Family with weapons, and Nageki/Dageki=Hitmonchan/lee with less differences.

  12. I might like Kojondo more if I knew where it’s hands were. o_O

    Its arm structure confuses me.

    1. It has crazy fur sleeves or something. Go look at his pokedex data. He apparently slaps you with his sleeves. Oh, and you can see his hands if you look at his backsprite.

      1. yet you still covered the water starter in the water page and the fire starter in the fire page, so as i see it you should cover the fire/fighting starter in a list of secondary fighting types

      2. Bias much? You guys still need to provide all the info if you’re going to do the little secondary types section in the “focus ons”, no matter how much you hate the starters. And the starters actually all look pretty cool.

        1. Ahaha, sorry, my response to him was sarcasm :p Some of my comments are tongue in cheek. I rarely hate any pokemon :]

  13. The fighting clowns are amazing. The fact you get them that early on, and the fact that a fighting type can best most of the gyms and pokes this gen, adds to their epicness. And the fighting clown’s strength is no joke. My Roobushin was OHKOing everything with just Wake-Up Slap against the higher leveled gyms. Couple that with the fact he can learn a bunch of rock moves just adds to his cheapness.

  14. fighting clowns:1.OF.THE. WORST. POKEMON. DESIGNS. EVER, but this line and gigigas line, knight bug and ninja bug need trade, i have to wait for grey to be released before confirm my verdict
    eki line: bert and ernie, if you are a fan of these 2, you should have them, finally i say this 1 more time: BERT AND ERNIE
    ps.dento episode just aired and dento just joined the group, pj staff scream now
    pps. ozy, did you watch the lesbian. cheerleader. x. rated. scene on glee yet

  15. I really like that you added the section with the pokemon that have secondary fighting type! I think you should go back and add that to all the other articles. And I also think you should put a link at the top that goes to a page with all the focus on articles in one place.

  16. There’s a reason why Kojondo is so weak in the defensive areas actually. It’s mostly because… well… he’s the best pokemon of Gen 5. With the moveset of – Fake out, U-turn, High Jump Kick, and Stone Edge, he has awesome coverage of being able to take out a lot of types, and, throw in a Life Orb, and he get’s 30 % more attack power at the cost of 10% of his HP at every attack. But that’s not a problem like most other Life Orb sweepers, he has the ability of Regeneration, so all he has to do is use U-Turn and switch out while STILL causing Hella damage and gaining back 30% of his HP. If he didn’t have crazy bad defenses, he would be BEYOND broken in the competitive metagame and would be so cheap that he would have to be moved to the Uber tier instead of the obvious OU tier that he’ll be placed in, much so like Salamence and Garchomp, who have been promoted to Uber because of their ridiculous stats. Seriously though, best pokemon of Gen 5 competitively. As for my favorite pokemon design-wise, that would still have to be Kokoromori. 😛

  17. I really enjoyed the article once again. I especially like how you add the secondary types at the bottom. That was a nice way to remind people that the articles are based off primary typing.

    Time for my short opinionated synopsis. I have to say that the Dokkora and its stages are starting to grow on me. They remind me of Machop evolution because the final stage requires trading. Nageki and Dageki both have great concepts. I wonder if they were modal after real judo and karate masters/legends, simmilar to Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan? Kojofu has a great design. I would say more but thats all I can say at this point.

        1. I agree on that, but I’m just saying that that Kojofu & Kojondo are also Riolu & Lucario are their females doubles like Feebas & Milotic are Magikarp & Gyarados’s doubles

  18. Ozy, I looooove your “Focus On” articles. Every day I see if there is a new one. Can’t wait till you do the focus on grass types (my favorite type)

  19. hey,everyone,ok,first.i havent been on for weeks because of me playing pokemon black.glad to talk to you all again!!!! now,does anyone have a yanappu,baoppu,or hiyappu.i need one of each sssssooooo bad,but,glad to talk to u all again,ill be commenting more often.i only really need a yanappu and baoppu,i hav hiyappu.offering shiny cresselia,and shiny manaphy

