Focus On: Ice-Type

Hey loyal Pokejunglers!

I took a “sick” day away from school today, so you know what that means! It’s that time of day once again! It’s time for another Focus On! “….” I can tell that all of you can barley hold your excitment and stay in your seats. 😛 So, without further ado, here’s all of the Ice-types in Gen V!


Leading the Ice-type Pokemon parade is the soft-serve ice-cream! The Kindness Pokemon, #582 Banipucchi, The Ice & Snow Pokemon, #583 Baniricchi, and the Blizzard Pokemon, #584 Baibanira! Let’s start out with these guy’s stats. Although all of their stats are pretty decent, they all fall short a bit on HP and Speed, but you really wouldn’t notice. Banipucchi has it’s highpoints in the Special Attack, Special Defense and Attack departments. Clocking in at 65, 60 and 50 respectively. The same applies for Baniricchi, but it has the base numbers of 80, 75 and 70. Then once evolving one last time into Baibanira, it gets the friggin’ awesome base numbers of 110, 95, and 95. Pretty good right? Although considering that majority of its moves it learns are of the special variety, I’m not all that surprised. None the less, you definitely wouldn’t be able to guess how strong it was just by looking at it. Although it strays a bit once evolving into Baniricchi, I think a certain cuteness stays with these Pokemon all the way until the end. Although when I first heard that there was going to be Pokemon based off an ice-cream cone, I though “Oh god. Game Freak has really lost all respect from me.” But once actually seeing these guys, they gained it right back. They’re appearance is both cute and original. Especially the part of the double scoop being next to each other instead of on top of each other. So if you’ve fallen in love with these guys and want one so badly, here’s how to get them: Banipucchi can be found in Route 6 and the Freezer Container. If it’s winter time in the game, then you’ll be able to find Baniricchi in the Dragon Spiral Tower. Unfortunately, to get Baibanira you’ll have to train Baniricchi to lvl. 47, as that is the level it evolves at. Oh, and to get Baniricchi from Banipucchi you’ll have to train it to lvl. 35. Overall, these guys get a thumbs up from me if they have any flaws, they’re very minuscule and unnoticeable in the long run. Only thing I want to know now is how they taste…

Next in line we have #613, The Freezing Pokemon, Kumashun and the Freeze Pokemon, #614 Tsunbeaa! I have a love/hate relationship with this evolution line. I love Kumashun, but I hate Tsunbeaa. This isn’t just one of those “it’s-to-ugly-for-my-liking” or a “how-could-something-so-cute-turn-so-ugly?” kind of thing, I think Game Freak just fell short when it came to designing it. All Pokemon who are based off animals I believe are always a bit tricky when designing them, because you don’t want it to look too much like the original thing. You want it to have some unique-ness. I’ll give them a bit of slack because they had to make a pure white bear look special, but still, I think adding only that snot beard was a bad decision. I would’ve liked it a bit more if they added some design to the fur or made Ice/Fighting. Actually looking at it thoroughly, they should’ve made the head bigger to. 😛 No complaints about Kumashun though, it’s just pure cute. Anyways, straying away from my little rant, on to its stats! Kumashun has the decent base stats of 70 and 60 for its Attack and Special Attack, and everything else is pretty much 40’s. As for Tsunbeaa’s, he has an amazing Attack of 110, and instead of leaning towards the offensive aspect of life, he’s goes more towards the Defense. Both its Defense and Special Defense end up at 80, and actually, it also has a pretty decent HP of 95. Despite my hatred for Tsunbeaa’s design, it’s stats somewhat make me like it a bit more. This guy probably won’t end up on any of my future teams, but for those who are keen on gettin’ these guys, here’s your info. Kumashun, although a bit uncommon, can be found in the Ridge. And if it’s winter, in the Dragon Spiral Tower and on Route 7. Tsunbeaa can only be found in the Dragon Spiral Tower, although it’s pretty rare. So if you’re like me and don’t like spending hours trying to find a specific Pokemon, you can catch a Kumashun and train it to level 37.

