New Mega Pokémon Trailer w/ Mawile, Absol & Ampharos


While absent from the original information released on the English and Japanese Pokémon sites, Mega Mawile and Mega Absol have finally been officially revealed!

<3 PJ

  1. Yes! I love it when you post articles yourself. It just makes them so much more special. :3

    Anyway, PJ, what do you think of these new Mega-Evolutions?

    1. :>

      I actually like Mega Evolutions, but I feel like Absol and Mawile should have had these as normal evolutions. Being able to only use them in battle takes away from them a bit, but I see how it can be helpful for a 3-stage evolutionary family to transcend the previous limits.

      I want a normal Dunsparce evolution, not a Mega one ;-;

      1. my exact thought. mega evolution on a legendary, or 3 stage pokemon works fine. but for pokemon that could (and for some should) still evolve it just feels like a slap in the face of the fans of that pokemon hoping to see a evo.

  2. @[email protected]

    I just realized why Korrina looks so familiar. Whitney!!! The share the same smile and the way the hold their left hands! They must be related somehow! And think about it: Whitney => Rollout => Rollerblades => Korrina!!!

    1. I hope Korrina isn’t a Normal-type specialist with this said. XD
      Pictures have confirmed that she is a Fighting-type specialist, so that can’t happen. This means that she is the fourth Gym Leader, like the rumors stated.

      1. Well I didn’t say she was a Normal specialist, I just said she might be related to Whitney, somehow.

    2. I think she may be related to Nanamakado (Rowan), because he studies Pokémon Evolution, and she has the key to understanding Mega Evolution.

  3. Mega Mawile looks so cute, and I really love the music that’s playing!
    The music kinda reminds me of some Shin Megami Tensei games somehow

  4. When all five of them Mega Evolved, the split screen effect made it seem like it was Power Rangers.

    1. Twintails, like a fake leaker predicted. Not that it was that hard to guess, a Kucheat (Mawile) evo having twintails is an obvious, logical outcome of a monster design that looks like a girl (especially a young one) with a mouth-hair.

          1. Yes, I am. I lost my password for my Disqus so I made a new one. I deleted all content from my Google Chrome web browser for whatever stupid reason and couldn’t remember my password. So I thought I’d make a new account! 😀

  5. Was that…. the anime narrator? And that rock music really felt like something from Mighty Morphin Power rangers xD

    Anyhow, the 2D art really didn’t do the mega formes justice. They look spectacular in 3D.

    1. I find it weird that Mega Absol’s ‘wings’ are lacking all the definition of the 3D model, with the layers, whereas the art makes it just look like one large ‘wing’

  6. Its interesting, one of the blurbs on the website for mega ampharos says that changing type in the middle of a battle can throw an opponent off, this makes it sound like pokemon don’t automatically mega evolve when you send them out, and you choose when they do.

    1. oh, so maybe there will be some sort of icon on the touch screen that lets the pokemon change. cool!

      1. That would make sense because changing as soon as you send them out would be too predictable.

  7. By the way, I’m a bit worried about being able to bring use Mega Mawile because it starts with low stats. The site says that its Defense and Special Defense get a huge boost, so hopefully I can Mega Evolve it before takes much damage…

    Which brings me to something I’ve been wondering about. If it can use Intimidate before Mega Evolving, how much defense will it end up with? If that’s possible of course.

  8. If Honedge doesn’t have an evolutive line, then I hope we get a Mega Honedge so that that thing can get a better design. I also hope Mega Empoleon keeps Empoleon’s coolness rather than becoming ugly like Prinplup. And what if we get a Mega Arceus? How will they handle the Multitype? 17 different Arceusnites? Or will they give it a new ability based on type change?

    Also, will every Legendary gets one? If this happens, Hidenori Kusaka will have to think of a way to include all of them in the manga since the story wll take place in Kalos, a completely unrelated region to the previous ones.

    I wonder, though, if the Mega Evolutions will have any sort of implication on Prof. Nanamakado (Rowan). His field of study is Pokémon Evolution, so what will happen if we ever get Gen. IV remakes? Will they retcon his dialogue about Pokémon Evolution? Will he appear in X/Y? Is he related to Koruni (Korrina)?

