Hi-Rez Scans (UPD- New scan!)

Scan 1- (I knew this was missing but it JUST popped up!)

  • Page 3: Introducing CHEREN!  In that first screenshot he’s saying “Inside this present are our Pokemon”, which explains why the trailers have show a present being unwrapped before you choose your pokemon.  The little screenshot below that is the “card” on the present from Professor Araragi.  It seems that Cheren may also want to be the Pokemon Champion, but will give you advice along the way during your adventure.
  • Page 2: The first screenshot is showing the opening cinematic for Black and White.  It also explains that at points during your adventure you will battle Cheren and Bell.  Apparently the girl, Bell, is going on this Pokemon adventure against her father’s wishes and is rather spontaneous.  And is it just me or are Isshu houses SPACIOUS?!

Scan 2-

  • Page 5: Introduces ‘N’, your main rival.  Apparently he is the exact opposite of the rival in G/S/C in that he values Pokemon so much he wants to stop human intervention and let them live free again.  Kind of sad that they’re choosing to “villianize” that concept, but we’ll have to see how it turns out in the end.
  • Page 4: Bell (Beru) and Cheren will begin their adventures at the same time so all of you will receive starters from Professor Araragi at the same time.

Scan 3-

  • Page 7&6: Explaining triple battles.  The positioning aspect is revealed in a little bit more depth, with the pokemon in the middle being able to attack ALL pokemon on the field, but the pokemon on the left or right may only attack the opposing pokemon who is across from them OR the middle opponent.  On the right page it shows a little diagram with arrows about which pokemon you can attack.  There are also now abilities and attacks which can negate battle damage from your own pokemon in attacks that damage everyone, like Surf

Scan 4-

  • Page 9: Black City is a BLACK VERSION area, while White Forest is a WHITE VERSION area.  This page details some of the differences between the games, including areas and cities that may differ depending on what version you buy.  The screenshots in the bottom depict one such change as a city has two distinct appearances.
  • Page 8: Goes on a little more about the two versions, revealing that the new Gochiruzeru and Rankurusu will be VERSION EXCLUSIVE.  Does not say which version gets which though.

Scan 5-

  • Page 11: Reveals details about some new Pokemon. Gochiruzeru is a Psychic type and is the Heavenly Body Pokemon.  It has the ability “Frisk”.  Rankurusu is also a Psychic type and is the Amplification Pokemon.  It has a special ability called “Dust Protection” that allows it to take no damage from weather effects such as hail or sandstorm.  The screenshot above it is showing this off.  It also has another potential ability which is Magic Guard (lol, updated).  Wooguru is a normal/flying type and is the Valor Pokemon.  We already learned about its abilities and “Free Fall” from the last scans.  Boooooring.
  • Page 10: More new Pokemon deets. Kibago is a dragon type (as many of you guessed) and is the Tusk Pokemon.  It has the abilities Rivalry or Mold Breaker.  Koromori is psychic/flying and is the bat pokemon.  It has the abilities Unaware (ignores stat changes in opponent except speed) or Klutz.  Makes it seem like a pokemon with rather… low IQ to be nice.  Also has a new attack called “Heart Stamp” which can cause opponent to flinch.  Minezumi is a normal type and the Guard or Look-out pokemon (makes sense with that stance).  It has the abilities Run Away or Keen Eye.

Scan 6-

  • Page 13: Just talks about High Link, most of this was covered in the other leak translations I posted.
  • Page 11: Introduces Mushaana a psychic type who is the Dream State Pokemon.  It will either have Forewarn or Synchronize.   It’s “dream smoke” will allow you to connect with Pokemon Global Link (PGL).  The screenshot shows you using Mushaana to connect to WiFi.  This page also introduces us with Makomo, Professor Araragi’s Assistant, who will give you the C-Gear at some point during your adventure.  (The Munna/Mushaana “dream smoke” bit needs a little clarification, since we don’t know if you simply have to show them to someone in order to enable the wireless feature, or if they carry an item called “dream smoke”, or what.

Scan 7-

  • Page 15: Talks about the new “Speedy” feature via IR that you can access.  You can both trade and battle simply using the IR and also exchange friend codes with that (yay!).  Also there is a “Feeling Check” feature where there are apparently a few cute mini-games.  Also at the bottom it shows that Black and White now have a feature allowing players to choose whether or not they want to use Kanji in the dialog.  Traditionally Pokemon games have always been in Hiragana and Katakana (the simple Japanese alphabets) to allow younger children to completely understand the game, but now older players can enjoy a less simplified version with Kanji.  I’m hoping they don’t totally cut that guy out and rather add in a different feature for the English games.
  • Page 14: LIVE CAST!  It shows 4 players playing locally and also shows that you will have a pen feature so that you can draw on the bottom screen while chatting to people.  That makes a little more sense for local players who could otherwise just chat face-to-face.  Also helpful if you want to draw a dick next to your friend’s mouth (omg how could I write that?!).  Also characters in-game will call you on it throughout your adventure, but hopefully not as often as my phone was ringing in HGSS.  No Little Timmy, I do NOT care that another Rattata got away from you… SORRY.  The screenshot shows Professor Araragi chatting with you, Cheren, and Bell.

