Focus On: Grass-Type

All good things must come to an end and this is the last type to focus on for ‘Generation V’ pokemon.  Luckily, as we’ve mentioned before, this only means that our ‘Focus On’ articles can find new subjects to cover.  Ozy will be diving into Black and White’s different gym leaders next!  Let’s dive into the greatest type ever and look at the new additions to it that Gen V brought it:


Here we have the grass starter family of this generation: #495 Tsutaaja, #496 Janobii, and #497 Jalorda.  When we saw leaked pictures of that final form it was controversial, but got nowhere near the criticism of the other two starters’ final evolutions.  To me the line is an excellent addition to the ‘Grass Starter Family’ that dates back from Pokemon’s conception.  The designs of each of the three pokemon are very smooth and rounded save for the spikes on the leaf-ish tails and back adornments.  If I were a real pokemon trainer starting my adventure in Isshu I’d have no problem picking a cute little Tsutaaja from Professor Araragi’s collection and will probably do so in my copy of White.  I’m not sure if it’s just me but I wish that Janobii was a little bit more similar to Jalorda than it looks (maybe a longer tail or something).  The final evolution has a great regal look to it and seems to command some respect from its fellow pokemon.  From a strategic viewpoint Jalorda’s base stats don’t disappoint.  Great speed and good defenses mean that this serpent can take a beating, but also dish out some punishment.  I was also very pleased to see ‘Leaf Blade’ make a comeback in a grass starter’s movepool because it is my all time favorite attack.  Whether it is worth putting on Jalorda (versus the now improved Giga Drain) is not something I’m too sure about though.  Leech Seed + Giga Drain could give Jalorda some serious staying power in battle.  Extremely happy with this grass starter and can’t wait to have it on my team!

Here we have #511 Yanappu and #512 Yanakki; the grass line in the monkey trio.  There are a lot of things I dislike about these two primates, but probably their looks are what I dislike the most.  Yanakki isn’t too bad to be honest, but its pre-evolved form is too simple and the color scheme is like nails down a chalkboard.  Or I may just have something against monkeys… I don’t know (in all reality though, Aipom is one of my favorites).  Overall I was disappointed by these lackluster pokemon that really didn’t add too much to the grass arsenal.  I was also confused and somewhat annoyed that the three monkey lines had no common first stage.  When pokemon look similar (Plusle, Minun / Volbeat, Illumise, etc) they really should have a uniform pokemon that ties them together in my opinion.  Statistically Yanakki is inferior to Jalorda and really suffers in the defenses department.  Instead it has some higher attack stats, but since grass attacks are half as effective against twice as many types as they are doubly effective, that can be dicey.  I’m sure Yanappu and Yanakki will find fans, but unfortunately I won’t be amongst them.

The cute cotton pokemon pictured above, #546 Monmen and #547 Erufuun, have definitely captured my heart.  In a very vague way they seem connected to Jumpluff because of their cotton composition, but end up looking much better.  Who couldn’t love their fluffy goodness?  Their animations are also adorable so thumbs up to the design team.  Unlike the jumpluff family these guys have some nice special attack to take down their foes.  Its ability ‘Teasing Heart’ raises the priority of non-attack moves by 1 and this works very well with the new move ‘Cotton Guard’ which raises its defenses by 3 stages.  It also has decent defenses and could possibly work to stall pokemon by using Stun Spore or Poisonpowder.  Unfortunately these two are Pokemon Black exclusives so I won’t be seeing them during my playthrough.  If I weren’t going to be choosing tsutaaja I may have caught a monmen to use on my team instead.

Since Black gets two previous pokemon, White gets #548 Churine and #549 Doredia.  I really have no complaints about these two when we’re looking at the design and they are really cute, but in a decidedly more feminine manner than their Black-exclusive counterparts.  I also see some Oddish/Bellossom influences in there as well.  It looks like Nintendo decided to make this the ‘Princess Grass’ line as it is female only.  It’s too bad that there is no male-only ‘prince’ to accompany it.  The four feet do seem a tad awkward and I’ll be interested to see it debut in the anime and watch how it walks around (or maybe hops?).  When viewed from the back you can see a wide cape-like leaf on its back which might have looked better had it originated from its neck instead of the top of its head.  When comparing it to Erufuu, Doredia sacrifices some speed to get a much better special attack stat.  I suppose if you were to choose between the two you could determine which you wanted by the way you played.  If you want to hit them hard, Doredia might be just the pokemon you’re looking for.

