RUMOR: More Mega Evolutions Revealed?


This is unlike most of the rumors we cover, because this is speculation based on trademark sleuthing that our good friend at AAPF did. There was no 2ch/4chan poster claiming to have insider information, no leak, etc. Instead we have a list of names which seem to correlate to what Pokémon may get Mega Evolutions and will be used in Pokémon X & Pokémon Y marketing, promotions, and/or merchandise. This list is speculative and the Pokémon listed may not get Mega Evolutions. As such, it is being marked as a RUMOR post which always means you should assume false until proven true and simply use it as a means to spark discussion with your fellow Junglers and PokéFans 🙂 Worth noting that the second Mega Evolution trailer featured Gyrados and Tyranitar (seen in the list below) AS WELL AS Hydreigon, Golurk, and Salamance… in case it’s a hint.

Pokémon who might get a Mega Evolution:

  • Charizard
  • Blastoise
  • Gengar
  • Pinsir
  • Jynx
  • Gyarados
  • Aerodactyl
  • Scizor (Already confirmed unofficially)
  • Houndoom
  • Tyranitar
  • Heracross
  • Gardevoir
  • Medicham
  • Banette
  • Aggron
  • Latias/Latios
  • Abomasnow

Lots to talk about, huh?! Some fan favorites such as Gengar and Pinsir, as well as some under-appreciated Pokémon such as Abomasnow. Remember these Pokémon could get new typings or abilities if they do get a Mega Evolution. Exciting!!

<3 PJ

Featured Thread: XY Speculation by Ranger

  1. Guys, prevent Gen 1 starter Mega evolution discrimination. Let’s give Venusaur a megaevolution

    1. Donate 2000 Pokédollars now and we at Team Flare make sure we do what we can to give every Pokémon an equal treatment!

  2. “Confirmed unofficially” lol

    I think
    -If Gardevoir gets one, then so should Gallade. I will not accept it if one gets one and not the other.
    -Latios and Latios will end up looking more like their beta art.
    -Banette needs a regular evolution.
    -Golurk needs armor and a sword and shield.

      1. Hiro said there was a MegaScizor. We can trust Hiro so it is “confirmed”, but GF hasn’t revealed it, so it’s unofficial”.

        1. No, we can’t trust Hiro. His previous leak Partner from Gen. V said Hiro doesn’t have any insider info this time other than Sylveon, Xerneas, and Yveltal’s types. Hiro is just riding on the coattails of his previous fame. If he had, don’t you think he would have leaked Mega Evolutions earlier, since he was able to leak the entire Dex last time?

          1. He has tons of information, but he doesn’t reveal it just because he don’t wants to. That’s what he says on histwitter and ask.

          2. That seems like an excuse. And like i said, his leak Partner from G5 said he doesn’t know anything about thig Gen. Are you going to ignore what a guy involved in a real leak said?

            He even accused PokéBeach’s leak from having fake info. Did you see anything until now being dismissed? The closest we have is XY having two rivals, but we can perfectly assume that it’s because he played before February, and they could have added two more rivals since then, or that the leaker didn’t know about the other two, since a beta tester only receives specific parts of the game to test, and doesn’t have access to the full game.

          3. Correction, it was actually a close friend of his, but I don’t remember if it was the same guy involved in the G5 leaks.

    1. If Gyarados gets a Mega Evolution, so should Milotic, they’re like counterparts to each other. Gyarados is destructive, and Milotic is soothing.

      Plus, I have a strong feeling Milotic will be Water/Fairy, and will be daul typed, just like Gyarados.

      1. Yes! That sounds amazing. If in fact Milotic or Gyarados for that matter do get Mega-Evolution’s I can see them both being duel-typed and going ballistic.

    2. Love those ideas. Here is my take on those ideas. LOL

      I think
      -If Gardevoir get’s a Mega-Evolution, then Gallade should receive one too.

      -Latios and Latias should not look like their beta-arts for a number of reasons: one, Latios doesn’t have a beta-art only Latias, two, their beta-arts would be considered a rip-off and the haters are going to hate. Personally, I think we should give Game Freak as much chances as possible.

      -Banette needs a regular evolution AND a Mega-Evolution to top it off.

      -Golurk’s Mega-Evolution needs to look somewhat like a knight with a dragon that can attack also but using it’s own move-pool and it’s base stat is 288 with all it’s stats being 48.

    1. I can already see Mega Jynx’s move “U a stoopid Ho” which makes the enemy pokemon forget to obey it’s trainer’s commands for a round or two LOL Psychic type attack of course LOL

    2. LOL. That would be considered racism by the Western people, us- and =poor Jynx would have to change again. I think people should just forget that racism is even a word and consider the happy things in life but, guess everything can’t go the way I want them too. 😀

      1. The first Jynx WAs Racist… Can’t forget that.. that’s a childish way to think of it in all seriousness.. -_-
        Although I long forgot about it and You brought it up

        1. I’m sorry to have brought up such a childish way of thinking but alas, there are very sensitive people out there and as much as I agree with your statement, not everyone is like you or even think like you. You have to understand reality first to understand what I wrote up there. The first Jynx was racist and as long as people have it in their minds, it always be racist because that’s who people are.

          1. Wow i’m so glad I can reply anonymously cause now I don’t have to make an account to tell you that your an absolute moron for posting this. Are you retarted or something? I honestly get that vibe along with that super weeaboo teenage boygirl vibe when you can’t tell the gender difference because of words like “alas”.

        2. Uh no, Jynx was never racist. She was based on a kind of Japanese fashion that was very popular at the time. Stupid dumb Western people just saw her and assumed she was racist. The whole situation was borne of white guilt and political correctness finding things in a PERFECTLY INNOCENT CHILDREN’S SERIES and trying to cover up a racism that never existed.

          1. Actually, if you’re going on the basis that Jynx was designed after the Ganguro fashion style, she’s still racist. that fashion style was brought about as a way of mimicking african american stereotypes as portrayed in western/american films of the early 90’s. however, I maintain that Jynx is in fact, not racist, as she is actually based on the Japanese folklore of Yama Uba,

      1. “Mega-Ditto can now retain it’s copied form for a long period of time even after the battle has ended. Now, with Mega-Ditto you can obtain the powerful Pokemon you have always dreamed of such as: Ho-Oh, Lugia, Deoxys, Mewtwo, and other Pokemon.


        I can hear the cries lol

        1. Now all I need is a dittonite and somebody with an arcius… Even better turn get your mega ditto to use transform on another mega evo to have a permanent mega evolution フフフフフフフフ

      1. Fennekin’s final evolution => Fire/Psychic
        Fennekin’s final evolution mega form => Fire/Fighting

    1. i do think that Gen 6 starters are going to get Mega Evolution
      so that you only get the megastone for the pokemon you started with
      that would finally make a starter viable for competitive play

  3. I don’t know how I feel about gardevoir getting one if gallade doesn’t. I like gallade more 🙁 But I would really like a Honchkrow MegaEvolution. Honchkrow’s just always been one of my favorites for some reason :)) Though I’m not really sure what you would add to it’s design..And you know something I just though about? All of these MegaEvolutions are going to have to have shiny forms too! Awesome!

  4. Sorry but there’s no way a pseudo legendary gets a mega evolution. If anything, I can see Flygon getting a mega evolution to be able to better compete against the pseudo legendaries.

    1. What do you mean with “there’s no way a pseudo legendary gets a mega evo”? Mewtwo (a full legendary) gets one so why is it not possible for a pseudo legend to get one?

  5. >pseudo legends on the list
    did someone miss Blissey on that list?

    Oooookaaaaaaaay… even the idea should make any competitive battlers nervous. I suggest one for Breloom with higher speed then? @[email protected]

    >”Abomasnow underappreciated”
    as long as there isn’t a new Snowstorm user added, its gonna STAY relevant.

    makes no sense. If they would promote only these because of their possible availability in normal gameplay, it makes 0 sense to exclude Venusaur.

    1. They didn’t exclude Venusaur for sure, its trademark didn’t go up at the same time presumably.

    1. Actually they are already powerful so i wasn’t expecting an evolution for them although i would love a pre-evolution for both

  6. Hmmm….. This seems like a fan’s dream come true. No wonder it’s a rumor for now. lol. These are the evolutions I want on the list: Medicham (with 6 arms please), Banette, and Houndoom (with three heads please). Mega Latios and Latias would be really cool for some reason I think. Lol. So yeah, Nintendo is pretty much going to be taking by entire savings account worth of money. All of these are great! What do you guys think?

  7. Hmmm….. This seems like a fan’s dream come true. No wonder it’s a rumor for now. lol. These are the evolutions I want on the list: Medicham (with 6 arms please), Banette, and Houndoom (with three heads please). Mega Latios and Latias would be really cool for some reason I think. Lol. So yeah, Nintendo is pretty much going to be taking all of my money. All of these are really great! What do you guys think? 😀

  8. Hmmm….. This seems like a fan’s dream come true. No wonder it’s a rumor for now. lol. These are the evolutions I want on the list: Medicham (with 6 arms please), Banette, and Houndoom (with three heads please). Mega Latios and Latias would be really cool for some reason I think. Lol. So yeah, Nintendo is pretty much going to be taking all of my money. All of these are really great! What do you guys think?

  9. Considering that a Mega Form was given to a Starter Pokémon, Blaziken, I don’t think they would leave it alone, because it would be totally unfair to the other starters, so I think EVERY SINGLE STARTER might have Mega Forms, it’s only logical in my head. Seriously, just leaving Braziken having Mega Form? Nope, uh-uh >_>

    1. Actually i think that not all the starters will get Mega evolution
      because i think Nintendo/Gamefreak will milk this as much as they can so expect every gen to have like 4 Mega evolution starters
      but i would love to see MegaSceptile MegaEmpoleon and MegaSamorutt

      1. They could really do Samurott justice with a Mega Evolution. I think Charizard deserves temporary Dragon-typing even if people still consider it their favorite Pokemon.

        And it would be weird if they gave one of the Fire-Fighters a mega-evolution and not the other two but I guess they could put some of these off for a generation or so.

    2. I honestly think the will give Pokemon that were cool back in the day, and were nerfed or needed an evo but looked complete Mega’s. But imo, Charizard and Gyarados are perfect candidates for this, and I hope they get Fire/Dragon and Water/Dragon in the Mega Evos.

