Focus On: Steel-Type

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I’m probably going to end up apologzing a million times in this post, but I’m so sorry how short this ‘Focus On’ is! It’s just another one of those types that didn’t get to many primary’s. So without further ado, here’s all the Steel-type Pokemon in Gen V!


Starting the short lived Steel-type article, all having the classification of the Gear Pokemon, is #599 Gear, #600 Gigear and #601 Gigigear! Just want to start out by saying how disappointing Gear’s evolution line is. Game Freak had so much potential to make this evolution line look really awesome, but alas, they utterly failed. To be honest, I never really took a liking to Gear ever since I first saw it in those early Corocoro leaks, but now that I can compare it to its really disappointing evolutions, well, those evolutions don’t even deserve to be compared to the original, they just plain suck. Since this guy, in a sense, (Well at least in my opinion anyways) is the Magnemite of this generation, I wasn’t anticipating all that much, maybe just another gear or two, but at the same time I was expecting a more bad ass evolution. Some of you might be going “Well ozy, they did add another gear! “Yes, they technically did, but the way they did it was just kinda “bleh”. They should’ve kept the two faces, and made the smaller one bigger. Not put a random big gear behind it and then add some other spikey contraption later on. Ugh. Pure disappointment. At the end it doesn’t even look like a Pokemon anymore, it just looks like a-well I don’t even know what to say. That put aside, Gear’s evolution line’s animation is probably one of my favourites! Just the way everything spins in a fluid motion makes it seem so realistic and not to mention that it doesn’t get to boring to watch for a while. For those of you who don’t know, the animations loop periodically, so you’ll see than same animation every 15 seconds or so, but with gear, being that it’s just going around in circles, it seems like it never ends! Anyways, on to its stats! Despite my hatred for this evolution line, I will admit that it does have pretty good stats. And, it’s not just in one department; all of its stats are either decent or awesome! Its highlights are definitely its Attack and Defense. Gears starts out with an awesome 55 and 70 respectively, whereas once evolving into Gigear, it’s gets a boost and its base stats go to 80 (Attack) and 95 (Defense). Then to top it all off, Gigigear gets the whooping boost up to 100 (Attack) and 115 (Defense). Not to be outdone, it also has base stats of 90 (Speed), 85 (Special Defense), and 70 (Special Attack). As you can probably tell, it’s more of a defensive orientated Pokemon, as evidenced not only by its stats but also by how majority of its moves are status “uppers”. So if you can bare the design and want one of these you’ll only have to go to one place, the Electric Rock Cave. But that’s only for Gear, there’s no way to find Gigear or Gigigear in the wild. So, you’ll have to train Gear to lvl. 38 for it to evolve into Gigear and then train that to lvl. 49 to get to its final evolution, Gigigear. Gears stats are kind of average for the time period at which you get it at (After the 5th Gym Leader?) So if you don’t train it or give it an Exp. Share, you might see yourself cutting from your team.

To end this very, very short article, we have the Iron Heart Pokemon, #638 Kobaruon! This guy is part of the legendary fighting trio in this generation, so naturally, it’s Steel/Fighting. To obtain Kobaruon, you’ll need Surf and Strength. Once you get both of those HMs, you’ll gain access to a new cave called Fukiyuse Cave just off Route 6. Upon entering and exploring the cave, you’ll come face-to-face with a man. This man will tell you about the legendary trio and how there is one at the end of the cave. Keep going until you reach the end of the cave, and sure enough, Kubaruon is right there ready for capture. Pretty easy if you ask me. Now, let’s get all the negativity outta the way, and talk about its design. To put it very simply, “WHAT. THE. EFFF.” Kobaruon, and the other two in the trio, are just plain stupid. Everything about its body just doesn’t seem right; it looks as if an amateur just stuck a bunch of details from different Pokemon together. What bothers me the most, for some reason, is its slightly bent leg! It should make me want to scream! Some of you might think I’m overreacting, but just look at it! It doesn’t look natural at all! Also, I’m not really seeing the ‘Steel’ aspect of the Pokemon. I get more of a Water, Flying and Electric feel when looking at this thing. Only plus side to its design is it’s animation. Because there’s this split second where he stits up all proudly and his leg is not bent. Looks much, much, much better that way. I’m not sure what the heck Game Freak was thinking when they designed the sprite for this guy. Unless Sugimori made it looks hella awesome in his artwork, I think this may possibly the worst Legendary ever. Like worse than Heatran. For those Heatran fans out there: Sorry, that thing just didn’t cut it for me. Now let’s move on to its stats! As it is a legendary, it has crazy awesome stats, but only in one (I guess two) departments. They rest are decent, but average by the time you’ll meet this guy. So it’s highlights are its Defense and Speed, clocking in at 129 and 108. As for both its attack stats, it has a solid 90. So this Pokemon could definitely take some hits, and then return some hits all while doing it first. Well, that is unless you are facing a faster Pokemon. Between the other two in the trio I think that this one is the second worse in design and it’s even with the others stats wise. I find Birijion the best in design and all of the legendries have the same base numbers just with the 129 being switched around to a different department. Overall, it’s a pretty good Pokemon to use in battle, although ugly. Either way I won’t be putting it on my team.

Pokemon with secondary Steel-type:


Wow, that was quick. We’ve already reached the end. Sorry this one is so short! I want to get all of the one’s with only a few Pokemon out of the way because, well, I actually don’t know. 😛 I guess I’m a bit lazy and don’t want to do the ones with hella Pokemon in it just yet. Anyways, remember we categorize by primary typing, so you won’t see Pokemon such as Kirikizan in this article. Actually, they’re quite alot of Pokemon with a secondary steel typing. So with that, what do you think? Do you disagree with my opinions? Maybe agree? Think I was to harsh or nice to a Pokemon? Voice your opinion and comment down below!

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