Rumour: Satoshi Tajiri to be present at E3?

NOTE: As with all rumour articles we suggest you do not take this information as fact until it is proven true. We are merely reporting information. Recently a conference focused on motion graphics was held, where a presentation was given showcasing their latest project. The project itself appears to be an opening for a video intended … Read more

Pokémon Game Show: Saturday *Live Updates* [UPD10]

Good evening PokéJunglers! The Pokémon Game Show is about to begin, and so avid fans have already began to gather at Tokyos ‘Big Site’. We’ll update this post throughout the day with pictures of the event from our friends attending, as well as any news! Stay tuned! Update 10 : Added a PGS video and … Read more

Best Wishes Season 2 Anime Details

Here are some of the first details for Pokémon Best Wishes 2: [list style=”arrow” color=”green”] Ash ‘n crew are traveling to Eastern Unova MeloettA will be accompanying the group Non-Unova Pokémon will appear in the wild now Cynthia and Dawn will both make appearances Ash gets a new rival Giovanni has a huge plan for … Read more

Famitsu Reviews Pokémon + Nobunaga (UPD)

And it gets a 34/40 (thanks for scanning in Karubi)!  Maybe not the perfect score we were looking for, but the reviewers did have some interesting tidbits: The tie-up of pokemon and Nobunaga was unexpected, but after playing it for awhile, it doesn’t seem unexpected at all.It’s easy for kids to play because of it’s … Read more

Japanese BW Owners: This Post is for You

Many of you who have the Japanese versions of Black and White will enjoy hearing that Lucario will be available soon through a download via the Global Link. Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu will be releasing a password for it this month. The Lucario comes with its Dream World ability Justified, along with the move Bullet … Read more

Japanese “Famitsu Cup” Tournament Coming!

If you haven’t, make sure to check up on our Rugged Mountain details as well as the Autumn Deerling C-Gear skin password! For those of you who don’t know, Famitsu is a popular gaming magazine published in Japan.  They’re partnering with Pokemon to present an official “Famitsu Cup” tournament which will be hosted in December. … Read more