Focus On: Pokémon Designs

Pokémon designs. Possibly one of the most slated aspects of the entire Pokémon franchise. A high number of fans seem to agree with one another that over the span of Generations the designs of the Pokémon introduced have gradually gotten worse. With the First Generation being the best and Fifth the worst. But, is that … Read more

Focus On: PokéStar Studios

This is the second edition of our new ‘Focus On’ series, in which will cover the new features which BW2 have to offer. To continue this series on from our previous look at ‘The Hidden Hollows’, we will turn our attention to ‘PokéStar Studios’. [spoiler] Have you ever been to see a movie and ended … Read more

Focus On: Hidden Hollows

This is the first edition of our new ‘Focus On’ series, in which will cover the new features which BW2 have to offer. To kick off this series, we will start by looking at ‘The Hidden Hollows’. [spoiler] Do you remember those days when you were young? Hanging out with your friends, building secret bases … Read more

The Jungle Games: Episode 2! “This is all just a gimmick”

  Please read on for the 2nd episode of “The Jungle Games”! This week our tributes/participants/victims were asked to write a “Focus On” article about Gimmick Pokemon! Any long time reader of pokejungle knows that we’ve been doing these “Focus On” articles since the launch of Black and White and they were one of the … Read more

Focus On: Black Kyurem & White Kyurem

This is a special edition of our ‘First Look’ series in which we’re going to do a preview of a yet unreleased Pokémon.  It may be two formes of the Kyurem we know or, from what Masuda’s twitter has suggested, these may be two distinct Pokemon.  We’ll report on that as soon as we hear … Read more

Focus On: Gym Leaders! (Part I)

Hey loyal Pokejunglers! Sorry it’s been such a while! Long story short; I moved back to Seattle with just my Dad (My parents didn’t divorce), and he doesn’t really ‘believe’ in the internet for the reasons I use it for (Like he calls PJN a waste of time. How wrong is he?) So I’ve had … Read more