    By the way, this Mega Evolution thing reminds of a fanfic I thought once but never wrote were Mutant Pokémon have the power to use Mutant Evolution and access a fourth evolution, unavailable to ordinary Pokémon, at will, and return to their previous form. Charizard’s Mutant Evolution was named Charaptor, and Venusaur’s was named Florasaur, these are the only ones I named. Now, if I ever write that fanfic, I’ll probably have to rethink this.

    Also, I’m a bit disappointed by Mega Mewtwo having Insomnia rather than an all-new, signature Ability. Maybe the other form will have this, assuming the PokéBeach leaker didn’t mistake Mega Mew for a Mewtwo form.

    1. I believe that there will be only one arceus, cause you use the mega stone as a hold item, so arceus will be normal type, or normal/Fairy maybe.

    2. I think after this reveal, we can all assume that the Pokebeach leaker threw in some fake info with the stuff they revealed.

        1. It would be nice for a lot more to be revealed. More than 6. A Mega Scoop of the Century, if you know what I mean. After all, next month’s CoroCoro will be the second to last, considering there should be another one that will leak October 8-11, before the games come out on the 12th. Hopefully we will get more Mega Evolutions during the Pokemon Game Show next week and at Gamescom in Germany and wherever else the demos will take place at. Hopefully we get them too! 😀

    3. Insomnia seems like a random ability, but it can be useful too, it can counter darkrai’s dark void and the annoying smeargle with spore.

  9. With the reveal of mega-evolutions, do you think we will still get evolution or pre-evolutions of previous Pokemon?

  10. i wonder if and how mega pokemon will use difrent moves then before? i saw ampharos use dragon pulse in the trailer… i also hope there’s an overview trailer on mega evolutions closer to release, some things just seem unclear.

    1. I’ve been looking around but no one seems to know. The Japanese don’t know what it is anyway.

          1. Now that I think about it, it kind of looks like it could be Crunch or Double Edge… Or even Giga Impact… But if it’s a new move i think it’s a dark type

  11. Man, sometimes i wish some spot on rumor will just come and get rid of at least some of the waiting and tension of this game! when i think 2 mounths it’s not a big deal, but 60 days… uggg. But soon all the waiting will be worth it! 8]

          I can’t stand the wait.
          I wonder if the staff can contact some famous leakers and ask them to leak the Pokedex. It’s stupid but it could happen.

      1. actuly, i was on 4chan a few weeks ago when i saw someone clame they knew some pokemon. they even drew some for proof but it seemed pretty fake.. when i re opend the page, the thred was gone! then i saw the leaked translated pokemon on this site, i regret not saveing the pic.. 8[ they probly wert real but i swear i saw an ice wolf pokemon…

          1. Ya I read that whenever they put that up… and since 3 turned out to be true, I’m hoping the rest will too.

          2. It looks a lot like Arcanine…. makes sense that it’s its counterpart

            Edit: I realize I kind of repeated what you said… read your comment wrong 😛

          3. actuly.. no. again, it was on 4chan and it seems to be gone.. ill report back if i find anything but i doubt it. 8[

          4. My favorite would have to be the fourth one. It’s Mega-Evolution could be a mechanical wolf with guns but instead shoot bullets of ice that can thrn mak ice spikes.

  12. I agree with a lot of people that some of these Mega forms could have been evolutions, for the first stagers like Mawile and Absol. But it’s better than nothing and will hopefully make them more usable.

    I think having Mega evolutions will be useful for Pokemon who already have three stages (but need that extra something), and also for Pokemon that have been around for a long time/already look “complete”, and would be spoiled by a conventional “evolution”, but could use some extra flair/buff. E.g. Mewtwo, Kangaskhan, Gyarados (big contender, I’m crossing my fingers for Water/Dragon), Arcanine, Scizor, Steelix, Tropius.

        1. I’ve clicked all the photos, and it says “loading comments” but no comments actually show up. :/

    1. I had a dream a few nights ago that Corocoro released it and it turned out to be a Dark/Fairy type, but I highly doubt it would be that type combo. Most likely Grass/Dark in my opinion.

      1. I’m hoping for Grass/Ghost because we already have Shiftry and Cacturn. And possibly Chespin’s final evolution.

  13. I looked at the Event Torchic in it’s summary menu screen & saw the icon at the bottom nxt to the Summary button had a icon that had a piece of paper with writing on it & a ribbon!
    Could this be a hint that Pokemon Contests makes a return!? (sry no pic right now…)

      1. They said it was on the official site… And the clip is from the official youtube.. “smart person” who voted me down.. ( -_-)

        1. but if corocoro got their info from youtube and the website wouldnt we know the info before the issue releases?

