Dae asks: Babies

Sorry, no Mega Pokémon allowed today. I’ll keep that for when the games are actually out and all Mega Pokémon are fully revealed. No point in discussing them now, when we don’t know everything about them. Also, apologies for the server issues. We were under extremely heavy load which forced the host to shut down the site temporarily. The issue should be resolved for now. We’re also looking to upgrade the servers very soon.

As usual, we’re taking a step back from all the XY stuff and we focus on lesser discussed topics. Today is all about Baby Pokémon. Instead of evolving fully grown Pokémon, Gold and Silver introduced pre-evolutions for older Pokémon. Later generations each brought a new wave of baby Pokémon. They look way cuter and smaller than their mommy and daddy but are also less powerful. What is your take on them? Do you like the concept? Or do you think they are a waste of time and effort for Gamefreak, seeing as they take up Pokémon slots, when they aren’t actually useful at all. What’s your favorite baby Pokémon? And which older Pokémon do you think deserves a Baby?

We’ll be back tomorrow with our take on Mega Pokémon tomorrow. In the mean time, go comment on this post, or check out our other articles!


    1. Not only does Dae get to write a post, he gets to comment first on it too. That’s a bit unfair…

  1. I like baby Pokemon because they make getting tougher Pokemon to find easier 😀 While they do take up some slots for potentially awesome Pokemon I think they are cute and I just wanna hug some of them! I think Throh, Sawk, Sigilyph, Lapras, Onix, Skarmory, etc. should get one.

  2. it’s true in that they are useless in the battle, but i understand the reason why GF introduced them. in Gen II they introduced the breeding system, so you could create eggs from other pokemon, but probably found it weird for some pokemon to born directly from the eggs, so they created those baby forms because of that: those are babies, and when they grow up, they become the normal pokemon. so yeah, they are useless in battle, but they fit in the context of the species. in the end, we are not exactly as when we were babies, we’ve grown up and changed, and the same with pokemon

  3. Chingling is my current favourite baby pokémon. I don’t especially like babies, but chingling is cute and badass at the same time.

    Older pokémon that could have a baby: Lickitung. I love lickitung and I love Lickilicky. There could be another member in that evolution line yet 😉

  4. They are useful because they serve for a fanbase that like pokemon who are cute or small.. And I don’t know about you guys but I really enjoy catching a pre-evo like Budew or hatching an Elekid and training them up to be their final forms. Also, pre-evos can be stronger via learning egg moves, so I don’t think they are completely useless.

  5. The only time I have a problem with baby Pokemon is when they fill out a three stage evolution chain of a Pokemon that really needs an evolution instead. Igglybuff is the prime example of this. Wigglytuff is terrible and could use an evo. Also, even though Jigglypuff looks like it could pass for a baby Pokemon they decided to introduce Igglybuff anyway. These two factors combined make it the most pointless baby Pokemon of all. Whereas on something like Chansey, a baby is fine as both Chansey and Blissey are plenty deadly in their own right.

  6. I like Baby Pokemon for the sake of helping fill out the world. Sure, they may be ‘useless’ but, when you think about breeding, having something that serves better as a baby makes a lot of them feel right. For instance, Onix could probably use one, if only the fact hatching a *correction* 28′ foot rock snake out of a little tiny egg really breaks the immersion. Of course, when it comes to Baby Pokemon, perhaps the one I think needs it more than any is freaking Kangaskhan, due to hatching from an Egg not only full grown, but also already having a baby of it’s own!

    1. You hatch a Pre-Evo of Kangaskhan, it evolves into Kangaskhan (which has a baby), where does Kangaskhan’s baby come from?

      1. Maybe it’ll be like a mantine, and you have something else in your party to evolve it. It’s really a weird paradox no matter how you look at it. It’s either born with a baby, or when it evolves, it evolves and has a baby in the process, like it’s an offshoot. I mean, when you evolve them, where do the other Magnemite come from for Magneton? Where does the Shellder that apparently attaches to your Slowpoke come from? It wouldn’t be the first Pokemon to do that.

