New Pokemon info in Famitsu?

There is a possibility that new Pokemon information will come to light in the upcoming Famitsu (game magazine) release which is on the 15.  I will wait with bated breath, but it could only cover things CoroCoro just revealed.  I bought Famitsu whenever it had Pokemon information while I lived in Japan :p  I liked to look at the pictures haha.

<3 pokejungle

ps- What is your LEAST favorite pokemon so far?  I enjoy all of your comments so much <3  I read each and every one!

BTW- tomorrow I will be offering up a pokemon to give away.  You guys want to guess what it is?  I mean it’s nothing really special, but if someone wants to win it…

PPS- Did anyone notice how there is no mention of the other protagonist (the female, if you choose male or male, if you choose female) being in the game?  Since RSE the opposite gender has usually been your neighbor, rival, support, or other.  :S


Random BS rumor to finish off the night: Tsutaja’s evolution is named スイハンジャー (Suihanjaa).  This is 2ch at its finest.

  1. My least favorite is Reshiram, and I love all the other ones. This generation might be the best one. <3

  2. I sure do hope new info is revealed in Famitsu. The more info… the better. ^__^

    My least favorite Pokemon of Gen V, you ask? Zorua and Zoroark, no contest. I really wish I knew why I felt like this, but I hate both of them. That’s not like me to just abhor a Pokemon, but it’s true. =/

  3. i dont like Zorua and Zoroark either they’re going to be used too much and i dont use popular pokemon that much

  4. My least favorite pokemon is by far musharma because i was very excited to have a drowzee pre-evo, but then nintendo made a fucking stupid musharma… here is the full reason why i thought it was gonna be a pre evo (made by me because i AM brokenlullaby200):

    what is YOUR least favorite 5 gen pokemon, PJ?

    1. Right now I’m not liking Zoroark (I dunno why exactly, just not my favorite design and I’m not huge on dark types for some reason), Wooguru (another BIRD? so overdone), Mamepato (really wish they would deviate from the ‘by the numbers’ early-bird pokemon)… I was about to rag on Minezumi, but honestly, I’m getting used to it and it’s not as bad as bidoof if it is going to be my HM slave. Frankly it seems like its design has a little “personality” to it with the whole “look out” stance.

      Frankly though I don’t know why you guys are ragging on hihidaruma so much xD I have a Darma doll that I got before I left for Japan so that whole symbolism has a spot in my heart and I haven’t liked a fire design so much since… Magcargo (and its 4x water/ground weakness made it an instantly forgettable pokemon in competitive play .-.) Also I do enjoy Gear a lot just because it reminds me of some of the “early” pokemon, such as Magneton and exeggcute.

      And I’m sorry that you thought Munna was a drowzee pre-evo (as soon as I first saw it, that’s what it reminded me of though), but Mushaana is TOTALLY AMAZING. :p

  5. I’d have to say my least favorite pokemon is either Denchura or Doryuuzu, but I’m not 100% until the Sugimori artwork appears.

  6. My least favourite pokemon so far is probably that red/blue spiked pokemon that people have said is like Nosepass. He just looks messy.

    I do like most of the other pokemon though. Although the mole pokemon don’t do much for me either. I disliked Mamepato at first but it’s growing on me a little.

  7. more info plz? :3

    Least fave…rock crystal man…he lacks so much creativity. 🙁
    lets see…chiramii is TOO i dislike it as well…

    besides that i love every one of them <3

  8. @Sponge: Agreed – it’s probably my least favorite too. Seeing it and Gotchiwhatsherface’s animated sprites make it seem almost like their designs were based largely on what would be easiest to animate. Spike dude looks like they just threw a bunch of random pieces together and made ’em move a bit. I thought the same about Gothiqueen at first, buy Sugimori artwork has a weird effect on me, lol. Maybe I’ll feel differently about him too? 😛

  9. Munna for sure. I hate that design. It’s not even the color or the flowers, but the nose and eyes and general shape. Idk. I just really dislike it. I never understood how it coudl be a drowzee pre-evo. The colors weren’t even CLOSE, and they always usually advertise pre-evo’s. So far they haven’t advertised any evolutions or pre-evo’s, so I knew it wasn’t. And the evolution is…worse, personally.

