Small Eeveelution News

The official site updated with a SMALL piece of information.  We already knew that participation in “Pokemon Labyrinth” was a must to meet an eeveelution.  (BTW Labyrinth is a flash game when you navigate around a map trying to catch/study pokemon.  It’s kind of a puzzle game I believe).  Then when the ‘Pokemon Global Link’ website goes up on the 18th when Black/White are released you have a chance to meet one of the eeveelutions.  BUT.  They have… a secret.  So we’ll have to wait until B/W debut to find out what that is!

<3 pokejungle

ps- Any guesses for the “secret”?  Oh and which one would you want?  Leafeon for me please *_*

pps- Added  a simple chat page for the moment while I work on the actually decent IRC chat :]  (BTW- My username is “Quienn“.  I made the account like a year ago and that was the name of my Blood Elf Death Knight in WoW Dx)