BW Pamphlet Scans! (Complete translations)

Scan 1- Showing off the new “triple battle” feature that was first seen back in the Oha Suta trailer.  Position of your pokemon in player is important for some new attack dynamics.

Scan 2- Talking about wireless features, the map in the bottom right hand corner shows the new map!  You can exchange information and help each other in the adventure (no details on how though) when you have wireless on and come into range of another B/W player (sort of a tag mode?).  It will show other players’ information on the bottom screen.  Information shown: Name, Job (trainer type? In the picture it shows “Student”), Hobby, Playtime, Location

Scan 3– Bottom part of the map!  More routes! Also one of the captions on top is talking about real time wireless features with other players. MOST IMPORTANT thing in this scan is “Television Transceiver”!  DSi and DSi XL have the ability to use the camera and mic for the much rumored video chat!!  It is called the “Live Caster” (that WAS a rumor we previously covered, true!!) Up to 4 people can participate.  Requires Friend Code.  Over WiFi limit is 2 players however.

Scan 4- The first picture shows a notice popping up that a player’s Tsutaja has low HP (in the green box).  The caption in the white box says the player’s situation is broadcasted in real time.   The second box shows that you have the ability to HELP other players using the “High Link” feature (the image is asking if you want to help them).

Scan 5- New strategies with new Pokemon!  New moves, for example “Magic Room” cancels effectiveness of Pokemons’ items.  (I believe this was already rumored and I mistranslated it before as negating weakness, not item).

Scan 6- The place that connects to other player’s world is called “High Link”.  In the center of the Isshu region (the island that looks like the center of a pokeball!) you can access High Link.  You may get missions and help other players through those missions (reminiscent of the Mystery Dungeon feature for helping other players?).  The first screenshot just simply explains High Link is on an island in the center of Isshu.  Second screenshot shows Mission Report interaction with another player where you’re giving them a “sale power”, making it cheaper to buy items?  Third screenshot text is unreadable but features a PLANE!  Very bottom text says “By helping another player you can gather special powers which can be used or sent through the tag mode.

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ps- Alright pokejungle has most complete translations because my boyfriend did them and he’s Japanese :p  w00t  Please don’t just rip-off the work we’ve done without giving a shoutout back to PJN.  Thanks! <3  Oh and we still are looking to break at least 100 fans on facebook!

pps- I know there have already been a few comments asking to finish translating the first set of CoroCoro scans, but since they are so small I’m going to wait to do that with my bf until there are bigger pictures.  Imma sleep now, higher resolution pics may leak while I’m dreaming, but I’ll be waking up an hour earlier than I would for work so I have time to update the site just in case :p  Good night all <3

ppss- Aight, before I went to bed I had my bf look at Mushaana‘s corocoro leak and he said that once you get “dream smoke” (either Mushaana’s ability or possibly an item it holds) you may connect with Pokemon Global Link (PGL).  So it must enable you to have a certain set of wireless features.  Hopefully this doesn’t mean it won’t be decent competitively .-.  Also Koromori has the new ability “Heart Slump”, but we do not have details about how it works.  Also it looks like Black City is for Black version and White Forest is for White version.  That was rather confusing because of the opposite way they placed the legendaries.