      1. I agree although with the Sky Battles and all, you won’t get to see your awesome Charizard or Gyarados in them unless they both get Levitate as an ability.

        1. Unless they do it in a way that allows them to be in the sky battle originally since they come out first (so any pre-mega flying Pokemon) stay in sky battles which would allow them both to fight, change types and won’t need levitate. So far we only know what you need to go into battle but megas change right before battle, so there is a chance we could still get both.

  10. :'( I hope Venusaur would get a Mega Evolution because I feel his design is somewhat lacking I comparison to the other two starters, but it has loads of potential to look awesome! I just want it to look less ugly really.

    Wow the Eon duo! Their art is beautiful already but a Mega Evolution! That would look epic. Yay for Gardevoir Mega Evo!

    (This was in the post this was announced too).

  11. Can someone please tell me where in this article it says “This is a complete list. There is absolutely no chance of any other Pokemon getting a Mega Evolution.”?

  12. Well it’s nice to see Medicham on a Mega rumor list. He needs some attention (perhaps something based off of Shiva). It’s nice to see a few more starters on there, but it’d be nice to see all of them. Hopefully this list is both incomplete and true. Also, when I thought of Mega evolutions for starters, these popped into my head.

    Edit, and yes, I know they are dark type variants.

    Edit:Edit: I’m not saying these would be Mega Starters, just that hearing about mega Pokemon reminded me of these guys.

    1. Those are amazing! I would not complain if those were real. I really like Olmurk. And why are they all /Dark?

      1. They were made to all be dark versions of the starters. I think they were mad a little over 5 years ago (don’t quote me on that)

    2. The concept is spectacular, and I could live with these. But I would exchange Dark for other typings, thus partially changing the design as well. Nonetheless, these are fabulous. Props to whoever made them.

  13. Thoughts, all? I think some starter final evolution names are missing, but that is because these were the only trademarked names, I guess. What do you all think?

  14. I call fake, even though many of these will probably get a mega evolution anyway.

    Why would they retype Gardevoir to Psychic-Fairy if they were gonna give it a mega evolution? It’d make much more sense to just have MegaGardevoir be Psychic-Fairy instead. It would’ve definitely saved them the trouble of retyping Gardevoir.

    Just my opinion anyway. I’m super excited to see all the mega evolutions! If I could choose one Pokemon to get a mega evolution, it would be Mantine (my favorite Pokemon)! I imagine MegaMantine would change slightly, but the Remoroids beneath its wings would turn into sharks and it would look badass! Someone should seriously make that! :3

    So if you could choose any Pokemon to get a mega evolution, what would it be and why?

    1. I think giving Gardevoir the Fariy-type was to make it more of a counterpart to Gallade.

      And personally, I want a MegaWeavile. It’s my favorite Sinnoh Pokemon, and GF has already proven that we can still get Mega Evolutions for already-powerful Pokemon! 🙂

    2. Surely you can apply that logic to some of the pokemon already revealed though? Why would Pokemon like Mewtwo and lucario need a mega evolution when they’re already quite powerful pokemon without it? 😛

    3. I’d love to see a MegaZoroark. I love using her and giving her a form/evo that’s slightly more durable in battle would be great.

  15. I don’t agree with the list. I mean, no Sceptile no Johto starter or Sinnoh starters for a mega form..I has a sad.

  16. Every starter should get one if Blaziken is. It’s not fair.

    I’m happy Gardevoir is on that list. 🙂

  17. Looks great my only real problem with this (and Game Freak) is that the Starters from every Gen wont be getting Mega evos this time around if this is true.

  18. Missing a few starter finals, so I call fake for now. This is my opinion, I don’t know why I get downvoted. That’s the sucky part about Pokejungle, not being able to express your opinion without being criticized. But, hey, it is what it is. :

  19. If Hydreigon and Salamence get a MegaEvolucion…i will be completely hyped xD…i mean, my 4 favorite pokemon of all at the moment (Salamence, Hydreigon, Lucario and Blaziken) getting one of these…it would be epic for me!

  20. ***Do note this list is NOT complete if it is to be considered true as some already revealed Mega evos such as Lucario are not on the full list***

    Charizard, Blastoise, Gengar, Kangaskhan, Pinsir, Jynx, Gyarados, Aerodactyl, Mewtwo
    Ampharos, Scizor, Houndoom, Tyranitar, Heracross
    Gardevoir, Absol, Medicham, Banette, Latias, Latios, Aggron

    From all the mega evos revealed so far It looks like they’re trying to cover fan favorites while including some pokemon that are often overlooked to give them more attention too. I’m predicting an outcry of “I don’t like this and I don’t like that; I wanted *Insert Pokemon name* to get a Mega evo instead they need it more!!!”

  21. I actually hope we get a MegaEvolution for Areodactyl/Pinsir/Heracross/Banette/Jynx because they need it everyone else I don’t think they need one I’m skeptical if this is true but I’m hoping these 5 do get them 🙂

  22. Since Blaziken is so far the only starter revealed to have a Mega-Evolution, it would make sense for all the starters to get Mega-Evolution’s as well. But of course, Torchic and it’s evolutionary line have always had special treatment: Being the only starter along with Pikachu available in the wild, being the only starter along with Pikachu to be allowed in the Amity Square prior to Platinum, Torchic is the only fire starter Ash has never owned prior to X and Y, being the only starter to have been confirmed to be first planned to be a legendary, and being the only starter to have gender differences along with all it’s evolution’s. With this kind of special treatment for Torchic, it’s possible that Torchic might be the only starter Pokemon getting a Mega-Evolution because it’s always been the favorite of Game Freak.

      1. It was available on a pokewalker course, but I don’t know if that counts as being in the wild.

          1. Me neither. After I bought it along with Heartgold I just thought it was a pain and never realized that my favorite starter Torchic was in the walker. My friend uses his walker everyday just to see what kind of Pokemon will pop up.

      2. Along with Pikachu, Torchic was made available through the Poke’walker course Sightseeing.

    1. Don’t forget that Blaziken is (so far) the only Final Evolution of a Starter to be shown in the anime prior to it’s Generation (i.e. Harrison used a Blaziken in the Johto Silver Conference). 🙂

    2. Torchic and its evos were also stars during the Hoenn part of the anime. I wonder why Torchic is so special…Is it because its one of the first Hoenn pokemon created (sorta)?

      1. It’s also the only starter to have multiple pre-alpha sketches which only one of them have been shown.

          1. Yes. XD You can actually kinda see me on the reflection of the last one. There were also drawings of Treecko and Groudon on this game expo.

  23. PJN, could you keep us in the know over trademarks. I remember a good few years ago reading Pokemon World back when I think Diamond and Pearl were the most current games, this article I was reading revealed a list of names that had been trademarked by the right people for the use as possible future pokemon titles. I remember Black and White being on the list 100% because I remember predicting that GF would go with that as the most likely title they would use first on the list as it was a good title name to work with and it would have been my choice myself.

    If I am not mistaken X and Y were on that list as well because they caught my eye as the most outlandish on the list, and that GF would go with it to breath new life into the pokemon title names, but I felt that there were still many more things to use for title names that more naturally fitted into the role. That is why I believed that they would not go with them as a title name so soon.

    I’m not as confident that X and Y were on the list as it feels like many years ago that I read this, but I’m 100% sure that Black and White were on there.

    This was back when GF started cracking down on fake pokemon games because they effectively prevented GF from using that name for a future title. So they went about trademarking a few different game titles in an attempt to be in a position to potentially take legal action against these people.

    I also remember 100% that OceanBlue (or something similar) was on the list even after the speculation of this name as the name of a special edition version of the Gen 1 remakes, when the remakes came out.

    All I am trying to say is that after this happened I had decided this was an effective way to get reliable information on future pokemon stuff, and that I think this is definitely a method I think PJN should use in the future, and as a reader I would love to read your articles on your finds!

    1. I must agree with you, because back when Platinum was just released and we were in the information period of HeartGold and SoulSilver, I remember reading an article about future Pokemon game trademarked names, and I remember seeing Black and White on that list, but I also remember other colors like Crimson, Periodot, and other things. If my memory serves me correctly, I think even an Alpha and Omega were there, too. Nevertheless, that is a very good idea and I too would like to see PokeJungle use this method. 🙂

      1. Thanks so much Dae! Yes, I remember Amethyst and Topaz! Such beautiful names! I always thought it would be more logical for GF to use stones like them two after DPPt but I would have been a technique they used to throw us of I suppose. Good work finding that I thought I was going mad 😀 Thanks so much for reading my post!

    2. I do remember that during the 4th Gen or the 5th Gen, someone guessed the next pair of games would be Pokemon X and Y. I remember reading that post months ago, and I thought that was pretty clever. If I find the link I will link it to this post ASAP. 😀

  24. I think that if Medicham gets a Mega Evolution, it should get a defense boost. All of mine always got into really low health after one Aerial Ace or Drain Punch, even if it was 10 levels higher that the opponent…

    1. If Gengar gets a Mega Evolution, then shouldn’t Clefable? I mean, Gengar is supposed to be Clefable’s shadow, right?

  25. If Sceptile, Infernape, or Samurott don’t get Mega Evolutions I’ll be deeply disappointed.

    All these Pokemon can become potential threats, but I won’t care about anyone of these until I see my Mega Pikachu

      1. Are you kidding? Infernape is outclassed by Keldeo and Terrakion in terms of damage output a MegaEvo buff for Ape would be awesome maybe give it base 135 atk to better compete with the musketeers.

  26. This is the pre-alpha sketch of Blaziken. It seems to be more like Latias then Blaziken but I would want this kind of Pokemon any-day. But here are some changes Game Freak can make: Add a sword, make the wings bigger with flames purging out, and an armored mask, and then make it legendary.

      1. I know right? The drawing is simple yet I totally love how you can distinguish it so easily. Bulbapedia said, before Game Freak scratched this sketch off the Poke’dex, Blaziken was supposed to be a legendary but after the idea of a legendary Pokemon that an evolution line, they split this Pokemon and made one Latias and another Blaziken. So, in reality this is Blaziken not the other one. LOL

    1. I could see MegaLatias and MegaLatios being Latiken-esque, but why would GF slap on a bunch of random crap on them? Why would a Pokémon ever need a sword*?

      * ibn4 Honedge.

      1. No not a sword to hold LOL. A sword going through it’s lower-half of the head. I found this wallpaper and it looks so cool. When it Mega-Evolve’s, the sword could be held but not when in original form.

