What’s your favorite Gen V pokemon?

Just a fun post to spark discussion in the comments :3  Got a LOT of stuff to do in the real world today so I just wanted to add something new for you all to talk about, but couldn’t get a large piece up.  Silver wrote up a great read on Team Plasma which should go live tomorrow when I have time to post it.

<3 pokejungle

ps- Pictured are my top 3 :p

pps- I want to do a post on Gen V FANART so go to the ‘Contact PJN‘ page and link me to your art in your message!  Doesn’t have to be pokemon, feel free to submit your art of characters, towns, etc, but make sure it is YOUR art.  Don’t have your art online?  Upload to imgur or a similar site :3 [ps- don’t forget the name you want to be credited with if we select your art to post!  I would prefer to use an online handle vs real name (no using last names either)]

  1. N/A ;p

    If I HAD to, it’d be Mebukijika, Denchura, and Emonga/Wargle. The rest are “Ohh….. how unfortunate.” for me.

  2. I was rather suprised by Pendra, I really like it….to be honest, every bug type introduced this gen minus the Crabs and the ant are great. Yanmega was the start of some great bug types, and Gen 5 really came through.
    I would rather think of one I don’t like to be honest, since most of them are great. Going by that logic I guess it would be the snowcones being my least favourite, since they have absmal stats and could have benefitted form a more defensive type.

    1. Well, I went and looked at its stats again and I guess it isn’t absmal…it just doesn’t stand out too much at all and is too easy to take down.

  3. I have a lot of favorites from this generation. They are all so interesting, just picking a few: Yabakuron, Gochiruzeru, Mijumaru and Hahakomori.

  4. i like most of them but my favs are mijumaru, futachimaru,yotteri,hadera,daramakka,hindurama,zorua and zoroark reshiram, mellotia,shikinjia,yunira evolution, the goth chick evolution, and kojofu evolution line and komatama evolution line the rest are o.k and some are just blah…..

  5. Futachimaru, Yooterii, Monmen, Meguroco, Zuruggu, Shinpora, Archeos, Rankurusu, Denchura, Nattorei, Kirikizan, and Ulgamoth.

    This generation had quite a few good Pokemon.

  6. Tsutaaja and its line, Choroneko & Reparudasu, Shimama & Zeburaika, Koromori & Kokoromori, Pendoraa, Meguroko and its line, Purotooga & Abagoora, Aaken & Aakeosu, Mebukijika, Bachuru & Denchura, Shibirudon, Kibago and its line, Kojondo, Sazandora, Reshiram & Zekrom. There are others I like… but they’re not quite favorite material yet. :3

  7. Daikenki, Jalorda, Zoroark, Victini, Kokoromori, Doryuuzu, Pendoraa, Doredia, Waruvial, Hihidaruma, Baibanira, Chillaccino, Shubarugo, Ononokusu, Barujiina, Kojondo and Oobemu.

  8. In order:
    Like: Futachiamru, Shimama, and Waruvile 😀

    Dislike: Daikenki, Gigigear, and the entire Dokkora line.

  9. I have a lot of favorite gen V pokémon, they are Jalorda, Daikenki, Victini, Barujiina, Baokkiee, Kokoromori, Oobemu, Zoroark, Doryuuzu, Pendoraa, Doredia, Waruvial, Hihidaruma, Iwaparesu, Zuruzukin, Chillaccino, Rankurusu, Baibanira, Shubarugo, Ononokusu and Kojondo.