Scan 8-

  • Page 17: Shows the new “Dream” feature for pokemon, allowing them to be transferred to the PC (one at a time) to their own special “room”.  If they meet friends there they may bring them back to Black and White, allowing you to catch Pokemon not otherwise obtainable.  I’m curious as to whether these screenshots indicate that Pikachu may not be catchable in Isshu.  It does look like you may have to battle with them and actually catch them though…?  It also talks about Pokemon Center’s ‘Global Terminal’ which have a “Random Match” feature FINALLY allowing us to battle other Pokemon Trainers randomly from our DS’s.  There is also a “Ranking Mode” which will show top Trainers.  It appears that rankings will also be checkable online.
  • Page 16: More “Pokemon dream” description.  Not really any new information, just says there is DS to PC communication through the PGL.  To be honest all these wireless features are getting confusing when we have the Global Terminals, Pokemon Global Link, and High Link.

Scan 9-

  • Page 19: Talks about the demo that will be making its rounds in Japan starting on the 7th of August!  Few screenshots that we’ve already seen.  Second part talks about a “Pokemon Labyrinth”.  Apparently the Pokemon Daisuki Club (“I love Pokemon Club” lol, wish we had that!) will be offering a feature that allows you to take one of the eeveelutions back to Black or White once it is released.  Hopefully other countries will be able to get this event as well, even without our own Club.
  • Page 18: Displaying information about the Celebi event in which you can obtain Zoroa.  Also the screenshots show that when you send out Zoroa or Zoroark they will appear as the second pokemon in your party (it shows your Zoroark appearing as a Mijimaru while the game text reads “What would you like Zoroark to do?”.

<3 pokejungle

ps- whew done.  Will have my boyfriend run these over really quick tonight to make sure nothing important was missed.  <3

pps- It seems that those scans that leaked with information about Pass-by, triple battle, etc are actually Black and White Pamphlets that will be available in stores and are NOT from CoroCoro :3

ppss- Am I the only one seeing a bunch of talk about N actually being a Zoroark?  N = Z.  lol.  Their hair actually does seem a bit similar and we have seen that (even in game) Zoroa can emulate a human… hmm…

  1. -There are so many new features, most of which probably won’t be used unless you have several friends with the game.

    -Hopefull there aren’t too many triple battles. The system for them will get annoying quick for me.

  2. That’s cool. I like that your character actually has more than one friend this time. I also like N’s motivations as a character.

  3. Yes what a lovely mess of features!!
    It seems my beloved blob has 2 abilities that do similar things.
    Stops indirect attacks to itself.
    But Gamefreak hear my plea- DON’T PUT HIM IN BLACK!!
    There’s that version exclusive ploy, sheesh.
    Mushanna shouldn’t be just a gimmick pokemon it should have a good moveset and stats. So that you won’t have to worry pokejungle 🙂
    Well well Kibago is another dinosaur.
    Gochrizeru doesn’t look as bad in her art.
    Wargle still looks pretty good in the full art.

    Confirmed: N is EVIL!!
    Jubilife’s rumors are coming true.

  4. I like how the houses are…dare I say it? big. I always found it tiresome that a 4 person family had about 7 square feet to live in.

    N should accomplish his goal. what kind of animal abuser would oppose his views? :p

    version exclusive areas…im getting white regardless ( zekrom <3 ) but now i may just have to purchase (…or emu) black 😉

    1. I’m buying White because of ‘White forest’ :p I may download Black though and use it with my acekard though haha.

  5. This is so… odd. I understand, now, that White Forest is in White Version, and Black City is in black. But then the pictures under these two areas… They show a town, it looks like, with the buildings different for each version. Black version (with Black City) seems to have stone buildings with natural shrubs growing around it. White version (with White Forest) has a high-tech look to the buildings, as if they are made of metal and there are the grid-like markings of light on the ground. I dislike how they’re mixing all of this. =( I suppose I’ll wait to see what is in each game before I choose Black or White.

    1. I’m not sure that those screenshots specified which version of the city appeared in Black and which appeared in White 😮

  6. I think that N might be Zoroark, because it seems like it would never happen and it would be a major plot twist! 🙂

  7. Come on Gamefreak put Rankurusu in Black it’s the better one! (Cooler sounding name, better legendary [I can prove that],Black city seems pretty awesome, etc.)

  8. Well sorry I was wrong about Chiramii.

    Anyway I hope that Gochiruzeru is in White version!!! She is going to be such a grat pokemon to have.

  9. I think he means Zekrom and Reshiram.

    I really will be honest and say that I do, in fact, think that N will be Zuroark. I don’t know if it’s just because you mentioned it but the picture where it shows you battling him, look at his shadow. It slightly resembles Zuroark.

  10. I like the new “evil” guy, N. I also like that he is your “rival” as is Cheren and Belle.

    I like N mainly because of his plans. His plans are so much different than any of the other plans in previous games. His plan has good intentions, but will proly end up bad just like Communism.

    As for least favorite pokemon: Koromori. I was hoping it would be cute but it just looks like an ugly hillbilly.

  11. Okay, it’s settled. WHICHEVER GAME HAS RANKURUSU IS MIEN! 8D

    These games just keep getting better and better. ^^


  12. Okay, I don’t think N would be Zoroark… Didn’t they just do that in a movie? And if you get a Zorark via event, why would they put another one in the story line?
    And if N is a silver clone (Evil twin type) than we will probably see a puny team, like rocket in G/S/C. Does that charm he have seem to resemble team galactic at all?


    Rankurusu is pretty cool. Better than his gothic counterpart….

    So, if what I heard is correct, then White has white forest, but high tech towns? So maybe the people are getting ‘back to nature’ in this version, so trying to obtain Reshiram.
    And opposite for black! Just a thought…

    Thanks again Pokejungle for all your hard work!

  13. i agree with zalck on the N thing.
    if he turns out to be a zorark in disguise i might shoot myself. -__-‘

  14. allthough, it wouldn’t make much sense even if he was, i mean why make zoark a event pokemon then?

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