Still waiting!

I can’t believer higher resolution pictures or scans haven’t surfaced of the CoroCoro pages!  Now it’s just a matter of time.  This is kind of my “post of the night” just I’m anxious for the scans, but I also might go to sleep early.  I’m pretty wiped out from 2 days of 8hr shifts.  Then again I might not, so if scans do leak check back :p

If you guys have time, friend pokejungle on facebook or join our forums!  At the moment MMC looks less than pretty because of saul closing his site and having to re-upload the images, so I’ll plug our forum a different day hahahaha.

<3 pokejungle

ps- WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE POKEMON SO FAR?!  Mine *without a doubt* is Mushaana (and Munna!).

  1. I’m really anxious to see what the starters evolve into – there’s a lot of potential. So far though, Rankuruso (sp?) has me the most intrigued. But I feel I’m doing a disservice by not mentioning how neat Musharna looks or how sweet Shimama is, etc. etc. So pumped for better scans! 😀

  2. I don’t have a clear favorite picked. I like Wooguru and Rankurusu(jelly ghost) a lot, as well as Zoroark and Reshiram. Desukan, Denchura, Ononokusu, Doryuuzu, and the unnamed gem/rock thing (revealed with Rankurusu and Gochiruzeru) look pretty cool, but I’m waiting to see clearer pictures of them/Sugimori art, and their typing before I make a judgement.

  3. Desukan has the potential to be my favorite pokemon, but until then I really like Giaru.
    I love all the pokemon so far, I feel like I’m betraying them by picking favorites >.>

    GEAR is going to be awesome! (And if that rumor was true, it’s like a remoraid, so can’t wait to see what pokemon it is paired with)
    Tsujara is my starter!
    Zoroark+Lucario=AWESOME duo.
    I dunno wich legendary right now…

  5. The scans are taking their sweet time.

    fave gev V pokes:
    1. mijumaru
    2. zekrom
    3. wargle

    and that odd un named pokemon as well :3 its so orange and fluffy

  6. I think it’s fair to say I believe I’ll love Mijumaru’s final evolution. His stage 1 evo (in the beta art) really has me loving it, so I know I’ll adore the final stage. In that case…

    1. Mijumaru + Evolutions
    2. Minezumi
    3. Chiramii (Technician plus Normal type = good things to come.)

    I like how the eagle is turning out. Very, very powerful looking, in my opinion.

  7. i definatly like shimama the zeebrah i hope he evolves
    that eagle does look pretty BoMb too

  8. I’d say Koromori. Seriously, it’s cute! It’s like when Mijumaru was first released then everybody (almost) went neutral on Mijumaru by the time its evo was shown. I think Koromori has SOME potential to become a nicer, less retarded Pokemon once it evolves (if ever…).

    Of course, there’s the eagle too. For some reason, it bothers me that the eagle dosen’t evolve from anything, still pretty cool! Liking the Gen V Pokemon so far ^.^

  9. 1. Tsutaja
    2. Hihidaruma
    3. Rankurusu

    All these have the potential to make a well balanced 3.

  10. i want high res!! D:<


    i hope to god that mushaana has some friggin' awesome stats! if it doesn't i might kill myself. xD

  11. Out of all of the 5th gen Pokemon so far, I still like Tsutaaja the most. 🙂

  12. I like Desukan the most, it’s all like “Whooooo, I’m a sarcophagus~”
    and I absolutely love it xD

  13. WHAT. THE. FUDGE. *has to retype comment ALL OVER AGAIN* *AGAIN* *AGAIN* @[email protected]


    I leave for, what, a month?, and you guys are already wrecking MMC? Unbelievable…

    –Gochiruzeru (if he’s the cell)
    –Movie 14 guy

    Seriously, though, I like all of the new Pokémon (EXCEPT FOR YOU, HIHIDARUMA >_>), but these are some of my favorites. ^^


  14. These are my three favorites so far:
    3. Mijumaru
    2. Koromori
    1. Rankurusu

    I don’t really dislike any of them, these are just the ones that I’m in love with. And now I might not be getting Black Version – it depends on which version Rankurusu appears in.

  15. Chiramii is my favorite. I’ve been gushing non-stop about it ever since it was revealed. My other favorites are Mijumaru, Shimama, Rankurusu, Gochiruzeru, and the unnamed Pokemon shown at the movie. Although I like nearly all of the Pokemon revealed so far, really. Except Minezumi, Hihidaruma and Giaru.

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