    And Minezumi. It’s gross. I hate the other rodent Pokemon anyways, but something about this one is just more unappealing. Maybe it’s the eyes and tooth, or just the entire design, but I rather dislike it. I usually just make geodude learn all the rock/strength type moves. I use surf and fly, and I usually do without cut all game. XD

    And that green, psychic, puppet in a green body thing is odd. I dislike that Pokemon as well.

    When it comes to typings, I’m more disappointed. (ANOTHER Normal/Flying bird, REALLY?!) And I’m upset the Gothic doll Pokemon is also just Psychic.

    But other than those Pokemon, I really like all the others.

  10. This just in … GameFreak made another bird Pokemon. (ugh) What will they do next, mammals and reptiles?!

  11. @Keith What the Fudge is wrong with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Angry Face) Reshiram is freaking awesome!!! somethings must be wrong with your head! Did your parents drop you on the head as a child!!!!!!

    Just Kidding, I respect your opinion 🙂

  12. @David I’m not the one who said I didnt like Reshiram that was the person below me.

  13. I`m really NOT a fan of the water starter. (I don`t remember how to spell his name. \(^_^)/ ) I LOVE the War Eagle bird though!

  14. @austin gear is just so ugly, and he seems like his stats would suck. xD
    not sayin’ your wrong or anything.
    it’s evolution (if it gets one) could be kick ass. 😀
    so i’ll hafta see….
    i mean, i thought munna was the stupidest thing in the world at first, but then mushaana came along..xD

  15. gear is a magneton wannabee…but i hate magneton with a passion, so im glad his bum is being replaced.

    dont smack talk miji…lol.

    mamepto is no pidgeon, its a dove! i for one hink its adorable.

    minezumi is pawsome…he looks like hes gonna shank me.

    and hihiblah blahblah…its ugly 🙁 goth shoulda been dark and cell shoua been ghost. i HATE psychic types.

  16. @ozymandis yea I just like him cause I’m banking on the idea tht he will have a pretty sick evolution.

  17. What I’m most not feeling is Koromori, it’s not exactly what I thought it would be and having Klutz for an ability is pretty much a deal breaker. I’m a big item user, held or given. Munna is ok
    Reshiram is less than Zekrom, but it’s not hated because of the newly discovered biology thanks to Pokebeach- (Rocket jet tail WICKED!!) but…. a generator is much more cooler. Even though both games use my 2 most beloved types as the legendaries. Zekrom is now my most favorite legendary EVER!! Never have I loved a legendary which I love everything it represents and the name ZEKROM hella awesome. So tech, so unconventional, it’s like TRON infused with a dragon pokemon, I wish Zekrom could turn into electricity to hack into computer chips!!
    I really hope Hihidaruma evolves, if Rankurusu evolves I’m curious what direction they’ll go.
    I wonder why no evos or pres for previous pokemon have come forward. Please don’t be a complete restart.

    1. Peter: Can you use klutz to avoid damage from items like Sticky Barb? That would be nice. I know, I haven’t seen legendaries as awesome as Reshiram or Zekrom for a LONG time.

      Oh and I think they might be aiming for a refresh :s They haven’t shown ANY last gen Pokemon in any of the screenshots and even the Pokemon mascot pikachu looked like it was uncatchable in Isshu because it was encountered in the dream world where you can get pokemon not normally available in the games.

  18. tbh almost every pokemon leaked I didnt like initially (except for the legendaries)…but they grow on ya. And like what Ageman20XX said, Sugimori artwork made me like them more. but I don’t believe they will add new evolutions or pre-evolutions to existing pokemon in this gen. Didn’t the director say that we will only see Isshu based pokemon during your adventure? They drew out alot of there pre and evos in much of the last generation. I really think they are going a new direction, with new concepts, new ideas, and building a world far away from the previous lands to branch out for future generations. And revamping the way they make the concept art, it’s alot more dynamic; the detail in Zekrom and Reshiram is like nothing we’ve seen thus far. 32 and counting can’t wait for the rest. But love em or hate em they’re here to stay.

