Bus tour picture! (UPD2)

Emonga – Flying Squirrel Pokemon.  Type is Electric / Flying. Ability is Static

Gigaiasu – High Pressure Pokemon.  Type is Rock.  Ability is Sturdy. [The fact that Gigaiasu is PURE ROCK disproves the previous rumors from a couple days back… No koalagi…]

UPD1: Screenshot contains new pokemon!  I believe this to be Hihidaruma’s prevo and its name MAY be Darumakka. UPD: I was in fact right 😀  We have official confirmation that its name is Darumakka!

UPD2: More information revealed!

  • Shikijika is Normal/Grass its ability is Chlorophyll
  • Shikijika’s appearance changes with the season. Spring: Pink / Summer: Green / Fall: Orange / Winter: Unknown
  • Shell Blade base power: 75, 95% acc, 10PP [Physical] Chance of lowering defense
  • Possible new pokemon: Basurao (As some of you have noted, I should point out that it knows Aqua Jet and Uproar.  Sound based water pokemon?)
  • Attack “Growth” now raises SpAtk and Atk one stage (previously only raised sp attack)

<3 pokejungle

ps- I owe a big thanks to Jonny who found it so we could get it up a minute before other sites got it <3

pps- Snowyarticuno correctly pointed out that this is from the Bus Tour that started this morning NOT CoroCoro :3

ppps- You guys see that Serebii thanked me?!  <3  Proudest moment evar.

I’m going to bed.  Hopefully CoroCoro leaks will wait until I’m awake.

Jars pointed this out, although it looks like a fake to me.  We’ll still just stare at it awhile though xD

    1. Agreed! I’ve wanted an Electric/Flying on my team for so long but never did ’cause there’s only Zapdos and…well.. I don’t like legendaries on my “main” team. 😐

      With a typing that awesome, he better evolve…

      But yay! And he looks so cute too!

  1. Flying squirrel is flying D:
    Looks awesome, and I’m digging Gigiasu’s Sugi artwork. Is it legit?

  2. Looks similar to Pachirisu, with it’s Yellow cheeks and Black and White eyes. Looks interesting.

  3. YES! A flying squirrel that is NOT a Pachirisu evo >:3

    Though, by his ear shape… I can see this being a “flying mouse” rather than a flying squirrel.
    And if it actually learns fly, my flying Pikachu will loose all of his special 🙁

  4. Wtf? Why are everybody keep saying its from CoroCoro? This is from the bus tour demo, but of cause they might be in CoroCoro as well :b

  5. omfg. Its SO cute. I wanna hug it :’O

    i wonder what WILL be in corocoro though?

    1. new pokemin plus these ones probably. :/

      but then again….these pokemon might not be in the MD but just on the demo.
      ’cause we allready have their info and everything and i think it’d be a waste of space to pre print the exact same thing in corocoro. :/

      only time will tell…

      but i kinda highly doubt it. ><

  6. I’d say this is a pachirisu evo. which kicks ass =) ’cause it was so cool but so poor in battle compared to other electric pokemon (in my opinion) =(. hopefully if it is a pachirisu evo it will have some decent stat upgrades and some better moves =D.
    p.s cudos to pokejungle for this speedy update XD

    1. I am thinking it is. If it wasn’t part Electric-type, then I would say it wasn’t. Unless it’s an odd coincidence.

    1. WAIT! There’s a Pokemon beneath Victini… I’ve never seen a new Pokemon with that exact headshape of color… Someone needs to look into that… Of course… I could be wrong. XD

    2. so i was right! 😀

      well you can’t catach it and put it on your own BW game so it kinda sucks. :/

  7. It’s gotta be a Pachirisu evo. I mean, c’mon. An electric squirrel with the same exact face? You’re telling me it’s not a Pachi evo?

  8. I TOTALLY LOVE THE SQUIRRELY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i must have it, my pika army is near complete! Pikachu, Pachirisu,Emonga, Plussle & Minun… I need a 6th, but who?

  9. It’s most likely not an evo.
    A counterpart, yeah. It’s the Isshu Pikaclone.
    Also, it’s nit necessarily a squirrel is it? Couldn’t it be a sugar glider?

    1. Its literally the “flying squirrel” pokemon. That’s what it says in Japanese.

  10. Fuck you Gamefreak! fuck you!
    I swear that is not a Pachi evolve, I’m gonna hurt someone!
    Stupid fucking, Gamefreak! That better be a fucking evolution to Pachi!
    You fucking bitches !
    Now that I let that out, it looks cute but if it’s not a Pachi evolve they should have used something else for the Pika-clone. Now Pachi will have to evolve into a ground squirrel or something. It’s not even a Pika-clone, it’s a Pachi-clone! It looks so much alike it will be stupid not to be an evolve!
    Fucking Gamefreak!