          1. ( 0_0)
            I don’t know what you are talking about.
            Also I am say the information from THIS article is from those two sources. . .

          2. what the first person asked is that how the corocoro magazine gets that information… the answer: Nintendo and the Pokemon Company gives that info to CoroCoro as an exclusive, so only CoroCoro can show news about upcoming pokemon games.

  14. If the rest of the trademarked names from before (including Horubii/Bunnelby and Dedenne) are true then that would mean we would we have this happen-

      1. “Yer a wizard Harry” –Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s stone

        The trademarked names suggests that Fennekin’s final evolution will be a wizard fox.


            I’m getting an internal server error so I can’t go to any other post 🙁 I think it was in an earlier post where they analyzed the names in this post linked above. From the names it was concluded that Fennekin would evolve into a wizard, Chespin a knight, and Froakie a ninja. These 14 names were trademarked and 2 have already been confirmed meaning Fennekin could evolve into a wizard if the rest are true.

  15. Why can’t Mawile’s mega evolution just be a normal evolution (it looks awesome! best one so far!)? As well as Absol’s… Mewtwo and Ampharo’s could just be forms or something (like not existing, I dislike both of them) and we could avoid this mega evolution situation, that just sounds too Digimon for my taste… A temporary evolution is counter intuitive in the Pokémon world.

    1. Would you like to battle with an Absol with Eviolite, etc.? It’s better to make temporary evolutions than permanent evolutions. Since no one is ever happy with what they have, if we get permanent evolutions for them I’m SURE people will complain. Either way they are confirmed already there is nothing else we could do about it. They are OPTIONAL so you don’t have to use them. My point is you are just going to have to live with it, you’ll most likely get used to them at some point. 🙂

      1. Competitive battling is ruining Pokémon for us… Are you reading what you’re writing? You don’t want an evolution because you’re afraid of its’ prevolution with eviolite… Who cares? Mawile and Absol deserved these evolutions as normal ones, not temporary ones… I hope these mega evolutions, despite these examples, don’t turn out to be an excuse for not adding new normal evolutions to previous Pokémon. I hope Dunsparce, Qwillfish (these one is screaming for it), Stunfisk, Farfetch’d, Sableye and some ohter Pokémon (I might be leaving out some that I antecipate as much, but these are the ones I can think of right now) get normal evolutions, not mega ones!

        1. To each to their own. 🙂 I do agree that they should have gotten normal evolutions but they didn’t so that’s how it’s going to be, I guess. Competitive battling is indeed ruining the game. Nowadays some people don’t even play for fun..they just competitive battle. Dunsparce is number one on my get evolution list, it really deserves it, especially after Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Gates to Infinity’s story-line.

          1. competitive battling is not ruining the game what the hell LOL. if you don’t like it then don’t play it bro

          2. dude in your comment you said ‘would you like to battle absol with eviolite’? dusclops and chansey have eviolite lol
            and then you clearly stated competitive battling is indeed ruining the game. you said it yourself

      1. I didn’t know if it was just thought that Mega Mawile gained the Fairy type and not Mawile…

        1. Mawile gained the fairy type as well as it’s Mega-Evolution. And, where is the Huge Power that was listed as one of MegaMawile’s ability?

  16. Hey, PJ, are you planning on posting any rumors in the near future?
    Has anything surfaced worthwhile mentioning and why did BW get a full Pokedex leak but not XY? Is it because of the Worldwide release on XY that was lacked in BW?

    1. Wasn’t that also closer to the release of the game? We still have a full two months until they come out.

    2. I know I’m not PJ but I think I could answer these-
      The Hirobyte Mega Scizor post is worthwhile. The fact that the 14 trademarked names could be true is also worthwhile.
      The Black and White Pokedex was leaked early but it obviously wasn’t supposed to so the people who did that got in trouble. It looks like this time they are taking it slow.

      1. We already did two articles on the trademarked names. No point in beating a dead horse when you can just link everyone to those two articles.

    3. We can’t just make up rumours of our own sadly. And the fake rumours have become so tiresome that we don’t post everything immediately that is put on 4chan.