  10. Wargle, Sazarandora (or whatever it’s called) and Ulgamoth…

    BTW my spelling and memory is horrific atm… 🙂

  11. 1 Abagoura
    2 (tie) Zekrom and Yanakki
    3 Ononokuso
    4 Enbuoh
    5 Gigiath
    6 Desukaan
    7 Denchura
    8 Wargle
    9 Roopushin
    10 Rankurusu

    I really think this is the best generation of Pokemon yet, tied with the original. This generation will definitely be remembered for alot of reasons: (1) most pokemon in a generation ever (so far) with 156; (2) So much diversity and so many interseting and unexplored designs are present (i.e. fire pig, ice cream cone, chandelier, mummy and bug-in-a-knight suit, and cell, just to name a few) and oddly work so well; (3) the LARGE amount of bug pokemon, which is a good thing; and so many cool “throwback” pokemon. What I mean by that is they really remind me alot of the original 151, such as Denchura, Kibago and his line, and the Doredia line. There are more of them, and I really like it! Go pokemon! Can’t wait to get my copy of White!

  12. Kirikizan, Goruggo, Shibirudon, Gigaiasu, Shinpora, Agirudaa, Riguree, Oobemu, Borutorosu.

    I feel like I’m the only one who appreciates Riguree and Oobemu. ;_________________________;

    1. Don’t worry. I also like Oobemu very much (He is my favorite this gen). All hail the aliens that will conquer this world.
      (Grabs rifle and guards against the one who wrote badly about Riguree and Oobemu).

      Other favourites: Aakeosu, Doryuuzu, Daikenki, Jalorda, Shanderaa. Denchura, Wargle, Desukaan, Gorugo, Ononokusu and Genosect.

      Most of the others are OK for me. But they are not my favorites.

      The ones I hate the most: That mushroom thing (I dislike it so much that my mind usually forgets it’s name), Dasutodasu, Ropusshin… They will go to rot with Purugly.

      And that’s it. Gotta say: this gen brought a lot of favorites and really no pokémon that I hated.

      And as I said before: Oobemu rules.

  13. Sazando has only been mentioned once so far. Personally, I like it better than any other pseudo so far (tying with Tyrannitar). Denchura is awesome, and I’m glad so many agree 🙂 Waruvial is epic. You can’t really go wrong with Shandera.
    But over all, I love Yorterrie. But remember he’s my ‘terrie’ too <3

    1. Sazando is cool, but could’ve been so much better. His wings are awkward, and why aren’t the two heads on the sides like the one in the middle? Their surroundings close them in, and it doesn’t look too good. It does have a cool and different color scheme though, but I really think it’s pre-evos are cooler IMO.

  14. hmm…i like them all,iv caught them all(except events),but some are jalorda(of course),zoroark,pendra(the bug-poison thingie),landlos(the ground-flying legendary)reshiram and zekrom(love the shiny versions best,i hav them both shiny)kyurem(the ice-dragon)kerudio(the event unicorn),all 3 starters,and daruma-mode hihidaruma(love it,hate that it has to lose half its HP)but,those are some of my faves(for those who didnt read my last post,i changed my nickname,because of the new ‘GAME INFORMER’ magazine this month,changed from tsutarja fan,to tsujara fan

  15. My top 3 would be Ulgamoth, Denchura and Shandera!
    There’s a lot more that I love however! 😀

  16. im about to say some weird combos of random stuff,read on if u wish :3

    chicken noodle soup,dayquile,and sprite

    simulated golf course,romance novel library,and a rusty huffy(type of bike)

    bald guy,car,and busted wind-sheild

    a 50 year old black guy,a white man,and a ‘amberlamps’

    cheeta lady,cereal,and east chicago

    mentos,a 2-liter bottle of soda,and explosion

    fat guy,golf cart,and a hill

    and finally:a comedian,bear,and openly talking about abortions.

    if anything was bad,or funny,or weird,let me know

      1. I updated your post slightly to express your true feelings.

        [To be very clear I value positive attitudes on this blog. As an openly gay student in high school I endured a LOT of shit from my peers who thought that they had some right to criticize who I am. I will absolutely not tolerate any cyber-bullying here. I’m a college student now and luckily don’t get any flak for who I am anymore, but those were dark days for me. My site will not become a place where people feel teased or ostracized.]