    1. *parental sigh of disapproval* Let’s be chill and not be dropping f-bombs everywhere~

    2. I actually really DON’T want it to be a Pachirisu evo. I kinda don’t like Pachirisu. I like this thing though.

        1. I can safely say: NO THIS IS NOT A PACHI EVO. I REPEAT, NO.

          There’s supposed to be NEW and only NEW Pokemon in B/W.

          I swear, I’m getting sick of people claiming *insert Pokemon* here is a pre-evo! C’mon, tell me who said Munna was a pre-evo of Drowzee, and turned out wrong. Tell me.

  11. when it carismatic like pikachu and the other pokemons on gen 1,and have a not so useless ability static prob will have a evo with High speed,high changes of beign the new jolteon of gen 5

    1. Take a preexisting electric squirrel with big yellow cheeks and give it the ability to fly? You bet. Totally Pachi’s evo.

  12. You get all your information from straight from serebii, so oyu’re basically a middle-man, fuck off and stop spamming other boards you loser piece of shit

    1. Let’s clear up a few things:
      1) Yes, I am a fag
      2) I do not get information from Serebii unless otherwise (rarely) noted
      3) I think the POS is the person who wastes their time criticizing sites they don’t know anything about

      1. Smelly-ass Trolls.
        Does Raid work on them?

        I really don’t like it when people use gay and f*g so loosely. It shows a lack of intelligence.
        Ignorance is definitely not bliss.

        And PJN DEFINITELY had it first.

    2. so why did you come here?
      just to call our WM a fag?
      uhhhh please fuck off kindly~ 😀

        1. You must not have read my other posts where i admitted my mistakes, said i was sorry, changed my name, and moved on, so i forgive you.

  13. :3 I just said that this was not legit. Now it is real. I luv it. It’s so cute. Typing and its squirrel-like appearance, cheeks, and similar body structure suggests that it is related to Pachirisu. I’m glad that Gigaiasu was officially revealed with Sugimori artwork. I love it! However, as it is not part Dark type, doesn’t that dismiss the previous rumors as false.

    1. lol the only reason I had the opportunity to advertise my site while posting news at his forums is because he was rather slow with news D;

  14. Dammit, why is everybody speculating that little guy to be a Pachirisu evo? Can’t we just have new families of Pokemon?

    I like the flying squirrel’s tail by the way.

      1. Yeah, but its colors are different and its smaller than or the about the same size as pachirisu. Now this might sound wild, but i think it maybe a split evo from a pachi prevo. But Nintendo never fails to surprise us!

    1. Plus Pikaclones usually don’t have evolutions giving them horrible stats so if this is a Pach. evo its already better than the rest.

      1. allthought that is true, i think it’d be kinda good for it not to be…but myabe that’s kinda just becdause of my undying hate for pachirisu’s fail-ness. xD

    1. i kinda doubt it….but the corocoro scans might leak realllllllllll late at night if were lucky. 😀

  15. I keep going to Pokebeaches site thinking it should be updated by now but all I see are those stupid HS scans!! ;(

    1. bahahahah that just made me get it’s nameeee xDD

      daruma…i can’t believe i didn’t get that beofre. xDDD
      even hihidarum,a looks exactly like a daruma. xD

  16. i wish there would be a way to keep Shikijika a certain color i would want an orange one at all times

    1. Maybe when it evolves? Like Burmy keeps its cloak permanently upon evolving into Wormadam…

      I just hope his evo looks good! 😀

    1. Given that they’ve already confirmed ONLY new Pokémon will appear for the entire main-game combined with the probability of this being a very early-game monster, I don’t see why people keep thinking EVERYTHING is an evolution of some old Pokémon. We should be looking at it from the “completely new until proven otherwise” point of view, rather than the other way around.

  17. O_O
    hihidaruma’s pre-evo…SO CUTE!!! O_O
    *adds hihidaruma to future main team*
    and ta think i usta hate the thing. ><

    and the pikachu of this generation is reallreallyreally cute i might put it on my team..i mean electric flying? :DDDD

  18. Shell Blade base power: 75, 95% acc, 10PP [Physical] Chance of lowering defense

    yeah!!! leaf blade still better \o/

    1. I don’t think you can compare the two. Where leaf blade has a higher critical ratio, shell blade lowers defense. But as attacks themselves… maybe?

    1. I told Serebii, dunno if he’ll use it xD He usually only uses stuff his staff makes~

  19. Pokejungle, you should know, those koala rumors (that Gigaiasu’s typing disproved) where already admitted to be be fake by Sabonea Masukippa, who posted them on 2ch

  20. Actually, idk… It kind of looks like a basic lvl pkmn now that I look at it more. I hope it has a strong evolution, I might even use this instead of Shimama if Shimama isn’t as strong.

