Focus On: Fighting-Type

Hey loyal Pokejunglers!

So, before I begin, I wanna inform you guys of two new events that will take place in Pokemon Black & White via Wi-fi!

  • The Pokemon Kumashun will be given away via Wi-fi from October 22, 2010 to November 29th, 2010. There’s nothing special about this Kumashun at all. (ozy’s note: I guess the reason they’re giving this away is because it’s kinda rare unless it’s winter? That being said, by the time this event is half-way done, it will be winter in the games…>.>)
  • The second is actually a code that you will get via the Global Link from October 20th, 2010 until November 19th, 2010. The code will unlock a Croagunk with the special ability Poison Hand.

Now that that’s out of the way, on to the Fighting-types of Gen V!


To start off the Fighting-types for this generation we have the Brawny Pokemon, #532 Dokkora, #533 Dotekkotsu and #534 Roopushin! To describe this evolution line in one word: STRONG. Two words: HELLA STRONG. These guys were made for battling and they will kick major ass. Their stats it total proof of that. Starting out with an Attack base stat of 85 and a HP of 75 Dokkora could definitely single handily take out the entire first few gyms for you. Once evolving at lvl. 25 into Dotekkotsu its Attack HP and Defense get a boost, making them clock in at 105, 85 and 85 respectively. Then, once you trade Dotekkotsu it will evolve into Roopushin, and here, ladies and gentlemen, is where this evolution line’s true power is revealed. Roopushin gets crazy boosts in all of the previously mentioned stat groups making them 95 (Defense), 105 (HP) and, are you ready? 145 friggin’ base Attack!! That is hella power! It could probably take out an entire army if it needed to! It’s design surely could scare it away! I’m not saying any of them are ugly, because they really aren’t, they’re just big and muscular and have a clown nose. I just find it to be a weird combination. But I definitely can’t complain! I mean along with its power, all of them have awesome animation! Dokkora flings his wooden plank in the air and then catches it, Dotekkotsu readies his iron bar to fling at the opponent Pokemon, and Roopushin just picks up those cinder blocks and wringles them around like they were nothing! This evolution line is by far the best in stats out of all the Fighting-types in Gen V. By far. So, if you’re convinced that you want one, listen up. Dokkora can be found in Yagaruma Forest and the Freezer Container, while Dotekkotsu can only be found in the Ridge. Roopushin, unfortunately can only be obtained if you evolve it from Dotekkotsu. I would definitely recommend this Pokemon to anyone. You can get the first stage so early on, so why not? It’s strong in the beginning and even stronger at the end. So go! Go now and catch it!

Next in line we have the Judo Pokemon, #538 Nageki! Let’s start with its design. I, personally, don’t really like it all much. I don’t find it ugly, I just find it unattractive compared to Dageki. Nageki’s design has a mix of everything that I just don’t like. It’s red, it’s really short and hat and it has a crazy caterpillar eyebrow. Whereas i prefer blue, skinny and well normal eyebrows. Despite that, I do still like this Pokemon overall, and that’s because of it’s awesome stats. It has an amazing HP base stat of 120, a killer Attack stat of 100, and awesome Special Defense and Defense. Both clocking in at 85. But, unfortunately, with so much power, it also has to have a weakness. And in this case, it’s Nageki’s Speed, which has a base of 45. So, if you’ve fallen in love with Nageki, you can find one on Routes 10, 16, and 18. As well as right outside of Yagaruma Forest. Despite my hatred of its design, I really could just overlook it an put it on my team. With an awesome Defense, Attack and HP, and not to mention how early you can get it in the game, Nageki would definitely make an excellent addition to your team.

Next, we have Nageki’s long lost brother, the Karate Pokemon, #539 Dageki! The routes you can find it on are Route 10, 16, 18 and you can also find it right outside Yagaruma Forest, just like Nageki. Dageki, in a sense, is the opposite of Nageki when it comes to stats. While Nageki’s stats lean more towards the Defense side, Dageki is all about the offensive side. This guy has a whopping base Attack of 125 and a fairly decent Speed of 85. While all of his other base stats (Except Special Defense, which is a 35) have the solid base stat of 75. Between these two karate twins, I definitely like Dageki by far. And not because Nageki is ugly, It’s just that I prefer blue and skinny more than I do red and fat. That being said, I also really like this guy’s animation, it’s like as if Dageki is roaring up for an attack! So awesome! I can’t really complain about this Pokemon’s design as everything is just perfect. They hit the body shape just right, the colour next to the karate outfit is stunning, and like I said, the animation is just great. Only thing I could maybe bother Game Freak about is it’s eyebrow. It’s really unnoticeable, but after seeing a bunch of these throughout my play through, I couldn’t help but look and wonder why he only has half of an eyebrow. Since the Dageki and Nageki are version exclusives I feel like it’s pretty important to compare the two. I’ll keep this really simple, and remember, this is based solely on my opinion:    Design: Dageki>Nageki     Stats: Nageki>Dageki     Considering how early on you can catch it and how crazy his attack stat is, this guy would be a power house on your team! And also, a bit of a hint: If you’re having trouble with Aloe, go to the outskirts of the forest and catch one of these. Not only will you gain a kick ass fighting-type, but you’ll also beat Aloe easily.

Finally, we have my favourite Fighting-types of Gen V, the Martial Arts Pokemon, #619 Kojofu and #620 Kojondo! These two are most definitely in my top 5 favourite Fighting-types! They both have this elegant and kick ass feel to them. Well at least Kojondo does. Kojofu is just plain adorable. Whenever I play a fighting video game I always pick the sexy girl, ‘cause they’re usually the fastest, the strongest and well the sexiest. When looking at my these two I get that same feeling as I would playing Street Fighter and seeing that sexy strong girl for the same time. They’re basically the same in my mind. Basically, take a sexy elegant fighter chick, take away the sex appeal and you get these gals. Not only are they easy on the eyes, they’re pretty strong. Kojufu’s highlights include a decent Attack of 85 and an ok Speed of 65. That’s pretty average for the time you can encounter this Pokemon. But, once it evolves at lvl. 50 into Kojondo, it gets hella powerful! Kojondo has the amazing Attack stat of 125, a pretty awesome Special Attack of 95 and a crazy speed of 105! Killer right? Only thing that sucks for both of these Pokemon is that they really lack in all the other departments. In comparison to Kojondo’s killer highlight’s the rest of its stats are in the 60’s. If you’re all about a Pokemon having a high HP, not a problem. Although Kojondo and Kojofu both have relatively low HP stats, they also have the awesome ability of Regeneration! Which, in case you don’t know, restores HP once switched out. So you really wouldn’t notice it’s weaknesses at all. Did I mention that it has base stat of 125? Only thing that I absolutely hate about this Pokemon is how late you find it. Kojofu can be found in the Dragon Spiral Tower, Victory Road, and Route 14. Kojondo can also be found on Route 14, but it’s pretty rare. I think this is one of those Pokemon where Game Freak hit a homerun, not only is it a beautiful Pokemon, but it’s also damn useful in the long run.

Pokemon with a secondary Fighting-type:


Thus concluding the Fighting-type article. Remember we categorize by primary typing so you won’t have any article on Pokemon such as Zuruggu who is Dark/Fighting. SO now that you’ve read this, I want you to yoice your opinion! Do you agree with me? Maybe Disagree? Do you think I was to nice to a Pokemon? To harsh? Comment down below!

peace and love– ozymandis

P.S. You guys probably noticed that I added a small section for Pokemon that have a secondary Fighting-type. Do you guys like it and think I should keep it? Or do you think I should scrap the idea?