Daely Snack: Why I was wrong

Daely Snack is a new series in which I comment on things happening in the Pokémon Fandom. Because the big newsbomb dropped, this seems like the perfect opportunity to begin the series with. Keep an eye on the site for future installments.

Anyone remember this? It was a lead to the heavily speculated third version, and with the truth finally unfolded, I’m going to take a look back and comment on all the speculation we did. I wasn’t necessarily wrong, but this move from Gamefreak makes more sense than you would think at the first sight. You don’t think so? Well, let’s take a look.


Why I thought 3DS was a good bet

Gamefreak did always stick with their ‘Third Version’-formula. That is, you pick up the two games, mash some minor extra content and catchable legendaries in to them and you get a new game. Nobody expected them do something else, I didn’t expect it, and most of the Pokemon community. However, this formula was aging. People saw them more and more a cashgrab. So, that’s why I thought ‘Gray’ would need something unique, something other third versions haven’t done.

That unique thing, I thought, had to be the 3DS. The 3DS doesn’t only have better graphics, it most importantly has more memory and a better CPU, allowing for more complex cities and battle scenes. Being able to view the Unova cities in a bigger, prettier, bolder setting would be a welcome change, in contrast to only a Battle Frontier.

It would also help to sell the 3DS, the system that was thought to be dead on arrival. Pokémon helps to sell handhelds, and could save the 3DS from imminent doom. It would help to combat the negativity that it doesn’t have games. But things turned out differently, half a year later…

Why keeping it on the DS makes sense

Gamefreak did the unexpected by releasing a two generations on one handheld. So, I expected something unexpected. But they still surprised me doing something totally unexpected. They released a direct sequel. A direct sequel has numerous advantages. It doesn’t have to rely on graphical prowess to be different, they are unique on their own. It can fix up all the plot holes while don’t making it so that the original two feel like they were broken intentionally.

By keeping it on the same handheld as their predecessors, they reach the same install base. Not everyone has a 3DS. If they just released a prettier version of Black, DS users wouldn’t feel a lot left out. But by bringing out a game that tie in nicely with the previous, you want everyone who experienced the first also be able to enjoy the second.

And another interesting reason: they can now wow the audience with the expected Generation VI. Gray would take away from the freshness of those games, especially when viewed by the casual. They also get an extra year or two to work on the engine and assets, so that they don’t have to rush things to bring out an otherwise outdated third version. It also allows them to keep this generation short, allowing them to announce groundbreaking new games within two years.

So, yes, I was wrong. Nobody is always right, and I’m no exception. That Gamefreak was able to surprise us all is a good sign, showing that they haven’t lost their creative spark, but I also think other people would think otherwise with this move.


Let us speculate once more on new games. There are going to be a lot of rumours in the coming months, along with more clear information. Keep an eye on this site to be fully up-to-date with juicy (fake or not) information. I’ll be back next time with a Dae Asks, as I haven’t done one in a long time. Until then, may you gather in the comments below!


  1. So apart from Dae asks… this guy thinks he can have 2 discussive posts… who does he think he is…¬_¬
    Just joking… this is a nice touch to Pokejungle…

    I also agree that beacuse its on the DS, they can focus more of their time working on either remakes of Ruby/Saphire/Emerald on the 3DS or designing new Pokemon (which they probably have already) & programming them in 3D… can’t wait!

    1. Yeah, I hate him too. Who the **** thinks he is?!
      But we decided to do this because we rely mostly on news, and by doing discussive posts, as you call them, we can fill empty holes in reporting.

  2. The odds were always against the sequel being on the DS. Though the reasoning above explains to some extent why things turned out this way, it was still a kind of underdog argument in face of the pros for making it a 3DS title.
    One thing that most people had in common who argued FOR it being on the DS was that they were not willing to invest in the 3DS in the forseeable future. Meaning that they were confusing personal convenience with the logical moves that GameFreak should make.
    Though I am tempted to be out right disappointed about BW2 being on the DS, I will withhold my opinion until we have more information.
    Keep checking back here on PokéJungle. Speedy translations from our in-house translators and no censorship of potential news has allowed us to distinguish ourself from other fan sites.

