Pokémon Black 2 / Pokémon White 2 REVEALED (UPD)

WOW! Looks awesome. Quick facts we know:

  1. Releases June 2012
  2. Mascots are Kyurem’s two formes
  3. For Nintendo DS
  4. US site has posted about the games! No release date however
  5. New pokemon’s names are: Black Kyurem & White Kyurem

But can we just take about two hours to speculate on this?! I admit, I’m a huge fan of the Kyurem formes now.

<;3 pokejungle

  1. Ok heres what I think. We go back to Hoenn, or its built in as a mini game part. The story involves the legendary of each version and combines w/ Kyureum to make its powerful (Ghetis plan). N will tag team w/ us. And pokemon will walk with us once more to make us more friendly w/ them.

  2. I think it’s kinda strange that they put Zekrom in Black instead of White, and Reshiram vice versa.
    I’m not sure why though. :p

    1. It’s probably because in the first games N takes the legend mascot away with him so the other one is use to fuse with Kyurem in this one.

      1. oops forgot something and bad grammar

        so the one N doesn’t have is probably the one involved in the plot to fuse with kyurem

    2. It actually makes sense because they are probably making the boxart background blue, to differentiate from BW1.
      By putting the Black Kyurem on the box Black 2 and vice versa with White Kyurem, it is a lot clear for all the casual folks who don’t know about the story (and I agree it also has to do with the story).

  3. I was just like: WHAT?! when I watched the livestream. XD Can’t wait. I’m lucky, I’m getting White 2 cause I had the original White, so I get the badass reshiram thing… XD

    1. **EVERYONE PAY ATTENTION, THIS IS IMPORTANT** The reason there are two games is because reshiram and zekrom came for one dragon, the royal dragon. If there were two dragons in one game, the whole game would be screwed up.

        1. True, but this is capitalism. It’s a matter of choice, you’re lucky that you don’t really have to buy them both, except if you’re like me for your collection. Yes, I admit, I’m a slave of capitalism. And I don’t even care.

  4. I’m curious to why on the DS though since the system is starting to die off since the 3DS has been going crazy in the West….last breath attempt I guess

    1. Probably because they want to have the Gen VI games out early on the 3DS, so that they can truely take advantage of the hardware and that those have a unique selling point. Developing for a new system takes time, and GF has now most of the assets complete for the DS. With that they can totally focus on gameplay and story (which they’re doing here I guess)

  5. Nintendo DS. ugh….. a little disappointed it’s not on the 3DS, but other than that not bad. Kinda sucks how it can’t just be one game too. Now I have to decide again.

  6. I was expecting Gray, but this is even BETTER!!!

    But now that there are two versions, I have no idea what to choose for my starter since in “Gray” I would have chosen Tepig

    1. As much as I want the games to be released in the US (Believe me, I want these games in my hand. NOAW.) I don’t think that’s the case. D:

      Remember how the US site revealed Reshiram and Zekrom at the same time Japan did? But the game came out in the US 5 months after the JPN release. :l

      1. Yeah I remember that. But the key is that these games are being released in June ( a whole 3 months earlier than usual) vs. September. Anything could happen in my opinion.

      2. Five months after June is November. It’s very possible that these games will come out around then.

          1. to be honest with you, I had to look at a calender. A calender I dropped from excitement (that didn’t happen, but it easily could have. We live in exciting times)

    2. I’m thinking of an october release, so that it can ramp up towards the holiday season. December is a risky month, not for fear of low sales, but for sold out stock and dissappointed customers.
      Wouldn’t surprise me if it hits in February.

      1. They’ve been confirmed for autumn release in Europe, so localization looks like it’s gonna be pretty fast!

    1. They already broke tradition by bringing a new generation on the same handheld. (Gold and Silver don’t really count because they were marketed for and took advantage of the GBColor)

  7. what could we expect?
    its a sequel(like the initial pokemon 2 that was renamed gold &silver?)
    could be there a second region (possibly hoenn?)
    could be new just discovered pokemons?
    could be that this time they dont leave so many plot holes(shadow trio, the two girls, who really is N, what are the underwater ruins,)

    release in june? that is really breaking the mold, why a mid year release?