Bringing in some Mexican-flair to our article is the cactus pokemon #556 Marakacchi.  Although its appearance was a little bit jarring to me at first it grew on me fast.  Even though we had a cactus line in Generation III there is definitely a unique feel to Marakacchi and doesn’t feel like a rehash of a previous pokemon.  For some reason the mouth and eyes remind me of Spinda, but it is a bit of a stretch.  I’ll be interested to see if anyone agrees with me on that one.  Luckily Nintendo didn’t make this a female-only species, even with the flowery ears.  Sadly the unique design did not translate into a strategically unique pokemon.  With stats inferior to the tsutaaja line and the black/white exclusives I doubt marakacchi will make it on to very many teams.  One of my biggest complaints about pokemon is how easily some great ones are wasted because of their low stats.  Poor speed coupled with poor defenses make it a less than great choice in the crowded grass family.  Hopefully this one’ll make it into the NU (Never Used) tier at least and put a little spice into its battles.

What are perhaps my favorite grass type pokemon from Generation V don’t have any leaves sprouting out of them or even a hint of green color.  You’re looking at the pokeball-ish #590 Tamagetake and #591 Morobareru.  I haven’t heard much discussion about these two, but I’m prepared to hear some negative comments.  While the first stage is probably cute to most; its evolution is a darker, more serious pokemon that may not appeal to all (just like the taste of mushrooms, blech).  What I really would’ve liked to see was some stand out defense / sp defense because of the shield like hands on the final stage, but unfortunately it has an average-ish 70 / 80 respectively.  Unfortunately this doesn’t bode well for it as a 30 in speed means it’ll be attacking last in almost every battle.  HP is the redeeming stat here with a cool 114 and hopefully it would be able to withstand some attacks from opponents before being KO’d.  Effect spore is a nice ability to have here because of the chance to inflict a status condition on the opponent.  Again, I’m disappointed that great design is hindered by poor stats.

Not wanting to disappoint us, grass has brought its own ‘WTF’ pokemon into this generation.  If a UFO and a plant produced babies I’m sure they wouldn’t look much different from #597 Tesshido and #598 Nattorei.  These two little monsters brought in a subtype not previously paired with grass before: steel.  While covering most of the weaknesses it runs into the same problem as bug/steel and bug/grass, a double fire weakness.  This could spell trouble, but luckily Nattorei has great defense / special defense and might be able to withstand some firepower (ha…haha…ahaha pun jokes).  With the alien-motif you’d think it might be able to zip around easily, but unfortunately it has a staggeringly low speed stat of only 20, yikes.  This line also added a new ability which is essentially ‘rough skin’, damaging an attacking pokemon by 1/8 of their HP after landing an attack making Nattorei a pokemon you probably aim to one-hit instead of gradually wear down.  Appearance-wise I’m not a huge fan, but can appreciate the uniqueness of its look.  Probably a pokemon that will grow on me, but not one of my favorites.

To finish our article we have the legendary #640 Virizion.  In a lot of ways I feel that its typing is an unfortunate consequence of GameFreak wanting to have a diverse group of legendaries in Generation V.  To me there are really no signs of its fighting sub-type to be seen.  With breloom I could at least see a little bit of a kick boxing look or something of that nature, but here you have a deer-ish pokemon whose only real ‘fighting’ aspect might by how it could trample an opponent (just like tauros, afrobull, and many other quadrupeds in the pokemon kingdom).  Besides its tacked on extra type virizion just doesn’t seem too original.  We had a sky forme shaymin last generation that stood on four legs and we also have the half-grass type shikijika line in this generation.  I can’t help but feel we were a little bit cheated out of potential for this pokemon.  Stat-wise it’s what you would expect from a legendary: pretty good.  No real stat holes and an amazing special defense make for a good pokemon in that respect.  You’ll have to watch out for the double weakness to flying attacks, but I would say they’re less common than the fire attacks some dual types have to be on the lookout for. [/spoiler]

Wow!  Been a fun series to do for all the staff and we can’t wait to get some our next series cooking.  :3

<3 pokejungle

ps- opinions on ‘PJ Plays’ style articles also appreciated!  If you guys don’t care for it let me know!

