Kyurem & The Sacred Swordsman Keldeo – NEW TRAILER!


The peeps over at have graciously recorded an episode of Oha Suta! in which they showed off a brand new movie trailer! This is our first look at the two forms in action. Thoughts?  Looks better than the Zekrom/Reshiram movie at least 🙂 A longer trailer can be found here. <- WATCH!

Also, after talking with my translation team (NL, who is part Japanese, Kriff, and my Japanese bf) we’ve realized that the most correct English translation for the mini-film is Meloetta’s Twinkling Recital. Some sites have reported it as ‘sparkling’, which is a correct translation of キラキラ, but isn’t quite the right word in this case 🙂

<3 pokejungle

ps- Do you ever wonder how Filb gets such good videos?  I mean… do they just have someone in Japan run their DVR whenever Oha Suta! airs or something 😮

    1. Don’t all pokemon have the same DNA? If we’re going by that premise, that doesn’t make it impossible for your theory then

      1. First, I’m going to assume that was a reply to me, because the comment you posted on has nothing to do with DNA. lol

        I don’t believe there is any piece of info out there that says every Pokemon has the same DNA. That would actually be highly illogical. The closest thing is Mew being the ancestor of all Pokemon and supposedly having the DNA of all Pokemon, but that doesn’t beam the reverse is true as well.

        Anyway, I’m just going off the info were given for Kyurem1 below.
        “Born the same time as Reshirame and Zekrom”
        “Has Reshiram and Zekrom’s genes”
        “Strongest heredity”

  1. I know anime and movies =/= games, but the general idea behind the Pokemon are normally the same, at least on the basic level.

    This new trailer and website info basically confirms what we already knew or asumed: Kyurem was “born” at the same time as Reshiram and Zekrom, seemingly implying that Kyurem was what was left after the dragons split. Why exactly Kyurem can change into its Black and White forms is still shroud in mystery, at least as far as the games go, as the movie says he just had the other dragons DNA and can seem to tap into it at will.

    If we use the movie to try and fill in some gaps right now, it seems as if Kyurem is only tapping into some residual power within itself (or an item for the game) and the manifestation of the form has nothing to do with its actual fellow dragons…meaning we may never see what the original dragon actually looked like and the forms may not be what Kyurem would actually look like if it could actually fully absorb either Reshiram or Zekrom somehow.

    That idea makes me sad… lol I’m hoping the games are much different than the anime this time. I want my “original dragon form”. +P

  2. >ps- Do you ever wonder how Filb gets such good videos? I mean… do they just have someone in Japan run their DVR whenever Oha Suta! airs or something


    As far as I know they got a server in japan with a tv card.. so they can just program it to record the Pokémon-related shows and then download the recordings. (Or even do live screen-caps as they did with Pokémon Smash last sunday) << Kind of proof, this is from last september, he's saying that their TV-server went offline due to an earthquake in the Kanto region around Tokio.

  3. Theres a slightly longer one aswell where kyurem says ” lets end this ” ( I think ) This movie looks so promising i cant wait to see it 🙂

  4. As far as I know Filb has a contract / the rights to publish clips from Smash, but I’m not entirely sure.

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