Small Eeveelution News

The official site updated with a SMALL piece of information.  We already knew that participation in “Pokemon Labyrinth” was a must to meet an eeveelution.  (BTW Labyrinth is a flash game when you navigate around a map trying to catch/study pokemon.  It’s kind of a puzzle game I believe).  Then when the ‘Pokemon Global Link’ website goes up on the 18th when Black/White are released you have a chance to meet one of the eeveelutions.  BUT.  They have… a secret.  So we’ll have to wait until B/W debut to find out what that is!

<3 pokejungle

ps- Any guesses for the “secret”?  Oh and which one would you want?  Leafeon for me please *_*

pps- Added  a simple chat page for the moment while I work on the actually decent IRC chat :]  (BTW- My username is “Quienn“.  I made the account like a year ago and that was the name of my Blood Elf Death Knight in WoW Dx)

  1. I guess it will be a unique move that cannot be learned otherwise! Which is the kind of thing I really like!


      I thought I was replying to someone else on a different news post Dx My bad guys!

      1. You mean they’ll have a new ability other than the one each had before???

        That would be cool.

          1. i hope its special moves that each can know as well as special abilities and maybe even special items

  2. Leafeon is my personal favorite as well he is soooo adorable
    but as far as the best eeveelutions fighting wise?
    Vaporeon will always be a part of my team <3

    1. yeah vaporeon is the strongest it has aurora beam which can kill leafeon but leafeon is still my fav

      1. Umbreon’s better. High defense allows it too endure whatever’s thrown an it and use Payback for 200 power (Payback+Low Speed+STAB) almost every time.

    1. I think either tonight or tomorrow logically.
      Pokemon Sunday airs tomorrow so most likely they might show the info before PS airs.

  3. 1. Espeon
    2. Glaiceon
    3. Leafeon
    4. Umbreon
    5. Flareon

    Maybe… Eeveelutions have evolutions this Generation! :O

    1. nah i doubt that will happen and i dont want it to anyway i think that would sorta mess up the eeveelutions but thats just my opinion

    1. I was really disappointed with the shinx line in DPPt >< We finally got a new kickass looking 3 stage evolution for electric and BAM it has terrible speed.

      1. same here.
        i even took the time to get a shiny one.
        then i discovered that awful speed and lack of a *good* physical STAB attack.

          1. i prefer Spark over T-Fang, but i agree it is decent. Just not as good as i’d like it.
            i’m a little picky on stuff like that.

      1. I didn’t sign up lol, you don’t need to 😮
        And to answer your question, I want a ghost type, but I don’t know what you’d call that

  4. hopeing for a new gay eeveeloution named Cumbreon the first gay eeveelution Rock type because hes always hard

      1. Now’s a good time to bring back the thumbs down, eh? I certainly wouldn’t disapprove of that.

        PS. Glaceon for me, please.

          1. Or can’t you be mature about stuff and not post that in the first place? Probably not, with the way you’re acting.

      1. *throws brick*
        I’ll help~!
        *snatches cup of milk*
        Yuu get none!!

        *stops Roflhitmontop from spinning*
        Yuu get none this, too!

  5. If not an ability as pokejungle said, maybe they’ll come w an item that will evolve an eevee into a new eeveelution???

    OMG what if there are two new evos for eevee this gen, DRAGON and STEEL, it would certainly fit w the whole setting of midieval knights fighting dragons and such OMG this gen!! I hope so 😀

    1. I really hope they wouldn’t miss this opportunity to’ve made them as thing would make sense for those two types to be introduced this gen.

      1. What? Ok if we look back to when attacks were solely based on the type (whether it was special or physical) all the “special” types have been made into eevolutions with Dragon being the last option. That’s gone now, attacks are no longer either special or physical based on the types (grass, steel etc). Rock attacks were never special, and if they continue to make eevolutions I have no doubt that there will be a rock type, but as we are dealing with nature (dragons) and technology/knights in armor (steel), in this generation as a theme Dragon and Steel are the only I can see as plausable.

    1. omy gosh thats a good idea except i can think that idea will be going to shijika not eevee

  6. I’m hoping the secret is one or two new Eeveelutions.
    Orrrr… A new move they might all share? Or even a new ability would be cool.

    As for my favorite Eeveelution…?
    I ♥love♥ Espeon~♪
    Psychic type Pokemon are my favorite.

    1. maybe its more eeveelutions than ever introduced in one generation maybe we will get four or five new eeveelutions

      1. And maybe Mewtwo will return to Super Smash Bros Brawl as a downloadable character.
        J/k (=P)

        We can all dream. That’s mine.
        …Well, one of them. I also wanna control the wind.

    1. well for summer im guessing we wud get fire which is already made, for winter we wud get ice which has already been made, and for spring we wud get grass which is already made, and fall well idk what fall wud be

      1. Well, supposedly Autumn(Fall) will be Psychic.
        Don’t know how, don’t know why, but Psychic.
        I actually like this becuz I ♥love♥ Psychic-type Pokemon~♪

        Besides, what other type would really fit for that season?

  7. Ok found it xD
    “What’s more, It seems that there is some kind of secret about the Eevee evolutions that you can come across…!?”

    I agree that a Dragon, steel or flying Eevee would be cool. But maybe it is just an item so we shouldn’t get too excited…then again it’s times like these that what getting excited is all about!… Ah what to do, how to react! @[email protected]
    The life of a Pokenerd is so deep and complicated.

