Huge Announcement from Masuda on Pokémon Smash 2/26

I guess it’s official, something major will be announced on Sunday! Pokémon Gray/Grey?  We’ll have to see!  Here’s my translation of Masuda’s tweet:

On Sunday the 26th’s Pokémon Smash! Masuda will make an appearance. There’ll be a huge announcement, so you must not miss it! Everyone please retweet and blog this! Hope you watch it!

Wow, could prove to be an interesting broadcast!  I’ll wake up early and cover it of course 🙂 Could it be a silhouette of Kyurem’s new forme?!  Or an all-out announcement of a new game?!

Also, AAPF is reporting that Keldeo will be given out with pre-ordered movie tickets (Kyurem vs The Sacred Swordsman Keldeo) at select theaters starting on April 14th!

<3 pokejungle