To end our little parade we have the Crystal Pokemon, #615 Furiijio! These are one of those Pokemon which I could question Game Freak for not giving a pre-evo to. If I was the one that decided the Pokemon roster for Gen V, I probably would’ve changed its design slightly and made it part of Kumashun’s evolution line. It just seems so random. That aside, It truly is an awesome Pokemon, both in the stats and looks department! Let’s start out with this guy’s good looking mug. To describe Furiijio in one word: AWESOME. In two words: PURE AWESOME. It has an appearance that is both elegant and powerful, without showing a hint of ugliness. Although many could probably argue that and say it’s butt ugly. 😛 With this guy’s look I feel like there’s no in between, you either hate it or love it. Only thing I kinda don’t like about its appearance is the animation. I think they kind of failed a bit there, as only its moustache and body floats around a bit. It would’ve added even more awesome-ness if they made the animation so that the snowflake part of it opens and closes. Oh, and if they made they made the eyes glow! But I think I’m asking a bit too much by saying that. Moving on to its stats, they’re good, but a bit all over the place. I’m not kidding when I say that, it’s base stats rage from its lacking Defense of 30, all the way to its killer 135 Special Defense! Other highlights include its Special Attack (95) and, surprisingly, it’s Speed (105). So with awesome stats and an awesome appearance who wouldn’t want this guy? Am I right? Well, only problem is that Furiijio can only be found in one place; The Ridge. And they’re pretty uncommon to. 🙁 If it weren’t for the 7th Gym Leader having one of these, I don’t think you’d see one at all! Only flaw I see in this Pokemon besides how it’s so hard to find and that they should’ve made this part of an evolution line, is that the name. I mean seriously. Furiijio. Too many dots and lines next to each other. O__o

Pokemon with secondary Ice-type:


That, ladies and gentlemen, were all of the Ice-types this generation had to offer! Remember, we categorize by primary typing, so you won’t be seeing our little Dragon/Ice friend Kyuremu. He’ll go in the Dragon-Type article. So now that you’ve read this, what do you think? Do you agree with my opinions? Disagree? Think I was to nice or to harsh to a certain Pokemon? Comment down below!

peace and love– ozymandis

P.S. I woke up today really excited for the Dream World to be re-opened, but alas, the date was pushed back. It’ll re-open on October 13th.

P.P.S Guess whos birthday is tomorrow! 🙂

  1. I think they failed with the double-headed ice cream pokemon. They should have kept Baniricchi as the last evolutionairy member, and instead added another member of the Ice Bear family (And fired the designer of Tsunbeea and Kamashun. Thet could have been SOOOOOOOOOOOO…etc… much better. Why must they change designers every generation??… Some of the pokemons this gen is completely ****ed up…Yeah, I look at you Maggyo…) with should be designed by the one and only: Ken Sugimori, and nobody else!! (Note: This is my opinion and how I see on it, so no commentaries if you doesn´t have anything else than “Designs change is good” or “Creative” or “I´m sooo sexy” or “I can explain” or “People like you doesn´t deserve to poop” or “It got two heads cause it is a double-balled icecream, as I didn´t know you haven´t figured that out yet” or “I live in my wardrobe” or “I´m a pshycological profesor and know how to get that feeling out of your head” or “*cough* You´re stupid *cough* *cough* I think I´m sick *cough* *cough* *cough* Holy monkey!! It came some blood!! *cough* *cough* *cough* *cough* (I´m dead now…)”

    1. (Have…not haven´t… Grammatical issue… Don´t comment that… “Time for bongos!! *noise* *noise* *noise* etc…”)

        1. Your talking bull**** about my lovely, overloaded message… “Just let him be alone!! He is also a tooth!!”

          1. You know, not all Pokémon can be beautiful, awesome or badass °~°
            Are there only powerful and beautiful animals on Earth? No.
            Also, Koffing, Muk and many other Gen 1 Pokémon are as derp as Maggyo, so you can’t quit your whining.