        PS: I find myself using Original Form a lot more after Mega-evolution’s were introduced

        1. Ah, I see. Sorry you should have provided that as reference, I thought you actually meant giving them a literal sword. Although I’m not sure how I’d feel about MegaLatios and MegaLatias looking like they’ve been stabbed in the head.

          1. LOL. I actually think having a sword stabbed on your lower-half the head looks cool just don’t over do it. LOL

  27. This makes it so difficult to decide who I want on my team! Mega Gengar, Blastoise and Aggron? And charizard? I want to have so many megas, but I really want some XY pokemon too! It probably won’t be too easy to get the megas, and I suppose it is great that they are encouraging the use of older pokemon, but still… So difficult!

  28. These are my take on the typing on the MegaStarters.
    MegaCharizard- Fire/Dragon
    MegaVenasaur- Grass/Poison
    MegaBlastoise- Water/Steel
    MegaTyphlosion- Fire
    MegaMeganium- Grass/Ground
    MegaFeraligr- Water/Fighting
    MegaBlaziken- Fire/Fighting
    MegaSceptile- Grass/Dragon
    MegaSwampert- Water/Ground
    MegaInfernape- Fire/Fighting
    MegaTorterra- Grass/Fighting
    MegaEmpoleon- Water/Ice
    MegaEmboar- Fire/Fighting
    MegaSerperior- Grass/Dragon
    MegaSamurott- Water/Ice

      1. Torterra is based off of the Land Turtle and it’s one of the earliest known myths that spectates on the origin of Earth. The Land Turtle can be seen as gentle so why not look into that further? Couldn’t it have a fighting side? I agree with the Steel typing by Anon but Steel in early myths was a myth. (If you know what I mean ;D). Fighting comes from the Land Turtle’s bad side when it is not gentle.

        1. Makes sense, I overlooked the origins hahaha, it fits with Mega Pokemon’s “empowered” and “enraged” theme!

          1. Yes, well, does this sound empowering? “Charizard’s Mega-form has Huge Power which double it’s atk power!” If that happened even Mega-Mtwo will have to use at least 99% of it’s strength. LOL

      1. That’d be great 🙂 , but I think its Grass/Ground is perfect for it, unless it has badass metal shell XD

      2. I like that. Although steel was never mentioned in the Book of the Land Tortoise or turtle. I like that and should get into it more.

      1. I was thinking that but I recently drew a Mega-Evolution for Meganium and I see it as more of an earthen type. (By the way, my drawing is horrible lol).

    1. I agree with all except Typhlosion, torterra, and empoleon. I think Typhlosion should be fire/dark, and empoleon and torterra should keep their typing.

      1. Fire/Dark would be awesome for typhlosion and I also think empoleon’s typing is good enough too

      2. Well, seeing as these Pokemon are based off of myths, and real world animals, wouldn’t it be more creative to get in depth into their history or inspiration? Typholosion becoming Fire/Dark is a great idea and Empoleon getting Water/Ice is more suitable in terms of my liking’s and dislikes. Torterra keeping it’s original typing suits it well but you also have to venture into the realms of mythology to understand why I picked the typings that I picked. But, alas, I see what you mean.

    2. That’s actually a good list,
      My take though
      MegaVenusaur – Grass/Poison Ability:Chlorophyll
      MegaCharizard – Fire/Flying or Fire/Dragon Ability: Solar Power
      MegaBlastoise – Water/Steel or Water/Rock Ability: Rain Dish
      MegaMeganium – Grass/Fairy Ability: Leaf Guard
      MegaTyphlosion – Fire/Dark or Fire/Ground Ability: Flash Fire
      MegaFeraligatr – Water/Dark or Water/Fighting Ability: Sheer Force
      MegaSceptile – Grass/Dragon Ability: Unburden
      MegaSwampert – Water/Ground Ability: Damp
      MegaTorterra – Grass/Ground Ability: Shell Armor
      MegaInfernape – Fire/Fighting Ability: Iron Fist
      MegaEmpoleon – Water/Steel Ability: Defiant
      MegaSerperior – Grass/Dragon or Grass/Psychic Ability: Contrary
      MegaEmboar – Fire/Fighting Ability: Thick Fat
      MegaSamurott – Water/Fighting or Water Ability: Shell Armor

      Edit: Also, Why is Torterra fighting?

      Edit: Edit: Just realized the last one was MegaSerperior as opposed to MegaSamurott XP

      1. The first time when I agree with every single take someone does on Mega Starter Evolutions! 😀
        Good job! I hope some of these, if not all, come true!

      2. I explained it to someone else but here goes, “Torterra draws it’s inspiration from the Land Turtle and seeing as it’s always gentle why not get creative and make the “Dark Side” of the land Turtle?” That’s what I basically said.

        1. I read that just after, sorry.

          Although, I’m not quite sure that works, a “Dark side” shouldn’t automatically mean a type nor be completely out there, and the turtle being peaceful, I personally don’t feel, is enough to justify Fighting type, dark maybe, or an apocalyptic Torterra that’s part ghost.

          1. True. Although I feel as if people didn’t read through my other “Accurate Typing’s.” That’s where I clearly state what was wrong with this post and the other post is clearly in my opinion better version. LOL 😀

    3. What’s up with all the downvotes?._. i personally would want a water/dark feraligatr, a grass/fairy meganium, a water/fighting samurott, and i think Empoleon should keep its water/steel. Good ideas though! 🙂

  29. I think it was already given that ALL starters will get a Megalution. Hell, Charizard was for sure, it’s only the second most recognized Pokémon next to Pikachu.

    If Raichu doesn’t get one I’ll be shocked solely because Pikachu is the series’ most recognized figure

    1. I’d also want a Mega Raichu because, I might be in the extreme minority here, but I wholeheartedly PREFER Raichu to Pikachu. So it getting a buff would be nice.

          1. You know, apart from the design, part of it comes from something that unusual happened to me in the original games, while playing Pokemon Red, on the cartridge too. But, I was just walking into vermilliion city, and I was in about the center of town… and then my Pikachu spontaneously started to evolve on my. It was REALLY weird, and while I’ve found glitches that can make evolution without a stone for Pokemon happen, I’ve never seen one like this. Of course, I stopped it, because I knew that I didn’t really have any moves yet, though I don’t think I knew that Pikachu doesn’t really learn any moves worth keeping it from evolving, TMs would have sufficed.

    2. I think both Pikachu and Raichu will get them. Pikachu for being the franchise’s mascot, and so that you can make Pikachu stronger without needing to evolve it, and Raichu for being Pikachu’s final form, and so no one would complain about Mega Pikachu making Raichu pointless.

      1. Hiro doesn’t have any info this Gen. His leak partner from Gen. V said it. Hiro is just riding in the coattails from his previous fame. How many times do I have to keep repeating this?

  30. A few days ago I was thinking about how cool it would be to have a separate evolution line of Scyther with 2 evolutions and the 3rd stage being around as strong as pseudo legendary, and now we’ll probably get a MegaScizor which is close enough to what I wanted, thank you gamefreak you’re awesome!

  31. Maybe Aerodactyl could turn into a Rock Dragon? That’d be cool.

    I’m hoping they’ve got a bunch of other trademarks tucked away somewhere, I’m sure Mega Venusaur and the like are coming too!
    I’m honestly wouldn’t mind seeing most of these if it’s real.

    1. MegaAerodactyl-
      Get ready for ancient runes to be shaken, the very earth that you are standing on to be shaken because MegaAerodactyl will make your opponent shiver with fear. With Speed Boost as it’s main ability, MegaAerodactyl will conjure a speed fast enough to rival Talonflame. Complete with an armor of boulders and six wings covered in shiny minerals, MegaAerodactyl will be your forefront tier in battle as well as your prized possession.

  32. Yes, Scizor needs to be more overpowered. What a great idea.
    (MegaHoundoom would actually be awesome – cerberus anyone?)

  33. I would much rather Banette, houndoom and jynx were awarded the full evos they deserve. The others seem to be pretty good choices though.

    1. I’ve wanted a Banette evolution for years, one of my favorite ghost types. If they gave it a Mega, I’d be fine with it, but it’s certainly something that I’d gladly have an evo of first, especially due to having a counterpart that has an evo.

  34. Even if Charizard gets one, I guarantee you that it would still remain Fire/Flying and not retyped to Fire/Dragon. Why?

    1) Charizard is in Sky Battles. Since Mega Evolution triggers in battle, it loses it’s Flying type and well, you can see the problem there.

    2) Why not give it Levitate? What? You want to give up Solar Power? Give up ridiculous power in the Sun to weaken Stealth Rock a bit (Fire/Dragon is still x2 weak to it)? Yeah I think not.

    3) It would also gain a Dragon weakness and for all we know, it could be weak to Fairy too. Mega Charizard would have even more things to worry about.

    1. Maybe a Mega Evolution won’t trigger under those conditions then. We still don’t know what all the conditions even are, other than holding the Mega Stone. My current theory is that Pokemon-Amie will be linked to it somehow too. *shrugs* Just, if we were going to get a Fire/Dragon Charizard, this is certainly the opportunity.

        1. We don’t know the full mechanics to Sky Battles. Pelipper’s Soak may not work on Flying types (or maybe the target becomes Water/Flying?) and Worry Seed can simply have no effect on Levitate users in Sky Battles? (There’s no Flying or Levitate users with Simple Beam yet) Also Roost is fine. Moves like Gravity and Smack Down would most likely change or not work.

    2. There’s a possibility that the mid-battle type change is ignored and the Flying-type requirements are only checked before the battle. Then again there’s a possibility that Mega-evolved Pokemon’s type won’t be changed and just added (“Changed” like fire/flying to fire/dragon and “added” like Ampharos’ added dragon-type). I’m certain GF can cover these possibilities

    3. I think that giving Charizard Dragon type won’t stop it from being in a sky battle. I think sky battles will have a secret ID thingy saying whether or not a Pokémon can be in a sky battle.

  35. We need a Mega Swampert and Empoleon! My opponents shall be crippled and bow to my power!

  36. I’ve been waiting for Tyranitar to get nerfed since I could barely use it in 5th gen due to all the powerful fighting types. A MegaTyranitar would be a real boost!