  1. Great article PJ! Jalorda is just so amazing. . .he totally kicks the crap out of all of the other Gen V starters IMO. When I saw his stats at first I was fairly disappointed, but his he makes a fantastic sub-seeder. It’s near broken.

    1. He also makes an amazing phazer (from experience) Once you get out a substitute, you can use Glare and Dragon tail to paralyze the entire opponent’s team, and it’s even more devastating if stealth rock is out.

  2. Another great article! I like all of the grass pokemon in this generation! idk why theres just something about them
    I think the saucer spiky steel thing is cute!

  3. Actually pokejungle, you can trade a Churine for a Monmen in Pokemon White and a Monmen for a Churine in Pokemon Black. It’s an in-game trade, so technically they’re not version exclusives.

    So you can get one in Pokemon White if you want to. 🙂

  4. The only thing I find disappointing about Morobareru is the fact its cry is so pathetic. I wanted something that was deep and bellowing, but it gave off a big squeak. Still love the Pokemon though.

    And you just gotta learn to love Tesshido and Nattorei like I did. It’s an amazing Pokemon, and the low speed will just make Gyro Ball all that much better.

    1. That’s why I’m disappointed that Shubarugo didn’t get Gyro Ball in his repetoir. His 20 base speed and 137 attack would make it completely devastating.

  5. I like grass pokemon alot too, but pretty much disagree with you on alot of things. Jalorda, while majestic, fails to look as cool as every other previous grass starter, or any other starter for that matter. I like the color scheme, but nothing else stands out. And I’m sick of people comparing Jalorda to Daikenki and Enbuuo in such a negaative way. Daikenki looks incredible and Enbuuo is just plain badass. And Yanakki, what are talking about lol? I really laughed when you said you didn’t like him. The color scheme is perfect for a grass monkey, and he looks like a badass little Elvis with that haircut. It’s pre-evolved form might is one of the best of the new pokemon, in terms of cuteness.

    The cloud pokemon just look stupid, as well as the weird spike ball pokemon. Both color schemes are horrible, except for Monmen, which is kinda cute. I do like Churine and Doredia though, they both turned out well. Marakacchi is pretty cool too.

    And seriously? The two mushroom pokemon are some of the worst, boring, and bland pokemon ever. They’re ugly and weird, and that’s probably why no one has been talking about them. And the pokeball look just adds more to their awkwardness. IMO they are the worst pokemon of this generation.

    Birikjion is nothing special at all. It’s ok looking, but not the type of pokemon for me.

    Again, ok article pj.

    1. The stupid mushroom is pretty awful. . .both looks wise and stat wise. I saw him and was like “WTF?!”. I hadn’t even bothered catching one.

      1. Yeah they’re pretty bad. Shame on gamefreak for trying to add more mushroom pokemon to the list. I mean, we already have Vileplume, Shroomish and Breloom!