    1. I have both. If you give me a hiyappu, I’ll give you the other two. (just give me like a mamepato or something)

    1. Um, you don’t need to announce this like it’s some big event or something…calm down lol 🙂

  20. Can’t wait for the Dragon type “focus on”! If you compare Magmator with 3rd stage of the fire starter, their designs are so familiar!Beside, don’t complain guy about pokemon ugliness, you should happy there even a 5th generation, they could stop the 4th one.BTW Ash going to catch Tsutaja in episode 7 or something, Tsutaja my favorite, but they screw up the 3rd stage…

  21. Don’t completely see the instant female gender attached to Koj. There’s a gigantic mustache on its face, ladies.

    Ps.sugi’s twitter page for all of you: Super_32X
    pps. to bristeel, i look at a poke design to see if it is good or not
    ppps.ozy, do you have the glee game yet? *shudders at mention of gleek*

  23. the fighting type in this gen are brilliant 😀

    I like the inclusion of the secondary types at the bottom of the article and as somebody else said I think a drop down “Focus on” menu at the top of the site would be a good idea

    keep em coming ozy 😀 so excited for bug

  24. *ozy does the rest, except grass, keeps the rest of the pj staff off website by threatening them with the secret of their porn collection and endless marathon of glee, katy perry, gaga and his porn collection*
    ps. everybody who likes clown line sing rainbows by insane clown posie 656 times *pj throws out his pc and stereo*

  25. Focus on: Dragon-types

    Man i waited to go over these: # 610 – # 612: Kibago, Onondo, and Ononokusu. You see, this may be the first pure Dragon line, because most Pokemon with this type are half-Dragon. It has a very Physical learnset even when you assort by TMs. Lets see . . . Kibago’s stats
    -Attack: 87
    -Defense: 60
    -Sp. Atk: 30
    -Sp.Def: 40
    -Speed: 57
    Total: 320
    Onondo’s Stats
    -HP: 66
    -Attack: 117
    -Defense: 70
    -Sp. Atk: 40
    Sp. Def: 50
    -Speed: 67
    Total: 410
    And Ononokusu’s Stats
    -HP: 76
    -Attack: 147
    -Defense: 90
    -Sp. Atk: 60
    -Sp. Def: 70
    -Speed: 97
    Total: 540
    Well that’s pretty high in it’s final stage, Iris has one in the Anime.

    Last: # 621: Crimgan. A puer Dragon “Does not Evolve” Pokemon. You see, Iris has one in the games, Let’s see it’s Stats shall we?

    -HP: 77
    -Attack: 120
    -Defense: 90
    -Sp. Atk: 60
    -Sp. Def: 90
    -Speed: 48
    Total: 485
    Well . . . i guess he’ll be good on your team if you HAD one.

    Last: # 645: Kyurem. An unevolved Legendary, has a shape resemblence to The Eon Duo: Latios and Latias. It also has an Ice typing, and might be the mascot of the latecoming game for BW because of his name pronounced “KY-oo-rawm” and the fact it is a Dragon. Kyurem’s Stats
    -HP: 125
    -Attack: 130
    -Defense: 90
    -Sp.Atk: 130
    -Sp. Def: 90
    -Speed: 95
    Total: 660
    Well thats a big Stat, if you have one, use it.

    Thank you for watching, LordDarkus, as a Focus for you, this will be done in the future.

    1. -_- …I don´t think he asked YOU to do the coverup… I belive he asked for a OZYMANDIS coverup… “Fat chics need love to, but they gotta pay”…giggity…

    2. Thanks man, is the 3 headed dragon or hydra dark-dragon or dragon-dark? Zekrom has the highest attack points 150, and he is my all time favorite pokemon! Thanks again!

  26. I got a suggestion, how bout you also put up a list of new moves of that particular type which have been introduced this gen. Cuz the title does suggest you’re focusing on the type as a whole.

  27. Marshmallow . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . What did you just say . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. If you don´t know what I said, maybe you should try to scroll up and read my post. Just an idea. (XD)

    2. If you’re gonna make so many useless posts you could at least reply to the post that yours is relevant to. Just a thought…

  28. Here are 2 Dragon type moves in Generation V,THE ONLY ONES!!!

    Dragon Tail: Increases defense, Introduced by Ononokusu
    and Double Chop: Attacks 2 times at once, Introduced by Kibago

    THERE!!! >: (

  29. I really like Dokkora and his evos! They have clown noses b/c they are based upon carnies, in this case the “Muscle Man” carnie!