      2. I don’t seeing how that’s a big problem… lol I mean does it make more sense to you for it to hatch from an egg with a baby then after having a pre evo?

    2. Nintendo won’t ever do a Kangaskhan pre-evolution. If they use the baby design that is on Kangaskhan’s pouch, fans will complain for them being uncreative, and if they use a new design fans will complain for insulting the original design.

      1. The chances of it are not high, I agree, but I wouldn’t say never. Pretty sure adding this temporary new form of evolution to super boost Pokemon would have been high on many people’s Never Going to Happen list. And fans have complained about plenty of things, and they did it anyways, so I doubt that would be much of a deterrent.

      2. I think it’s the complete opposite actually. I actually feel like many fans WANT the pre-evo to be the same baby design as the one on its pouch bcause it’s completely logical. I personally wouldn’t mind the baby to be it’s own pokemon :3

    3. They will probably never give kangaskhan a prevo. It would just be way too difficult and complicated to pull off. I would love one just as much as the next but I just can’t think of how hey can do it without leaving some problems. Maybe the could pull it off, but it’s highly highly unlikely

  7. Given that 13/18 baby Pokémon evolve either into the Fairy Egg Group or the Human-Like Egg Group, I feel like any pre-evolutions to old pokemon would most likely evolve into those Egg Groups as well. I like what they did with Lucario, having Riolu debut in the same generation. That makes the most sense to me.

  8. To be completely honest, I forgot they existed.
    It’s not a feature I remember that often anyway, and Munchlax, Riolu, and Azurill are the only ones I ever see in battle.
    Still, Pichu is one of my favorite Pokemon… and I don’t think they’re a waste of slots or anything. I really don’t think not creating Azurill would have meant Game Freak completing Gastrodon in time for Hoenn or anything. And it’s nice to see that new Pokemon related to existing Pokemon doesn’t just go in one direction.

    But my gripe about baby Pokemon is that they make breeding longer and a bit more tedius. Having to level up Togepi or Elekid first before I can do anything kinda sucks.

  9. My favorite Pokemon is Budew, but that’s probably because I have a Roserade fetish. 😡

    I personally believe that there’s no such thing as a useless Pokemon, but, that being said, I could never play through a whole game with a baby Pokemon in my party. They’re cute and all, but after a while they need to be evolved so they can reach their full potential!

  10. We need to stop focusing only on the battles. Pokémon is not all about it, it has a background story behind it. That being said, it makes perfect sense that Game Freak introduces new baby pokémon. I’d love to see babies for the following pokémon:

    -One for both Miltank and Taurus
    -One for both Lunatone and Solrock

    1. Solrock and Lunatone are genderless, baby forms for them are out of question. If you don’t believe me, just look at Porygon.

  11. Hm, I think that a good baby form to create would be a shared pre-evolution for Tauros and Miltank. It could be pink with little tufts of brown, fuzzy hair, and the males could have little horns while the females merely have studs of horns. I think something like that would really re-vitalize the now-old idea of Baby Pokémon. As for more conventional Babies, the best one I can think of would be Tropius; I’m not sure it could use a regular evolution, but a pre-evolution seems like a pretty good fit for such a large monster.

      1. rhydon, magmar, scyther, porygon2 and electabuzz were all monsters with higher stats than tropius. so tropius should get one too

        1. I mostly meant aesthetically. Don’t get me wrong, I think a Tropius evolution would be beyond bad ass, but it already is kind of enormous. I think an evolution would just look too big, and if they aren’t going to increase the size, then they would just be adding details and characteristics, which sounds like a mega-evolution to me.
          I didn’t mean to say I don’t like Tropius or it doesn’t deserve an evolution, just that it would be unlike GameFreak to do so and it would be very different from the Pokemon we have. 🙂

          Side note, I laughed out loud at the comparison of “monster” and Porygon2. I meant big beast of a pokemon by monster haha

          1. my bad 😛 but it’s base stat is just not high enough and a baby form would be a no-brainer but onix is massive and still evolved too

            and lol, by monster i thought you meant the poke being strong already with a high base stat haha

