New location in Isshu? United Tower (UPD: Vid)

A user by the name of Sklo on the Polish forum for Pokemon Polska has possibly discovered a previously uncovered part of Isshu called the ‘United Tower’.  He took multiple screenshots of it which I’ve put behind the spoiler.  Unfortunately there is not much information known about this location but it does feature the NPCs … Read more

Kumashun Sugi Art! has taken a screenshot of the latest Pokemon Smash which revealed the official art :]  Adorable!  Hidden in the spoiler: [spoiler][/spoiler] Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone!  Time for me to drink :] <3 pokejungle

New Chillarmy C-Gear Skin

During August or September the Yahoo! pokemon section had a vote on which new C-Gear skin girls wanted.  They have now announced the winner (pictured left)! Starting today (October 1st) you can now download this new Chillarmy C-Gear skin from the Pokemon Global Link… that is if you bought a Japanese edition of Black and … Read more