        1. lol Vileplume isn’t a mushroom… It’s a rafflesia, a flower. The other mushroom (kinda) is paras & parasect (at least they have mushrooms despite being cicadas or something)

  6. Great article, i like how u made jalorda seem almost perfect but enbuoh i find cute and daikenki majestic. i like the jalorda evo line the coulour scheme is great. jalorda is great but i think that a pokemon should have either great attack/sp a decent hp and great speed OR have decent attack/sp great hp and great defense. I love its royal look

    yannakie cant be hated i love its hare rock punk style which varies it so much from the other monkey pokemon. i would have infernape as my favourite monkey though.

    the first mushroom was great but it becomes ugly in its evo. it could have not become wrinkley been white instead of grey and have cute eyes id rather have it cute

    erufuun has a great desighn although i cant stand its coulor scheme. it should have fur on its body too and be on all fours with a white body a leaf as a tail and its horns should be brown

    dordia is alright im not to fond of it though.

    the cactus is creative and i like it alot but its its stats arent so good

    the grass steel ones are cool and weird at the same time

    the legendarie is slightly dissapointing but is cool

  7. “Unlike the jumpluff family these guys have some nice speed to back them up.”

    but Jumpluff’s speed is 110 while Erufuun’s speed is 116. :O
    Kinda think both families have good speed.

    And both get Chlorophyll so their speeds will be both pretty awesome.

  8. Hey, I don’t remember any articles about water types, when are those comming in, or when did they?

  9. Jumpluff is dandelion. Skiploom is dandelion flower, Hoppip is dandelion leaf. They’re not related to cotton.

  10. I both hate and love the mushroom morobaeru. They could have done som much more with it. Its pokedex says it rpetends to be and umbrella to trick prey, so they could have given it a more parasol like look. But i look at it and it just look slike a mushroom, nothing more.

  11. Awesome post.

    I’ll like to say that I’m actrually choosing the Tsutaaja line for my starter. The design and color scheme is beautiful especially the shiny doppelgangers.

    I’m not going to use the other grass types on my team maybe except for the Monmen line or Virizion. A Erufuun with the dreamworld ability chlorophyll would have some amazing speed states. I might do the in game trade for a Churine, but Monmen has grown to my liking. (pun intended)

    Yanappu is my least favorite ape it doesn’t learn any cool new moves except for acrobat, which the other ape can learn. I think that Marakacchi is a collectable. I’m sorry if that was too harsh but thats the only reason I’ll capture one just to add to the collection. I think that the Tamagetake line is okey. It’s funny that you mention alien when you were talking about theTesshido, because Nattorei reminds me of Spore Spown from the Metroid game series.

    ps. I think that the voice of Bayleaf on the anime is soo uber cute.

  12. Go to Pokédex.

    Hit Daredia’s cry

    Hit it again

    Hit it again just before it finish

    And do it again and again

    Epic win.

  13. Can someone please tell me what is so good about Jalorda? I usually stick with the fire type starter, but I really would like to use a Grass type for once (and a badass looking snake). This focus on is the first time I have actually seen good thingd said about Jalorda stats and movepool. So, can anyone tell me if its worth using in my team, because I already have a Fire type planned out (Moth) and don’t want 2 of them.

    1. Jalorda is an extremely useful sub-seeder with decent defensive stats. If you use Leech Seed and Substitute, followed by protect and combined with leftovers, Jalorda heals all of the HP (and even a little bit more) that he loses with Substitute, thus stalling out the opponent to his/her death. Also, his DW ability is Perversity, which reverses stat changes (making Leaf Storm give him +2 to special attack instead of -2).

      The fire starter is just. . .awful, imo. Not only look wise but stat wise. Infernape is infinitely better.

      1. Why bring up Infernape? Because he had no relation in what you were talking about? Oh yeah..ok lol/ Enbuoh is waaayyyy better than Jalorda, IMO.

        1. I brought up Infernape because he is a superior fire starter. Sure, Enbuoh has high offense and bulky HP, but he suffers from below average defenses and speed. Hit him with a strong rock or ground attack and he’s finished. Stat wise he might be better offensively than some, but strategically he’s not very good.

          Again the reason why I mentioned Infernape. His offense might not be as high, but his speed is what makes up for it. Enbuoh will have a difficult time with anything that outspeeds it, and since his weaknesses are fairly common combined with low defenses, chances are he won’t last long.

          1. Ack I noticed an error on my part; rock are neutral because of his fighting type. Ground attacks are what will hurt him bad. Earthquake is another fairly common attack.