        1. Were you talking to me or sadistic blaziken? I didn’t do anything wrong so…it must’ve been that blaziken dude.

  17. I love Erufuun, Shanderaa and preevos, Rankurusu, Monozu and Evos, Victini, all of the starters, Reshiram, Ulgamoth…well let’s just say I love a LOT of them! XD

  18. also:a big,black guy(not trying to be raisist),breaded chicken tenders from hardes(fast-food resturant),and a white guy telling him to go on a diet

  19. Haha pj, your favorite pokemon really suck. Sorry, but the pink/purple floating pig is exTREMEly feminine, and not in good way. The weird bug is awkward and a fail of a bug pokemon, and the mushroom…yeah…not much to say, except it’s possibly the worst pokemon ever made. Seriously, I like Bidoof more than the mushroom.

    Don’t criticize me either, these are just my opinions.

    1. I like that you ended a post in which you criticized someones opinion with a request that no one criticized your opinion.
      I don’t think you understand how this works.

      1. I like that you felt the need to make that totally unnecessary comment. Was i talking to you? NO. Although I asked pj not to criticize, that doesn’t mean he can’t. He probably just ignored me, but guess what? No one else seemed to care except for you. Don’t try to start to internet fights…please? Even if that’s not your intention, it is what your coming across as: arrogant and butting into something when no one asked you anything.

        I don’t think YOU understand how this works.

  20. They’re all so good… it’ll be hard to pick a favorite…
    So I’ll make a top 15 list.
    1. Waruvile
    2. Futachimaru
    3. Victini
    4. Desukan
    5. Bachuru
    6. Shandera
    7. Ononokusu
    8. Baibanira
    9. Rankurusu
    10. Nattorei
    11. Tornelos/Voltolos
    12. Gigaiasu
    13. Zoroark
    14. Kojondo
    15. Gigigear
    I’m one of the few people who actually like Baibanira. And Gigigear. :3

  21. Desukaan by far, since he resembles the Egyptian-cliche Pokemon I made when I was like 6 and wondered why he couldn’t be real.

      1. I doubt I still have it but it was always something I wanted. It’s presence alone automatically makes Gen V my favorite, no question.

  22. My Top 10 Favorite Gen V Pokemon:

    10) Gigaith
    9) Gorobitto
    8) Tsunbeaa
    7) Ononokusu
    6) Shanderaa
    5) Daikenki
    4) Zoroark
    3) Waruvial
    2) Jalorda
    1) Wargle

  23. I like how some of the pokemon represent countries from around the world. I.e. Wargle is to U.S.A, Desukaan is to Egypt, Marakacchi is to Mexico, Enbuoh is to China, the Yorterrie line is to the U.K., Hihidaruma is to Japan (b/c of the Daruma doll) and Keldeo is to Ireland (it looks like the Kelpie from Celtic folklore, and it’s typing only further suggests this)

    Anyone have anymore representations?

  24. Ononokusu, Doryuuzu and Pokabu mainly because who doesn’t love bacon? the dragon type ubers that have been making their ways through the regions are always my fav dragon pokemon and as for Doryuuzu, who the hell doesn’t like steel moles?

  25. Oh, I thought of a few more: Tornelos, Voltolos and Landlos are all based on Japanes Shinto gods. Actually, quite a few pokemon are based on Japanese creatures and myths, but it makes sense since pokemon were created in Japan.

  26. strangers with candy 8)

    im also training the water/ghost jellyfish(forgot its name),right now its lv 60,and knows shadow ball,sludge bomb,hydro pump(getting rid of for water spout),and recover(this is a water spout/recover set).

    im also watching a new episode of “nick swardson’s pretend time” on comedy central.it haul’s butt,its so funny 8)

  27. i’d also include pendra in a lit of my favorites, but i just saw the best wishes episode with it, and the front ‘legs’ don’t really do anything. it has 4 big legs and walks more like a rhino or something. i didn’t catch one or see too many in my play-throughs so i didn’t notice that earlier. i liked it a LOT better when i thought it walked like a regular centipede.

