Kyurem’s Formes to Remain Dragon/Ice Type

Due to a product listing for a Nintendo 3DS case we now know that Kyurem’s two new formes, Black Kyurem & White Kyurem, will remain Dragon / Ice. Surprised? <3 pokejungle ps- The episode of Smash airing on 4/8 in Japan has been revealed to contain new BW2 information! The next issue of Famitsu may … Read more

Black & White Kyurem’s “Overdrive” is Now Official!

Previously I commented that sites were prematurely using the word “overdrive” to describe these charged up modes and that there was no official source for it, but that has changed now with the Pokémon Daisuki Club’s page on Kyurem. As you can see in the picture (but possibly not read), it says “This is what the … Read more

Kyurem & The Sacred Swordsman Keldeo – NEW TRAILER!

httpv:// The peeps over at have graciously recorded an episode of Oha Suta! in which they showed off a brand new movie trailer! This is our first look at the two forms in action. Thoughts?  Looks better than the Zekrom/Reshiram movie at least 🙂 A longer trailer can be found here. <- WATCH! Also, after talking with … Read more

Pokémon Black 2 / Pokémon White 2 REVEALED (UPD)

WOW! Looks awesome. Quick facts we know: Releases June 2012 Mascots are Kyurem’s two formes For Nintendo DS US site has posted about the games! No release date however New pokemon’s names are: Black Kyurem & White Kyurem But can we just take about two hours to speculate on this?! I admit, I’m a huge … Read more

Kyurem Form Change

Hey Guys, It’s been awhile, but it’s me NL! website that introduces movies) has released a picture of what looks like a poster for this year’s Pokemon movie. As you can see, Kyurem apparently has 2 different forms. Based on appearances, Kyurem will probably combine with Reshiram or Zekrom.(Ice Burn and Freeze Shock?) Meloetta is … Read more

Huge Announcement from Masuda on Pokémon Smash 2/26

I guess it’s official, something major will be announced on Sunday! Pokémon Gray/Grey?  We’ll have to see!  Here’s my translation of Masuda’s tweet: On Sunday the 26th’s Pokémon Smash! Masuda will make an appearance. There’ll be a huge announcement, so you must not miss it! Everyone please retweet and blog this! Hope you watch it! Wow, … Read more