          2. Crap. I accidentally gave you a thumbs up haha. I really didn’t mean to. Lol and defense isn’t the only thing to the game dude. You make it sound like defense is a must. With his amazing attack and special attack, chances are opponents will rarely have a chance to retaliate. He has alot hit points to so he’ll be able to take multiple hits, even if it might be a weakness. I like Infernape (he was my starter in Platinum) and have nothing against him. I actually prefer Infernape to Enbuoh.

            Plus, Enbuoh’s defense won’t be so bad if you want to level him up alot. Arguing is really pointless, because gamefreak makes the startes have equal totals, so its fair. I’m choosing Enbuoh because he is cool-looking and suits me the best because I am an offensive trainer. So yeah, I doubt I’ll have any trouble with him lol.

    2. First of all, you won’t get the fire moth until really late in the game (unless you trade it for something). Enbuoh is going to be my choice for the starter, because of the following: imo, he looks the coolest, with his bulkiness, tusks and beard-flame. His color scheme is beautiful; the red, orange, black and yellow works really well, and he is very Japanese-influenced, because of his swirling designs on his chest, arms and legs. Next, he has the most resistances, at 6, including Ice, which are usually powerful attacks (more than Jalorda). Enbuoh also has less weaknesses than Jalorda. Next, Enbuoh is very strong and very offensive: his hp is at 110, attack at 123 (oh yeah!) and sp attack is at 100. Jalorda is more geared toward speed and defense. Also, I really like Enbuoh’s moveset because it’s very diverse. It can learn damage-dealing Fire, Fighting, Normal, Rock, and Poison moves, while Jalorda’s damage-dealing moveset is only Grass and Normal type moves (Poison moves can be learned but doesn’t automatically lower opponent’s hp). But really I think Enbuoh looks awesome, and for my Grass and Water pokemon I’m using (Yanakki and Abagoora), he fits in perfectly!

      But if you want Daikenki, who would be my 2nd choice for a starter, he ‘s good too; Daikenki is the more balanced of the three starters, has a great moveset, and only two weaknesses.

      So, basically, I really think both Enbuoh and Daikenki are better than Jalorda in looks and stats. If your not going to get Enbuoh because you want the fire moth, and you don’t want 2 Fire types on one 6 pokemon team, then definitely choose Daikenki, and not Jalorda.

      Hope this helps 🙂

      1. When I wrote ‘(more than Jalorda)’ I was taling about resistances. Jalorda only has 4 compared to Enbuoh’s 6.

      2. Wow, I wasn’t expecting quite as much of a response as that. Well, when I refered to having Urgumoth on my team I did mean for my final team, as in the one I will use to enter the battle subway and such. I was planning on picking Enboar anyway, but was just curious as to how Jalorda would fare. I am an offensive trainer mostly, so Enboar will fit me well. It is just different enough from Infernape to warrant being my starter. As for using Jalorda, well I just don’t really use sub-seeders, atleast not during the main game. Maybe when I play online I can find a better alternative to it.
        Thanks for the response anyway, I’m really looking forward to using Enboar, it has a great movepool, and Nitro Charge will help with any speed issues.
        (As for having two /fire types, I don’t see anything wrong with it, my planned team is going to have a few repeat types, but their base types will be seperate from each other.)

        1. Haha yeah I guess I just like to give people alot of insight and info on certain topics. And good for you for choosing Enbuoh (or Emboar). So many people are saying negative things about him. I really don’t see what’s wrong with him. He’s quite a good pokemon!

          Oh, and just curious, what’s your final team going to look like? I mean the 6 pokemon you choose for the elite 4 and so on.

          1. Well, my final team will most likely consist of Embouh, Urgumoth, The Ghost/Ground Golem (for Fly too), and thats all I am certain on. I would like to have the Crocodile in for Dark coverage, while I may instead go with the Power ranger-esque one for Steel and Dark instead. I guess I will find out closer to the time, but I really wouldn’t mind having Shandera in there, but that doesn’t make for good type coverage. Maybe the Water/Rock fossil as a Water coverage. I guess Onoskoku (sp?) is a viable option too for Dragon, and finally I would like a nice Ice type too, but this gen isn’t really up to it in terms of Ice types. I actually would like to use Pendera (the centiepede) but its stats aren’t really up to much as they could be compared to later Pokemon.

