CoroCoro leak! (few small updates)

These are pretty small images, even after you click the thumbnails, so we’ll hopefully get better shots soon… but may have to wait until tomorrow.  I guess these will have to tide us over 😀

Scan 1 – Kibago, Koromori, and Minezumi are shown.  Koromori seems to focus on its heart shaped nose, as we see an apparent attack that has an animation very similar to it.  The rest of this is too small to make out 🙁 (update: koromori is PSYCHIC/FLYING)

Scan 2- Wooguru is the Eagle pokemon we saw the silhouette of yesterday!  It’s a normal/flying type (ugh no pure flier yet?!) and has the abilities Encourage or Keen Eye.  It is the “Valor Pokemon”, very American.  New attack “Free Fall” carries the opponent’s pokemon up for a turn, then the next turn drops it.  I’m kind of interested in the details (what can opponent’s pokemon do during that turn?  no attack + no items?), but I really hate 2-turn attacks. Rankurusu is a PSYCHIC type.  Kinda surprising it’s not party ghost.

Scan 3- An apparent rival in a green beret (update: named Beru)

Scan 4- Known as “N”, he was shown on the Black/White trailer and we speculated he was a possible rival, no details what his connection is to you though.

Scan 5- Cheren!  Our old mystery friend who showed up in a battle between the protagonist and him in a dirty room, another potential rival.  (Cheren is CUUUUUUTE!  Now that he turns out to be a guy hahaha)

Scan 6- Mushaana!  OMG CUTE! Apparently has a gimmick ability called “Dream Smoke” that may activate when you sync with the PC.  Also, women is Makomo, Prof Araragi’s assistant/friend. (Why is SPP calling it Musharna?!  Argh!)

Scan 7- Black City, Pokemon Black(?) exclusive area

Scan 8- White Forest, Pokemon White(?) exclusive area (remember that it was originally translated as Fortress, but no!)

Scan 9- Another picture of ‘N’.  As soon as I saw his long hair he dropped to near 0 in the cuteness factor.  D:

Guess none of the CoroCoro rumors got it right this time :p  I gotta go to work (already running a bit behind because of this post, oh well, I hate McDonald’s.) but hopefully tonight more high res scans will leak!  Until then!

<3 pokejungle

ps- The exclusive areas influence you at all about what game you’re gonna get?  No doubt about it, I’m getting White for the ‘Forest’ area.  Was going to get Black to just catch Reshiram… but no.  Can’t pass up a forest <3  (would’ve been better if it was a JUNGLE, but, meh)