  30. I don’t have my own site, AND YES DRAGON TAIL INCREASES DEFENSE!!!! AND YES, I’M YELLING AT YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  31. Here are some Gen. V Values

    Tabunne=another Chansey
    Kurumiru=another Caterpie
    Kurumayu=another Metapod
    Hahakomori=another Butterfree, though, not a butterfly, a mantis
    Fushide=another Weedle
    Hoiiga=another Kakuna
    Pendora=another Beedrill
    Chillarmy=another Ratatta
    Chiiraniicho=another Raticate
    Meraruba=another Venonant
    Urugamoth=another Venomoth
    Koaruhii, Washibon, and Baruchai=more Spearows
    Swana, Wargle, and Barujiina=more Fearows
    Purootoga and Aken=more fossils
    and Aboogoora and Aakeosu=New Fossil evos

    Thats it.

  32. ok,i hav all 3 of the chimps,all fully evolved.caught them last,i need a tsutarja,female if possible,from the dream world.MUST hav the perversity ability.offering a shiny cressalia,jolly natured,and a lv 16 shiny manaphy,plz,if u hav one,let me know

    1. You do realize that a Dream World Tsutarja would have to be hacked, don’t you? At least for the moment.

  33. im also offering the ice mirror poke,the one from the ridge,has 1% chance of encounter,will make eggs of it for dream world tsutarja.also,to change seasons,change the time in your ds,start the game,then enter,then exit any building,and it will change,its how i found ice mirror

  34. im offering the ice mirror too!! yes i caught it,and i know its hard to find one,so ill make eggs for tsutarja from the dream world,and some other pokemon from 5th gen.anyone want one egg of it,let me know,and let me know what your trading,it dosent have to be much

  35. EXCUSE ME, I AM RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PS. to all WoW fans, there is a new mouse based on WoW cata
    pps. pj, what vehicle do you drive?
    ppps. *some pj commenters go on to suggest pokemon, while pj suggests WoW and ozy suggests glee*

  37. my list of good, bad and badly designed
    good: energy trio: reshiram: MAMMODRAGON aka blue eyes white dragon, zekrom: METAL GEAR DRAGON aka red eyes black dragon, kyurem: frost dragon, genosect: evil team made: check, based off the monster that finally killed godzilla, another metal gear poke, also based off thee biggest tank in video game history: the scarab, musketeer trio: best four legged trio to give ssword attacks to
    bad: keroda: based off my little pony *shudders at the sound of the name* and meleota: possibly based off glee *ozy has found another new favourite poke*
    badly designed: the genie trio: 50% the same

    1. How is the genie trio badly designed? Sure they have the same body shape, but they actually have distinct features from one another. Look at their tails, mustaches, hair and their skin color. And it’s not like the first time a legendary trio looked the same. Look at Uxie, Mespirit and Azelf the only thing that made them different was their heads.

  38. No Spencer you are wrong. Chillarmy and Chillachino are found later in the game so they are not the rattata and raticate. They have much nicer stats and Minezumi/miruhoggu is the rattata. Wargle and Barujina are not the fearow because again, nice stats and they evolve kate and are found late. Koaruhi is more like the Psyduck of the region.

  39. Spencer, how is Urgamoth like Venomoth? Urgamoth is one of the most powerful non legendaries in the game, and is one of the last Pokemon found pre-national dex. It evolves extremely late and is the last Pokemon before the legendaries in the pokedex.

    Anyway, great article ozy, the secondary type feature is a good idea.

  40. Hey, PJN, how about putting links to all of the “Focus” articles under the “Black/White” tab at the top of the page? That would be a lot easier than scrolling through old news posts, and some people may want to look back at them some time from now — like when the games come out in English.

    Just an idea~

  41. DRAGON TAIL ALSO DOES NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTTT RAISE DEFENSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Well ok, it does not raise defense, but it must highten something in the stats.

    I’m getting Pokemon White version in the future, and here are my Pokemon i will have on my team, and i’ll keep Zekrom in storage for emergencies only.