          2. You can’t get Urgumoth before the elite four though, I just realised…so possibly Pendora (sp?) and then replace it with Mr Mothy. I love Urgu’s signature move, looks great. I love the bug love this Gen.
            I also need a Psychic, I guess the Blob will do then, since I’m getting Black.

      3. lol… Actually, Enbuoh is chinese-influenced (have you heard of Journey to the West?)… Daikenki is the japanese-influenced one. (I read this in an interview with the creators of the games…)

  14. first of all I like the grass monkeys cause they are awesome,second I was a bit disappointed about Doredia being a female only pokemon with no male counterpart,you can’t consider Erufuun as it’s male counterpart,they are so different not only in design,in the size Erufuun is much smaller,so it’s hard to make Erufuun a male counterpart of Doredia,also the steal/grass pokemon,when I first saw him I just said WTF is this,first I thought it may be another bag worm but its not a bug,then I looked to it again,the design is not bad and they are good.

  15. great post!!

    i like jalorda a bunch,has good speed,defence,and sp.defence.if anyone cares to read this,i hav a good moveset for one of my jalorda’s

    leaf blade
    iron tail(egg move)
    dragon tail
    coil(the accuracy boost helps iron tail,atk boost helps all atks,and defence boost just owns)

    with a jolly nature,effort train it in atk and spd,it will kill,mine has not lost.if you do this,it will pay off.i do have a moveset for a timid natured one,but best use a jalorda from the dream world(if anyone has it)

    leaf storm(its ability will boost its sp.atk instead of lowering)
    HP fire or HP rock
    a great sub-seeder in my opinion

    now,today,i also effort trained my jolly natured landlos(the ground-flying genie)its going great in my effort team.if you like my movesets,let me know 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Great observations. I’m not a strategic player but, I’ll make sure to look for a specific nature when choosing moves and considering the base stats.

      Are you refering to your starter or just a jalorda you can get from the dream world?

      ie: Does anyone think it’s a good idea to have a pokemon who has high base attack and defense stats, but has a nature that boost the opposite?

      I could see how that might work for someone who wants to balance out the stats. What does the PJN community think?

        1. Oh that’s sad, did your *ahem* “girlfriend” not touch your butt again? Sorry to hear that.

  16. Defense isn’t a must, but with his low speed and fire typing it’s a major draw back. If you pit a level 100 Enbuoh against a level 100 water type (say Starmie or Kingdra) chances are he will get 1HKO. As far as stats go, not everybody is even. Certain pokes have higher BST than others. And it’s not even so much as how much a poke has in stats, it’s about the distribution. Sure a poke might have ultra high attack, but paired with low speed it makes it difficult to use. Certain stat distributions are better strategically than others, and Enbuoh’s distribution are the reason why it’s killed easily.

    This is strategically speaking. I mean, you can use virtually any team in-game and kick the crap out of the E4.

    Just my two cents, so take it for what you will.

    1. Wow like I’m gonna have Enbuoh fight a Water pokemon? I don’t think so! Of course he’ll get owned! Fire’s weak to Water! Duh! And by fairness in stats I’m talking ONLY about the starters from Generation V, and how all their stats total to 528, not all pokemon. I also disagree with you on speed seriously effecting attack. I’ve had previous pokemon (Machamp) with high attack and below average speed, and I kicked butt with them both in-game and over wifi.

      That’s my two cents, so take it for what you will.

  17. You do great ‘focus on’ articles, but I would like to see some more talk about stats, and uses in competitive battling. Not once did you even mention an actual number, such as a stat, so it was hard to get an idea of how good they are competitively by just looking at you descriptions of “fast,” or “pretty strong” and such. I’m not saying you’re at any fault at all, in fact your articles are great and I really feel connected when you describe what you like about the certain pokemon and the like, but you did say if we had any constructive comments or ideas we should post them, so, here it is!