  28. Well i dont think you can say some pokemon gamefreak designs arent pokemon. Like they all have a design and backstory of why it looks that way. I sorta learned this by reading random bulbapedia articles, they explain it well lol.

    @sunmoonstars Lol theres alot of myth ones too. Arceus is the creator, Delibird is the spirit of christmas, Torterra is a world turtle: a turtle in legends that carries the world on its back, etc :p

  29. my favorites are(normal pokemon):
    and my favorite legend is reshiram
    fire+dragon pure awesome

  30. Well Pokejungle, if you mustttt know…

    I have no ‘favourite’, more like Favourites 😛

    There’s the Mijumaru line, the Tsutarja line, just Pokabu *evo’s are soo ugly*, Erufuun, Terakion, Gigaith, Zoroak, Onondo <3, and many others, oh and Rankurusu!

  31. In this generation I really like the whole Hitomishi line in terms of design type mixture and concept. Hey the stats aren’t too bad and the move pool is fair. On a downside they do have alot of weakness. However ‘m not going to use them on my team.

  32. Warubiaru and Tsunbear. Tied.

    Though other standouts are the Hitomoshi line, the Yabukuron line (STFU whiners), and Marakacchi. *likes obscure Pokémon*

  33. erhem, just going to warn you i have a BIIIIIG LIIISSSTT OF FAV POKE and here they are:
    emboar line: fire pig with water attack: sweet and wtf
    kirikizan line: can this poke be so brutal or what
    swanna: this gens golduck: sweet
    abagoora: i am a fan of blastoise, so why not this poke
    zekrom: mecha, red eyes black dragon, bahumut and heavy metal rolled into 1
    gamageroge: THIS. IS. A. BONAFIDE. FROG.
    urgamoth: thee most powerful butterfly ever
    genosect:good moves, cyborg, big ffing gun and DEEEEEENNNNNNIIIIISS
    shibirudon: electric jawless fish with levitate: sweeet
    goruggo: this golem learns fly= WHAT THE F#%& and HAAAAAMMMMMEEERRRR AAARRRMMMM
    zoroark: man, this poke rocks, being a bipedel ninetales
    sasando: THIS. POKE. IS . 90%. SIMILAR. TO. KING. GHIDORAH.
    desukaan: 1 word: MUUMMMMMMMYYY
    daikenki: using its horn as a sword: WTF
    ononokusu: this poke= 2X WTF
    tsubear: polar bear with surf and superpower= DUUUUUUDDDDEEEE
    hihildaruma: psychic fire ape smash
    kojondo:kung fu mongoose with AURA SPHERE
    zuzuriken: heavy metal pokemon thats affiliated with dragons
    aekosu: 1 word: ARCHEOPTERYX
    wise monkeys: good looking monkeys
    kyurem: in grey, it may become more powerful
    denchie: this spider is cool
    rankursu: this is a good cell
    goch: total opposite to gardevior, may have a gallade opposite next gen
    wargle: this poke= staraptor: sweet
    ainto: two words: STEAMPUNK ANTEATER
    and finally
    musketeer trio: same situation as daikenki, plus having sword type moves

      1. Okay, really? Who voted this comment up? It’s petty squabble!
        Just because Dinoman makes comparisons that don’t always make too much sense when you go into detail, you can see how he came to these conclusions, and if that’s what it reminds him of, good on him. You don’t have to agree with it.
        Just none of this childish name calling. I honestly don’t know why none of the staff clean the comments section as often as they probably should.