  8. Hey, guys. I actually do believe that Black 2 and White 2 are actually sequels and not just remakes.

    Notice that Kyurem’s formes in Black 2 and White 2 represent the dragon opposite of the mascots of Black 1 and White 1. Black 2’s mascot is Kyurem’s Zekrom forme, while White 2’s mascot is Kyurem’s Reshiram forme.

    The dragon pokemon that N catches near the end of Black and White is also opposite of the one you get in those games. N has Zekrom in Black and Reshiram in White.

    When you defeat N in battle, he still has possession of the dragon pokemon that he caught. After the end of the main game, Looker tells you that N is “in a distant land with a Dragon-type pokemon.” This could happen before you decide to catch Kyurem in Black and White, so that aspect of the timeline could be shifted entirely.Perhaps Kyurem is located in this distant region and has absorbed N’s dragon (Reshiram in White, Zekrom in Black) to change into the form that it has in either of the games.

    This could very well mean that the player character will also travel to that distant land and battle/catch Kyurem. What do you guys think? Is my theory plausible?

    1. I think they left us with these plotholes on purpose, so they could bring a direct sequel to it.
      First I thought they were going to patch the holes in the third version, but a follow up makes more sense. (and if naming it nr. 2 isn’t a good indication enough)

  9. Kyuresh and Zekyu? This is so interesting….I can imagine nintendo laughing at our past speculation of the name of the third game: “These suckers have no idea..” lol. The Kyuresh one looks awesome! and that awkward tuft of hair is gone! Hooray!

  10. EY GUYS. Do you think we’ll get in this or in any future game (Version 3.0? lol) the Original Dragon (a.k.a. Kyurem + Reshiram + Zekrom)?

  11. It’s a combo-breaker! Two new games instead of one….. I want both of them ,but if I choose one, it’ll be White 2 for the Reshiram-Kyurem mix.

    I’ll admit…. these new forms are very strange, however, I just… love how they look 😛

  12. I guess today is national nerd apprectiation day.

    Between new Kyurem formes and a new Legend if Korra trailer, i’ve gone through 3 pairs of wet pants from excitement.

  13. I just…I CANT EVEN COMPREHEND. I went on FB and saw an article about this and came on here to see cause it seemed strange to me. and MY MIND EXPLODED alkdjgdjfkgh. Really wish I didn’t miss the live stream.

    It’s different. And I like it. NO, I LOVE IT.

    brb gonna hardcore fangasm. *insert foamy guy for Avatar here*

    1. Yes, it took us, Serebii, Pokebeach and Bulbapedia a lot of effort to fake this and record and hack pokemon smash.
      But we’re glad everyone believes this, including you. 😉

  14. So, um, that thing I was saying about Gray Version being on the DS and not the 3DS? Not gonna say “I told you so” but boy is it tempting right now.

    1. You totally have the reason to me tell that, similarity. I admit I was wrong 🙂
      In fact, I’m even doing an article about that one, coming (very) soon.

  15. So, um, that thing I was saying about Gray Version being on the DS and not the 3DS? Not gonna say “I told you so” but boy is it tempting right now. So glad I don’t have to hash out extra money to pay for some pointless 3D effects in my Pokemon game!

  16. I’ve seen some speculation that this might actually be a mix between the 5th and 3rd generations.

    If you look at the logo, Pokemon Black 2 has a blue gemstone….while Pokemon White 2 has a red gemstone.

  17. I do not want it to be in Hoenn in anyway possible. RSE deserves its own game, either because you thought they were awesome and want to see it again, or a second chance if you hated the game.

    1. No they don’t. If HGSS weren’t released you’d be seeing Lugia and Ho-oh in them XDDDD

      They’re the patterns of Reshirams/Zekroms tail. Simple as that.

        1. I wanted to reply to the comment below yours, sorry for that.
          Cant be the first time someone did that unintentionally, It makes no sense for the name and all to appear below and so unobvious .____.

