November CoroCoro Scans~ (complete)

Now we’re mostly just using these to view the official art 😀  Open the spoiler to see!




  • Some sites had listed Kudari (Subway Master w/ white hat) as “Fudari” which is incorrect.

<3 pokejungle

ps- In the USA Mew will be given out to HGSS players.  It is at lv5 and only knows ‘Pound’.  This event runs Oct 15th-30th.  </PSA>

  1. I was disappointed when I saw kokoromori, but the sugimori art sure changed my mind. Daikenki looks awesome >:]

  2. Wow they look good

    Marrakachi is so gonna be James’ grass type in the anime 😀

    Im abit dissapointed with hahakomori :/

    1. Well since the games are out these corocoro scans prob don’t have new info :s I’ll look through it though

  3. These pokemon look amazing I finally like miju fianl evo. I don’t no if I will evolve him past futachimaru but whatever. These official art give this generation life and a new feel. It is just awesome not even gigigear and double ice creamm can bring me down today

  4. Man I love these designs!
    Yuniran looks alot better!! Dang pixel count made him look wiird in the sprite.
    Darumakka is still adorable as ever!
    My Purotogaa looks tight! I can’t WAIT to see Abagoora! The fossil bird looks alot better too.
    Oh boy my starter lines don’t look as bad.
    We still have yet to see Hihidaruma’s Daruma Mode Sugimoried, as well as Furijio, and the Gobitto family.

    1. I was sure to add into the article now that his name is NOT Fudari… It is Kurdari. Serebii got that one wrong 😡

          1. serebii just corrected his names, but can someone get serebii a japanese to english dictionairy for xmas, plz?
            ps. pj, can you post your focus on grass to @realandrewbolt when you are twitter plz?


          1. serebii, wpm, pj and archaic used genesect’s techno buster,along with mb’s boom to exterminate the conspiracy theorists

  6. LOVE the Marakacchi art!! And I love that Ishuzumai’s shell is jagged and not round like i thought. Wish there was Iwaparesu art though :/ Jaroda’s art is kind of unexpected, kind of a weird pose but i like it. And the Onondo art makes me like it a lot better!

  7. Also, I always thought the red diamon on yuniran was some kind of nose or marking but it turns out to be a mouth. It makes so much more sense now.

  8. im really liking Daikenki’s official art because it really shows how much he/she’s from from a small little Mijumaru into a tough vicious pokemon like he is. I’m also realling digging Emboar’s art because it makes him look even more a fire freak I LOVE IT! PIGMA, OTTERPENIS I LOVE U BOTH!

    I love the manga style scenes on some of the pages like the battle scenes on the subway

  10. WOW TwT this really made my day! Thank you Pokéjungle! Love you for ever x3!


    like we can expect from sugimori :DDDd
    Most of the ones I’m interested in badly still haven’t been shown though D:!

  12. Jeesh, when are the guide books out?

    Can’t wait till Friday, the official site should have updated with the art by then 🙂

      1. Yuuuuup. Serebii doesn’t really know Japanese per se though. If he was doing most of the ‘dex work I’m not surprised there are a few typos here and there.

  13. Please rip out ALL of the new pokemon images!!! I like to edit pictures to make them look really cool! Go to my youtube page (TsutajaRocks) and post a comment asking me too make a picture. Note: I can only do pokemon pictures.

  14. How do you manage to post these things so much faster then other websites? Its rather amazing.

    1. To be honest I was a bit mad that I was late on this :p Other sites may not have this up but there were already discussions about it :s

      1. Community tends to always be almost instant, still a rather fast post even if it was a tad late.

  15. Finally! A. MEW. FOR. US.

    1.) Jaroda and Daikenki’s official art = <3
    2.) The Battle Subway artwork looks funny.
    3.) The picture below Geechisu, which shows Touko (the male Trainer's name) and Cheren all serious is…cool 😀

    1. The male trainer’s name is Touko??
      What’s the female trainer’s name?!!

      ( I named her Julia~♥ =3 )

  16. The Sugi-Art totally made Kokoromori sooooo adorable!!!!! I wish he looked more like that than how his sprite looks like -_- anyways i think Daikenki looks awesome!! Emboar too but i’m a little ehhh on Jaroda

  17. Mew is only for HGSS?? GRRRR. >:[

    CoroCoro opinions:
    –Daikenki’s Sugi art makes me dislike it even more, if such a thing is even possible. =_=
    –Jaroda looks pretty decent.
    –Enbuooh is pretty okay, too, discounting the fact that it’s ANOTHER Fire/Fight starter…
    –Artie looks…odd… o_O
    –Darumakka is pretty cool.
    –The Subway Masters, not so much…
    –Shikimi looks okay, but…is she wearing a striped sleeveless shirt, or is her jacket all funky? o.o
    –Monkey evos are good.

    Aaaaaaaand I’m too lazy to write moar. 😛


  18. Yes! Finally, more Sugimori art! Thank you pokejungle! Thank you!

    Now that I can really see all the detail of the final evolutions of the starters, I really can appreciate how cool they look.