    1. Nerfed? you mean buffed, right? XD. Honestly, despite being a Pseudo Legendary, I think out of all of them he could definitely use it, due to having more weaknesses than all the others, maybe even a new one if Dark turns out to be weak to Fairy. Though… Tyranitar, Absol, and Hydreigon are basically my top three favorite pokemon, for various reasons *Tyranitar’s resemblance to Godzilla, and I’ve had good luck with it in battle, Absol’s kind of ‘Holy’ Dark feel, and overall appearance, and Hydreigon’s appearence ranks a bit below the other two, it’s color scheme is my favorite, various parts of the design like the Wings I like, and it probably does have my favorite typing, Dark/Dragon*, and I tend to be fairly indecisive which one is actually the favorite. Absol getting a Mega Evolution has kind of helped tip it in his favor, but even that could be turned on it’s head.

  37. OK, these are more accurate typing’s for our soon to be epic Mega-Starters.

    Kento Starters:
    Charizard- Fire/Dragon or Fire/Poison
    Based on European-dragons, Charizard grows one more head, becomes a darker shade and it’s tail now produces poisonous flames.

    Venasaur- Grass/Poison
    Based on a tuatara, Venasaur becomes one with nature. It’s back sprouts a jungle, and it’s hands are intertwined with the very power of nature, vines.

    Blastoise- Water/Steel or Water/Electric
    Based on the common tortoise, Blastoise becomes the very God of Thunder. Like Thor, MegaBlastoise wields a hammer entrusted with lightning powers. Wearing a Viking Helm on it’s head it goes into battle with it’s brownish mustache braided depicting it’s very nature and wisdom.

    Johto Starters:
    Typhlosion- Fire/Dark
    Based on a honey badger. Any idea on improvements?

    Meganium- Grass/Fairy
    Based on a -saur, Meganium’s head starts to grow and so does it’s size. Sprouting a bigger petal, it’s soul has become one with nature. It’s antenna now imbued with magical powers, MegaMaganium can heal your party and stop foes from attacking at once with it’s powerful stomps. It’s feet are now filled with twigs, flowers, and other plants loved by scientists and healers alike.

    Feraligr- Water/Fighting
    Based on a croc, Feraligr once again hones it’s battle prowess thus, awakening it’s true powers. Armed with over one-hundred sets of teeth, MegaFeraligr rides into battle with Huge Power, which doubles it’s atk power and deals heavy damage to foes with a whiplash from it’s 5 foot tail which is now imbued with liquid water.

      1. Well it depends on how you look at it. Game Freak never stays with a single idea for too long. They add bits of here and there and that is what makes Pokemon so special: it has so many inspirations for it’s design that it’s hard to pick one singular idea to stay with.

    1. And then Blastoise becomes Blasthor!! XD JK I think i’m interested with meganium’s fairy hahaha

    2. I think adding razor sharp claws to megaTyphlosion would make sense 🙂 I’m a water-starter lover but I really want Typhlosion to get an amazing design and type combo. I mean, it’s been the only pure-fire type starter for far too long! lol

      1. I know right!? When I looked at Typhlosion and thought about it’s origin the first thing that came to mind was a prehistoric animal but I then checked Bulbapedia and saw it’s origin to be a Honey Badger. LOL


    Alright guys I think Mega Pokemon might have been hinted back in black2 and white2. Early on Pokemon caught in the game have been altered in the new games, Riolu – megaLucario
    Mareep – megaAmphy
    Azurill – Maril added fairy type

    I know people just want older Pokemon in the newer game because of the lack of them in the first black and white. But to me a Riolu in a ranch never made sense.

    These are just speculations.

      1. Yeah check out the other national pokemon in the regional dex from Black and White2 some are listed above in the rumor.

  39. Server getting hammered, again. We have plans to upgrade the server though, especially now since X&Y are creeping closer and closer.

  40. I do think that Game Freak should give the Generation Six Starters a Mega-evolution. I mean, think about it, maybe your very first Mega-Pokemon could be your starter. Maybe you had your first Mega-Battle with your starter. This could make for a very memorable time in your Pokemn history.

    1. If anything, the starters will. And at some point, you get the Mega Stone for the Starter you chose.

    2. I don’t see why not, in fact it could be used as Mega Pokemon tutorial, something like someone gives you your starter’s mega stone (Korrina?) and tells you if your starter holds it it will gain immense power during battle or something

      1. That does seem possible when you put it that way. Especially as Gen V had us get access to some stuff based on what our starter was *different first gym leader, different elemental monkey* That means to get the other Mega Stones for the other Gen VI starters though, you’d probably have to trade for them.

        1. Well I think that’s an unavoidable issue when we’re talking about starters, as trading is a must. And I wonder if every starter gets a Mega evolution will the stones also be “unobtainable during normal gameplay” or not?

          1. I’ve been thinking that all the other starters might be like that. With the exception of the Kanto Starters. If we do indeed get them in game, it’s possible they would come with their Mega Stone, and that’s how you get the Venusaurnite, Charizardnite, and Blastoisenite.

  41. I’m not completely sure why some of these would receive Mega Evolutions, but here’s hoping that Latios and Latias will take on their now-famous alpha appearances!

      1. Don’t you guys just love that little red “something?” (Can’t quite understand it’s inspiration). But alas, these guys already have been that Digimon vibe and I don’t think Game Freak will implant them into this gen.

  42. What trainers/evil teams from the past would you like to see make a cameo in X/Y?
    Does anyone think Mega Evolutions will mean Mega Pre-Evolutions in the future?
    What would you like the storyline in X/Y to be like?
    What would you like X/Y to be based on?
    X or Y?
    Final Question: Pros/Cons so far on X/Y?
    If you have answered all of the questions, congrats! I appreciate everyone’s answers.

    1. I’d love to see another PWT with all of the prior gym leaders again, I would not expect Mega Pre-evolutions at any point, just more mega evolutions, I expect a very DNA centric story, Aren’t they based on France?, X, Pros are pretty much everything except for my one con, lackluster Gym Leaders, I just don’t like any of them so far…

      1. I’d like a PWT as well.
        I don’t want Mega Pre-Evolutions at all.
        I expect the same, and yes, they are.
        I think the same about the gym leaders. The types are a bit dull. Fire, Water, Grass, Fairy or Dark gym leaders would be nice!

  43. They left off Nidoking, Nidoqueen, Bisharp, Gallade, and Togekiss. :c

    Also, people want a Pinsir Mega Evolution!?

    1. If Scyther gets one, Heracross (already mentioned above) and Pinsir should get one in my opinion.

      1. If Scizor gets one*

        idk I’m skeptical about the Scizor Mega Evolution thing, but it sounds like something GF would do. I don’t want to see a Heracross or Pinsir evolution, both are ugly-looking and I know that’s not an excuse for not wanting them to get a Mega Evolution but I can’t stand looking at them without feeling nauseous.

        Back on the topic of the post, I could see a MegaGardevoir looking like some sort of magical knight, fitting since it’s Japanese name is SirKNIGHT. Same case with Gallade. Bisharp would make the PERFECT Dragon slayer if it had a Fairy/Steel Megaforme. Nidoking and Nidoqueen pretty much scream “GF could we have megaforme plz?” since they are both well liked (also it could be a coincidental nod to the “NidoGod and NidoGoddess” variation of the PokéGod rumours of long ago), and Togekiss would be really amazing and I’m sorry I suck at describing things I’m sorry.

    2. Also, did I neglect to mention “fan-favourite” Sableye is curiously not on the list?

      1. You know, it could mean it gets an actual evo then O.o Bet you didn’t see that coming now did ya lol

    1. He threw some fakes in there to get GF/Nintendo off his tail a bit. I hope they aren’t fake since I love the idea.

      1. He didn’t. That’s was someone else trying to make it seem confusing. We still have those Japanese trademarks for Nyanokusu

  44. These mega stones are really interesting when you consider other methods of evolution. We’ve always had stones that have amplified elemental potential or in one case, gender-potential. We’ve also seen three evolutions that come from learning Ancient Power. So Mega Evolutions cannot be the same as accessing elemental or ancestral power. It’s like mega stones access their very present potential. In the moment, these stones can make reversible yet extreme changes to a Pokemon.

    That being said I’d like to see Mega Evolutions for Glalie, male Combee, Electrode, Qwilfish, a lot of Fighting types, the electric rodents, Cofagrigus, Zangoose, Seviper, and Slaking.

      1. Yeah, I think Electrode is a very “in the moment” Pokemon because of its attitude. Rather than exploding, a Mega Stone could grant it the sort of growth that fits its personality.

    1. That’s why my theory is that these Mega Stones are actually modern day creations that manage to enhance Pokemon beyond their limits, and the idea behind them is extremely similar to the research Colress was doing in Black/White 2, so I figure he created them, or at least his work led to their creation.

      1. I think we’re definitely going to see Colress and N again. Maybe Ghetsis too though his story seems a little tired. As long as the Royal Dragon is divided, the story of Unova is left unfinished.

        1. Though… I’ve also thought that the original dragon, whatever it would have been, *maybe it would have been Fairy/Dragon, who knows* it wouldn’t have just been named Kyurem, so it wouldn’t be like a Mega Kyurem. Mainly due to the names of them. ReshiRAM. KyuREM. ZekROM. So, a Rim or Rum would be in order. Though, I might be reading too much into that too.

          1. I’ve been thinking that both the arrival or Fairy-type and Mega Evolutions could both be to combat the strength of the Royal Dragon in a way. Of course, mega stones probably aren’t naturally occurring but Fairy-types seems almost ancient/cosmic in a way. It could mean that the Royal Dragon is Fairy type or that Fairy type was buried into the genetic coding of some Pokemon when the Dragon was broken and no longer a threat.

          2. Well, I’m also thinking about what the original dragon could be. Seeing as it split into a Fire/Dragon and Electric/Dragon, leaving behind a Ice/Dragon husk. And given the original dragon’s mythic status compared to regular legends, maybe Fairy/Dragon could be it.

          3. The whole Yin-Yang theme of the duo is better capture with Reshiram representing a sort of ancient energy while Zekrom represents more modern power. If they were to keep true to the Yin-Yang theme, I could see the emotional balance of truth and ideals in Fairy-type but also a pure Dragon with ridiculous stats.

            White and Black Kyurem are already so close to over-powering Arceus that a unique typing wouldn’t really be necessary for making the Royal Dragon something of importance. It could be a Pokemon that is stronger than the “creator” of its universe. But if Arceus does not gain a plate for Fairy-type, the idea of an equally powerful Pokemon with a type that Arceus cannot have would stir interesting conflict in the Pokemon world.