    1. On the footage of horde encounters, a miltank appears with Tauros and i doubt that was a random thing or error GF did. Maybe that means, Tauros and Miltank are related somehow and what best way to link them than with a pre evo 😀

      1. I’ve come a bit late to this conversation but this is the only pre-evo I really care about (wouldn’t mind others if they did them though)- I would be so happy if there was a shared pre-evo for Tauros and Milktank, it just makes so much sense! And Blue, I noticed that too, and it got my hopes up 🙂

  12. Uh, I guess my favorite one is probably Mantyke just because I really like Mantine. I’ve also found baby pokemon really meh though.

  13. I don’t think the point of Baby Pokemon were for battles… so i really don’t see the point of discussing them in that context. Introducing Baby Pokemon helped to make for a more immerse world adding yet more parallels to our own. It makes complete sense that Pokemon (the equivalent to our animals) would (like animals) have younger versions of themselves. I personally think all that have yet to gain a full 3 stage evolution chain could receive one. I mean really they are not so much baby pokemon as they are basic stage pokemon like caterpie… i mean had metapod and butterfree been introduced in gen 1 and caterpie in gen 2 would caterpie have been considered a “baby” pokemon?
    Personally i think every pokemon family should have a 3 stage evolution chain and those that dont will eventually gain one either through adding evolutions or pre-evolutions.
    Examples of both i would give:

    Rattata- Raticate- Evolution (i think in this case an evolution is more likely and needed more that a pre-evolution as rattata serves well as a basic stage pokemon.)

    Pre evolution- Lickitung- Lickilicky (in this case lickitung recieved an evolution in gen 4 but i think lickitung’s size and base stats serve more as a stage 1 pokemon meaning that a basic stage for the line would make sense in regards to having a full 3 stage evolution change and make more sense than an evolution.)

      1. O_O im going to go crawl into a ditch somewhere and hide myself from the world for my shameful mistakes..

          1. it so should! Finding out it wasnt was one of the most wtf moments ive had when it comes to pokemon.

  14. dont baby pokemon help out with the stats and all that? cause when a pokemon evolves to a higher form it gains a stat boost from what ive seen, so adding a baby pokemon to a non evolving pokemon or a 1 stage evolution family can help boost the overall stats of the final evolution in the long run.

    1. There’s no bonus. The ‘stat boost’ from evolving comes from the Pokemon taking on the stats of the evolved form, but it doesn’t get a boost from evolution itself. So Budew→Roselia→Roserade will be the same as Roselia→Roserade.

      1. Question. Does evolving a pokemon at a later level affect it’s stats? Like if I evolved an Eevee into an Umbreon at lv. 20 and an Eevee into and Umbreon at lv. 40, would the 20 have better stats at lv. 100?

        1. Actually, no. This is because the formula used to determine the stats of a Pokémon involves the level, base stats, EVs, IVs, and the Nature. If those two hypothetical Umbreon have the same IVs, EVs, and Nature, they will have exactly the same stats at the same level, regardless of the level at which they evolved.

          1. Thanks 🙂 I was told at a young age that if you waited to evolve it wouldn’t be as good, but then I learned a year or two ago about the formula and have been confused ever since

  15. I think it would be great if the baby Pokemon learned moves that were different and desirable so people would want to get them first. But unfortunately there are few moves that are actually ‘baby-exclusive’ and aren’t really worth it. Like give igglybuff a move like perish song, and azurill water spout all at level 50 or something.

    Besides that I guess it’s good for the continuity since babies make sense biologically speaking and I would like one for druddigon, tropius, bouffalant, onix and skarmory.

    I know they were released the same gen as their evolutions (and so don’t need incenses), but riolu and togepi both can’t breed so are technically baby pokemon and are also my favourites.

    1. A Skarmory one would make sense also from the angle of matching up counterparts, as Mantine is essentially a counterpart to Skarmory *version exclusives, Skarmory being more physically and defensive oriented, with Mantine being special.*

  16. I never really liked baby pokemon; they never added anything to competitive play (apart from some unique moved, which usually weren’t all that special) as most of them are too weak to even Eviolite properly. Going on a purely design perspective,
    I think tropius looks like a good candidate for a Pre-evo, if only because it looks like an adult pokemon.

