CoroCoro leak! (few small updates)

These are pretty small images, even after you click the thumbnails, so we’ll hopefully get better shots soon… but may have to wait until tomorrow.  I guess these will have to tide us over 😀

Scan 1 – Kibago, Koromori, and Minezumi are shown.  Koromori seems to focus on its heart shaped nose, as we see an apparent attack that has an animation very similar to it.  The rest of this is too small to make out 🙁 (update: koromori is PSYCHIC/FLYING)

Scan 2- Wooguru is the Eagle pokemon we saw the silhouette of yesterday!  It’s a normal/flying type (ugh no pure flier yet?!) and has the abilities Encourage or Keen Eye.  It is the “Valor Pokemon”, very American.  New attack “Free Fall” carries the opponent’s pokemon up for a turn, then the next turn drops it.  I’m kind of interested in the details (what can opponent’s pokemon do during that turn?  no attack + no items?), but I really hate 2-turn attacks. Rankurusu is a PSYCHIC type.  Kinda surprising it’s not party ghost.

Scan 3- An apparent rival in a green beret (update: named Beru)

Scan 4- Known as “N”, he was shown on the Black/White trailer and we speculated he was a possible rival, no details what his connection is to you though.

Scan 5- Cheren!  Our old mystery friend who showed up in a battle between the protagonist and him in a dirty room, another potential rival.  (Cheren is CUUUUUUTE!  Now that he turns out to be a guy hahaha)

Scan 6- Mushaana!  OMG CUTE! Apparently has a gimmick ability called “Dream Smoke” that may activate when you sync with the PC.  Also, women is Makomo, Prof Araragi’s assistant/friend. (Why is SPP calling it Musharna?!  Argh!)

Scan 7- Black City, Pokemon Black(?) exclusive area

Scan 8- White Forest, Pokemon White(?) exclusive area (remember that it was originally translated as Fortress, but no!)

Scan 9- Another picture of ‘N’.  As soon as I saw his long hair he dropped to near 0 in the cuteness factor.  D:

Guess none of the CoroCoro rumors got it right this time :p  I gotta go to work (already running a bit behind because of this post, oh well, I hate McDonald’s.) but hopefully tonight more high res scans will leak!  Until then!

<3 pokejungle

ps- The exclusive areas influence you at all about what game you’re gonna get?  No doubt about it, I’m getting White for the ‘Forest’ area.  Was going to get Black to just catch Reshiram… but no.  Can’t pass up a forest <3  (would’ve been better if it was a JUNGLE, but, meh)

  1. Yay they are yup.

    I really want to see the animation of the ‘Free Fall’ move, sounds awesome!

  2. There is another pokemon! Look at the picture of whatever Wooguru is battling! Looks like it has two white round heads, whatever it is.

  3. Pokejungle, I think that Black City will be with White Version, because the city looks electrified and that seems to fit Zekrom’s motif.

  4. Good point Winston!

    and Daigo, we shall see won’t we? I’m getting whatever has White Forest in it haha. But very good point.

  5. Did anyone else notice that in one of the photos of Z you can see the tip of tsutajas nose? Maybe that page has his evolutions on it! (Or maybe not…)

  6. I’m under the impression that Koromori’s so called big nose is actually it’s eye.

    I can see the one big eye alot better than it being the nose….

  7. Yayyyy, Corocoro scans. 😛

    Well, first of all, I really like how eagle-man-bird looks. Amazingly powerful design to it. It almost looks legendary. Kinda hope no, though.

    Musharna is… cuter than I thought upon first glance. Kinda neat with the Dream Smoke.

    Sugimori art of Minezumi!!! Ohhh my, I love it SO much more now that I see what it’s doing. It looks as if it is scouting, not shaking its fist to the world. Haha. Very excited to see its evolution.

