Daely Snack: Why I was wrong

Daely Snack is a new series in which I comment on things happening in the Pokémon Fandom. Because the big newsbomb dropped, this seems like the perfect opportunity to begin the series with. Keep an eye on the site for future installments. Anyone remember this? It was a lead to the heavily speculated third version, and … Read more

Huge Announcement from Masuda on Pokémon Smash 2/26

I guess it’s official, something major will be announced on Sunday! Pokémon Gray/Grey?  We’ll have to see!  Here’s my translation of Masuda’s tweet: On Sunday the 26th’s Pokémon Smash! Masuda will make an appearance. There’ll be a huge announcement, so you must not miss it! Everyone please retweet and blog this! Hope you watch it! Wow, … Read more

Gray To Be Announced at Jump Festa?

You guys still now when we reported that rumour that The Pokémon Company was attending Jump Festa 2011? Now we have confirmation, and they also told they will do a surprise announcement! Of course, it can be something lame, like a new movie that everybody knew that it was coming or a new spin-off, but … Read more

Pokemon Monochrome

Now that we’ve all been playing Black and White for awhile, it’s time to sit down and discuss what we want in the third version (Monochrome, Gray, whatever they will call it…).  What do you want to see changed?  Improved?  Added?  And let’s stay reasonable.  Here’s my list: More places to get exp for high … Read more

No 3rd Game for Gen V? Doubtful

A Spanish site has posted an interview with GameFreak in which they have declared Pokemon Black and White to be the last games in this iteration.  Of course this declaration does not impact whether or not we get AquaSapphire and MagmaRuby, but unfortunately this looks like a no-go for Pokemon Grey (or Gray?  Or why … Read more