    I’d have to say my favourite is Wynaut because….WYNAUT?

  17. Don’t Baby Pokémon give more room for EV training and carrying and eviolite? I never really knew. Always liked them though. Any ups about them though?

  18. I like baby Pokémon. I think they show a way of baby growing up to be an adult. You’re not born a teenager, you’re born a baby. It’s like thinking of Electabuzz as a child. Doesn’t look so childlike, does it? I think that’s why they made Elekid, so that there would be a child form of a Pokémon that didn’t look like it could be a baby, and it could grow to its full potential as Electivire. Also, GF could’ve just wanted to show the growth of Pokémon through the course of its lifetime.

    My favorite baby Pokémon are Togepi, Riolu, Munchlax, Pichu, and Mantyke (it’s too hard to choose one)

    As for which Pokémon deserve (or in this case need) a baby are Steelix and Lapras. To me, it doesn’t look like Onix could be a baby.

  19. Elekid is my favorite baby Pokemon! Yet, I don’t think it was a waste! I enjoyed seeing how Pokemon looked as a “child”. It was a fun process! 😀

  20. I like baby Pokemon because they show the growth from little sprout to a full grown monster. Gible and Elekid are both babies and they literally didn’t look like a threat to me at all, especially derpy Gible. But then later on in the games I met a Garchomp (Cynthia) and a Electivire (Volkner) that really put my team to the test. To think those two little bastards evolved into things that made me re-think my entire strategy.

    Plus think about it in a rl perspective, people like A-Rod and Big Ben were both babies and then look at them now?

  21. I can’t be the only person thinking that Kangaskhan needs a baby form, right? Come on gamefreak!

  22. Elekid was my favorite! I enjoyed evolving it into a Electabuzz then into a Electivire! I don’t think baby Pokemon were a waste! I really loved seeing Pokemon in there baby stage!

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      1. I really do need help actually, do you have a DA? The game will be on hold starting next week because I’m moving so I can message you anything if you wanna check out how it’s doing now.

        Thanks a lot 😀

  23. In my opinion baby pokemon are good because they complete the evolution cycle of a line. I think them as more design/concept based feature than being useful in gameplay although they have some moves.

    1. As I said above, Nintendo won’t ever do a Kangaskhan pre-evolution. If they use the baby design that is on Kangaskhan’s pouch, fans will complain for them being uncreative, and if they use a new design fans will complain for insulting the original design.

      1. I don’t agree.. nothing you said has even crossed mine or anyone else’s mind.. You are presenting it as fact with weak “evidence”. . . ( -_-)
        Besides a comment where someone suggested it got a good amount of likes..

        1. Yeah, probably I should’ve started the first sentence with “I think that”. However I’m pretty sure that the second and third sentences will happen.

          1. It just sounds like a petty complaint.. the ones GF ignores and true fans don’t care about… Just the people who love to complain about every Pokémon would well.. complain, and they already get ignored so I just don’t see those as valid points.. it may not happen but I doubt for those reasons

  24. I care little for baby Pokémon – but I feel Skarmory should get one.
    It’s known that Skarmory is very territorial, something many animals tend to be. However, they almost always are because they need to raise protect their young. If Skarmory would get a prevo, it’s territorial drift would be explained – as of now, it’s just a random trait slapped onto the design..

  25. I like the Baby Pokemon. They help make the Pokemon World more sensible, whilst not making much sense. If I see a tough looking Pokemon come out of an egg, it doesn’t make sense, much like a gigantic Pokemon hatching from an egg that is so tiny. In a way, I see it reflect the real world, it shows how much creatures grow and become mighty (Or not so mighty.) I can see why people don’t like them, because of power and the question of, “Which came first?” but I think of Pokemon the same way as I did when I was little, and I will always stand by it.