    And I am in total agreement, PJ. Whichever version has White Forest, I want. Some Black City thing just sounds unappealing to me. Even if Zekrom IS in White Forest (Which I sincerely hope not, I like Reshiram better), I’m getting that version. White Forest sounds so pure.

  8. @Daigo: Doesn’t really explain Black Version’s White Forest, which doesn’t match up with Reshiram at all, who would probably end up starting a forest fire withs jet engine tail…

    Anyway, I really really hate Coromori, but I know would once it become apparent its most prominent feature was a huge nose, and knowing it now has a bucktooth doesn’t make it any more likable. Psychic/Flying typing isn’t particularly appealing to me either, but considering Lugia’s success, maybe with its huge HP stat it can be replicated…

    I like the prospect of two people who might be rivals. Two rivals would be interesting. But that’s probably not the case. I would have bet money the guy we now know as “N” was our rival, though.

    Sorta stunned Munna’s evo is apparently so important. I guess that’s why they even bothered showing Munna.

    I was almost sure Isshuu was based on Shanghai, but now that we have an eagle Pokemon named “Wargle” and is called the “Valor Pokemon”, I’m not so sure, LOL…

    Hopefully we can get better scans soon to find out whatever information is left (also Rancorous’ official art!).

  9. I’m loving the eagle pokemon! And I still think N is super cute, maybe just because I like guys with long hair.

  10. What’s the obsession with pure Flying? It adds nothing competitively and loses the Ghost immunity Normal brings.

  11. what I like about this website is you give your personal opinion on the latest news. I’d like to know your personal opinion on every new pokemon that gets revealed

  12. Or Coromori may not have eyes at all. =P Maybe the Psychic typing refers to it using echolocation. And the huge nose for sniffing. ;D

  13. *sings*
    This nose was made for sniffing,
    and that’s just it will do.
    One of these it’s gonna snuff the life right outta you.

    Parody of ‘These Boots Were Made For Walking by Nancy Sinatra

  14. I think Cheren is going to be one of those genderless characters and will not have any reference’s to if its a boy or girl

  15. Serebii is calling it Musharna because there’s more than just one translation of a name. Neither yours nor his is inherently correct.

    Also, “Moo-SHAHR-nah” sounds cooler than “Moo-SHAAH-nah”, just like “Sue-TAHR-jah” (Tsutarja) sounds cooler than “Sue-TAAH-jah”. But that’s all preference. Serebii isn’t automatically correct, and neither are you (regardless of who it was that translated the text).

    1. Actually I wouldn’t call it “my” translation because it is simply THE literal translation. In japanese it is Musha-na. No ‘ru’ in there at all, if there were, then it would indeed be Musharna.

  16. Also:

    I’m reading different translations here. Is it that Musharna’s Dream Smoke activates Game Sync to send your game file online, or is the Game Sync the way to obtain Dream Smoke?

    I suppose it depends on if Dream Smoke is an item or something. I’m assuming the article is just saying that you can get Dream Smoke (which is an item that probably helps Musharna) by using Game Sync and putting your game file onto the internet. On the official site it says that you will be able to get certain things like items by syncing your game file, so perhaps that’s what they mean here.

  17. David, hate to disagree but I think that looks nothing like Chiramii’s sprite.

    I’d agree if the text were legible and said something about Chiramii but I can’t read it.

  18. Scan 1- I like Koromori and Kibago. i don’t care much fore Minezumi I’m just not a fan of the rodent Pokemon.

    scan 2- “Wargle” I like it i was hoping for a better dual type than just normal flying but hey. Great Design.

    Scan 3- Beru i think she will be like dawn not a rival just a character that helps the hero threw out the game

    scan 4- “N” Im not sure about him but he is very strange

    scan 5- Cheren im guessing Rival and he will be alot like Berry minus all the pep in his step.

    Scan 6- Mushaana i was shocked Even though it looks alot like Munna for some reason i like Mushaana more than i did Munna.

    Scan 7/8- I really want to see what White fortress and black city have to do with the game.

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