CoroCoro Leaking (UPD4 – BIG SCAN = FAKE)

It is 6am.  Little less than 4hrs after I just went to sleep. I am awake.  FOR YOU ALL. <3  To bring you this ASAP. UPD2: Clear scans!


Giruja (fish) – “Fish Pokemon” Can only be caught by fishing. Type: Water | Ability: Swift Swim

Hakubirisu (swan) – “Elegant Pokemon” Type: Water / Flying | Ability: White Wings (ability apparently lowers your stats as a tradeoff to avoiding opponent’s attack effects)

Shikijika – “Seasonal Pokemon” Type: Normal / Grass |  Ability: Chlorophyll [Note: It also says Shikijika will evolve according to what season it is]

Burokko – “Cauliflower Pokemon” Type: Grass | Ability: Cholorophyll or Solar Power – Burokku also has an attack called “Sprout Breath” (lol) it raises Sp Atk and Accuracy

Mamanbou – “Harem Pokemon” Type: Water | Ability: Swift Swim  – New Attack: Aqua Twist [Mamanbou covers itself with water and charges, very powerful attack] – Note: Luvdisc has not been mentioned.  It is also worth pointing out that there is a ‘Harem’ genre in Anime/Manga which involves someone being surrounded by persons of the opposite gender.  It doesn’t necessarily mean Mamanbou is a male/female dependent evolution as some sites have insinuated

** At the bottom it just mentions wild double battles are found in “special colored” grass~

END OF FAKE STUFF —————————————————————–

Aloe is the gym leader in Shippou City

UPD3: Thanks to a tip off we know have an new scan showing Shikijika’s appearance changes for the Seasons!  Left to right those bottom three shots show (1) Winter (2) Fall (3) Summer – Seasons will last one month in the real world

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