  26. I’d love a baby Smeargle, Lapras, Lickitung, Audino or Meowth, personally. Not particularly useful but man I love their designs…

    1. I don’t see the point of a baby smeargle though.. for obvious reasons.. I think that would take the “Just for cuteness” thing WAY TOO Far.. but the rest Yes =]

  27. My favourite is Munchlax. I think they are useful because they have helped to complete a lot of lines. However I prefer to capture them in the wild because hatching takes a lot of time.

    1. I like hatching them. Getting them to have the right Egg Moves, ability, gender, plus they’re so cute… in the end it gives me a sense of accomplishment and it’s all worth the wait.

        1. Well then I’m like you, all I do in is fill in the Pokédex and try to beat the game. I’ve never done a Pokémon tournament or anything of the sorts. When I plan my teams, I plan gender, ability, and moves, as part of my game strategy against my own Pokémon’s weaknesses and against rivals, gym leaders, the elite 4, and champion. But the Pokémon I choose are ones I like a lot.

  28. It would be nice if, as some people mentioned, Pokémon were stronger (or otherwise rewarded) if you raise them from Stage 1. Would make it feel worth while maybe? More of a bond.

    1. You have a good idea. Maybe 5% Increased stats on your Pokemon as a reward for raising it from Lv. 1 to Lv. 100! Your idea could be optimized quite well! ;D

    2. Are you saying if you raise a pokemon from its baby stage it has an advantage over a pokemon that was caught in its second or last stage? If so that is Exactly what I think… they should make it make more sense Power wise…I don’t see why anyone would complain, unless they are too lazy to train a Pokémon to evolve….

  29. why all this comments has a lot og dislikes :l you posted something ya you have a dislike .-.

  30. I always liked baby Pokemon because they always made breeding seem a lot more realistic, (as opposed to hatching a pokemon like kangaskhan). There should be more perks to raising a pokemon from a baby pokemon. Also my favorite is probably. Tyrogue for its versatile evolution and design.

  31. Guys, this is a bit off topic, but it’s still dealing with first stage Pokemon, so I think it’ll be fine, but, I think I may know why another reason they could be promoting Mega Blaziken, and thus giving us a special Torchic right off the bat. Think about what type Blaziken is. Fire/Fighting. And then, we have our Gen VI starter, Fennekin, whom rumors state should be Fire/Psychic, had that random punch move, which we still don’t have a clue what it is, and EVERYONE DESPERATELY not wanting it to be Fire/Fighting.

    So, I think that’s it. They are giving us a Fire/Fighting starter in torchic to let us know that our regular fire type starter won’t be! And giving us a Fire/Fighting starter in the event that we miss it so much, here is one for old time’s sake. Because seriously. WHY WOULD THEY GIVE US TWO FIRE/FIGHTING STARTERS ESSENTIALLY RIGHT WHEN YOU START THE GAME. *this is my theory, and I’m sticking to it*

    Edit: And, to finish, if Fennekin WERE to be Fire/Fighting, then this would be the single largest TROLL MOMENT EVER to fans. Because Double Fire/Fighting.

      1. Like, the way I think I should’ve phrased it is that “They are letting us know they aren’t giving us a Fire/Fighting Starter by GIVING us a Fire/Fighting starter!” I just… Gamefreak literally cannot make Fennekin a Fire/Fighting starter and also be giving us the original Fire/Fighting starter at the same time, and not expect everyone’s heads to explode.

    1. To be honest, while I wasn’t a fan of Emboar or Infernape much, I don’t understand why everyone is so upset about the fire/fighting starter. Fighting is a very useful type, and fire tends to be quite powerful and burn is always a plus. I get there were three in a row but I feel like everyone is kind of…over exaggerating a bit.

      1. No, I agree with that sentiment. Fire/Fighting IS a good type. It’s just annoying. Same way that they can’t seem to make basic bird Pokemon anything but Normal/Flying, when there have been some that could have been Fighting/Flying, such as Staraptor and Braviary. One reason why, despite if Fire/Flying is a poor type, I like TalonFlame *oops* for being the basic bird yet doing something new. I mean, all the types combinations they can do, and they can’t think of a something else? While I find the pure types to be a bit annoying too, this also goes with when the other starters have been different, though pure grass was repeated, though not twice in a row. But otherwise, the Water/Ground Swampert and the unique Water/Steel Empoleon, the Grass/Ground Torterra being a new type combination. It’s just time for something different.

