What’s your favorite Gen V pokemon?

Just a fun post to spark discussion in the comments :3  Got a LOT of stuff to do in the real world today so I just wanted to add something new for you all to talk about, but couldn’t get a large piece up.  Silver wrote up a great read on Team Plasma which should go live tomorrow when I have time to post it.

<3 pokejungle

ps- Pictured are my top 3 :p

pps- I want to do a post on Gen V FANART so go to the ‘Contact PJN‘ page and link me to your art in your message!  Doesn’t have to be pokemon, feel free to submit your art of characters, towns, etc, but make sure it is YOUR art.  Don’t have your art online?  Upload to imgur or a similar site :3 [ps- don’t forget the name you want to be credited with if we select your art to post!  I would prefer to use an online handle vs real name (no using last names either)]