          4. I always thought that the Original Dragon would have been something that would have been the same power of Arceus. I mean, being something that split into three Legendary Pokemon, two of which at the 680 uber power level, then yeah, all three back together would be 720 at the LEAST.

          5. Yeah, I’m sure that we’ll see the Royal Dragon this generation or next. Game Freak is redefining Pokemon evolution as we know it so the revival of the dragon should not be a shock whenever it comes. But it could be bad for 6th gen Pokemon to be in the shadow of characters and Pokemon from the 5th gen.

          6. Well, if Gen V was kind of like Gen I again, due to the entire new batch of Pokemon, then you could argue Gen VI would evoke elements of Gen II. And that was similar.

  45. When was mega Scizor “confirmed unofficially”? If it was Hiro’s post, then ignore it. Hiro doesn’t have any insider info this Gen., his previous leak Partner said it. He’s just riding on the coattails of his previous fame. Why do I have to keep repeating this!?

  46. Oh gosh…when I first glanced at this article, I read: “Mega Mega Evolutions revealed?”
    GameFreak would officially be jumping the Sharpedo at that point.

      1. Just because we have a hard time accessing the site doesn’t mean you can spam, ok 😉

  47. A mega a charzarid needs to happen. I imagine it would be fire/dragon, higher speed,attack and special attack and it’s ability would probably be levaite(I assume since it would probaly still have wings)

    1. Though, Solar Power Mega Charizard Fire/Dragon… It’s special attack prowess would put Reshiram to shame, probably.

    2. It would be totally unfair for Blaziken to get a Mega but not the other starters. All the starters should get one. Maybe those bracelets on the protagonists have to do with the bond with you Pokemon and your starter could Mega evolve?

      1. I understand your reasoning, but Mega Blaziken can’t be obtained within normal gameplay. While there will be a considerable amount of “Nite” items scattered across the Kalos region, it seems some will only be available via events.

        Seeing as the Blazikenite is not available in-game, could it be the same for the other starters who may get one?

        Which leads me to my next question, Aside from event Pokemon, they should start doing item events again, making it able for “Nite” items to be downloaded via Wi-Fi.

        1. as long as the other starters get mega evos i can deal with waiting for a few events as long as it is still wifi

          1. And as long as they remember to RELEASE all the Mega Stones. *looks at the Azure Flute from Gen IV.*

        2. They could do that or just distribute all of the starters over Wi-Fi. I would prefer the latter since I wouldn’t have to find a starter and it would be special.

        3. I think all the starters will get mega evolutions but the only “nite” that evolves a starter that will be available in-game will be for your own starter and you recieve it either when you first learn about mega evolutions from Korrina or after you win the league. The only way to get the “nite” items for the previous starters are through events while the 2 remaining kalos starter “Nite’s” can only be acquired through trading from a game file that had the corresponding starter.

  48. I really want to see Latios and Latias get mega evos! I feel like they (along w/ manaphy/phione) never received the in-game attention that most other legendaries had. I really hope all the starters get mega evos. I LOVE megaBlaziken but I dont want it to be the only one! The others need some loving too lol.

    As for Pokemon that I would like to have mega evos for that are not on this list:
    a dragon/bug megaYanmega
    a bug/fairy megaMasquerain
    a normal/rock (or steel) sabertooth megaPersian
    a poison/ground MegaGliscor
    a fire/grass megaSunflora
    a dragon/normal megaDunsparce
    Or they could just have these as regular permanent evolutions 🙂 I think these mega evos allow for more creative typings and im so excited for more!

  49. so instead of giving medicham, jynx and banette actual evolutions. they want to give them mega evolutions… (i know it’s not confirmed but look at mawile..)

    this is a sign i may be done with pokemon by gen 7 or something because i don’t like the direction they’re taking

  50. i would say there would be a 50/50 chance of the rest of the starers getting a mega evo. no one would complain if the rest got mega evos and it also fair. All the starers from all the different regions tend to be fan favorites. 18 out of whatever number of mega evolution isn’t bad. Gamefreak hopeful should realize that having mega evos for the rest of the starers would be profitable.

  51. I just thought of something. Could Charizard’s return in the anime be hinting at something later on. Maybe Ash’s Charizard megaevolves and leads Oak to ask Ash to go to Kalos to investigate the Mega Stone, similar to the (forgotten) GS Ball. Just theorizing here 😛

    1. That is a thought. They also kind of made something of a deal out of Charizard NOT being a Dragon type, it was very much brought up thanks to Iris, not to mention all the ‘super training’ it’s gotten by being at that Charizard haven or whatever it was.

      On top of that Charizard has always Ash’s most powerful Pokemon since he earned his loyalty and especially since the whole training thing. Kind of would be fitting for Charizard to be his first Mega Evolution, if not the first Mega Evolution in the anime, besides Mega Mewtwo.

    2. I agree. I have a crazy speculation on that the upcoming Zekrom episode will be “Mega evolution activated! Zekrom vs Charizard!” 😛

  52. Rock/Fairy MegaMiltank. Top percentage MegaRattata. Fairy/Steel Dragon Slayer MegaBisharp. Contrary Grass/Dragon MegaSerperior. Actual Water/Dragon MegaGyarados. Water/Steel MegaBlastoise. Multiscale Dragon/Fairy MegaDunsparce. Fairy/Ghost MegaBanette.

    The possibilities are infinite.

  53. I can’t wait for:
    Pokemon Game Show
    Gamescom X/Y demos
    September/October CoroCoro leak
    OCTOBER 12TH!!!!! 😀

      1. It is an event that lasts two days, August 17th and 18th to be exact, in Tokyo, Japan, where they get to play demos of X/Y. Other details are not currently known.

        1. Actually it’s confirmed to focus on mega evolutions.

          Oops. I didn’t see that someone already said this.

  54. I think it’s safe to say:
    Viola: Bug
    Clemont: Electric
    Grant: Rock
    Korinna: Fighting
    I hate how dull these gym types are. Hopefully in X/Y they have more gym leaders, since Kalos looks like a large-ass region. Maybe there is a Mega League and a Regular League? Maybe there is another region you can travel to by that mysterious train station towards the right-hand side of the map? Maybe the Decolora Islands make an appearance and there is a Decolora League? Maybe there is a ferry that takes us to a “faraway region?” Maybe there are gym leader rematches? The speculations and possibilities are endless! What do you guys think?

    1. I will like it if gym leaders specialized in two types instead of one. it will be more of a challenge. Like Clemont could have electric and steel types. Grant would have rock and dark.

      1. YES! That would be amazing! In that case:
        Viola: Bug and Grass
        Clemont: Electric and Steel
        Grant: Rock and Ground
        Korinna: Fighting and Fairy/Dark

        1. Hmm I was gonna say I hated this Idea.. I still don’t prefer it… BUUUT The way you sorted it out was cool. As long as the 2 types made sense and paired together then it would be cool and I wouldn’t be mad. >=I …….=]

          1. Well, thank you! I wouldn’t really prefer it either, but it would be a nice twist to X/Y. Hopefully it does happen. 😀

        2. yh this is a great i wouldnt mind GF give us gym who specialst in two types that will make the battle experience better

  55. Ok, maybe this is stupid, but I was thinking that perhaps the reason Game Freak chose to give a Mega evo only to Blaziken as a starter (at least, this is what has been revealed until now) is because they’re anticipating a possible (probable) remake of R/S and they just opted for the pokemon that would have better represented the 3^ gen starters…if that were the case, I’m expecting to see all the other starters’ Mega evos within the remake 🙂

    1. Remakes/sequels would be my dream! I love the Hoenn region so much! GF leaves hints in the their games that could hint at the next games they are planning. There have been a lot of hints in D/P/Pt-B2/W2.

      1. One of the biggest hints is in HG/SS when the director says they are remaking a game but it’s hard to keep the same feeling as the original (along those lines)

        1. I think we will get them within the next year. Those were my favorites. Lots of memories with those games. It’s seemed that it was almost the perfect game at the time. I was disappointed when we got X and Y, but seeing all this new stuff makes me excited. All the flaws made in X and Y can be fixed up to make R/S even better!

          1. There was a Pokemon marathon around the end of last year-January 6 (around there) and in the chat I was OBSESSED speculating and writing the hints to the remakes and boy was I wrong, lol. I am glad we are getting X & Y first because that means the remakes would be even better! 😀 This is like experimentation for them getting used to the new engine, etc.
            Emerald is one of the best games so far in my opinion besides of course X & Y which I know will be my new favorites.

          2. My point exactly! I was disappointed with Diamond and Pearl’s Pokemon, but mostly because it only introduced new evolutions. But all the games and remakes after X and Y are going to be amazing.

          3. I agree. X and Y definitely have the potential of being the best selling games on the 3DS. It’s a major stepping stone in the Pokemon series. It’s going to set a high bar for the Pokemon games to come!

        2. I think that would because if they did ‘remake’ those games, they won’t be remakes like Fire Red and Leaf Green, or Heart Gold and Soul Silver. Because, those remakes were made as part of the fact they rebooted things with Ruby and Sapphire to begin with. The feeling would be different because the plot of Ruby and Sapphire have already HAPPENED in the Pokemon Canon now. And they have referenced it, in BW2, there are two former Team Aqua and Team Magma members who talk about what happened, and also asking you not to tell the other that they were part of the team, unknowing their boyfriend/girlfriend used to be members of their rivals. So, if we get Ruby/Sapphire remakes, I suspect they will be more akin to Black/White 2. In that they are more accurately sequels instead of remakes.

          So, Ruby/Sapphire 2.

          1. I agree. Sequels would make more sense and I would love it even more since they continue the story. For example a new team rises called team…Aero. They are after Rayquaza to control the other two (Groudon and Kyogre) and they end up angering Rayquaza..I don’t know, lol.

          2. they don’t have to make sequels but they do have to reconnect the time line and stuff. such as acknowledging the other regions like they did in heartgold/soulsilver

          3. Heh. Either way, I’ve long been thinking that actual remakes weren’t likely, just because of the whole timeline issue, they have continually referenced past events so suddenly having Ruby and Sapphire happen again like nothing has happened would be incredibly weird. Though… Mega Evolutions of Groudon and Kyogre… They noticably have a slightly lower Base Stat Total than other cover legendaries, 670 to 680. And I had thoguht maybe they will go Mega Evolution and join their brother in Dragondom. At least, Ground/Dragon Groudon seems plausible. And thus the world quaked in fear because we thought Garchomp was bad?