    -Kriffix. Translator and apparently philosopher.

    PS: R/S remakes should be on the 3DS. Or else I will lose faith in all I know to be holy.

    1. I also believe it is because they want to pump out the sequels as fast as they can, and gamefreak is known to develop slowly for new platforms. The 3DS is only a year old now, main games take at least two years from launch.

    2. And you have to factor in your dealing with two sides: the ones with and the ones without a 3DS.
      Everyone with the 3DS is now disappointed, but that doesn’t mean there’s a large part of DS users that are still glad they are getting new games. And while the hardcore Nintendo crowd is ready to jump over, a lot of pokemon fans are kids who only get new consoles at christmas or who have to save up for a long time.

      1. You know, I think my major concern is that there is probably no room on the darn cartridge to add anything groundbreaking.
        Unless it is a sequel in the true sense of not having all the previous stuff and making everything new. Which, to be fair, is most likely not going to happen.
        Though its not gonna happen, 8 different gyms attached to an extended part of Unova with the ability to go back to the old gyms would be enough for me to say this decision was not a failure. (LIke G/S).
        I hope they truly justify calling it “2”. But I just can’t see them living up the the promises they make by naming it this.
        I believe the biggest reason for making the sequels on the DS is something that is being overlooked. To put it positively, the amount of work touching up Black/White to make it 3DS-ready was probably not worth it (hopefully they can instead use this time working on a new system from scratch for the R/S remakes). To put it negatively, laziness.
        With Nintendo prioritising 3DS sales over the lives of young babies at the moment, I can see little other logical reason.

        1. I hope you know that DS cartridges can be as big as 2GB, and that Pokémon Black and White are only a few hundred MB, iirc.

          1. The highest capacity Nintendo DS cartridge currently released is 4Gb, not 4 GB, which would mean a maximum capacity of 512MB, unless they release it on a larger cartridge than has been released yet. I don’t know where you got 2 GB from.

        2. The Pokemon Company and Nintendo are two separate and mostly unrelated entities. Their goal is to make profit, not to increase 3DS sales, and attempting to do so would undermine their bottom line in the short term. The Nintendo DS has a HUGE install base, so this is really a logical thing to do… Though my 3DS is disappointed. 🙁

          1. Though undeniably separate entities, considering all of GameFreak’s releases are Nintendo exclusives, I would hardly describe them as being “mostly irrelevant”.
            The success of Nintendo will have a direct effect on GameFreak. Hence the success of the 3DS is in best interest for both parties. Let’s not forget it is the latest in the line of Nintendo handhelds, the true home of Pokémon games.

  3. I dunno why they kept these sequels in the DS but I’m happy since most likely won’t be getting 3DS anytime soon

  4. Well, I can safely say that I am left happy and satisfied after reading this article. There were definitely some very good points brought up. I, personally, think that all main series games in Generation V are going to be on the DS. And I’m happy that GameFreak is still being creative even with that limitation.

  5. I’m glad these are still on the DS. 🙂

    I’m still kind of iffy on the 3DS, I can’t think of any real reason atm to buy one, and I don’t want to miss out on my favorite game series just because I haven’t “upgraded” just yet…

  6. I’m just happy that I don’t have to buy a 3DS to continue playing pokemon games. Or in my case, two 3DSes so I can transfer between games.
    I think that Gamefreak would prefer us shelling out money for both games rather than giving that money to Nintendo for a new system.

  7. Im guessing that ruby/saphire remakes will be on DS too as they will part of the generation 5 games. I think they’ll ill move pokemon to the 3ds when generation 6 starts (that is if it starts)

    1. If it starts?!
      You think masuda can keep affording those nice cars and houses? They need money, and it’s been very clear that Pokémon prints money.

  8. I’m hoping that they’ll include some sort of 3DS exclusive material. It should be possible, as Pokemon Black and White, while a DS game, took advantage of the DSi/3DS camera and internet settings.

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