  18. i got my first tsutarja with glare! now,i plan on teaching it dragon tail,to make a glaring dragon tail set.should i make it a sub-seeder,or give it a few atks,like hidden power,or leaf blade,or something?NOTE:im not efforting it,not really a to good nature,but it boosts up for suggestions,except for hateful suggestions(sunmoonstar,why u always hating on me)but,open to suggestions,so post them here

    1. I’d go with Butt Rubber over Sub Seeder. It just makes sense with your style of gameplay. Plus it’ll boost your special attack against the Female type.
      NOTE: I’m just expressing my own opinion. This is a real suggestion. So don’t start swearing at me. I’ve had a long weekend lol.

      1. ok,sunmoonstar,got a few questions

        what moves does this set hav?

        does it matter if my tsutarja is female(1st try,was female lol)but no,its a female,will it matter?

        and can this work with glare,and dragon tail?

        also,sry about the curseing,just some stuff u say to me can kinda annoy me,and if u can tell me the moves for the set,let me know(this is most likely going to be used for in-game/random battles,just thought i would say)but if u can help,that would be nice.thx 🙂

  19. wow, water pokemon really got the shaft on this series. I really enjoyed reading them all, but my favorite type wasn’t given justice at all. 🙁

  20. also,if anyone cares,on this thursday,it will hav been 5 years sence my dad passed away due to cancer,and on the 12th(2 days ago)my dad would have been 47,its been a sad,long weekend.god rest his soul 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 sry if im upseting anyone,but needed to get it out of me(even though its through a comment on a very nice pokemon site) also,it was my dad who started me on pokemon 11 years agoi thank him so much for it.but,im sry,but its so sad 🙁 (and if anyone dosent beleave me,im going to be sad for u if any of your family dies,due to god teaching u a lesson)

    1. I’m sorry to hear that dude. I know how it feels to lose a family member, but not a parent. I applaud you for being brave, even though I don’t really know you at all. I’ll be sure to pray for him. And I think it’s cool how he got you started on pokemon. I remember when I first got hooked on it back in kindergarten. My mom had just bought a pack of pokemon cards from the trading card game, ya know? and I tore open the pack and I was amazed atthe coolness of the creatures. I believe I Golduck (hell yeah), Kabuto, Pikachu, Omanyte, Bulbasaur (hell yeah x2), Arcanine (hell yeah x3!) and some energy card in the 7 pack. Wow, I seriously can’t believe I remember that haha. But yeah, God rest your dad’s soul. I bet he was a cool guy.

      Anyway,you sound like a good-hearted kid tsutarja fan, although a tad annoying at times — but it’s all good. I feel like a douchebag for making jokes about you. I’m sorry if I came off as rude or obnoxious. Forgive me bro.

      1. its all good man,and thx for the support,it really helps,and im sry u lost someone too,and i guess i can be annoying sometimes.and by the way,ur not a doushbag,dont feel bad

  21. The only thing I don’t like about Jalorda is that it’s legless. A starter pokémon with no legs or arms is just lame…
    And it could learn more moves of different types…

  22. ill see u all tommorow,maybe,i dont know right now.going to try to sleep,hope i can,i got school tommorow.u guys hav a good night

  23. Jalorda’s Dream World ability, Antagonist/Perversity/Contrarian, reverses stat changes that affect the Pokémon. THis means Leaf Storm will deal heavy damage AND raise the snake’s Special Attack 2 stages. Quite understandably, this combination is a pretty big threat on online battles right now (Pokémon Online’s Pokémon Lab, Dream World Tier).

    As for Morobareru, you forgot to mention his greatest asset: Spore. He’s the bulkiest Spore user, and apparently he’s an underrappreciated Poké on online. His ability, Regeneration, makes hit-and-run sporing a pain to deal with. So don’t count him out yet. Plus his design’s great in my eyes. May be a bit of an acquired taste (though not nearly as much as Dasutodasu aka that big pile o’ trash that makes Muk look clean).