      1. I’ll be importing. I’m treating my sister and pal Kryzz to a copy each too haha.
        I don’t do roms. I’m a good boy xD

        I’m gonna play through the games fairly slowly to enjoy them~
        Once they arrive I prob won’t be checking online for a week or two incase I get spoilers. I want to know whats revealed in Corocoro until actual game release but I don’t want to have the WHOLE thing ruined.
        I remember with DP Filb ripped all the sprites out a day or two before release. I don’t wanna know anything of that scale again just yet haha.
        I’d like to know numbers though. How many new Pokemon,How many new evos/extra in the national dex etc, not what they are, just how many to look out for.
        Yes I know…I’m very picky! xD

        1. i agree i dont want the whole thing spoiled but ill be importing but how do u rom anyway? where do u go to do that?

          1. Shhhh!
            Some people get bricks thrown in their face for talkin’ like that ’round here.
            Sometimes pies.

  8. I think maybe a new ability like pokejungle said or maybe 2 new eeveelutions .My favorite eeveelution and favorite pokemon is umbreon.

  9. Probably a new move.

    Everyone will get this amazing move that they’ve just been begging for.

    Except Flareon

    Who will just get Fake Tears

    Because Nintendo hates Flareon.

        1. I’m guessing Hihidaruma will be slow >_>; But hopefully it’ll have usable stats and a good move pool~ :3 I really want to have a fire type I genuinely like!

          1. But the fact is, he does look like he’ll have decent defense maybe semidecent speed, special attack I’m sure would be pretty high.

  10. [Bug] [Dark] [Dragon] [Electric] (([Fighting])) [Fire] [Flying] [Ghost] [Grass]
    (([Ground])) [Ice] [Normal] [Poison] [Psychic] [Rock] [Steel] [Water]

    *Circles Ground and Fighting*

    I’d love to see a “Sandeon” and a…, um… “{insert word that has to do with fighting here}-eon.”
    Those two types seem the most natural for an Eeevee evolution.
    I mean, there is a huge-ass desert on the region map.
    And… animals do get into fights out there in the wild. So, why not?

    I personally think it would be weird to see a scaly Dragon/dog-thing hybrid. Poor little Eevee could end up lookin’ like this ( or… this ( (º~º)!
    Or imagine a metallic, Steel-type dog-thing that might look like Poo-chi ( or this robotic canine ( (.__.)’
    I can’t even begin to think what a Poison-type Eeveelution might look like.

    1. Those are creepy D: but the first one for Dragon is cool. That’s.. a foo dog I think 8D they’re awesome! An eevee based on a kirin for a dragon type would be cool too.

      1. That reminds me of back in the day when I made a Toxeon.. it was stupid looking. XD

      2. Those are pretty cool fanarts, but I think they look to gruesome to be an evolution of Eevee. These look more… elegant(?), although a lil’ bit exaggerated. Your call. lol

        I’d want the possible 5th gen Eeveelutions to look both natural and mythical, like the the Eeveelutions we have now. Sometimes I see fan-art Eeveelutions that look way too exaggerated and literal, like a Fighting-type-eon that has punching bags attached to it’s tails or a Bug-type-eon that’s a giant six-legged bug/dog-thing hybrid. I think Eeveelutions should awe us with they’re beauty and/or coolness, no?

        I’d love for a Fighting-type Eeveelution to look something along the lines of this smexy beast of a puppy (! (^_^)b
        As for the Ground-type Eeveelution, I’d like it to look something like…
        This : ( }(☼_☼){
        *thinks that Cloudeon would be a smexy Flying-type Eeveelution*
        Or this very smexy creature: ( \(*w*)/

        Whether you agree or disagree, I’m sure you can all agree that…
        We want MOAR Eeveelutions!!! >=V

        P.S.: I’ve NEVER said(typed) Eeveelutions so much in my LYFE!!
        (@[email protected])’

        1. Sorry for the double-post, but the link to a pic of the fighting-type Eeveelution fan-art attached the parenthesis to the end of the link.
          It should work if you just remove the parenthesis at the end of the link.

          Again, sorry for the double-post!
          *bows head*

        2. Some of those look perfect! I have to say, the dragon, ghost, and steel type (shocking!) in the first pic are amazing. Thank you for showing me a good looking steel! <3 And I'm LOVING that fighting type! Simple and elegant, yet showing it's personality clearly, just as they should.

        1. Welcomes to you all. (^_^)
          I’m glad someone agrees with me on the “simple and elegant” part.

          I really do think a Ground-eon and a Fighting-eon would fit in with the way the Isshu region appears to be, based on the map. But, who knows, we might not get crap. lol

          …I’d seriously be sad if that happened.

  11. PLEASE. DRAGON EEVEE. Or flying. Steel’s cool too. Or Rock.

    I thought that you could play the minigame to get the ‘lutions starting tomorrow.. I must have misread that somewhere

  12. Oh, I so hope its new eeveelutions! I would love a poison / ground or a ghost / fighting duo for this gen.

  13. Reshiram or Zekrom….whos better? Reshiram takes only regular damaage from ice which is super effective on dragons and can kill ice type cuz of fire but water is super efective on it. and zekrom can kill water types which can seriously hurt reshiram. so whos better?

    1. No, dragon resists water, so water is not super effective against Reshi. The only things that are super effective against him are ground, rock, and dragon.

  14. hay guiz woodnt it be awsime if at da end wee find arceus???!!!111

    On a serious note, I would like a new eeveelution. A dragon-type one would be good.

  15. Get this…You find a “Spirit Stone” and it evolves the Eevee into a ghost type Eevee. Or you find a “Dragon Heart” and it evolves eevee into a dragon type eevee, both I would be great with. I would actually use an Eevee at that point.

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