      1. Yeah, I´m crazy……….. I can´t hide who I am…….. it´s like being gay……… hard to hide………. heavy stuff………. yeah……….”A new research confirms that robbers apparently like money, this a huge discovery and it´ll will be debated on every channel all the week. Godnight monkeys.”

      1. Ozyyyy~!
        You keep making this cute little grammatical error!

        “So, without further or do, here’s all of the Ice-types in Gen V!”
        It’s not “without further or do,” it’s “without further ado (or adieu; it’s French).”

        Just giving you a heads up before PJ finds out and gives you lashings with his Rose Whip! (Oh noes! The thorns!)

    2. Agree on the first few bits. But, it’s not that bad LOL

      You’re right, this time there were more people creating new pokemon than ever before. Sugimori wanted this to add as much variety as possible, hoping for this to result in designs he wouldn’t think of alone. Nevertheless, it was still him picking the final designs and “sugmorifiying” them. They even went so far as to put all the existing pokemon next to each other along with the new ones and changed some or adjusted colors to balance the whole thing.

      And you can hate the Ground/Electric fish alrite, but I like it. It’s unique and interesting.
      Actually I don’t dislike any pokemon. The more the better 🙂

      1. I agree.
        I actually like Maggyo.

        Banipucchi is cute, Baniricchi is ok, and Baibanira is just kinda weird, for a Pokemon. And there are ice cream cones like that. They’re called either double-headers or twin cones, not double-scoops. Banirichhi a.k.a. Vanirich; Vanilla Rich flavor. I’m guessing Baibanira’s name is actually Bivanilla, bi meaning two.
        Kumashun & Tsunbeaa are also pretty good. I’m not gonna lie, Kumashun’s cold snot bubble kinda bothers me a lil. And Ozy, I agree with ya, Tsunbeaa needs more oomph. There’s just something that’s a little off, I guess. Meh.
        Furiijio is awesome. Psychic secondary type would make it super awesome.

        ( )
        ( ).

    1. DUDE.
      YESSS 😀
      that’s what they shoudl’ve done! xD;;

      to be honest, I’m a bit dissapointed how they’re all pure ice types. :/
      they should’ve made at least Tsunbeaa part fighting.

      1. Yes,
        but at the same time, this was the thing that the Ice type was lacking.
        There was more water combinations than pure Ice lines since gen 1 lol
        Snorunt is the only pure Ice line (kk Glaceon and Regice if they count) and even then it can evolve into Froslass too.

        It would have been perfect, if they kept these and simply made 1 or 2 additional Ice lines, but dual typed. Still way better than one freakin Snover and it’s evolution in a whole generation xD

          1. Glaceon, Mamoswine, Froslass say hi.
            Since I mentioned 2 of those in my own comment already, it should be obvious I meant new Ice lines, as in not evolutions of ones from previous generations. D:

  2. WOW i love the polar bear line is PURE AWESOME..

    the crystal pokemon is… i dont know … wierd…
    but i first want to see him in-game and in de anime..

    but the ice cream line … WTF … gamefreak was out of ice pokemon or what??!!
    PURE UGLY … dont use ice cream….. NEVER

    1. Yeah, and add the other half of the pokedex that look like items. LALALALALALALALALALA…

      If only EVERY SINGLE pokemon would look 100% like a real animal and nothing else, that would be so awesome

      1. D:
        I’d actually like for more Pokemon to look like animals than items!
        /not sarcasm

        *uses Doom Glare on Gigear and Gigigear*
        ( Gear is protected from my Doom Glare. I actually had high hopes for it. :'( )

  3. The ice cream cone kindof grew on me, too. At first I was like “wtf Game Freak. . .just wtf” but it’s actually a pretty decent poke. The damn snowflake scares the crap out of me. It’s really good offensively and is troublesome to kill due to it’s stupid speed and special attack. Plus it learns recover (mixed with substitute it can be pretty deadly), explosion, AND rapid spin =/ bastard.

