Pokémon Black / White 2 Set for Autumn 2012 (EU&US)

On their official Twitter account, Nintendo UK announced that Pokémon Black / White 2 will be released Autumn 2012! Wow, quick!

<3 pokejungle

  1. Its times like this that im so thankful i work in gamestop makes it soo much easier to get the day it comes out and take the day off college 😛

  2. I’m going to assume that the north american release date is the same. I’m looking forward to the fall 😀

  3. Wow it’s been a while since I’ve posted here. This great news and I can’t for these games. Really loving how this generation is one big surprise after another.

  4. Nice! Didn’t think we’d get a date this quickly. Strange to think when this comes out I wont be in school anymore. o-o’

  5. I would think that this would continue on and we would get to find Ghetsis and discover what “far away” region N ended up in.

  6. Why it takes so long, i know there’s a translation issue but they’re not going to localize anything like in the first games. They just have to translate texts.

    1. First of all, translation/localization, is generally the same thing.

      Second, you make it seem wayyyyyyy simpler than it really is. The localization team has to translate EVERY single bit of text in the game. And when you think about it, there’s several different things one NPC can say depending on what time of day it is, what day it is, what season it is, if you have a specific item, after you do a certain thing etc. etc. And that’s only for one NPC. So just imagine how much else they’d have to translate. It’s gonna take a while.
      If you want a comparison, Nintendo of America’s localization team has been working on Kid Icarus: Uprising for the past 14 months. Just straight translating. :p

      1. It could only take two months to translate. And if they work together with the Japanese team, we could have the game at the same time as the Japanese one. But they’re not doing it, it’s not their tradition.

        1. Well, they work together, sort of…
          The Japanese team constantly sends new scripts to the localisation team, who then translate them.
          A big part of localisation of Pokémon is however changing the names of Pokémon and cities to more English suited ones. Because this isn’t just translating, it takes a lot of time. They already have translated the biggest part for Black/White 1, so that’s why they can do this one faster.

          1. Yes, I was talking about the changing names when I said localization. They don’t have to do it this time. Anyway, it’s pointless to argue as the release date won’t change.

        2. XD was translated the fastest, the very first English screens were released two days before the Japanese release in August 2004, and exactly two months later, XD was out in October, making it the quickest waiting time between the Japan and US release of a Pokemon game on record, of course, this is possibly because the translation team probably started the translation early

          As for main series games, it takes 5-7 months, even for third versions, which usually would only take, at most, two weeks to simply copy and paste all the dialogue from the first two games, with a coming fall release, we are looking at a November/December release in US/Europe (probably after the day the world ends *shot*), but with the announcement being so recent, it’s possible that they started the translation early, meaning sometime from early September to early October, which is what I am hoping for.

  7. I’d be more excited if we knew any details about these games at all. It’s nice that we got a release date so quickly, but we don’t know what we’re even dealing with here.

  8. This pleases me greatly. As a sucker for Nintendo’s way of rolling in cash, I cannot wait for the release of these games and add them to my pile of Pokemon games, which I haven’t gotten a full dex in any of them! I feel so accomplished (not really).

    The formes, in my opinion, look really nice as well, though I prefer White Kyurem’s forme simply because it doesn’t look like a half-frozen gargoyle, and is more streamlined.

  9. I hope that Lucanosa Town has a bigger part to it than just a way to explain why Kyurem is how it is.

  10. Autumn for northern english speakers /spring for aussies/kiwis/south africans seems as if preordering for xmas presents if it is released in nov, i mean many people are going to preorder this game for their kids and hide them till xmas, but I hope aus’ release date coincide with either afl/nrl grand final days or else footy fans will be undecided on what to spend their money on
    ps. Feburary: month of unexpected pokemon games

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