Tonight the ‘Demo Buses’ roll out!

Just a heads up letting you all know that tonight (tomorrow morning in Japanese time) will start the headline tour of buses that contain the demo that we previously saw footage from.  Right now we don’t know for sure that anything will be revealed that hasn’t already… but I’m still kind of excited to be honest.  Hopefully we’ll get at least a few tidbits of information.  And hopefully someone slips out their cellphone to grab a picture or video :p

While we wait here’s a reminder to check out the new chat so you can talk with other pokemon enthusiasts in real time.  But don’t stop commenting on the articles, because I love to read your thoughts ;_;

With that, I’ll be heading to work for 3 hours.  Never fear though, Daigo will be watching the site for me in case anything breaks while I am gone.  We are also still waiting for those CoroCoro leaks which should come tonight or tomorrow night :3

<3 pokejungle

ps- Any guesses to what legendary waits at the end of the demo with Professor Araragi?!  😮  Victini?  Reshiram?  Zekrom?  …a new pokemon?!