  21. I just saw that Serebii thanked you then came here and saw you noticed too 😛 good job!

    In other news, I’m loving the flying squirrel 😀

  22. I LITERALLY squeed very loudly when I saw the Hihidaruma prevo. I don’t care if I’ll have Pokabu too: that thing is going ON MY TEAM.

    1. Based on it’s name, I’m imaging a giant bass of some kind. “Rao” is Hindi for King. I can see it having a big mouth, I mean, it learns “Uproar”. lol

  23. So Growth Growth increases special and physical attack?
    now increases Atk as well as Sp. Atk?

    You hear that? That’s the sound of Smogon exploding.

    1. Yeah but it’s around 11 in the morning for Japanese people now. So whenever the mail comes there, and I’m sure it comes early for some people, they’ll have it to scan 🙂 so probably if not tonight, def. tomorrow morning.

        1. I’m honored. lol

          Well, it is true. It’s so small and… kickable, no?
          And I don’t dislike. I kinda do like it, but I like Hihidaruma alot better. It has limbs. Limbs that would beat me if I ever dared to kick it.

      1. It’s already confirmed to be Hihidaruma’s evolution :/ How can’t you see the obvious similarities between them? Their round red bodies, big eyebrows, big round eyes made in the fashion of a daruma doll, and the pattern on the chest are all too similar to think otherwise. Even their names include Daruma.

  24. The Flying must be Pachirisu’s evolution.
    I’ve been seeing some “Please make a flying squirrel as Pachirisu’s evolution” threads online.

    1. i don’t think pachirisu will even get an avo ever, pika clones are cute and stay that way. 😀

      but if this little guy gets one i’;ll be happy. :DDD

      and no, this is in no way pachirisu’s evo. -__-‘

  25. I like the little red thing, Darumakka. Does anybody else think it might be our bug buddy’s evo? It’s cocoon, like Kakuna or Metapod.

    1. It’s a daruma, so it’s Hihidaruma’s prevo. I hope we do get to see what the bug evolves into, soon, though. :3

    2. It does seem quite cocoon like but, i think it’s eyebrows and name give it away as hihidaruma’s pre-evo.

      1. Yeah, cancel out what I said. Okay, what if our bug friend evolves into Darumakka who evolves into Hihidaruma.


        1. Daruma Dolls are dolls (usually red and depict a bearded man) that you make a wish on. When you make a wish on the Daruma Doll, you color in the left eye to symbolize that you’ve made your wish. If your wish comes than you fill in the right eye to show how the Daruma Doll granted your wish.

          For more info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daruma_doll

          1. Also, as you can see, Darumakka has no eyes colored in as such, Darumakka will evolve as follows:

            Darumakka>? ? ?>Hihidaruma

          2. Pretty interesting.

            Lol, i first found out about daruma dolls through Animal Crossing(and maybe even from Skip beat??) but I didn’t know anything about them. I just thought they looked super special awesome. xD

  26. There were so many rumors flying around about Shikijika’s appearance changing depending on the season and I’m happy to know that it has been proven as fact. This makes me wonder though…does it cancel out the rumor of it being Stantler’s pre-evo? I hope it does. XD

        1. How about a giant snarling reindeer with literally buring eyes, a threatning scowl, a very muscular build, and a tail with a massive spike on both sides.

    1. That, and the rumors about the 4 evolutions, sadly. 🙁 (that rumor listed Shikijika’s type as pure normal)

      1. hey pokejungle i have a HUGE favor to ask you…

        if it is possible, could you PLEASE put spoiler tags on you images??? or
        since you seem to be in contact with serebii, could you please PLEASE PLEASE ask him if he could put his images in spoiler tags PLEASE?!?!?! i dont mind the text but i reallly want to wait until spring 2011 to see the new pokemon, since ive seen all of them up to now..!! PLEASE I BEG OF YOU!!


        1. I can’t hide the WordPress Galleries ><; I apologize~Serebii usually does put his in "spoiler" tags, dunno why he didn't tonight. I'll let him know.

          1. umm boarbesque, it was just a question, sorry……

            and pokejungle, don’t apologize I understand 😀 and thank you SO MUCH!!!
            i only visited serebii and pokebeach before, but i recently discovered your site, and you have NO IDEA how much i love it!!
            seriously you do everything so fast and bring us little details like the eeveelutions and rumors that are GREATLY appreciated

            so yeah just wanted to let you know thank you so so much i love your site (:
            i’ll just have to cover the images with my hands and keep coming here i guess :p

          2. Thanks for the encouragement <3 I am sorry that I don't have the ability to hide images though Dx

    1. i seriously doubt it. ><
      i mean, before i and i think everyone else doubted it would even have a pre-evo. xD
      and i mean usually you can look at a pokemon and kinda tell if it's reached it's final evo and in my opinion hihdaruma is that kind of pokemon.
      that doesn't mean it won't get one in future generations. 😀

    1. lol @ your name. (^o^)
      You must be Hispanic cuz Pato is a well-known Spanish slang for gay. (^_^)b

      But, yeah, anyways…
      Woo-hoo for the downfall of Prop 8!!

