PokéPark 2 Comes to the US!

It’s actually the 27th right now for me, but many of you still have to wait until tomorrow for PokéPark 2 to be released.  Let’s take a look at some early reviews:

  • IGN: Unfortunately, there’s far too much repetition in this game for it to hold your interest for too long. Seriously, you’ll never want to chase another Pokemon by the end of it. 6.5/10
  • – Nintendo Gamer: Pokepark is largely unchanged since the last time we visited. there are a few new attractions, but the same camera and control annoyances. That said, it’s still a very hard game to hate. 59/100
  • – Nintendo Power:The gameplay is flawed. The most obvious problem is the controls, which suffer due to the required use of the Control Pad. 55/100

The two last scores and excerpts are from the Metacritic page. Doesn’t sound too positive, but perhaps if you have a younger gamer in your life it might be a worthwhile buy. Here’s a link to Amazon’s page if you’re interested in ordering.

<3 pokejungle

ps- Would love to hear if anyone has plans to buy it!