      XY didn’t get such Pokédex leaks because The Pokémon Company International is actively monitoring all those things that can lead to leaks and they shut those down very fast. Major leakers in the past got hit with legally binding contracts, and no-one wants to leaks a few Pokémon in advance when they get fined thousands of dollars for doing so.

      1. Oh, well I completely understand. I am sorry for wasting your time with these retarded-ass questions, but I am a very curious person. I understand the consequences of doing those certain actions, as well as the risk major leakers have to face. Thank you, Dae, for making this clearer to me, and I appreciate it very much! 😀

    1. Mega Evolutions. If Mega Pokemon number at least 50, it could potentially change the Metagame. Maybe Uber wouldn’t be boring anymore.

      1. Hirobyte wrote it in a Spanish forum. in the previous post here about the Pokemon smash of August there was someone who showed an image of the translation of Hiro’s post. i looked at it in Spanish in that forum and it’s true that he wrote that.

  17. it looked like megamawile used a biting attack. maybe a new attack that has more power than crunch?

    1. It is probably using Iron Head. The official Website is using that move for descriptive purposes when talking about Mawile, and they do the same thing for every other Mega Pokemon.

      1. oh , you’re right. the attack did not really look like an iron head to me. it kind of looked like teeth chattering.

    1. How fun it was speculating what type Sylveon would be. I think I thought Dragon the first moment I saw it, just because that was what it ‘should’ be, even if was kind of weird for a dragon. I never really bought into it being flying though, I was thinking it was going to be a gender evolution until the fairy rumor started to seem more and more real.

      1. I know right (and annoying at times) I had my heart set on Flying Type. Then Smash showed that skit testing on Sylveon and then I was crushed since I wanted a Flying Type. Now I’m glad they made a new type. 🙂

    2. LOL. I remember those times:
      “Sylveon will become a Bug Type! Do you see those eyes?”
      “No, Sylveon will become a Poison Type, there are plants known as Sylvee’s in Japan and they are poisonous.”

      “No, it will become a Fighting Type. Do you see those ribbons of death?”
      “It will become . . . a Fairy Type.”
      Awkward silence. . . “Dude, get out of here. Fairy Type? Please, pfft (sniffle, sniffle).
      After Fairy Type is revealed. “Told you, now give me that money.” LOL. Those were the wars and the flames.

  18. This is just a thought, but I think that Bunnelby and Dedenne are going to be version exclusives. They were both released at the same time, and they both have the same abilities.

    1. Maybe, but considering Dedenne is the generation’s Pikachu-clone, for lack of a better term, and Bunnelby has the qualities of being the regional rodent…

    2. No.

      Bunnelby is most likely the Rattata of this generation. It is pure Normal type, a terrestial mammalian pokemon with an odd design, and has the ability Pickup (which Zigzagoon and Lillipup also had).

      Dedenne is the Pikachu clone of this generation and will most likely be available in both games. It probably won’t evolve.

      1. Although, Bunnelby is definitely going to evolve into a Normal/Ground type and also has Cheek-Pouch as well as Pick-Up.

    3. They told us about Clauncher and Skrelp being version exclusives when Corocoro released them. Surely Corocoro would have told us when they released these if the were version exclusive.

  19. Welp, I’m going to bed for the night. Hopefully tomorrow morning like every other morning from now on, we will be getting new news or something. It seems like every other day we are getting X/Y news even in the slightest, which I love, rather than waiting two months for a CoroCoro leak to have some info like we used to. Good night Pokejungle! 😀

    1. Yeah, that ending with those five transforming together did give off very Super Sentai vibes, didn’t it. With Pink, Blue, … er, Purple?, White, Yellow, and offscreen Red Ranger in the form of Mega Blaziken.

  20. I want a Mega Seviper, Mega Zangoose, Mega Stantler, Mega Rapidash, Mega Arcanine, Mega Gengar, Mega Bannette, Mega Honckrow, Mega Mismagius, and among others.

    1. A Honchkrow, Seviper, and Zangoose Mega Evolution would be awesome. Stantler, Banette, and Mismagius need one (Or Banette should just get a regular evolution). I would also like to see a Mega Evolution or regular evolution of Dunsparce, Farfetch’d, Sableye, and Chatot.

