Walmart to Distribute Serial Codes with X & Y

It has been recently discovered that if you now buy copies of Pokémon X & Y at a Walmart in the states, they will contain special serial codes. If you buy Pokemon X you’ll get a serial code to download a special Garchomp; if you get Y you’ll get one for a special Scizor. Both of … Read more

RUMOR: More Mega Evolutions Revealed?

This is unlike most of the rumors we cover, because this is speculation based on trademark sleuthing that our good friend at AAPF did. There was no 2ch/4chan poster claiming to have insider information, no leak, etc. Instead we have a list of names which seem to correlate to what Pokémon may get Mega Evolutions … Read more

Gūn’s Scizor WINNER!

And the winner is… ME!  So I guess that means I get to keep it 😀  Nah, just kidding I’m sorry this took so long to finish, I’m super lazy to be honest :p  I didn’t want to write everyone’s names down.  There were 75 total entries and after all this hard work… the winner … Read more

Giveaway: Gūn’s Scizor! (JP)

Since I have the Japanese Diamond version I was able to grab the limited edition ‘Gūn’s Scizor’ present from WiFi.  Aaaaaand I’ve decided that one of you guys probably wants it more than I do.  It might be released in other countries when the movie comes out, but this one retains its Japanese name in … Read more

WiFi Events

Just as a small note, I feel I should mention this because SPP did: June 26th – July 16th = Jirachi (US/EU/AU)  –  *June 25th is end of “Winner’s Path” for HG/SS (US/EU/AU) June 15th – July 14th = Gūn’s Scizor (JP)  Anyone downloading this?  I bought Diamond in Japan so I know I will … Read more