Bus tour picture! (UPD2)

Emonga – Flying Squirrel Pokemon.  Type is Electric / Flying. Ability is Static

Gigaiasu – High Pressure Pokemon.  Type is Rock.  Ability is Sturdy. [The fact that Gigaiasu is PURE ROCK disproves the previous rumors from a couple days back… No koalagi…]

UPD1: Screenshot contains new pokemon!  I believe this to be Hihidaruma’s prevo and its name MAY be Darumakka. UPD: I was in fact right 😀  We have official confirmation that its name is Darumakka!

UPD2: More information revealed!

  • Shikijika is Normal/Grass its ability is Chlorophyll
  • Shikijika’s appearance changes with the season. Spring: Pink / Summer: Green / Fall: Orange / Winter: Unknown
  • Shell Blade base power: 75, 95% acc, 10PP [Physical] Chance of lowering defense
  • Possible new pokemon: Basurao (As some of you have noted, I should point out that it knows Aqua Jet and Uproar.  Sound based water pokemon?)
  • Attack “Growth” now raises SpAtk and Atk one stage (previously only raised sp attack)

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ps- I owe a big thanks to Jonny who found it so we could get it up a minute before other sites got it <3

pps- Snowyarticuno correctly pointed out that this is from the Bus Tour that started this morning NOT CoroCoro :3

ppps- You guys see that Serebii thanked me?!  <3  Proudest moment evar.

I’m going to bed.  Hopefully CoroCoro leaks will wait until I’m awake.

Jars pointed this out, although it looks like a fake to me.  We’ll still just stare at it awhile though xD