    1. I don’t c a moustache on the snowflake. I think it’s more of a beard right under the mouth.

      1. Happy Birthday!! “Just do as Herbert say aaaaaaall the day, young boy, and eeeeeverything will be aaaaalright…”

  4. I feel Banipucchi completely ruins the Ice-Cream line. Not Ice-Creamy enough for me.
    Kumashun line -> Ice-type Teddiursa line doncha think? Though I love the frozen snot and beard.
    Furijio for me is the second worst pokemon/line in the whole gen (in terms of design; the first one being Gears family). I can barely make out anything in there, unless I zoom in and/or squint. I feel they could have made it look cuter and less evil. It’s a snowflake for Olympus’s sake. And then they could have made it a complete Snowflake Spinda, with no two being alike :D.
    Hope Steel comes soon so I can rant about Gear 😛

    1. Oh and I fell in love with Baniricchi and Baibanira the secind I saw them 😀 😀 😀
      Bad choice to make edible pokemon, though..

      1. That begs the question that when a pokedex entry tells of a pokemon that hunts and eats meat, r they eating other pokemon?! I’d love 2 c a Pokemon special that was like a documentary showing the pokemon eating other pokes. LOL

  5. When I first heard the description of the snowflake it sounded like an enemy from Okami, but it looks nothing like it. 🙁 In fact all the ice types for this generation have been kinda disappointing (yes even Kyurem) in both the looks and competitive viewpoints. But the snowflake does look kinda cool in shiny form though.

  6. All of these little articles are so awesome. Thanks for taking the time out of your day to write these, Ozy. Really provides a good insight on each of the types.

    and by the way, you should totally cover Grass types next 😉

    1. grass types are untouchable for me. Dx
      PJ said he’d do them, so it’ll probably be the grand finale.

  7. For me, the best of the Ice Pokémon is Furiijio, aun it’s kinda weird. Maybe that’s way I like it, because it is not the same kind of weirdness than the one of the ice-cream thing.

    Too many Pokémon in the Gen evolve by adding heads or things. If Gengar would’ve appeared in gen V, it would have been a two-headed Haunter ._.

  8. Worst generation for ice pokemon since Hoenn. I seriously think someone has something against this type. Shame, because it’s my favorite.

  9. @Thexel
    Number of 5th Gen Lines that gain a head upon evolution: 2. That would be the ice cream and Sazandora’s line.

    Number of 1st Gen Lines that gain a head upon evolution: 4, being Dordio, Weezing, Magneton, and Dugtrio.

    Your argument is invalid.

    Ps. Gear > Gigear > Gigigear is not “adding heads”.

    1. Well I said “adding heads or things”

      But of course, nothing as original as Dugtrio and Magneton

  10. ice cream poke: 1. OF. THE. WORST. POKEMON. OF. ALL. TIME
    polar bear: they upped the dudeness level when they gave the line surf, who couldn’t say no to a polar bear.
    fuj: 4 words: ICE MIRROR OF DOOM

    1. NO NO NO NO NO! I love Ben&Jerry my Baibanira! He is sooooo cooooooooooool
      I never liked that Polar Bear it just looked so …akward
      I do like the icicle….and its dex entry. Apparently it has prey?

  11. I feel I should point out that Furijio’s eyes do glow as well as move around. They just dont right in the beginning.

    1. ya they do. 😛
      I probably should’ve specifized that they should glow brighter, without having to wait a while. 😛

      1. You must be referring to the primary type. I was referring to any pokemon of any other generation that has any mention of ice as a type. The 5th generation does have the most pure ice types though.
        1st: generation 5. Two primary ice types
        2nd: 5. Four primary
        3rd: 6. Six primary
        4th: 8 including Arceus and Rotom. Four primary ice types if you include Arceus.
        5th: 7. Six primary ice types.