  24. jalorda line: sorry, but, design wise: good, move wise: fail, sorry, but this line CAN’T LEARN EARTHQUAKE OR ROCK MOVES, MASSIVE FAIL, both sev and arbok can beat it.=-5
    yana line: this line impressed me alot, knowing rock tomb, dig and acrobat, THIS LINE ROCKS, the first of 2 lines with mohawks, sweet, being a monkey, cheeky, besides, I am going to use this line in both white and grey, easy accesibility and similar to leafeon:ftw=+5
    erufuun line: this line is a hybrid of jumpluff line and seedot line, knowing a flying type move and psychic: sweet, knowing an ability akin to shadow force:win, so that means it gets rid of 1/2 of its weaknesses=+3
    doreido line: i am sorry, but it doesn’t live up to its predessesors: the gloom line, it only learns grass and normal moves: fail=-3
    marakaichi: even though it learns water draning abilities and flying type moves, it can’t handle its over weaknesses=+1
    pokeshroom line: 1. OF. THEE. WORST. LINES. EVER. IN. THE. GAME. to me, this line is very bad, i prefer paras line and the raptor-like breloom line over this poke line=-666
    virizian: when i first looked at the poke, i was sort of seeing suicune. it is a herbivore version of suicune with perfect moves. the sword attack sweeps up ice, x-scissor banishes psychics and stone edge defeats fire, bug and flying, also ice. this legend= +500

    1. nattorei line: MORE NINJA STAR POKEMON, i was astonished by this line, this line learns aerial ace: SWEET, level ground: more SWEET, learning a rough skin like move: MORE SWEET, if you are a ninja fan, i recomend this poke, even for people who like trick room, because it is thee slowest poke=+50
      ps. ozy can you plz redo water
      pps. pj, can you plllllzzzzz change the feel of your site when its xmas, maybe include xmas games on your site.
      ppps. ozy, can you do your review on gymleaders like what boarbeque did on youtube?

  25. Design-wise favourites- Tesshido, Nattorei, Yannakie
    No tmuch else to say, scept I’m sad the Pokemon focus ons are over. Probably wont look at the Gym Leader ones coz I dont want to spoil myself, in some aspects.

  26. the last 2 articles were so much better than the ones before 🙂
    The writer of the previous ones would have filled the parts about the last 3 with the word ugly all over hahaha

    btw, the secondary type doesn’t have to stand out in it’s design at all. I don’t see more Ground type in Nidokings design than in Nidorinos. You could assume Golduck was Psychic or that Slowpoke is pure Water.

    The fighting type is it’s additional type for a reason, it’s main type is Grass.

  27. can u guys answer a question for me?
    why is white more popular than black? i htought people would go crazy when reshiram first appeared, but on the other hand i always choose the version least popular ( blue, sapphire, pearl) but in gen.II i got silver!

      1. heheheheheh no problem i guess white is a favorite color 😛 i like reshiram cause i think it could beat zekrom in a heart beat. or maybe its because of the electric typing….. more research is needed to conclude and awnser my question!!

  28. pj, can you plz tell me and rest of your “minions” where ozy is, because his last tweet was 5 days ago and it had a suicidal feel, has he been exhibiting suicidal tendancies on the site lately, as i have sort of been concerned for him, so is there any news on him lately?
    ps. to people who have cricised me of choosing metagross to represent xmas, here is why i chose it, because of the amount of speed that santa supposedly needs to travel the world in 1 night, it has been likened to a meteorite, thus metagross
    pps. antother reason for jalorda fail, less versitile than the 1st smugtile: sceptile

    1. lol he’s alright. He moved back to the states recently so he’s had a lot to do with re-adjusting to school and has to make up all the homework he missed in the last two and a half months apparently 🙁

  29. I think you should group all of these articles together and link to them on the front page for easy access. Perhaps, you can combine these reviews with the competitive reviews you just started. Eventually, you will have a bio for every Pokemon like Smogon.

  30. I like monmen because he looks like a gingerbread man with frosting hair! 😀
    Leaf Blade FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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