New Pokemon info in Famitsu?

There is a possibility that new Pokemon information will come to light in the upcoming Famitsu (game magazine) release which is on the 15.  I will wait with bated breath, but it could only cover things CoroCoro just revealed.  I bought Famitsu whenever it had Pokemon information while I lived in Japan :p  I liked to look at the pictures haha.

<3 pokejungle

ps- What is your LEAST favorite pokemon so far?  I enjoy all of your comments so much <3  I read each and every one!

BTW- tomorrow I will be offering up a pokemon to give away.  You guys want to guess what it is?  I mean it’s nothing really special, but if someone wants to win it…

PPS- Did anyone notice how there is no mention of the other protagonist (the female, if you choose male or male, if you choose female) being in the game?  Since RSE the opposite gender has usually been your neighbor, rival, support, or other.  :S


Random BS rumor to finish off the night: Tsutaja’s evolution is named スイハンジャー (Suihanjaa).  This is 2ch at its finest.