  34. Daikenki, Doredia, Kurumayu, Zoroark, Bivanilla, Daburan, Gochimiru and Maggyo are the favourites (:
    But here’s a list of the extended favourites :3

    Mijumaru, Futachimaru and Daikenki.
    Uniran, Daburan and Rankurusu.
    Vanipeti, Vaniricchi and Bivanilla.
    Zorua and Zororak (Pokemon that start with Z, plus my friend bought me an adorable plushie from Japan <3)
    Dangoro, Gantle and Gigaiath.
    Dokkora, Dottekotsu and Roopushin.
    Kurumayu <3
    Meguroku, Waruvile and Waruvial.
    Ishizumai and Iwaparesu.
    Yabakuron and Dasutodasu.
    Gear, Gigear and Gigigear.
    Shibishirasu, Shibibiru and Shiburudon.
    Hitomoshi, Raanpura and Shanderaa.
    Gochimiru <3

  35. my favourite in order
    enbuoh * he should get more credit than he gets*
    mamepato final
    zebra final

  36. Frankly there is basically (again) none I dislike.
    I love it that they reused old concepts, because I knew if they did this, the pokes would still all look unique and different regardless.
    I dislike some of the data behind them (fire starter part fight again, WE GET IT; etc)
    But seriously don’t ask me to list my favourites, cause the list will be too long.
    If I had to do the reverse, the list would consist of maybe the mushrooms final stage (the lil mushroom had so much potential it could have evolved into something way more original) and definitely nothing more. But even then I’d first wait to see it’s sugimori art. I mean, look at the red speedy centipede. I loved it from the beginning, but when I saw the sugimori art, wow! EPIC nuf said :<.

  37. If I have to choose a regular mon it would be sweet, darling, Emonga. If I have to pick three, I’d say the starters’ final evolution. If I have to pick among non-legendary version exclusives, I’d choose Gothizelle and Wargle. If I have to pick a legendary exclusive, I’d say Zekrom. Finally, if I have to pick an event-only Pokémon, I’d choose Genesect.

  38. I like the entire Gigaiath line, Kokoromori, the fire anteater, Daikenki, Gamagaru, Waruvile and his prevo, Iwapress, Shinpora, the turtle fossil’s evo, Dentula and his prevo, Onondo, and Crimgon. Actually, there’s a lot I like, but those are some of my favorites. The only ones I really don’t like are the genie trio, the two garbage bags, and the knight-bug.

  39. for me i geuss it would have to be
    daikenki abagoora
    wargle doreidia
    denchura ps this is my team

  40. Zekrom
    yanappu and the other monkeys
    ” ” evolutions
    ice creams (icecream+pokemon is win)
    gochiremu (the middle one looks best)
    trash bags (i love how its so ugly!!!!!!)
    I like em all really.

  41. GF has made up for the abomination that was 4th Gen. Two of my new faves are definitely Washibon, because he’s so freaking cute, and Futachimaru, who’s just purely made of awesome.

    Not a Crimgan fan though.

  42. Definitely Abagouru. It’s one of my favorites of all time, in my top 5 (and I’m a nostalgiac who has been upset since R/S/E on the poor designs) which include him, Umbreon, Lanturn, Dugtrio (albeit not a very clever design, but I’m attached to him. My siblings each took either Cubone or Sandshrew. I picked my diglett :D) and, number one, Lickitung (but dont get me started on lickilicky >.<)

  43. Crearly, my favorites are Sazandora and Ononokusu. These dragons are better than everyone else. o__0
    But, I also really like Urugamosu (MOTHRA WTF!!), Shubarugo, Kirikizan (Go Go Power Rangers!), Chirachiino, Abagoora and Doredia.

  44. That question is seriously too hard for me o.O

    Uuhm let me think… I will try to make my top 3!

    1) YANAKKI!
    This grass monkey is way too awsesome! This is by far my favorite pokemon of all! I guess xD

    2) Desukan OwO!
    Ok this pokemon gets the second place because he just lost to my own Yanakki… Just got a little fight over those two haha XD THIS THING IS AWESOME! He is strong he looks creepy and it’s Egyptian TwT I love ancient Egypt! Like really xD

    3) Kojondo!
    Third place was too hard for me .___. I had so much other mons I wanted to add but he just won my heart =D or something like that xP I love fighting type pokemon and the moment I saw this Pokemon I immediately thought, THIS GOT TO BE A FIGHTING TYPE! PLEASE! And it is =D He is amazing, and wins a lot for me 😉 even some of Cynthia’s pokemon with being at level 63 OwO!