    My favorite, Enbuoo, or Emboar (the Fire starter), looks really awesome and beastly now that I can make out his facial features. His yellow and black chest defintely has an “oriental” feel to it, which I love, and the fire “beard” is a nice, however strange, touch. I also have gotten over the fact he is Fire/Fighting. Overall, his design from me gets a 8.5/10.

    Daikenki, the Water starter, is looking better than ever. Man, does he look fierce or what? My only complaint about his design is that is the overall body structure and stance just seem awkward to me. He looks very much like a dog, which leads me to my next point – his evolution from Futachimaru totally makes sense now! Here’s why: Mijumaru and Futachimaru both look like otters, right? Well, another term or “nickname” for an otter is a “sea dog” or “river dog”. Now that I can see Sugimori’s artwork, Daikenki really looks like a dog with a giant shell on it’s head, no? At first, I thought he appeared to be more sea-lion-ish, but with those teeth and that snout, I think he is supposed to be a “sea dog”, just not an otter “sea dog”. That makes sense right? Just my thoughts 🙂 Daikenki recieves a 8/10 in terms of design from me.

    And now for Jaroda, the Grass starter. When I first saw him, I was really thinking one word: BLEH. I thought it was weird to have a snake as a starter, but then I realized it was pretty unique. That’s when I started to like its design a little more. In the past few weeks from looking at Jaroda’s sprite, it’s design really grew on me. It looks all royal and full of itself, and I love Pokemon with personalities. Then, when I saw it’s Sugimori art, I really thought it was a pretty sweet Pokemon. But still, in my opinion, Emboar and Daikenki have it beat design-wise. I give Jaroda a 7/10.
    Oh, and the other Sugimori artwork is awesome, especially Onondo, Yanakki, Korokomori, Puratooga the two Fighting ninjas and Desukaan’s pre-evo, whose name escapes me.

    Again, thanks pokejungle, and keep the artwork coming! 🙂

  19. The electric gym leader is SMEXY!!! Is her shirt just the yellow and black parts with the skin toned parts actually SKIN??? And check out her heels – she is looking GLAM!

  20. The Female trainer is called Touya, or Tōya, and Touko can also be spelled Tōko.
    And the the Aussie games and the American games share events iirc.

  21. Where the hell are you guys getting this “hahakomori” thing from? It clearly says “Kokoromori” Ha is “ハ” you fools…-_-

  22. Kokoromori looks not ugly!
    Hahakomori’s face was unexpected. It looks cute.
    Emboar still isn’t appealing to me.

    Official artwork has definitely made me like some of the Pokémon more.

  23. nouice artwork, wwe in the subway, imagine very BIG pokemon in a subway, they could be OUTSIDE CHASING THE TRAIN, like the worm in men in black 2, ah oh, looks like for western games, the female gym leader’s artwork is going to be covered up, like what the yugioh tcg does to cards baring nudity, but nouice sugi artwork
    ps.*ozy doing bug and dragon, whilst he has daigo, jonny and nl asleep*

  24. Just one complain!

    The Zebra evolution art is so small, we still can’t really appreciate him.

    But on the other side, this is such an amazing CoroCoro! They showed Pokémon I wouldn’t have espected. And Kokoromori is AWESOME! (unfortunately, I find it useless in battle).

  25. ALL of the official artwork looks amazing( except Hahakomori’s unfortunately. Poor Weederpie. T~T)! I am now in love with both of the fighting clowns! Marakacchi and Ishizumai are amazing as well. All I’m waiting for now is the lamprey and anteater. 🙂

  26. ahhhhhh, tomorrow: movies, shopping and mew, just a good trifecta
    ps.for ozy and pj: lesbian romp on glee
    pps. *glaring alarm begins* more artwork for xous to do*glaring alarm ends*

  27. I just noticed that the electric gym leader and volkner both posed on the ground when you battled them (Im ignoring the fact that Volkner DOES stand up).
    I guess its an on-going thing for electric gym leaders to pose on the ground before challenging their opponents?

    1. Eh, Lt. Surge is never on the ground, and neither is Wattson- two other Electric leaders.

      However, I’m pretty sure somewhere in the game it’s mentioned that Kami is a big fan of Volkner.

  28. I’ve been thinking about what some cool english names for some of the new pokemon could be, and I thought of this one for Mebukijika:


    Does anyone think it sounds cool?

  29. So many of these Pokemon just became 10x cooler! I love ’em 😀 Although the tadpole is still lame…

    I love Desukan’s prevo, he’s all “WHAT?? Where?!?!” Kibago’s evo is like “RAWWRRR!” Then Megoroko’s evo is just like “Damn straight.”

  30. pj, ken sugimori has his own twitter account, but unfortunately its in japanese, do you speak japanese?, if he has an english twitter account, i hope his comments aren’t as long as hideo kojima

    1. He does? @@;;
      Well as one of the translators i do speak japanese. 😀

      mind linking it to me? 😀

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