    On Hand
    -Wotter -> Aquatter -> Warriotter
    -Shimama -> Zeburaika
    -Koaruhii -> Swana
    -Yuniran -> Daburan -> Rankurusu
    -Baoppu -> Baokki
    -and Marakachi

    1. All Dragon Tail does is cause the opponent to switch out, and it ends wild battles.

      It’s just a Roar that does damage.

  43. on the topic of teams, i have 2 main teams for white and grey and here they are
    enbouh,swanna,kirikizan,zekrom,arceus, gamageroge
    urgamoth, blastoise,shibirudon, genosect, abagoora, wariabiaru
    daijenkai,natoria,reshiram?,kyurem,aekosia, kojondo
    hiayekki, yannaki, baokki, tsunbear, crobat, zuzurikin
    ps. i have a prediction that grey will have team rocket, as they maybe have the hgss team rocket admins in best wishes and the fact that giovanni is getting jessie and james to get the munna from the abooned lot of dreams, if this holds true, the battle between n and yourself in bw will be replaced in grey by a triple battle between the tr admins and yourself, n and cheren, with tr having stolen the control of resh and zek, thus increasing the WTF factor
    -end of theory of what will happen in grey-

  44. does anyone hav pokemon white and have gotten to hodomoe city,if u hav,can u get the blue stripe basurao from the one person,u trade a chillarmy,if u can trade it to me,let me know,it has the rock head ability,will trade a shiny manaphy

    1. I have one with rock head, Its level 42. I don’t want a shiny manaphy tho, Can i have tonaros so i can get landlos, Willing to trade back your tonaros after i’m done with it

    2. It’s next to impossible to get a shiny Manaphy. How did you do it?
      I’m going to jump to a conclusion that you hacked it.

  45. I have english name ideas for Gen. V Pokemon.

    and Moguryu=Molerew

  46. *cocks machine gun* spencer, get off my property, are you from a rival website?, get off my propertty, you should ask pj to JOIN THE PJ STAFF to do the focus on articles

  47. PJ . . . I . . . WANNA . . . JOIN . . . YOUR . . . STAFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. I like:
    Crimgan (a dragon that doesn’t evolve)
    3-headed dragon(hydra dragon-dark)
    Kyorem (Dragon-Ice)

    Urugamoth is NOTHING like Venomoth save for a bug typing and the word moth
    Ok. Now shoot him dinoman007.

  50. I’d just like to say thanks to you and the other member of PJN for doing this. It’s really nice to have a closer look into these games and it helps out a lot when picking out my future team.

  51. the clown lines design is BAAAAD, but its move set is ok. SEEMs this gen has very UNUSUAL fighting types, pokabu line: despite being a fire/fghting, it learns a WATER move, thats right WATER, veerrrry unusual, the clown line is also unusual, it naturally learns roock moves, thats only for the 1st 2, i dont see rocks, very unusual, zu line: unusual because being put in the DRAGON EGG GROUP, why dragon?, unsusual, eki line: unusual because of their resembalance to BERT AND ERNIE, kojo line: unusual because u turn, bounce and psychic, all karate poke don’t learn these attacks, but the eastern equivilant to lucario, musketeers: steel: unusual because resembelance to a certain legendery beginning with d and the trio master, grass: unusual because it is the mammalian equivilent to sceptile, rock: unusual because some people think it is emo, water: unusual because its design is based off my little pony, WHY MAKE THE HERBIVORUS EQUIVILENT OF SUICUNE BASED OFF MY LITTLE PONY, IT SHAMES SUICUNE, melotta: unusual because of an attack the transforms it into either psychic or fighting, although it is based off greek muses, it’s modern equivilent is GLLEEEEE

  52. I mentioned this before, but I accidentally posted it in an older article, soooooo…

    I think a cool english name for Mebukijika would be:

    Anyone like it?

