Famitsu Reviews Pokémon + Nobunaga (UPD)

And it gets a 34/40 (thanks for scanning in Karubi)!  Maybe not the perfect score we were looking for, but the reviewers did have some interesting tidbits:

The tie-up of pokemon and Nobunaga was unexpected, but after playing it for awhile, it doesn’t seem unexpected at all.It’s easy for kids to play because of it’s simplicity. Gathering pokemon is fun and integrated well into Pokemon + Nobunaga. It also has high replay value.Reona Ebihara

Pokémon weaknesses are easy to understand for fans, and the tutorials are easy as well. It’s fun looking for your partner pokemon and the replay value is high. If one was allowed to wish for more, I would say I wanted more graphics for bushous besides the main ones.“Devil” Fujihara

Pokémon + Nobuna successfully incorporates both games to make a whole new world view of the series. The 6 on 6 battle is easy to dive in to and easy to understand, and the knowledge of Pokémon’s abilities are a important factor for the battles. The increase of Pokémon and Busho is also very exciting. – “Maria” Yoshiike

It doesn’t just stop at a simulation game, but goes beyond that because Pokémon + Nobunaga uses types to make it even more strategical. It’s like pokémon in that you can collect the monsters. The difficulty is pretty low and some people might find it not high enough, but the tutorials make it easy for people who are playing simulation games for the first time. – “Badadaichi”

One heartening thing is that the game is listed as having a target audience of elementary school-aged children all the way through college students.  Also heartened to hear it has high replay value 🙂  Definitely a game I’m excited for.  Only 10 days left!  On the 16th a special manga will be released online which we will post here, but edit it into English for you guys 😉

Update: NL has graciously translated a few more pieces for us about the game (general information).

  • – There are mines that you can use to increase your funds
  • – The altitude/direction of attacking pkmn in relation to the defending pkmn does not impact battle as much as pure type advantage
  • – Type advantages can be looked up in game
  • – Certain stages are ‘Facility levels’ and change how items and effects work
  • – Downloadable episodes have increased difficulty

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