          4. Probably the largest hint towards R/S sequels are MegaKyogre, MegaGroudon and maybe even MegaRayquaza. Afterwards, we know that they are confirmed!

    1. No.. The ships are taking Ash back to Pallet town first.. Then he get in a plane and goes tot he Kalos region as show in the preview

      1. Oh! I don’t watch the anime which is why I was wondering. Thanks for clarifying. I am a noob. XD

  56. I said to myself yesterday (I’m not crazy) that I would like to see a Gardevoir/Gallade evolution, might get one now

  57. For the love of Elemental Hero Bubbleman, Make Charizard and Gyarados’s Mega evo types Fire/Dragon and Water/Dragon Please! I’ll love you more for that GameFreak! Man Sometimes I wished I had a Tardis to skip September and go to October already lol.

      Fire/Dragon LEVITATE Charizard
      Water/Steel SOLID ROCK Blastoise

      (Or a new ability similar to solid rock)

  58. mega evolution apparently can activate even with full heath the pokemon could change as soon as it is called out. if you check the Japaneses version of the most recent trailer the pokemon has full health and has a symbol that indicates that it mega evolved(00:23)

    1. I think the requirements will differ depending on the Pokémon, the more powerful ones being harder to Mega Evolve. Of course the minimum requirement is to hold the Mega Stones, but maybe some Pokémon could Mega Evolve depending on weather, or as a friend of mine suggested status ailments. Perhaps something like Absol could be if it’s the last Pokémon in your Party. Some really difficult and powerful ones could be raising a specific stat to a certain amount of stages during battle, or performing the same attack three times in a row etc. The possibilities are endless!

  59. The fact that Lucario isn’t on this list makes it seem even more believable. Also, it means there will probably be even more megas than this list! Yes!

  60. MegaWeezing… Pump its SpDef and add Dark type.

    megaBlastoise… water/steel Shell Armor

    Megascizor … amp Speed …(as my brothers says) Heat proof though it might get hypercutter.

    megaMarowak…. boost defenses and attack. add pure power

    1. If megascizor doesn’t have technician, no one will use him over regular scizor.

      If Charizard gets dragon/fire levitate, then Blastoise needs more love than shell armor (unless shell armor ability is buffed). I was thinking more HP, special attack and an ability like solid rock with steel/water typing.

      And where is poor Venusaur on that list…=(

  61. GENGAR my love,my life, one of my favorite pokemon, I hope it does get a mega evolution it would be sick :3

    Correct me if I’m wrong people, SO we can get two starters at the start of X&Y, Kalos Starters and the Torchic ? 😀

    1. The pokemon from Hoenn seem to be getting some promotion, maybe there will be Ruby and Sapphire Remake.

      1. Maybe 2 years after X&Y then a year after that X&Y 2 then one year after that Gen 7 😀

        1. I really don’t want that to happen again. With Black 2 and White 2 I didn’t like it either but then once I played it, I began to like it and thought it to be a lot better than Black and White. But, from what we’ve seen from X and Y, I think this game doesn’t need that kind of sequel. Maybe a Pokemon Z after 2 years and then the remakes of Ruby and Sapphire.after 1 more year.

  62. Dont get me wrong the “mega” evolution has for sure grown on me much! The only thing that really bothers me is the fact that a lot of the pokemon that are reciving megas (in my mind) should be reciving normal evos. Mawie? Absol? They deserve to evolve the natural way! On the other hand, to see pokemon in there 3rd forms like gengar and blaziken recive mega evolution is amazing! I mean gengar is a original that i absolutely love that i never thought i would ever see anything new from… so in shorter terms, i hope having a mega evo does not mean that certain pokemon have reached their final form.

  63. One thing I noticed is that there r no 5 gen pokemon that have megas.. not even in the rumors.

          1. ……. You clearly did not understand what I said.. nor read the full article… ( -_-)

  64. some of these would be cool to see, but would still rather medicham, jynx, banette, pinsir and heracross to have permanent normal evolutions

  65. One thing I want to see in the mega-evos of third-stage pokémon is coherent and interesting design based on their evolution line, and not just OTT development of all bodily features (I’m looking at you Mega Lucario). For example, reintroduction of the interesting features of their prevos they lost along the way. Let me illustrate my example with what I want to see with starters:
    -For example, Mega Blastoise should feature Wartortle’s wing-ears in some way, and not just mega-cannons.
    -I really hope for a Mega Sceptile, and I would be dissapointed if it didn’t feature more parts of grovyle’s arguably cooler design. For example, an even-bigger leaf hanging from it’s head, and bigger leaves dangling from it’s forearms.
    Also, an evolution of the real-life basis of the pokemon should feature:
    -Mega Torterra should not only have real mountains and a massive tree on its back, it should have more of the features of ankylosaurs (or the world turtle, but ankylosaur features are more indentifiable), like an actual club-tail à la euoplocephalus.

    1. Grovyle* and Leaves*
      I couldn’t stand it being spelt wrong, sorry.

      1. Don’t worry, I understand ;). The “leaf” incident is particularly embarassing… Whatever, I’m tired! I’ll edit though :p.

  66. I would prefer cross gen evos instead of mega evos. I miss the gen IV days. Those were the best!

  67. (I don’t mean the game mascot, I mean the Pokemon that everyone wants and is featured alot in the anime and in the game, not a very good description, I know)
    I tell you now, the mascots of each Gen will probably get one (Gen 1 is not Pikachu, Pikachu is a mascot for all of Pokemon).
    Gen 1 – All the fully evolved starters / Charizard
    Gen 2 – (Not Sure)
    Gen 3 – Swampert
    Gen 4 – Lucario (already confirmed)
    Gne 5 – Zoroark
    If you don’t agree, just leave your opinion(s) as a reply.

  68. I think it’s fair to say that no one can argue that Deoxys will get a Mega Evolution.

    I mean the “DNA” Pokemon is bound to get one, no?

      1. Well there is that, but I mean it’d be one of the most outrageous mistakes to make.

        1. I hope only the normal Deoxys has the Mega Evolution; not attack, not defense, not speed Deoxys.

  69. Hmm odd, we see a Mega Charizard and a Mega Blastoise but no Mega Venusaur. suspicious although I’m not seeing signs of a Mega Rhyperior, Hippowdon or even a Mega Golurk… Some grounds better get a sweet mega evo!

  70. This is the second part of my “More Accurate Depiction of What I Want.”
    Hoenn Starter’s-
    Blaziken- Fire/Fighting
    Already revealed

    Sceptile- Grass/Poison or Grass/Dragon
    Ability- Speed Boost
    Sceptile reaches it’s peak when it Mega-Evolve’s into MegaSceptile. It’s Speed Boost ability allows MegaSceptile to quickly turn battles around in your favor. This Mega-Pokemon that looks like a cross between a leafy European-Dragon and a Gecko can demolish defenses with it’s huge tail that grows up to be over 6 ft. long and along it’s spines grows small fruits which MegaSceptile can eat to regain back lost health.

    Swampert- Water/Ground
    Ability- Huge Power
    Based on Mud Puppy, MegaSwampert can bring the house down with it’s Huge Power ability and shields of liquid water. MegaSwampert on Mega-Evolution grows an extra fin that produces liquid water as a shield. It’s plates now grow to be over 2 ft. long and upon MegaSwampert’s will can grow much larger to protect it and encase the Pokemon in a cocoon.

    Sinnoh Starter’s-
    Ability- Blaze or Iron Fist
    Infernape- Fire/Fighting
    Based off of Sun Wukong, MegaInfernape becomes larger, with a flaming mane and two large poles that can grow to an immense size as weapons. This Mega-Pokemon can leave foes injured for several days with it’s Blaze ability and can demolish foes with it’s flaming manes that are controlled by MegaInfernape.

    Empoleon- Water/Steel or Water/Ice
    Ability- Defiant
    Based off of an Emperor Penguin, MegaEmpleon becomes one powerhouse with the help of it’s ability: Defiant. Empoleon grows larger upon Mega-Evolution and grows spikes of ice as large as small boulders and can crush foes with it’s beak now one with the cold. Empoleon can now control ice with it’s new accessory: a large cannon-like weapon stuck on it’s back that produces ice and freezing blizzards.

    Torterra- Grass/Ground or Grass/Steel
    Ability- Shell Armor
    Based off of Chinese Mythology, the Land Tortoise or Turtle. You can decide on the looks.

  71. Instead of Mega-evolution’s what if the anime had Burst-Evolution’s instead?
    LOL, “Pikachu and Ash have become one with another. They have achieved the Burst-Evolution.” I can see the fan-base crying and moaning. ;D

  72. ooh itd be cool if mega scizor was true. That is one of my favorite bug type pokes. n da heck is with the forums on this website. I cant create an account because of some error

  73. While I’d normally I’d be against mega evolving such an iconic pokémon like
    Charizard, but due to the fact that it’s reduced to NU due to it’s typing and Stealth Rock, I’m all for this evolution to come true just so I could use Mega Charizard to sweep any and all haters

  74. Should Dedenne get a Mega Evo? We don’t know its stats yet.. But it has a special place in the game due to its relations to Pikachu….

      1. If any thing, it probably won’t receive one. It’d be great if it did though, but if this is the 6 gen relative of Pikachu, then they may keep the tradition like Emolga and Pachirisu, Plusle and Minun. I think it’s adorable as it is. It reminds me of a Raichu in Gen 1 Pikachu’s fat body. With whiskers and a different tale.

        1. I’m disappointed that Pikachu is the only one so far on that list that has an evolution. I’m really hoping Dedenne can break the cycle of cute, unevolving Pika-clones and actually have a real evolution!

    1. A previous leaker, Hirobyte, said there’s a Mega Scizor. However, a close friend of him said he is no longer privy to any insider info, so he’s actually riding in the coattails of his previous fame, and Mega Scizor is just a guess, possibly even based in the trademarks.

      The one who posted this article, though, believes in his info.

      1. i don’t think he would be risking his fame for this. i mean, if he stopped giving information because he ran out of it, why would he reveal something he didn’t know about? probably he got that info from other source.