      1. I bet Mega Chatot will look like a musical peacock.

        Or they already have a peacock Pokemon for X and Y. (The theme for this generation is beauty, so I hope there is a peacock pokemon somewhere.)

          1. This is what I hope for evolution appearances for the new pokemon:

            Spritzee evolves into either a flamingo resembling a perfume bottle (Fairy/Flying) or a Plague Doctor (Fairy/Dark)

            Swirlix evolves into a cotton candy poodle (PLEASE!!)

            Clauncher evolves into an armored, tank-like shrimp (maybe become Water/Electric, though its colors may be tricking me and it become Water/Fire)

            Skrelp evolves into a large dragon-like seaweed creature (keeping its typing if not change into Poison/Dragon)

            Flabébé evolves into a slightly larger nymph with two flowers or fusing partially to it, then evolve again into a bigger fairy flower thing (maybe Fairy/Grass)

          2. I basically have the same hopes as you! And I want Clauncher’s evo as a Water/Electric type, and that a new Pokemon is released and it’s a Water/Fire type

          3. I was just about to say that it might be related to hot springs or underwater volcanoes (if there is one)

          4. A Teapot/Kettle Pokemon wouldn’t be too great… at all (unless it’s like water/steel or something, then i wouldn’t mind)… Maybe something like a Water/Fire Macargo (just looks) if there’s one based off an underwater volcano

          5. Maybe Torkoal evolves into Fire/Water? (That smoke could turn into steam, then BAM! Instant sauna Pokemon)

            Or maybe they will give it a Mega Evolution that’s Fire/Water.

      2. It wouldn’t happen, but I’d like to see a Mega Meinshao, maybe Flying/Fighting…I mean it’s already got ribbon-things

  21. Remember when we were speculating Sylveon’s type? The possibilities and ideas for XY? The types of the starters and the XY legends?

    Now we are just less than 2 months away..

    1. yeah, we have come a long way… i yet remember that January morning, after the Christmas holidays, and i was watching the Pokemon Direct while thinking “what the hell will they reveal?” and then they showed XY for the first time… i was amazed, xD! and now the games are each day nearer and nearer…

  22. Dat background music…it’s starts off all Kingdom Hearts, then bam and into Power Rangers
    Completely stupid music point, but Mega Mawile in 3D looks awesomeee
    Can’t wait to see more Megaaazzzz

    1. It’s not really Kingdom Hearts though. The song at the beginning is called ‘O fortuna’, one of the most famous dramatic songs there is.

      1. I know, just reminded me of Kingdom Hearts (and many boss battles and their background music)

  23. Kind of offtopic, but, I think Corrina is going to the last Gym Leader and she will use Fighting types. The way I see it, is she has some relevance to the Tower of Mastery which seems like a big deal, and usually Game Freak has the 8th Gym Leader give some important info during the game. Also, the location of Corrina and the Tower of Mastery seems to be in the far west, so, if I am correct that is the area we will go to later in the game. Which also puts the Lava place towards the end.

    1. There is a few reason that I think thats not the case.1.I don’t think they would show the last gym leader so soon. 2. Her name sounds like arena as in fighting/sports arena.3. Pokebeachs leaks said the fourth gym would be fighting and this person could match this leak/theme. 4 Her gym would be a major let down if it was the final one.5 In one of the pictures shown she is talking to the protagonist asking if they remember her. Everyone remembers the final gym leader.

      1. All very good points. I wouldn’t mind another nice 4th Gym Leader. Elesa, Maylene, and Flannery :3

  24. Well, with Mega-Evolutions introduced, I think we can safely say we won’t be getting the ability to hold two items anytime soon.

  25. So am i the only one that noticed something during Kangaskhan’s Mega evolution trailer ???
    instade it is recalled back to the pokeball OMG I WAS WAITING FOR THIS ONE THE ENTIRE TIME !!!!!
    X & Y details just one me over withe the benches riding and recalling a pokemon back
    Details Details Details

  26. Apparently all these names have been copyrighted as Mega pokemon:

    > Charizard, Blastoise, Gengar, Kangaskhan, Pinsir, Jynx, Gyarados, Aerodactyl, Mewtwo,Ampharos, Scizor, Houndoom, Tyranitar, Heracross,Gardevoir, Absol, Medicham, Banette, Latias, Latios, Aggron,Abomasnow

    This is only a few Mega pokemon not all because pokemon such as Lucario are not on the list.

