What’s your favorite Gen V pokemon?

Just a fun post to spark discussion in the comments :3  Got a LOT of stuff to do in the real world today so I just wanted to add something new for you all to talk about, but couldn’t get a large piece up.  Silver wrote up a great read on Team Plasma which should … Read more

Focus On: Grass-Type

All good things must come to an end and this is the last type to focus on for ‘Generation V’ pokemon.  Luckily, as we’ve mentioned before, this only means that our ‘Focus On’ articles can find new subjects to cover.  Ozy will be diving into Black and White’s different gym leaders next!  Let’s dive into … Read more

Focus On: Bug-Type

Ah bugs.  The pokemon we often encounter early in our adventures and rarely take with us to the Elite 4.  Black and White was extremely kind to this type though as it added more bug pokemon than any previous generation and some with stats near or over a base total of 500, making them much … Read more

December CoroCoro Leak

Thanks for the heads up Penguin and thanks to Pocket Monsters for posting the images.  We have some new Sugimori art to look at this morning!  I think one of the pokemon that actually stood out to me was Muurando (the dog) because of its intense expression.  In the game it seems much more docile. … Read more

PGL hosting “Test Tournament”

Pokemon Daisuki Club members are now able to apply for an official test tournament over WiFi for Pokemon Black and White.  This marks the first time that a tournament has been held solely online and is an exciting new direction for official pokemon battles.  Hopefully when BW launch in other countries there will be tournaments … Read more

November CoroCoro Scans~ (complete)

Now we’re mostly just using these to view the official art 😀  Open the spoiler to see! [spoiler] [/spoiler] Information: Some sites had listed Kudari (Subway Master w/ white hat) as “Fudari” which is incorrect. <3 pokejungle ps- In the USA Mew will be given out to HGSS players.  It is at lv5 and only … Read more