Wish I had more rumors :(

I’ve been scanning 2ch, Japanese blogs, etc all in hopes of getting some great rumors for you guys… but so far I’ve returned empty handed.  Hope you guys aren’t all like “Wow, this site is just like Serebii” :p  I do want to post more rumors for us to discuss, but I just have to wait for some to surface!

Now that we’re practically 2 months from the BW release though information should start coming a bit quicker and we might start getting more demo leaks or pictures of early BW copies (that will come probably August-ish).  So just sit tight 😀

<3 pokejungle

ps- We saw that screenshot of a plane with the characters walking near it… you guys have any guesses as to what it is for?  Frankly I do NOT believe there will be another region included, so I wouldn’t bother getting my hopes up if I were you :p  My hypothesis is that if it actually takes you anywhere it could be to the version exclusive area, Black City or White Forest.

—- Before bed update:

I’m going to be gone for tomorrow and Saturday visiting a friend in Northern Minnesota… but I will have my netbook with so it won’t stop me from getting any new Pokemon news to you guys 😀

Also I’m LOVING these pokemon wallpapers.  I’m using the Cherubi one :3  They are totally worth checking out!