    So that’s about it ^^ I love this article! Good job Ü

  45. I’m now disliking the gen in terms of design. I think the anime worsen it because they all seem much simplier (in a bad way) there, the lines of the drowings are so marked that it makes them boring.

    We have less of those hugely critisized designs that were so much “charged” and “artificial”. No we had more “natural” ones, but too boring in some cases, as I said before.

    Anyway, I love Rankulus and Desukan (not real aminals at all, that’s what I like at the moment, and they feel so Pokémon for me). I wouls also say that now I like Vaivanilla, but definitely less than the others.

  46. Mijumaru is my #1 favorite Pokemon at the moment, and might be forever <3 Other highlights in this gen were Denchura, Ulgamoth, Kojondo, the monkey trio, Gochiruzeru, Rankurusu, Shandera, and Victini.

  47. Mijumaru line , Ononokus, Kojondo, Rankurusu, Abagoora, Yanakkiee, Waruvial, Agirudaa, Kyurem

  48. Well I’m too lazy to make a list of all my favourites, because I love about 85% of the Pokemon this generation, but my top faves, which also happen to be the members of my team for when White come out in North America, are:

    Ononokusu or Denchura…can someone help me decide with this?

    On a similar but unrelated topic, my favourite Pokemon of all time is…Dunsparce!!!!!

  49. My favorites-
    Tsutaja and Pokabu line- first time ever I’ve loved two starters lines in Pokemon history.
    Darumakka and Hihidaruma- the most criminally represented pokemon represented in the anime so far and my first all time loved full evo line in pokemon history! Super cute to super bad ass!
    Purotoga and Abagoora- another first!! All time favorite fossil pokemon and my chief water type in my team. My Ghost, Psychic, and Flying eradicator.
    Yuniran line- My most beloved Psychic line and the most biologically inspired pokemon I’ve ever seen. Which I love!!! All hail the almighty blob!
    Vanipeti line- My most unexpected favorite for an Ice type. American mostly.
    Hitomoshi line- The most wicked fire spectre with the most special attack of non legendaries.
    Furijio- The most badass Ice type in existance.
    Gobitto line- My beloved Iron Giant in wake with American descent 🙂 Heavy Bomber and Fly. Kick ASS!!
    Kuitaran- My Iront eradicator, man those guys are a pain in Victory Road. This guy really needs a pre and an appearance earlier than Victory Road.
    Meraruba line- Even though he isn’t a bombardier bettle (curse you Gamefreak for not using that amazing animal) he’s still one of the most powerful pokemon in nonlegendary status and the longest evolution wait I’ve ever seen (I still haven’t gotten my Meraruba to lvl 59 it’s tough with only Nitro Charge as a fire move).

  50. Top 5-

    1. Shubarugo (Why does everyone hate on him 🙁 )

    2. Kokoromori

    3. Mebukijika

    4. Shandera

    5. Kojondo

    Honorable mentions: Reparasadu, Kuitaran, Desukan, Denchura, Chillacinno, Zurizukin, and Kerudio.

  51. Hmmmm… I always have two from each generation that are top favorites (and four others). My two top favorites from this generation are: Zuruzukin and Shanderaa.

  52. The ones that surprised me the most were Desukan, Shibirudon and Ononokusu. My favorite is probably Ononokusu… I just love dragons

  53. My favorites?

    1. I’m a sucker for Ghost-types, so I’m already loving Desukan, Burungeru, Shandera, and especially Goruugu.
    2. Rankurusu is the reason I’m getting White Version. It’s so cute!
    3. Erufuun is making me rethink my decision to get White Version. IT’S SO CUTE!
    4. The Musketeer Trio are okay, but my favorite is Birijion, by far, even if it is the “most effeminate.”
    5. Kuitaran also rocks my socks. Steampunk anteater? A clear winner.

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