  53. HEY! don’t take the Dokkotekka guy bad, he is the mid evolution of Dokkora and Rupooshin, AND DOKKORA IS THE NEW MACHOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. Ignore what Spencer said and enjoy the new Pokemon game people! I say all the new Pokemon are great, they unique the way they are! Zekrom is my all time favorite Pokemon

    Imma Scorpio, don’t worry Scorpio only stink when provoke

        1. my shiny zekrom’s stats are:

          404 hp
          and 217 spd

          those are its stats,i got it in a trade from some dude named matt,and it was evd already,and it knows cross thunder,outrage,fly,and stone edge

          i also hav a modest shiny evd reshiram from the same guy

          they are in my evd team

          1. Is Adament beneficial? Because on Serebi, they said beneficial nature Zekrom stat hp and attack are over 400, and the other are over 300, again you so lucky, i didn’t even get the game T_T.

    1. me too 😡 only a few were in that coro coro but they didnt satistfy me enough 😛 i must see them ALLL

      1. i thought it would leak sometime around black/white release, and its been almost a month since then.. I CANT WAIT ANYMORE! ;(( xDDDDD

  55. Where were the recent officia arts?, i’m with you, man, i’m waiting for Archeos, Aboogura, Washibo, Koaruhii, and Baruchai’s official arts.

  56. didn’t ozy say that all of them are doing tests or applying for college,hmm, i think pj needs to recruit a RESERVE staff for them if they are away, might include members from other WEBSITES, including coronis, xous and teechidna, can they post what times they are away, so we can find out when they are away

  57. I don’t wanna sound impatient or rude, but it feels like forever since we had a Focus On article. Anybody know when we’ll get something new?

    1. Sorry! Dx
      my parents took awy all my electronics so I couldn’t update the sight. Dx
      and everyone else was pretty busy. :/


  58. PB: *light bulb lights*
    I got an idea, why not OZY focus on Normal types, there are a lot in Gen. V.

  59. I swear Spencerwhateverthehelyouare…The past few days I have read all of your posts and I think it is safe to say some facts I think we all want to say:
    1) No one here really cares about Bokugan.
    2) PJ will NEVER make you a staff member
    3) NO ONE cares about you trying to make your own “focus ons” in the comments
    4) You and you alone bring the maturity level extremely far down on a very respectable pokemon news site.

    Shouldn’t it be your bedtime?

      1. He obviously has nothing to do all day but stalk this website and promote his “excellent” website.

        1. Bakugan wishes it was Yugioh. Yugioh wishes it was Digimon. Digimon wishes it was Pokemon. Thus, Bakugan<Pokemon for all of eternity.

  60. Who you callin’ a loser, BUB!!!, Yes my parents allow me to stay past 10:00 and over . . . HEY!!! Its spelled Bakugan NOT BO (mistake)KUGAN!!! My freind Billly likes Bakugan

      1. Oh and also, if you’re gonna correct other people’s spelling, why don’t you learn to spell first? It’s spelt “friend” not “freind”.

      2. I believe I was callin you a loser, mainly b/c you come off as one. Stop being a troll. People don’t care if you like bakugan. This is a POKEMON website, not a bakugan website. You’re just plain annoying, and everyone doesn’t appreciate your obnoxious comments and rants.

  61. I always got nothing to do outside . . . the internet, so i react A LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. I know, post a subject about new B/W Cards, there are some on PokeBeach, here are the translations.

    Jaroda – Grass – HP130
    Stage 2 – Evolves from Janobii
    [C][C] Vine Whip: 40 damage
    [G][G] LPeaf Storm: 60 damage, each of your Grass Pokemon recover 20 hp.
    Weakness: Fire (x2)
    Resistance: Water (-20)
    Retreat: 0

    Emboar – Fire – HP150
    Stage 2 – Evolves from Chaobuu
    [R][C][C] Heat Stamp: 50 damage
    [R][R][C][C] Flare Blitz: 150 damage, Discard all Fire Energy cards attached to this Pokemon
    Weakness: Water (x2)
    Resistance: None

    Daikenki – Water – HP140
    Stage 2 – Evolves from Futachimaru
    [C][C] Long Spear: 30 damage, This attack also does 30 damage to 1 of your opponent’s benched Pokemon (don’t apply Weakness or Resistance when damaging the Bench)
    [W][W][C] Surf: 80 damage
    Weakness: Lightning (x2)
    Resistance: None
    Retreat: 2

