Wish I had more rumors :(

I’ve been scanning 2ch, Japanese blogs, etc all in hopes of getting some great rumors for you guys… but so far I’ve returned empty handed.  Hope you guys aren’t all like “Wow, this site is just like Serebii” :p  I do want to post more rumors for us to discuss, but I just have to wait for some to surface!

Now that we’re practically 2 months from the BW release though information should start coming a bit quicker and we might start getting more demo leaks or pictures of early BW copies (that will come probably August-ish).  So just sit tight 😀

<3 pokejungle

ps- We saw that screenshot of a plane with the characters walking near it… you guys have any guesses as to what it is for?  Frankly I do NOT believe there will be another region included, so I wouldn’t bother getting my hopes up if I were you :p  My hypothesis is that if it actually takes you anywhere it could be to the version exclusive area, Black City or White Forest.

—- Before bed update:

I’m going to be gone for tomorrow and Saturday visiting a friend in Northern Minnesota… but I will have my netbook with so it won’t stop me from getting any new Pokemon news to you guys 😀

Also I’m LOVING these pokemon wallpapers.  I’m using the Cherubi one :3  They are totally worth checking out!

  1. This might be a stretch, but the plane could be used to encounter the box legendaries in the clouds. I can’t imagine battling them from in a plane, though.

  2. Maybe there is an airport in Isshu hence the plane.

    Speaking of transport we still don’t know what the game will use instead of bikes because CoroCoro stated bikes were being replaced with something never seen in a Pokemon game.

  3. Definitely hoverboards. Definitely.

    IMO 80% chance that if they don’t use bikes, it’ll be mopeds. It would totally fit with Japanese culture (they use a ton of them there, even old grandmas haha) and be a logical fit for personal transportation in Isshu.

  4. Perhaps the airplane is merely to showcase the advancement in a technological world. Reminiscent of how the franchise has expanded in its near 15 years of existence. Since nature and technology seem to be the theme here. Which is an intriguing concept; if Pokemon evolve then why not their surroundings? Much to the effect of the train in Gold & Silver portrayed an expanding, changing environment, taking place five years after its predecessor. But maybe there’s a mountain peak or land mass only assessable by plane (which will be shown by a cut scene) much like the boat does in countless other Pokemon games. Only time will tell. Also, I just wanted to say I just recently stumbled on this site and it’s now my new favorite lol It’s friendly, laid back, informative, you can leave comments without joining some annoying forum, the web master actually listens to what you have to say, and best of all…RUMORS!

  5. Do not worry, your site is MUCH better than Serebii. You translate things faster, post rumors, care about your community and actually post images in your posts, so we don’t have to open each one individually (Serebii indexes them in the ‘Screenshots’ section, and I dislike that habit)

  6. @ayeathatguy that was actually really insightful 😀
    thanks for that. 🙂
    and ya PJN’s pretty awesome rightr? xDDD
    paul is just the besttt 😀

    ohh nice wallpapers!
    i now have the roserade background~
    favorite pokemon BTW

    now if only they had a mushaana one. ><

  7. As long as we are comparing to Serebii…

    This is so much better, there is rarely a comparison. I use this for all my rumor and info needs!
    Serebii often misses some of the small stuff we like to see! Like the pre-release gifts! Not to mention you respond and care about your commentators!

  8. I check here, serebii and pokebeach.
    Pretty much because all three post different things.
    Here, we have rumours and the whatnot.
    Serebii seems to act superior to all other sites, yet does not often have anything special, although i find it worthwhile keeping tabs on the site because he does have inside sources.
    PokeBeach, doesn’t really have much, but occasionally they have something, like the minezumi and orange pokemon thing.

  9. ya serebii is best for resources for your games like the pokedex and stuff but there are VERY VERY serious.
    where as pokebeach has it’s momets and i soso with seriousness
    and pokejungle is nice ’cause it has the same info plus more plus the rumours that make us giddy! 😀

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