  32. In the sense of making pokemon breeding more sensible, they’re good. Otherwise most of them are useless. I mean really? Who is going to breed pokemon, get a cleffa, budew, or pichu and EV train it to be fully evolved? Too much work. Fortunately for most pokemon it’s alternative and can only be done under certain measures. However: I do use a Munchlax (or have one just for the sake of it) because its cute, and probably my favorite. (My first caught shiny was a budew in Diamond, which I transferred to SoulSilver, as I did with my Groudon, but I haven’t seen either since >-<)

    1. Only thing is, if you want to train and breed for a good Pikachu/Raichu, or Clefairy, or whatever, you HAVE to get Cleffa and Pichu. Same with, and especially Togepi, as Togekiss is actually a very nice Pokemon. Because, unlike Budew, which you can skip by not having the breeding incense, breeding Pikachu, or Clefairy, or Togetic/Togekiss, they HAVE to go through the baby forms.

      1. I find them to be hard to train without the exp share, not that they’re normally seen competitively (Clefable and Raichu). I went through I don’t know how many pichus trying to get the right one, and when I did, it took forever. But I do understand with the likes of Togepi, it’s more of a first stage in my opinion, I just wish all of them were just optional. They’re fun to get to complete the dex, but the stats are terrible for most.

      2. I wish all of them were just optional. They’re fun to get to complete the dex, but the stats are terrible for most.

      1. Guys, I doubt it’s a troll. It’s probably someone on a mobile device. I only check this site on my iPhone, and whenever I try to reply to a comment, 9 times out of 10 I hit the down vote button instead, no matter how much I try to just hit the reply button

  33. Like most of the people have already mentioned, I like the prevolutions for the simple fact of not having an adult Pokémon in a low level or when hatching a egg, it looks weird… Like Kangaskhan, it hatches as a big Pokémon already with a kid, they could just make the kid a new pokémon (hopefully they will, since they had to make the 3D “sprite” of the kid for mega Kangaskhan…). Not all families need baby Pokémon and they don’t all have to be “baby” Pokémon in that sense of the word. Like the starter Pokémon, their first stage is acceptable for a first stage, however they’re not that “baby-looking”… You got the point, right? They don’t have to make all the prevolutions look so “baby-like”, they can just make smaller and simpler versions of some Pokémon… In another note, I also hope that they still make normal evolutions for older Pokémon, despite this new “mega” system, but I’m not that confident about that, since Mawile and Absol got mega evolutions instead of normal ones… Ok, I get that three-staged families can’t evolve more by Pokémon’s normal standards therefore needing this new system to be enhanced (design-wise and stats-wise), but did they have to turn perfect candidates for new evolutions into mega Pokémon as well?

    Sorry for this off-topic bit, but regarding the current poll, I can’t vote! 😡 I don’t hate the mega evolutions themselves, I just hate the concept of mega evolution, but like some of the designs! I mean, Ampharos’ sucks and I prefer normal Lucario than the mega evolved one, but Mawile’s mega evolution is simply epic! It makes me angry that it isn’t a normal evolution! Blaziken’s is also very cool! I kind of hate Blaziken, it’s my all-time least favourite starter (don’t judge me, please! we can’t all like the same things! :D) and they made it look a lot cooler and make me not hate it anymore. As for Mewtwo’s, I have the same opinion as I did for Lucario. Absol’s could also be a normal evolution, instead of a mega one and could be more inovative (if it were to normally evolve, for a mega evolution it’s awesome the way it is). I still don’t see the point of creating these mega evolutions, they could’ve just added Mawile and Absol’s as normal ones and make formes for the remaining Pokémon that they thought needed some new twists. Also, don’t forget that Sableye is probaby “just” getting a mega evolution, instead of a normal one like it was rumoured, not sure about Stantler’s situation though, but Sableye’s “counterpartery” with Mawile dictates it’s probably getting a mega evolution as well. Shoot, forgot to talk about Kangaskhan’s… I got the point and all, but they could’ve just added a few design twists as well, to reinforce the “mega” state.