  19. I’d love to win a Pokémon, too! My least fav would have to be the green glob thing.

  20. My least favoriteis Gochiruzuru. The whole gothic concept still creeps me out.

    Personally, I actually like Gear and Mijumaru. My favorite is Rankurusuru (gotta love water bears!) Why would he have Dust-proof AND Magic Guard as possible abilities? Isn’t Dust-proof just a down-graded version of Magic Guard?

  21. There’s only a few I don’t really like and I don’t hate any of them. My least favorite is probably the unnamed rodent thing from the movie. It just reminds me too much of Plusle and Minun which, IMO, were some of the most useless pokemon (both in terms of design and usability in game). I’m not too fond of Munna (though Musharna’s alright), Gear (I hope if it evolves it’s more than just a Magnemite->Magneton kind of thing; that could redeem it) and Hihidaruma (it’s just kind of goofy looking. And I don’t despise any of those. They’re just kind of meh-ish, imo. All the rest I really like.

    Looking at the way they’re approaching this, I have a feeling they are going to go more for the R/S approach with obtainable pokemon, which I’m actually kind of hoping for. Obviously with G/S there was a lot of pokemon from the previous generation that were catchable. With D/P, alot of the new pokemon, although connected to previous pokemon were not obtainable until post-E4. And with only 107 new pokemon, we ended up with much less than that that were actually obtainable through the main game (I counted 81 or thereabouts). However, R/S had little relation to the previous games in terms of pokemon, and opted to base the pokedex more around the pokemon from that generation (all 135 are in the National dex, out of a possible 202, which leaves 67 from the previous generations). I liked that approach in that it gave players a better chance to try out all the new pokemon (or you could say forced them to use the new pokemon) as opposed to falling back to their tried and true favorites, and hopefully develop some new favorites. The area in which R/S failed, was in the fact that post-E4, they didn’t provide a method of obtaining the rest of the pokemon. However, D/P implemented that, and it looks as if B/W will continue/improve that through the Global Link. So, I hope that if they don’t introduce very many (or any) pre/evos, that they set up the Isshu dex to be mainly comprised of new pokemon and leave most of the other pokemon to after the E4.

    Sorry for the wall of text, didn’t mean for this post to end up this way. I have a bad habit of rambling, though. >.<

    tl;dr: If few/no pre/evos are introduced, they should make all Isshu pokemon obtainable pre-E4 and limit (at least to the point that it doesn't outnumber Isshu pokemon) the number of older pokemon obtainable, like R/S did.

  22. oh is that a confirmed real one?
    i still refuse to believe that things a pokemon. ><
    it just so ugly!
    and it looks as weak as hell!

  23. Dislike… I dislike… uh…
    Well, I like em all, really. The gothic chick is my least favorite!

  24. There hasn’t been on that I have really disliked. I am on the fence with the gothic one, only because I wonder if there is a evolution, of if it is the final evolution.

    Otherwise, I like them so far. I really like the eagle and I like the green blob a lot.

  25. I do like most of the new pokemon(specially the zebra), however i dislike the new bat, the gothic doll and that weird green cell.

  26. All the hate for Broccolimouse is astonishing. Poor little guy. Oh well… I still love it! And I still believe it is a real Pokemon. 🙂

  27. Hihidaruma. I’m just not a big fan of primate Pokemon in general. That and Munna and it’s evo.

  28. Is that Broccili sheep dog thing ACTUALLY a Pokemon? It doesn’t have a Pokemon-like design. It looks more along the lines of one of those crappy Digimon. (Prepares for Digimon fan hate-mail). I Really do hate it if it is a Pokemon.

  29. i thought i twas form some anime or somethin’ @@”
    but i mean, we haven’t heard anything about it idk..
    allthough the other things in these pictures were real…*crosses fingers and hopes it’s fake*

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