    Original link:

    1. I remember a rumor going around a while back that said something about tyranitar getting a new evolution…

    2. Ah! Houndoom. The prodigal son returns. One of my all-time favorites along with Ninetales. But what it really needed was a normal evolution. Oh well.

    3. :'( I hope Venusaur would get a Mega Evolution because I feel his design is somewhat lacking I comparison to the other two starters, but it has loads of potential to look awesome! I just want it to look less ugly really.

      Wow the Eon duo! Their art is beautiful already but a Mega Evolution! That would look epic. Yay for Gardevoir Mega Evo!

      1. Do remember though that this is by no means the full list so Venusaur could still very well get a mega evo ;P Remember the pokebeach rumor said we were to receive a Kanto starter? Going by this list I think that the Kanto starter the player picks will have a megastone!

        1. Yay thanks! Sorry for the tantrum.

          I do hope that GF will give us Mega Evos for all the starters to date, I don’t think it would be nice waiting three more generations to see the Mega forms of our favourite starters. We have some hope as I think GF is trying to tell us that they will give us Megas for all the starters through revealing Blaziken in the first six.

  27. OMG! What attack did MegaMawile use in that pic? It oozes awesomeness. I NEED TO GET MEGAMAWILE!!!!

      1. I’m talking about the one with Absol in that pic. (The first pic with Absol with MM standing with her hands sticking out.) It doesn’t look like Iron Head to me. 😀

        1. It doesn’t look like Iron Head to me either, I thought it was Crunch, Double Edge, Giga Impact, or a new Dark-type move. But if you look at pics 3-5, it shows those screenshots (along with another), and the 2nd pic hints at it

          1. when i first saw the trailer i thought the same thing. it is definitely not iron head and it is a biting attack. maybe crunch or a new move. the attack resembles sharp teeth chattering.

  28. I’am completely in love with MegaMawile. The design is so kunoichi like with a little flare of innocents. And that move where it’s two large carnivorous plants erect from it’s head and turn all evil and dark along with that stance and the formation of the arms. WOW, can I just say, MegaMawile kills me? I NEED YOU.

  29. Okay I love pokemon and the MegaEvolutions have really grown on me, but am I the only one who doesn’t like MegaAmpharos or MegaAbsol? They just don’t really look like pokemon to me..idk maybe I’m weird. I do really really like MegaLucario though.

    1. In the name of Arceus; I absolve you of your sins, and with the help of Arceus, you shall not sin again. (JK) I personally think they look beautiful as I have always wanted a pokemon to have a look like them two. Traditional pokemon designs? I think perhaps not, but there is no question that they are a legitimate extension of Ampharos and Absol, and I feel that there is no question over whether they are beautiful or not. But as they say, beauty is within the eye of the beholder.

    2. Mega Ampharos’s look probably has to do with the theme of beauty (that is the theme of the Kalos region), so they probably wanted Pokèmon to look more “beautiful”. Mega Absol’s looks are fine to me.

      I like Mega Lucario too

  30. wait a second… the pokemon that where being attacked in the trailer… i think gamefreak was hinting something. Garyados and tyranatar (spelled them wrong) where trade marked to become megas and they where attacked. so the others that where in the trailer that got attacked could become mega…

  31. I’d want these mega forms: MegaQuilfish, MegaZoroark, MegaSudowoodo, MegaPlusle, MegaMinun, MegaSkarmory, MegaSkuntank, MegaPurugly, MegaRaichu, MegaLuminion, MegaHeatran, MegaCrisselia, MegaBisharp, MegaCorsola and all mega starters.

    1. Oo you reminded me, Mega Skarmory that would be cool. Over powered? Maybe but I’m sure GF could design it balanced and pull it off.

  32. MegaAbsol- Angel of Death
    MegaAmphaross- Dragon Hunter
    MegaMawile- The greatest thing to happen to me Pokemon wise
    I just don’t know why I like MegaMawile so mucH. I NEED MEGAMAWILE GAMEFREAK, I NEED IT

  33. I questioned where these three were last week, and now I’m questioning where Kangaskhan is this week.

    But oh well, I can wait; this Mega Absol is just so cool! Probably one of my favorite designs of any new Pokémon introduced in the last seven years.

  34. they shud hav these pokemon on the new game u can look for pokemon for eevee on google

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