Tonight the ‘Demo Buses’ roll out!

Just a heads up letting you all know that tonight (tomorrow morning in Japanese time) will start the headline tour of buses that contain the demo that we previously saw footage from.  Right now we don’t know for sure that anything will be revealed that hasn’t already… but I’m still kind of excited to be … Read more

Wish I had more rumors :(

I’ve been scanning 2ch, Japanese blogs, etc all in hopes of getting some great rumors for you guys… but so far I’ve returned empty handed.  Hope you guys aren’t all like “Wow, this site is just like Serebii” :p  I do want to post more rumors for us to discuss, but I just have to … Read more

Still waiting!

I can’t believer higher resolution pictures or scans haven’t surfaced of the CoroCoro pages!  Now it’s just a matter of time.  This is kind of my “post of the night” just I’m anxious for the scans, but I also might go to sleep early.  I’m pretty wiped out from 2 days of 8hr shifts.  Then … Read more