    Dokkora – Fighting – HP60
    Basic Pokemon
    [F][F] Pound: 30 damage
    Weakness: Psychic (x2)
    Resistance: None
    Retreat: 1

    Minezumi – Colorless – HP50
    Basic Pokemon
    [C] Tackle: 10 damage
    [C][C] Bite: 20 damage
    Weakness: Fighting (x2)
    Resistace: None
    Retreat: 1

    and Marakachi – Grass – HP 80
    Basic Pokemon
    [G] Mega Drain: 20 damage, restore 20 HP to this Pokemon
    [G][G][C] Pin Missle: 20 + damage, Flip 4 coins, This attack does 20 more damage for each heads
    Weakness: Fire (x2)
    Resistance: Water (-20)
    Retreat: 2

    As they were found on PokeBeach.

    1. Wow…we can add another skill to Spencer’s list of things he can do.

      Current list:
      Copy and Paste

  63. @Spencer

    The more you say the more people hate you, so I suggest you to be quiet and stop posting annoying comments and MATURE up!No offend…

    Imma Scorpio, don’t worry, Scorpios only stink when provoke.

  64. i swear spence reminds me of a certian troll by the name of martijn muller, who screwed with the minds of pokebeach, most beach goers now hate him, 1 of the pokemon he suggested was a cobra, cobra=/= kyurem. so plz spence, GET OFF THE PJN PROPERTY OR I’LL UNLEASH A VOLLEY OF AURA SPHERE, FRENZY PLANT, BLAST BURN, ROAR OF TIME, LIGHTNING STRIKE, BLUE FLAME, HYDRO PUMP, SOLARBEAM, FLASH CANNON,EARTHQUAKE, SPACIAL REND, FLAMETHROWER, DRACO METEOR, HYPER BEAM, ROCK SMASHER, THUNDER ETC,

  65. status of ozymandis: his parents TOOK AWAY HIS ELECTRONICS and is now suffering from withdrawl, this is like go to jail, do not pass go and do not collect $200. thus he can’t update this site, which has no updates for 3-4 days.
    ps. hope pj ISN’T PLAYING WoW RIGHT NOW

  66. pj, i have a suggestion,it may seem silly, but why not make a page whit the original sugimori art
    what do think pokejunglers .say your opinion

    1. Good idea! I love looking at the sugimori art. It gets me even more excited for the US release date for B/W.

  67. ok,i hav all the black and white pokemon except the 2 legendary cloud floating pokes,kerudio,and the event after kerudio,if anyone can help let me know,still looking for a basurao with the rock head ability

      1. sorry double post, ITs not EV trained in any way, and its level 42. U may want to use the stat dropping berries

        1. Sorry for triple post. lol but i will trade for genosecto? I dont care if its hacked. But if u do, good natured shiny PLZ lol…

          1. i hav a genosecto,it atk is increased,and sp,def is decerased,ill trade it,but it depends what u hav

          1. and a power item that boosts atk would be nice too,also,can u hav it hav pokerus?if u cant its still a deal

  68. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. WTH man!!!!ur mean,how am i hurting this site,im a dedicated pokemon fan,iv been playing sence i was 2 years old,and im 13 now,so,iv probably been playing more then u,u tackman d#*k weed(excusse my language)so,if u are here to make trouble,leave now,never come back,or ill give u trouble!!!u meanie

        1. and cancer isnt something to kidd around about,my dad died of it 4 years ago,so,screw u ,tackman!!!!

          1. i dont know about spencerfellman,but im most certainly not hurting this site!!!!ok,think i got my point across

    1. u do realize that u must have been really smart for a 2 year old playing pokemon when most 2 year olds cant(or dont know how to) even play by themselves until their 4

    1. Stop posting comments that have nothing to do with the article! I don’t care if you are bored and you think your replies are funny, they aren’t! It is annoying and doesn’t bring anything constructive at all!
      It isn’t impressive that you are the top poster when every single one of your replies are random stuff that don’t mean anything.
      And if you feel like answering back to me, do it in a single reply! Or even better, by Email, so that the other readers will be spared of your useless comments.

