Famitsu Reviews Pokémon + Nobunaga (UPD)

And it gets a 34/40 (thanks for scanning in Karubi)!  Maybe not the perfect score we were looking for, but the reviewers did have some interesting tidbits: The tie-up of pokemon and Nobunaga was unexpected, but after playing it for awhile, it doesn’t seem unexpected at all.It’s easy for kids to play because of it’s … Read more

Pokémon Rumble Blast: Gallade Password

I happened to be browsing through the latest Famitsu issue tonight at a convenience store while waiting for a fax to send and happened across the password for Gallade in PRB: 9616-8485. Guess living in Japan does give me an edge in news (but very rarely :p).  Also of interest to you maybe the the … Read more

Famitsu scans?

These may be scans from the just-released issue of Famitsu, but they don’t reveal anything new 🙁  It does clearly show that Makomo is excited about seeing Mushaana, so she is probably the one who unlocks the “dream world” PC linking capabilities,  just like she gives you the C-Gear. Hopefully more scans will leak that … Read more

New Pokemon info in Famitsu?

There is a possibility that new Pokemon information will come to light in the upcoming Famitsu (game magazine) release which is on the 15.  I will wait with bated breath, but it could only cover things CoroCoro just revealed.  I bought Famitsu whenever it had Pokemon information while I lived in Japan :p  I liked … Read more

New Screenshots

Famitsu.com has been updated with some new screenshots on their news article detailing the release date of the black and white games (no new information to divulge though with it).  These aren’t too excited, but we can see Mijumaru using Surf and the two legendaries duking it out.   The last two screenshots show off … Read more