New Pokémon Bank Details Revealed

Details about Pokémon Bank’s operation have finally come to light. Nintendo posted the above trailer with a brand new Pokémon Bank website. Bridgette, the “creator” of Pokémon Box: Ruby & Sapphire has returned to host the new Bank service. It launches on the Nintendo 3DS eShop on December 27th. Some new details: Multiple games can … Read more

Pokémon BW: Adventures in Unova Trailer Released

httpv:// A trailer for the latest season of the Pokémon anime has been posted to YouTube! Ash will be facing off against opponents in an attempt to win the Unova League. This new chapter in his journey begins on Saturday, February 2nd at 8:30am on Cartoon Network (check your local listings) for those in America. … Read more

Meloetta C-Gear Skin

A new C-Gear skin has been announced for both the original Black & White and BW2. It features the recently revealed Meloetta and will be available on July 14th. It being available for the BW1 makes me think this is a global release. However, it only appears on the Japanese site and seeing as Meloetta is … Read more

Pokemon 2011 Movie Title!

Hey hey pokejunglers, it’s NL, and we’ve got some news! (tad late, but I was asleep,and no one was updating….sorry) The title for the first Best Wish movie have been released! It will be known as Victini and the Black Hero! (translated,of course.)  This movie will be airing on theaters in Japan  next year around … Read more

Small Pokemon News~

Japan will soon be releasing a ‘Tabunne’ themed C-Gear skin!  It might be similar to the Chillarmy skin they released before, but we’ll just have to wait and see.  Hopefully these custom skins make it to the rest of the world when BW launches!  There will also be new downloadable furniture for your Dream World … Read more

Spotlight: Team Plasma

Like previous games, Pokémon Black and White have their own resident evil team that you have to face numerous times throughout the game play. However, unlike Teams Rocket, Magma, Aqua and Galactic, Team Plasma is not after control. Their goal more simply is the freeing of Pokémon from being slaves to humans. Team Plasma sees humans as below them, having already opened their … Read more