Oha Suta shows of LIVE CASTER!


One never knows when POKeJUNGLE is awake or not.  But right now I am!  So I post this video for the consumption of you!  </engrish>  Anyways, it’s 2am but I figured I’d update the page with this little vid from Oha Suta.  They try out the live caster feature, which as it turns out, is not so “live” after all.  Even using the local wireless it is a stretch to call that “video chat”, with other players pictures updating only once or twice a second.  Still looked like an amusing diversion if nothing else.  :3

And yes, they even had technical difficulties during their live broadcast.  Live TV = best.

Thoughts on this?  Disappointment that “video chat” looks more like a flipbook than using Skype?  Frankly I was hoping for better, but it is a handheld gaming system with limitations on how fast it can send and receive data.  Could making the drawing more fun since you have a second to draw that splooge on their lips.

<3 pokejungle

ps- I’m waiting for that broccoli pokemon to be revealed.  If its evolution is not something that is totally kickass I will be very disappointed.  Also, pokemon giveaway soon!  Will update after I wake up with the deets.