    1. I think the reason why they are being classified as Evolutions instead of forme changes is because these Pokemon are being said to have their stats boosted. A forme change doesn’t boost stats, it rearranges them for different purposes, with very few exceptions, and those exceptions come from combining Pokemon with an item, or a very specific ability *Kyurem, Rotom, and Darmantian* On the other hand, Mega Evolutions seem to be working on the basis they ARE stronger than the regular state, likely a significant amount so, and that is more evolution territory. And, this is just speculation, but I bet the idea behind their purpose in battle is to help shift the momentum of a fight, especially as it’s being suggested we can only have one. It’s a trump card, and if it turns out they only evolve when they are the final Pokemon in the party, then kind they are also a last ditch effort and boost to try and help turn the battle around. But, at this point, we just don’t KNOW anything. Just that stats will be boosted, elements added or changed, abilities changed, and they at least have to hold an item. At this point, we just need to see what Gamefreak’s full official explanation for them are.

      1. Thank you! That was very enlighting in a way… But I have to reiterate that “ok, mega evolutions are KIND OF acceptable in three-staged families then and if it is as you say, I kind of don’t dislike them as much (still not a fan, still not liking them, but you made them look “less bad” for me), but I still don’t get the point of mega evolving perfect candidates for normal evolutions… C’mon, Mawile’s mega evolution is really really awesome and I didn’t like Mawile that much, but now I love it (the mega one, obviously)! I bet Sableye’s is also gonna be awesome… Mega Absol with a few twitches would also be a great normal evoltution, so what gives?

        1. *shrugs* I really don’t know. I mean, I guess I’m mostly fine with it is because I wanted them to do something with Absol finally, and they are, so I’m not going to complain. I guess I’m kind of happily taking certainty to the possibility it would never get a traditional evolution officially. But, it is something I probably would have liked an evolution for, definitely. But, it’s out of our hands, so I try not to worry about it. Just, at Absol’s base power level, I know I can speculate on if it could get a Pre-evo at about the 300 BST level or so, so at the least I can keep myself busy with that.

        2. this 🙁 poor mawile no real evolution, and apparently dunsparce and bannette get megas too. WTF???

          this proves we can no longer predict anything with pokemon. it wont shock me if we get triple types in gen 7

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          1. If you upvote something, you can’t downvote that same thing. So we know it’s not you if you upvote everything.
            But like it matters. They are just some imaginary numbers that serve no purpose all together. Receiving one tiny downvote doesn’t change a thing at all about your opinion. It stays as legit as ever, no matter how many votes you have.

  34. I hate baby pokemon because I just think they are a waste. I like the concept but they just suck. Especially the ones that have to evolve with love. If I choose to have a pikachu, I am going to get a pikachu, not start out with a pichu and evolve it into one. I like some babies, like elekid and magby, because they can actually be decent but ones like pichu or budew, no thank you.

    1. Pichu can be decent, it can learn Volt Tackle if you give one of the parents a Light Ball (I forget which one)

  35. I like baby pokemon because they allow their evolutions access to new moves that they normally couldn’t learn.

    I also love their adorableness! :3

    1. Also, in BW2 GF used babies to allow access early on to Pokemon that are usually mid to late game without the baby form- Elekid, Magby, and Riolu(if it can even be counted). This is THE only benefit I can see for baby Pokemon.

  36. I love baby pokemon there so cute & I don’t feel there useless They give your old pokemon new moves they can’t learn naturally My favorite is Pichu without Pichu Pikachu wouldn’t have Volt Tackle. Yea there a bit on the frail side but there not weak I’ve used a Pichu before w/out evolving it held up pretty darn well it has actually saved me many battles I cannot wait to see what baby Pokemon they introduce in 6th gen I’ll probably love them all~!♥ (^w^)

  37. To me baby Pokemon were cool and all when I was younger but now they seem like a waste being weak and all. Yes Pokemon that are breeded and raised from the ground have more benefits than wild Pokemon but l really don’t have time to do that.