  69. Why do ppl like tsutaja fan care so much about natures and evs? I treat in game pokemon like more than bits of data….I actually feel bad when i have one i never use and when i release it! And Spencer you can press the Reply button under ppls comments instead of randomly creating a new comment about something from a while ago

    1. because if you play competitively, you HAVE to care about natures and EVs?
      No matter how much you care for your little piece of data, if it isnt EV trained, its stats are all over the place instead of right where they belong.
      For example, You have an Alakazam. You leveled him up to level 100 by fighting Machops and Machokes, which yield Attack Effort Values. That is all that you fought, so Alakazam has maxed out Attack EVs but no Special Attack EVs. He will do VERY little damage compared to someone who leveled their Alakazam against Pokemon that yield Spc.Atk. Effort Values.

      But if you would rather play your game like the loser that is Ash Ketchum then by all means use your little precious Pikachu (who you have been through everything with) who unsurprisingly dies against a lvl 5 Tsutarja.

      1. i dont always care about evs and natures,but i preffer them,and,i use each of my pokes at least once

          1. I really never liked the idea of Ev training but it started to grow on me when i maxed out my Infernape’s Speed, Attack and Special Attack and he started doing way better in wifi battles than before. It actually is a good idea to EV train so that if ur someone like me who only likes battling strong ppl and not wannabes then u probably got some kickass strategies coming your way

    1. Ha, nice stuff there. Its always nice to see some lesser known meme’s get some represen’tashun! (well, lesser known in my experience)

  70. ok,i need only 2 more pokes,kerudio(timid would be nice)and meloetta.i STILL need that ROCK HEAD BLUE STRIPE BASURAO!!!plz,someone help me get the basurao,i want it sooooo bad!!!and the others too

  71. *yawn*, where are they, i mean where the heck are the pjn team, i mean they haven’t updated the site for 4 DAYS IN A ROW, *lauches heat tracking with nets to all PJN staff to bring them back to the site*, smugleaf fan, YOU ARE GOING TO BE BEATEN UP BY OZY, FOR TAKING HIS #1 COMMENTATOR OF THE SITE DURING HIS ABSENCE, *wonders if ozy has joined the glee wikia*

  72. I thought of an english name for Daikenki. Anyone like it? :
    Tsuleo (Tsunami + Leo *like lion* )

    Cuz it’s based on a sea lion 😛

    1. It’s shit..

      As if little kids would remember such a name, and don’t get me started on all the mis-pronunciations :/

      1. Also, I think I seemed waaaayyy to harsh 🙁 Sorry bout that, was in a narky mood..

        What I meant was, it just doesn’t sound good, Tsuleo, it’s just weird :S

        Sorry for any offence you take from my previous comment.

        1. 😛 I don’t really care…but still, it’s not like I’m being serious. Besides, it’s not the dumbest comment you’ve probably seen on here. I’m sure I’m not the only one who gets super bored sometimes and posts random shit. And also, if I WAS being serious, I could care less if some little kids could remember it, let alone pronounce it -__-“

  73. what does that green spot north west of black city represent?
    ps. i suggest that pjn could use the emails provided by commentors to warn them if they have a warning

  74. as pjn is a blog, i am wondering if pj has heard of paaaaaaaaaannnndddaaagggaaatttee, if you haven’t heard of it go to and either type in andrew bolt or marieke hardy, because it has a lesson in blogging
    ps.or talk to archaic about it

  75. GET BACK YOU IDIOTIC (that should drive them back) EDITORS, OR POKEJUNGLE IS GONNA BECOME . . . . . . . . . . A USELESS WEBSITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. Rather see a Dark or Electric type article next because i wanna see ur thinkings on the Gum Pokemon, Zuruzukin
    the Epic Power Ranger Pokemon, Kirikizan and the Awesome Dragon God, Zekrom

    1. I’m personally waiting for Bug types. The buggies have been really impressive this gen ^^ But I do like electrics as well, and, so long as we get an article, I wouldn’t mind any type.

  77. couldnt they just update saying they dont have time to update? So we can be up to date about the updating process and lack of time to update with new updates?

  78. Really? Can we hurry up with the update ozy?
    Even just updating that you’re real busy and you’ll try get it done as soon as you can
    even though you probably wont work on it


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