Dae asks: Babies

Sorry, no Mega Pokémon allowed today. I’ll keep that for when the games are actually out and all Mega Pokémon are fully revealed. No point in discussing them now, when we don’t know everything about them. Also, apologies for the server issues. We were under extremely heavy load which forced the host to shut down the site temporarily. The issue should be resolved for now. We’re also looking to upgrade the servers very soon.

As usual, we’re taking a step back from all the XY stuff and we focus on lesser discussed topics. Today is all about Baby Pokémon. Instead of evolving fully grown Pokémon, Gold and Silver introduced pre-evolutions for older Pokémon. Later generations each brought a new wave of baby Pokémon. They look way cuter and smaller than their mommy and daddy but are also less powerful. What is your take on them? Do you like the concept? Or do you think they are a waste of time and effort for Gamefreak, seeing as they take up Pokémon slots, when they aren’t actually useful at all. What’s your favorite baby Pokémon? And which older Pokémon do you think deserves a Baby?

We’ll be back tomorrow with our take on Mega Pokémon tomorrow. In the mean time, go comment on this post, or check out our other articles!