Review: Stellar T5 wireless Joy-pad controller from QRD

Although we don’t normally do too many reviews, QRD sent us one of their Stellar T5 Wireless Joy-pads for the Nintendo Switch (as well as PC and iOS) for us to try and review. Because it is a slightly cheaper alternative to Nintendo’s first party Joy-Cons or Pro Controller and contains some additional features, I … Read more

Pokémon Battle Trozei Reviews

Haven’t purchased Battle Trozei yet? Still pondering on whether you should? Now that Battle Trozei is out for a few days, we can take a look at what all the critics have to say on it. Reviews are still slightly scarce, but I will update this post once more hit. Be sure to read the … Read more

Famitsu Reviews Pokémon + Nobunaga (UPD)

And it gets a 34/40 (thanks for scanning in Karubi)!  Maybe not the perfect score we were looking for, but the reviewers did have some interesting tidbits: The tie-up of pokemon and Nobunaga was unexpected, but after playing it for awhile, it doesn’t seem unexpected at all.It’s easy for kids to play because of it’s … Read more

PokéPark 2 Comes to the US!

It’s actually the 27th right now for me, but many of you still have to wait until tomorrow for PokéPark 2 to be released.  Let’s take a look at some early reviews: – IGN: Unfortunately, there’s far too much repetition in this game for it to hold your interest for too long. Seriously, you’ll never want … Read more