        1. No, he’s just riding on the coattails of his previous fame and playing safe with good guesses (and even using the excuse of “I don’t give everything because I don’t want”, according to someone in this page). Also, he stated once that Sylveon would be Flying before all Fairy-type theories started.

      2. Honestly, though, from what we’ve seen, a good mix of popular and somewhat unpopular Pokemon are getting MegaEvolutions and I’d honestly be more surprised if Scizor didn’t get a MegaEvolution. Whether this is good or bad for Hiro depends on if he tries to use this to convince people of other things.

  75. I would love it if hounddoom got a mega or a 3rd stage for sure.
    Vileplume and or Bellossom would also be ones that I wish would get a mega, loved using it (vp.) in gen one and would be interesting to see, Porygon would be interesting but I don’t see that.

  76. I really hope that all the starters get MegaEvos, Mega Meganium especially. After that, Mega Houndoom would be super. Basically I want my previous team members to be able to Megavolve excepting the ones I made fake evos for haha.

    1. Here is some of his info for people who don’t have time to read the whole thread:

      First off, some numbers for you. Pokemon X and Y is quite large, as you may have guessed, and part of its size comes from the fact that this game technically introduces the largest amount of New Pokemon ever seen, even overshadowing Black and White. This, however, includes Mega Pokemon, so it’s not exactly “New New Pokemon”, but regardless, there are a lot of new faces, and face-lifted faces, to meet. There are 128 “New” Pokemon and 101 Mega Evolutions. The Mega Evolutions are not counted in the National Dex, but there is a separate section of the PokeDex for them which is numbered “M001-M101”.

      Not all the Mega Evolutions will appear within the normal game, with some Mega Stones, such as the Blazikenite, being distributed via Events and such in the future. Pokemon Mega Evolve when they’re holding a Mega Stone, and are the last Pokemon remaining on your team, making them a risky, but powerful, last resort in a tricky battle that isn’t going your way. Pokemon-Amie also plays a role, as you need to reach a certain level of understanding (i.e. happiness) with your Pokemon first to achieve Mega Evolution, plus you also need to journey to the Tower of Mastery after doing this and partake in a final test to allow that Pokemon to access Mega Form. This test is a series of battles where your Pokemon will be pushed to its limit, and you’re graded on your performance and must achieve a certain percentage to pass.


      The Mega Evolutions I know are:

      Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise, Raichu, Arbok, Ninetales, Arcanine, Alakazam, Machamp, Golem, Gengar, Exeggutor, Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, Kangaskhan, Starmie, Jynx, Pinsir, Gyrados, Aerodactyl, Mewtwo, Meganium, Typhlosion, Feraligatr, Ledian, Ariados, Ampharos, Azumarill, Wobbuffet, Dunsparce, Scizor, Heracross, Houndoom, Donphan, Hitmontop, Tyranitar, Sceptile, Blaziken, Swampert, Mightyena, Ludicolo, Shiftry, Gardevoir, Masquerain, Ninjask, Shedinja, Exploud, Sableye, Mawile, Aggron, Medicham, Banette, Absol, Glalie, Metagross, Latias, Latios, Torterra, Infernape, Empoleon, Staraptor, Roserade, Spiritomb, Lucario, Toxicroak, Lumineon, Abomasnow, Electivire, Magmortar, Porygon-Z, Serperior, Emboar, Samurott, Musharna, Excadrill, Carracosta, Archeops, Zoroark, Vanilluxe, Klinklang, Beartic, Mienshao, Druddigon, Golurk, Bisharp, Volcarona, and Kyurem.

      This is the list I’ve heard. There are also a few Kalos Pokemon receiving them, of which revealed includes the final forms of the Starters, Xerneas and Yveltal, Noivern, Malamar, and Honedge.


      Second, Cross-Gen Evolutions have NOT been written out, there are actually a few alongside the Mega Evolutions. Including Sylveon, Farfetch’d, Lanturn, Sudowoodo, Qwilfish, Vigoroth, Volbeat and Illumise, Chimecho, Skorupi, Carnivine, Basculin, Maractus, and Stunfisk get evolutions. There are no Baby Pokemon it seems.

      Third, there is no Second Region, rather there is a Second Quest that is a New Game+ mode unlocked after defeating the Elite Four and watching the credits. New Game+ overwrites your file, however your OT remains the same, as does your various WiFi records and such, and all your Pokemon and Items (bar ones you obtain during the main story) are carried over. From what I’ve seen this is the basic stuff that happens:

      * This is where the Kanto Starter rumor originates from as, in the Second Quest, you’re given a choice between the Kanto Starters at the beginning of the game instead of the Kalos Pokemon.
      * You can’t use any of your Pokemon from the original file in your team until you obtain the right badge, as there is a level cap, preventing you from blazing through with your strongest Pokemon. You can still put them in the GTS, trade them, and battle other players with them, however.
      * You have free reign with Items, meaning you have all the TMs you collected right off the bat and plenty of money to spend.
      * In the first quest, you can’t use Mega Pokemon nor the Super Training functions at the beginning, but in the second quest, any Mega Pokemon you’ve obtained can be used as soon as you obtain the Badge letting them add them to your party, and Super Training is enabled from the get-go.
      * The game is much harder, with Trainers using different teams and more advanced strategies, and Wild Pokemon being higher-leveled.
      * Plot points change and dialogue is different, but overall it is mostly the same story. There is also a few post-game areas only available after defeating the Second Quest.


      Fourth and finally, the Gym Leader types are Bug (Viola), Fairy, Flying, Fighting (Korrina), Electric (Clemont), Ice, Rock (Grant), and Psychic. You travel along the map in the line seen here for the most part, although occasionally you’ll break this path to explore or chase down Team Flare. There’s actually a new Pokemon that lives at the top of the tree which serves as the final test before Victory Road, a new Dragon/Flying Pokemon, that you have to battle. You can’t catch it during the first battle, you simply must defeat it, and then you can ride on it to the E4 Summit.

      The Elite Four consist of Steel, Normal, Dragon, and Dark, each one uses a Mega Pokemon as their final Pokemon.

      1. Hm. At the very least, it’s well written. And even the idea of a second quest, while the implementation seems like it would be incredibly complex, is at least a new thought. And then that other potential interview suggesting the games will play out slightly differently would be nice. ……. But…..

        If it’s true, though…. If it’s true…. No Dark Gym Leader. AGAIN.

        If they don’t have a Dark Gym Leader in this game, then they might as well say they are NEVER going to have a Dark Gym leader.

        1. I wonder how this point will work:
          The game is much harder, with Trainers using different teams and more advanced strategies, and Wild Pokemon being higher-leveled.
          If you are starting with a new set of Pokémon including starter? are the starters higher lvl also? I hope that this part is false since I want to use any Pokémon I chose. Although this could be a way of doing breeding for low lvl to use so that could be fun.

          1. i don’t think so. i think they will be the same level, and the beginning will be quite easy, but there will be a higher difficulty curve.

      2. seeing hoe he said you cant change your hair style yet the site says you can makes me believe hes fake

        1. he said u can change, but only as your PSS avatar. The 3d model only has clothing and color changes done to it. the “leaker” said that u wont be able to change the trainets hair and eyes on the 3d modle. the site says u can customise your characters outfit but nothing super major. seems kinda odd.. correct me if im wrong. 8]

        1. no, what he said is that there will be Cros-Gen evolutions (pokemon from previous gens evolving) and Sylveon is one of them (Eevee=>Sylveon)

      3. Oh how much I want Arbok to megaevolve! Info seems a little dubious though; a newgame+-style “second quest”? Doesn’t sound like a GF thing to encourage trainers to throw away all their pokemon companions that they journeyed with just to get Kanto starters….

        1. Hang on, misread the second quest things. So all your items and pokemon carry over? Still really doubt this info is true

      4. If Vigoroth gets an alternative evolution that’s actually usable in battle, XY will be the best generation ever. Dude’s my bro.

      5. Okay i 100% want this to be true! And everything on this list is completely plausible.
        However a few things i think would need to happen to make this seem more likely would be:
        1: 101 Mega Evolutions seems like an awful lot and im fine with that but that would mean a serious amount of items floating about the Kalos region or a serious amount of events GF would need to run to release them all so it would have to make sense that at least 2/3 are in game and that it would be a case of a majority of them being items a wild pokemon could be holding upon capture with like a 1-5% chance of them doing so or that each version (X and Y) holds a specific number of stones that are version exclusive (or both as a lot of the mega evolution pokemon could be version exclusives).
        2) New Game+ seems like a very good way to expand the post-game and i see it being an expansion of challenge mode from BW2. The main downside of challenge mode was that you couldn’t officially receive it til after the league unless you mixed records thus by the time you got it all gym leader and story battles had been done rendering the mode highly basic in what you could do. If NewGame+ is true that would fix this issue as it would be like a partial reset allowing you to experience playing the game in “challenge mode” making whole new teams and still allowing you to use older pokemon from your first playthrough once you reach certain points.
        3) The Gym Leader types seem feasable and i would love for Rock to be the 7th leader! That would mean finally getting a gym battle against some cool rock types rather than the monotonous spamming of geodude! Elite 4 again seems likely if going with the gym types however a distinct lack of Grass, Fire and Water is noticeable and no game has ever not had at least 1 if not all of these types at least somewhere in their league rosters (johto being the exception since it was linked to the kanto league).

      6. You have no idea how badly I want your rumors to come true, especially the second quest.

    1. 100% fake. 1). Nothing on 4chan is ever true. 2). He said the games already released. 3). Mr Masuda can’t speak English, and he didn’t say it was a translation, so…

      1. Sorry to say but your point 3) is stupid, masuda is acompanied by a translator wich would translate the conversation and so he would write in english. I’m not saying its a fake or that it is but that point is dumb

        1. True, but nonetheless, the games haven’t been released. He said they had. So how can it possibly be yrue

          1. I also recall reading that, and again I never said I thought of it as being true but could you pin point where in the text he says that…

    2. I 100% believe this only because of how I can see all of this stuff being true. I could see the games having different stories because BW had different stories in certain parts. Masuda said France isn’t the only inspiration so the Black Forest thing could be true. Gyarados and Heracross were both on the Trademark list so I can see that part being true too. The character customization part is exactly what I want to happen too.