      Oh, and, I’m lovin’ the new Pokemon, too, but…
      I want a cheetah Pokemon revealed already, damnit!!

      1. ha ha really?? no my name is Patrick and my friends call me Patto. I am gay thought so hey i guess it works out? i live in california though where there are lots of spanish speakers but i have never heard that pato is spanish slang for gay! ha ha awesome!

      2. pato is the spanish for duck, im latin american, and ive never heard of such word used in taht way
        yay for Pachirisus cousin!!!

  27. The rumors being wrong about Gigaisu’s typing doesn’t mean they’re wrong. They were right about Shikajika’s typing!

    1. We shall see, we shall see~ CoroCoro will most likely prove definitely one way or the other.

  28. Basurao could be the recently revealed swan/goose pokemon. It’s a possibility. Geese are loud and obnoxious, so that could be the reason for uproar. And obviously if it’s water type, aqua jet could be a possible move. Just throwing that out there. Food for thought!

      1. No, but since all Pokemon Pre-National Dex is only Gen 5, we’ll probably get another of them. Although, Feebas can be considered a Gen 3 Version of Magikarp… Funny, every odd generation there’s a new Magikarp.

  29. No more info? =/

    I want to know the power of grass mixer and nitro charge…

    Maybe Grass Mixer is BP 65 (Special) Acc: 95% and Nitro Charge 55 (Physical) Acc: 95%

    1. Well, someone on these comments posted earlier that Basarao’s name could possibly come from
      Bass + Rao (Hindi for king). And since it can learn Uproar, it’s probably a big-mouth kinda Bass.
      I’m no expert on the Hindi language, though, so don’t take this name translation to heart.

  30. I’m so excitied! So much is happening today! The Chowder Grand Finale, The B/W Buses, and most likely later to day… COROCOROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  31. Shell Blade seems pretty badass! Can’t wait to teach it to my Mijumaru!! 🙂

    Growth raises Attack as well now? Comp. Battleres are about to eat their hearts out!

    1. Shell blade might actually be a variation of crush claw. Same accuracy, base attack, pp and lowers defense ( meaning it could possibly have a 50% chance of doing so if it is a water type counter part) =O

  32. So I had to swim through the swamp of comments to get here. Pokejungle, what time should CoroCoro leak tomorrow?

    1. It could leak tonight like early early morning for us Americans .-. Otherwise it might leak Saturday night American time D:

  33. im liking those scary eyes on mr. crystal spikes hes pretty fierce looking (sorry im not going to bother learning that long japanese name)
    i feel like the coro coro leak is like christmas come early i cant wait to wake an see what news there is

  34. I am probably he only one still on at 1:38 AM. I love Gigaiasu, I looks so cool and tough.

    1. ahahaha not the only one. ><

      but then again, i'm only on "this late" 'cause of the time difference. xD

      i'm in the futureee ohhhhhhh~

  35. Awesome, thanks Pokejungle, now I’m off to bed and hope the corocoro leaks sometime tomorrow 🙂

    Love the three pokes, especially the squirrel and the daruma doll 🙂

  36. omg yall see those deck cases that pk beach had?
    theres two the girl version and the boy
    the boy one makes it look like it can use that shell like a knife or something hahah its like a little delinquint jail fighter i can imagine him shankin’ up other pokemns jajaja

    1. oops i mean mijumaru looks that way haha tsutaja is just giving stink face and pokabu is nostril flaring

  37. I hope the electric type squirrel gets an evo. It would basically be just as useless as pachirisu.

    1. Emonga’s sprite looks absolutely adorable but I can’t really tell from the horrible quality my DSi gives me of pictures on the internet browser. (half asleep on bed, thus using ds -.-)

      Can wait for CoroCoro though because I made sure not set my hopes up to high.

  38. Sweet. Doesn’t look that great though. I guess we need to wait for clearer scans.

  39. sorry guys that was my friend. -__-‘
    his name is david obviously. xD
    but um..ya please ignore him~ 😀

  40. Aww,You cant put spoiler tags!How about if you just use a link to images or something like that?Please.

  41. If you don’t want to see them don’t come here. -_-;

    I’m not all that fond of Hihidaruma’s pre-evo. I’ll need to see a clearer image before I make my ruling.

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