Giveaway: Gūn’s Scizor! (JP)

Since I have the Japanese Diamond version I was able to grab the limited edition ‘Gūn’s Scizor’ present from WiFi.  Aaaaaand I’ve decided that one of you guys probably wants it more than I do.  It might be released in other countries when the movie comes out, but this one retains its Japanese name in your game and will ALSO unlock foreign dex entries in Platinum (after visiting Meister), HeartGold, and SoulSilver… which is just a cool little bonus.  I have not taken away the Starf, a rather rare berry.

SO if there is anyone out there who would like it, it is a simple drawing at random.  However you can get your name in the pile up to 3 times by: commenting on THIS POST (1 entry), posting in THIS THREAD on MMC (1 entry), or commenting on the “Gūn’s Scizor” status on FACEBOOK (1 entry).  If you post multiple times in any of those things it will not increase your chances of winning :p  Just as a heads up the forum post does require registration and Facebook you will have to be a fan of our page.  I’m not a total bitch though, so there is the no-registration, no-hassle “comment on this post” option for lazy people :p  You have until midnight CST on July 15th to enter.

Good luck 😀  If you want to enter you must have a 4th gen game and access to WiFi so that you can trade with me.

<3 pokejungle

ps- Any comment will do on this post, but if you want a topic you could tell me if you want more pokemon giveaways!

pps- I totally neglected to say when the deadline was for this, my bad, end of July 15th (midnight) will be when I compile the list of entries 😀  I think that’s fair.