        We were both wrong. Of course you wont admit it because your ego might clould your better judgement. Feel free to continuously correct me. I actrually learn more about pokemon that way. I mean no animosity in regurds to my reply; Im a emissary of peace and understanding.

        ps: If you combine Heart gold and Daimond “the fourth generation games” you’ll have 13 pokemon who are part ice. This only includes ice types that were newly introduce in the original gold and silver and Daimond and pearl.

        pss: I forgot to add Castform and Kecleon. Yes their types do change given the right circumstance.

  12. Kumashun and Tsunbear are my favorites of this generation, possibly of all generation, and I’m biased because I’ve wanted a polar bear since… 2nd gen? at least, and now there’s 2. The designs are great. What’s there not to like? Kumashun is cool and Tsunbear is friggin awesome. The ice cream cones are cool too. I’m glad ice type finally got some real attention from creators, every other gen has had 1 or 2 if lucky (pokes or lines). 1st gen had 1 ice/ psychic and 3 water/ices. Ice didn’t even have any non legendary pokes til gen 3. This may be my favorite gen so far because of that… gonna have to top gen 2 tho.

    p.s. Kumashun english name = Colcub?; Tsunbear english name = Frobear or just stay Tsunbear? Or Tunbear (tundra + bear)? Thoughts?

  13. Nice article ozy 😀

    I love ice types. But I do agree polar bear and ice mirror of doom should have got secondary typing, fighting and psychic respectively

    Also im not phased on the ice cream guy, dont like it or hate it. but it will likely never make my team

  14. Nice article! I have to say, I really like all of the ice types this gen A LOT. Furiijio is the best though, just wish it had better defense. And a second type.

    Does corocoro usually leak after the games come out? Cause I need more sugimori arts!

  15. After classes are done i literally sit in my dorm with my computer on waiting for another focus on 🙂

  16. Grammar, please. ._.

    Either way….

    I think Tsunbeaa is one of the most badass icesnotbearded polar bears out there, and if you don’t believe me… then… don’t believe me. xD

    ps. as it is ozy’s bday, everyone give ozy 15 b day bashes
    pps. ozy, there is a nude pic of the actress who plays the gym teacherof glee on saturday night live, this will make you this,0_0
    ppps.there is a rumour of a katy perry song being remixed by pendulum
    pppps. ozy, how big is your video game collection?
    ppppps.are you have a singapore approved party?

  18. 2 all ice cream poke lovers, your comments sound like derp 2 me and its as if you smoked some bad stuff cause you think ice cream should be a creature, whilst i want to eat interesting flavours, you may think it is cute, it is f$#%!#g not, the polar bear is both cute and tough, not the ice cream, to end my rant, this poke is loved by people who have hallucinations

    1. Same to you, Ice-Cream Hater.
      I totally agree that ice-cream as a pokemon isnt really a good idea, but ITS ICE-CREAM. If you truly loved ice-cream, you would love it IN ANY FORM. For me, this is just a way of saying ‘Ice-Cream is so awesome, we had no choice bbut to put it as a pokemon to increase htis game’s awesomeness’

      1. ok ice cream poke lover, think about this poke falling on you and killing you and eating you, i like ice cream in any EATABLE FORM, not being creepy like this poke, i prefer mmm not ahhh, that design: creeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepy, i can’t go beyond the design as it creeps me out, but you are saying design is good, sorry, but if you want to be raped by it because of the icicle, don’t come looking for me because if you want my help whilst being raped, you have to say no on this poke, then i’ll get explosives to shatter it and to end this comment, i’ll end it on what i thought of this poke: 1. OF. THE. WORST. POKEMON. OF. ALL. TIME

  19. Since this is getting the most attention, does anyone know when the corocoro scans come out? It’d be nice to see some sugimori art (other than the ones from famitsu).

  20. Yeah I was hoping Kumashun/ Tsunbear would be ice/ fighting but meh pure ice is cool with me

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