Focus On: Black Kyurem & White Kyurem

This is a special edition of our ‘First Look’ series in which we’re going to do a preview of a yet unreleased Pokémon.  It may be two formes of the Kyurem we know or, from what Masuda’s twitter has suggested, these may be two distinct Pokemon.  We’ll report on that as soon as we hear about it!  Let’s take today to go over the appearance of these two legendaries.

Black Kyurem: The Zekrom-derived Kyurem is definitely a beast.  The gray goes well with the black and gives it a fairly nice look.  The asymmetrical addition of one ice wing and one ice arm & claw also give it a great look which stays true to the Ice/Dragon type Pokémon that Kyurem is. The only thing about its design that I’m not super hot on is the head.  The block ice chunk jutting out by its mouth isn’t very subtle and the Pharaoh-esque beard isn’t something that impresses me either. Overall however, I love the design.

White Kyurem: The Reshiram-derived forme/pokémon is also a formidable design.  I commented on the gray looking great on Black Kyurem, but here it has a lot less impact to the eye because of the light gray not standing out on the white.  It doesn’t look bad, but the colors there don’t differentiate it as much when compared to the original Reshiram. One of my favorite parts about this design though is the ice arm-wing.  Again there’s an asymmetrical design in which the icy additions counter the original look. The ice claw on each foot also stands out to me as a great design choice.  Again, not totally on board with  the heavy-handed ice blocks on the sides of its head, but it somehow looks better on White Kyurem than it did on Black to me. A nice design, but comes in second to Black Kyurem.

What we have to look forward to: Typing! There are ice parts of these dragons who were inspired from fire and electric type pokémon! Also curious to see what the sprites will look like, sure they’ll be pretty amazing.  I was impressed by the Reshiram/Zekrom sprites in Black and White so I expect that these will be the same level of quality. Also a huge part of these formes/pokémon will be the backstory. Very interested in how Black and White 2 will explain the story of these two and how they’ll relate to the main character.

What are your thoughts?!  Who’s your favorite?!  I’m updating the poll so go vote on the sidebar as well as commenting 🙂

<3 pokejungle