  77. Looking at this link from AAPF, it says Mawile (Japanese name: クチート Kucheat)’s trademark belongs to another company. Went to check it out and the holder to クチート ‘s trademark is a company named Jaguar and the application date is 1984, with the trademark being registered in 1987 to be used for “cucito” (written the same way as Mawile’s japanese name in japanese), a sewing machine.
    This is the only result coming from a search on Mawile’s name.
    So… has Game Freak never had the rights on Mawile’s japanese name? O_o

  78. OH CRAP>…TYPHLOSION getting a mega evolution!!!…DO YOU REALIZE how much I dig this pokemon?? damn…and Imagine Dragonite getting a mega evolution! 😮 Wonder what it would look like…I hope there will be elemental Giga Impact moves too…

      1. probably got cut off somewhere. looks like there r some spots cut off, or maybe the “leaker” couldent draw it.

        1. Another “leaker” said that the Pokedex should leak around next month. I see a black line on the right side of the picture so maybe it’s there?

          1. maybe, but again, i doubt this is 100% real. some of the designs do seem pretty legitimate. 8]

          2. My favorite are the owls. I doubt Pokemon would include a gun in Clauncher’s design. Fennekin’s evolution looks so wierd 0_o

          3. i like the fighting/fairy type combination. although they did add gun like blasters on blastos (spelled it wrong) back so u never know! 8]

    1. Wait. WHat does that one in the middle say. The one above the Carnavine Prevo. It’s appearently a fairy type but… It looks like Makuhita. Which case… Uh. Seems highly suspect for a pure fairy… THING like that to evolve to Makuhita.

    2. I see the sushi pokemon.. Tbh, some of these look so legit. Especially the Spritzee, Swirlix and Litleo evo line O.O

    3. That fighting/fairy dog looks way too much like Croconaw to me…Nethertheless, I do like the look of the ice owls and the Litleo evos.

  79. OBJECTION!!! OverUsed pokemons Scizor,Gengar, Tyranitar DON’T NEED mega evos.Poor Banette who was the Dusclops counterpart needs a NORMAL EVO!
    Btw do you think the megastones will be consumable?

    1. No, because then you have Blaziken who can only get it’s Mega Stone by event that can be used precisely one time, and then it’s gone for good.

      1. The “Nite” Items are hold items, there not consumed and would be an item like an amulet coin for example.

  80. I would have expected more Ice type Megas, as if fairy does turn out to be super effective against ice then that type needs a serious boost.

  81. Let’s not forgot the new 4chan rumor, where the user drew 3 unannounced(supposedly) pokemon as well as 3 new mega evolutions, scizzor, druddigen, and gyrados

  82. I really can’t wait for these games. What Mega-Evolution’s do you want? What ability would it have? What would it look like and what would be it’s typing? I’m personally hoping for a Sceptile and Fennekin Mega-Evolution’s with Sceptile having Grass/Dragon as a typing with Speed Boost as an ability and would look a cross between a Gecko and a European-Dragon. I really don’t know what type of ability Fennekin should have or even what it would like as I have not seen it”s last evolution yet.

  83. These all seem to be things that would be ok with a mega evo but I hope that the Pokemon who need the boost get them as well ( luvdisk, shuckle, sableye)

    1. I think that Luvdisc, Shuckle, Saybleye, Dunsparce, Jynx (once part of the Original Three with Magmar and Electabuzz), and some other Pokemon should just get normal evolution’s and then later get a Mega-Evolution.

        1. I agree but don’t you mean Cryogonal? LOL. But yes, I do agree with that idea but I think only Druddigon should get a Mega-Evolution.

          1. It’s okay. I make typos all the time and I have to look back at my posts and edit them. xD

        1. Me too! I don’t think they would give a Generation 1, 2, or 3 Pokemon a Mega-Evolution. I mean, they didn’t give Mewtwo a Gen 1 Pokemon, Amphaross a Gen 2, and Mawile a Gen 3 Mega-Evolution’s. Did they? Hmm, I’ve gotta check that out. XD LOLZ

      1. Shuckle already has high base stats due to its defense and special defense. It will most likely get a Mege Evolution if it gets any upgrade, period.

  84. I think that the lesser known and hated Pokemon (yes, there are people who hate certain Pokemon) could use some Mega-Evolution’s to re-freshen their whole concept. Of course, their designs and move-pools would have to please the Fan-base. For a long time, I thought, after Mega-Evolution’s, Pseudo-Legendary Pokemon will be outclassed so, with enough effort, maybe Game Freak and heighten the base stat to a whopping maximum stat of 800 which of course, would be given to Arceus. Pseudo-Legendary in my mind WILL and ALREADY are outclassed but it would be cool to see a Pseudo-Legendary have a Mega-Evolution that way, the 700 base stat mark for wild Pokemon will finally be broken. HAHAHAH. (OK, I need to stop with the evil laugh).

    1. The correct answer is whatever you want – they’ll maul each other and won’t care a wink about your pokemon.

    2. I don’t think that means anything. The Pokemon Twitter/Facebook posts these questions all the time.

  85. Did anyone else see on Serebii, that they confirmed MegaKangaskhan with the picture? The baby comes out of the pouch and fights alongside, and the ability is “Parental Bond” Which allows it’s attacks to hit twice in one turn! It down under “Mega Evolution Details + MegaKangaskhan”

    1. Yes, and it has also been said (but not confirmed yet) that the second hit (the one of the baby) deals 50% damage less than the first. You can see that in the trailer, I think. 🙂

      1. It’s in the trailer. I doubt the baby would do as much damage as the full grown Kangaskan anyway.

  86. When are we going to have “Pokemon Analysis: Mega Pokemon.” I’m dying for PJ to write an article on the new Mega-Pokemon. Or maybe even have a “Mega-Pokemon of the Day’ to pass some time until the release of Pokemon X and Y or “Mega-Evolution of Pokemon by Fans.”

    1. They may be waiting til the demo this weekend, It’s supposed to be focused on the Mega-Evolutions, so they may give us some new insight.

      1. True but it seems we always have a new segment focused on the newly revealed concept or Pokemon(s) so I was just wondering when they are going to write an article on the new Mega-pokemon.

  87. Hmm. Quite a good group! But there will be more! I think all the starters will receive a Mega Evolution! Still, as I said, its a good list. Hopefully they release more! Now its just time to wait for the Pokemon Game Show! ;D

  88. Xerneas and Yveltal could have mega forms that are not accessible until the Pokemon x and y remakes.

    1. Yes, one of the leakers yesterday said that Xerneas and Yveltal could have mega forms. Why do you say until the remakes, anyway? 🙂

        1. I want there to be a director’s cut version with a third mascot legendary that completes a legendary trio. None of this 2 more games, sequel stuff.

        2. Why wouldn’t it be during the special editions (ie like in Black 2 and White 2 where Kyurem was able to fuse with Reshiram and Zekrom)?

          1. But those aren’t remakes. Firered and Leafgreen are remakes, and so are Heartgold and Soulsilver. Sequels (or special editions, or whatever they are) are not interchangeable with remakes.

    2. That’s not smart game design. I think everyone would want to access it during the main game! Also, there the prime legendaries! If they get Mega Forms I think I want to see it during the game!

        1. We haven’t had RS/DP/BW/BW2 remakes though. Unless they bring out a new game every month.

          1. oh. i thought you were talking about games like crystal, emerald, platinum ‘remakes’

  89. I’m hoping for a Mega Beedrill. Being a three-stager already I gave up on him a long time ago. Now with Mega Evolutions he has one last chance to make some noise.

  90. I really want a Lapras and Golurk Mega evolution. Lapras is really underrateed and I love it. It was actually one of the original Pokemon that had telepathic powers. Ash had one for a long time, and it is really majestic, and not to mention it reminds me of my favorite prehistoric creature, the Plesiosaur. Golurk is just awesome and is one of my favorite Pokemon, there is no other reason. Mega Kangaskhan answered all my hopes and dreams. I wouldn’t mind a Torterra and Empoleon mega evolution either.

  91. I would honestly be really angry if all the starters didn’t get a mega evo and Blaziken did. Also, one thing I’ve really been hoping for was my ever so favorite gen 3 Exploud to be competitive… Mega Exploud please?

    1. Absol had the yin-yang going on even before it was a Mega. It’s just more obvious now.

  92. JUST GIVE ME THE STARTER POKEMONS EVOLUTIONS ALREADY…..then you can say or do whatever you like GF thanks!

  93. I really want Swirlix and Spritzee to gain Mega-Evolution’s.

    Swirlix –> Poodle with cotton candy –> Mega-Evolve’s into Cerberus with cotton candy

    Spritzee –> Flamingo that uses perfumes –> Mega-Evolve’s into the Plague Doctor

  94. Well, from what it looks like, people are starting to mindlessly gab on what Pokemon should get Mega Evolutions…

  95. Oy. I don’t really give 2 figs if they want to give Charizard, Tyranitar etc mega form-cough-sorry, mega evolutions, but I wish they wouldn’t go splashing them around on other pokemon because it makes them less likely to give them a proper evolution in future. Y’know, an actual, useful, permanent evolution which will still be there when the battle is finished.

    …I don’t like mega evolution, can you tell? 🙁

  96. Staff, who is trolling? Every comment pretty much has downvotes for no apparent reason. I think you guys should get to the bottom it and ban the troll. We should all have the freedom to express our opinions on this public site without being judged because after all, an opinion is ours, and is our own thinking. 🙂

    1. Sorry Dicie, but trolls are like weeds. If you pull one up they are replaces with 10 more. It’s best to just ignore them.
      Plus there’s no way to find out who exactly is down voting since it’s anonymous. So long as people up vote good comments there should be a balance though, so don’t worry 🙂

  97. This image is old… but you get the point I hope. Lol.

    Mega Rapidash please! Houndoom is already on the list of rumored Mega Evolutions and both it and Rapidash have 500 base stats. Scizor also has 500 base stats and is Hiro confirmed. So yeah, Pokemon like this have great potential! I hope a lot of the fandom warms up to the idea.

  98. Some of the mega evolutions that I have in mind:
    (Note that some of these will be in the list above.
    Gardevoir (Love it!)
    Blaziken (Already approved)

  99. Last evolution of Fennekin
    Last evolution of Froakie
    Last evolution of Chespin

    That’s pretty much it for the list…yeah…

  100. I hope they have mega deoxys in pokemon x and y because, just imagine what it would look like since it is a DNA pokemon.

  101. I bet they didn’t give Jynx a Mega because of the controversy it would bring. Lol.

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