    1. Seems like a normal human cycle to me.
      When 8 years old: I want to be 13, those are really cool kids
      When 13: F yeah! I’m 13, I can do whatever I want!
      When 20: Ugh, I hate 13 year olds
      When 50: I hate kids

  38. I agree that baby pokemon are weak compared to other pokemon but i think it’s a little unfair to call them “useless” based on the fact that they do not contribute to competitive battling Yes, competitive battling is a huge part of pokemon but it’s not all about competitive battling. Some (like me) love pokemon simply because of the world and the story we get to explore. I like to battle but it’s not the only thing i care about when choosing and raising my pokemon. I believe baby pokemon were not meant to be used in competitive battling anyway. I see it as a way to make the Pokemon World more natural and “realistic.” I think raising a pokemon from its baby stage actually creates a stronger bond. 🙂 I also enjoy watching the pre-evos and see what creative things GF comes up with!

  39. Now I can accept MEGA evolution, but I think it can become Mawile MEGA Mawile completely normal evolution, this way, Mawile probably not normal evolution, I feel a little disappointed because MEGA Mawile is not an entirely new Pokemon. GameFreak you want to limit the total number of Pokemon? : P

  40. i think people should realise baby pokemon are an awesome thing. just not for competitive.
    it just does not feel right catching a scyther, lapras, bouffalant etc right off the bat without having to work towards that power. these pokes need pre-evolutions that grow into them just like starters

  41. I want to see baby zangoose and baby seviper possibly followed by Mega Zangoose and Mega Seviper…

  42. I’d love to see a baby Corfish because some of its pokedex enetries say its not from Heano so maybe a baby corfich and all the Corfichws are from Kalos.

  43. we need baby zangoose and Seviper then can be best friends and to evole them u must trade and they hate each after evolution since u took them away from there trainers

    1. Interesting concept! Yet, Sevipers and Zangoose hate each other for a long time! They were based off of Snakes and Mongooses. They had a long hate relationship! But I see where your coming from with the idea!

  44. I like Baby Pokemon cos they is cute lol my Fav is probably umm I have no clue…Magby ? I like that one lol

    And I wonder whether or not Pokemon like Mawile and Sableye could, instead of getting Evolutions, get a baby form ? Aswell as Mega Evolutions 😀

  45. not a huge fan of the baby pokes, but I do want a kangaskan (not sure how its spelled) baby poke, the one that’s in the pouch! guess its mega evo ruined that concept

  46. I like and dislike baby pokemon. They can be good because you tend to get/find them earlier in the game, train then up a bit and they’ll evolve into your beloved pokemon, and for that reason they’re good 😀 However even though i agree with Sable from a realistic point of view, they can be really annoying when i’m trying to breed awesome pokemon and have to evolve them 1st before i can breed with them. (obviously you wouldn’t want to make babies breed XD)

    Also Dae, can you possibly do something about making pokejungle more friendly on phones if you’re upgrading because i always have a hard time searching around as the format of the page keeps moving! Just a shout 😀 Thanks!

  47. I like and dislike baby pokemon. They can be good because you
    tend to get/find them earlier in the game, train then up a bit and
    they’ll evolve into your beloved pokemon, and for that reason they’re
    good 😀 However even though i agree with Sable from a realistic point of
    view, they can be really annoying when i’m trying to breed awesome
    pokemon and have to evolve them 1st before i can breed with them.
    (obviously you wouldn’t want to make babies breed XD)

    Also Dae, can you possibly do something about making pokejungle more
    friendly on phones if you’re upgrading because i always have a hard time
    searching around as the format of the page keeps moving! Just a shout
    😀 Thanks!

  48. I love Pichu, especially Spiky-Eared Pichu. I don’t Igglybuff but I do like Cleffa… Magby and Elekid are just awesome. I always wanted a baby Pinsir and Scyther though… That would have been amazing.

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