    1. No they don’t. If HGSS weren’t released you’d be seeing Lugia and Ho-oh in them XDDDD

      They’re the patterns of Reshirams/Zekroms tail. Simple as that.

  18. Masuda’s Twitter doesn’t say what day it’s out, actually. There’s just so many 2’s that someone misread it.

    And, I thought this announcement was just gonna be about Keldio or something

  19. Wow, wasn’t expecting Kyuram and Kyurom (that’s what I’m calling ’em), but that’s awesome nonetheless. 😀 Looks like I’m getting both games again! XD

    I’m quite relieved that those will be for the DS instead, I don’t feel like shelling out a ton of money for a 3DS when I own a perfectly good DSi XL that I saved up so much for. If they ever do plan to make R/S remakes within this gen, I hope they keep it consistent and have them on the DS as well.

    1. I just use my dispolymerization card on Kyurem, which lets him fall apart in Black and White Kyurem.

  20. Kyurem’s formes look a lot better than its original forme, I must admit. Maybe it’s because it actually has “normal” eyes.

    I’m not sure which game to get for myself and for my younger bro. I picked White, he picked Black, so maybe White 2 and Black 2, respectively? Also, I’d be so stoked if Hoenn was included in this game, too!

    1. Now that you mention it, suddenly the empty eyes make complete sense. xD
      And yes, if they are sequels, you can’t just go and buy the opposite one all of a sudden.. >:0 Actually I think it’ll be important to get the same coloured sequel as your first game. There’s not much difference between B and W, but it’ll still be there, right?

      Personally I’m the slightest bit bummed because this breaks my tradition of buying the third game in each series (I don’t have BW!!! Please don’t hurt me!!!!!!) but it’s entirely outweighed by them punching tradition in the face. 😀 So proud of our lil’ Game Freak. And I am estatic about this RS speculation, even more tradition-breaking, I am all for it. Some people don’t like all this shaking up, it looks like, but Pokemon as a whole has needed new vitality for long enough.

      1. Why wouldn’t you be able buy the other?

        It’s just going to have some minor story differences and as always, exclusive Pokémon. It’s not that they would incorporate some sort of save file transfer.

  21. This should be good news, but I’m apprehensive:
    Two games seems even more cashgrab than usual. That is unless, like someone said, they are also connected with Ruby/Sapphire, which could be interesting.
    Kyurem’s new formes actually seem to have really bad designs if you ask me – way too samey. And what will they be called?
    Black 2 and White 2? Really? Having avoided lazy sequel naming (Pokemon Stadium aside) for so long, they fall straight into it now? I hope those aren’t the final names.

    However, if the 2 means they’re sequels, that would actually be kinda interesting, seeing what they would do to existing places. Maybe they’d make Unova less boringly linear?

    1. I’m eating my old shoes when they aren’t sequels.

      If they weren’t, they would just call it Gray and release only one game.

        1. If they want money, they should release it on the 3DS and sell everything in small packs of DLC for a few dollars a pop.
          Want a different coloured bike? 2$! An extra Master Ball? 5$! Unlock flee from trainer battle? 10$!

      1. If only stupidity were a business consideration, what a different world we would live in. 🙂 One can only hope that this is a continuation of the game, a true sequel for a change. But I doubt it. I think it will be two version of what would be pokemon grey with some minor changes. I don’t know that they will break that far from their traditional pattern.

          1. That remains to be seen. For all we now, it is just the expected Pokemon Grey, in two versions, to get more money. The question is does a naming convention actually mean anything substantial.

        1. I don’t think money is a primary concern. If 1 out of 5 buys two versions, it would only add some 1 or 2 million sales. Which is certainly not bad, but I don’t think Gamefreak is going the activision way.
          They don’t need to be totally new, but I except them to pack a lot more change than they’ve done with previous ‘remakes’.

  22. the 5th gen of the games was all about tradition being it so bring it on Nintendo & GameFreak, Im just happy that my prediction that kyurem’s forms wont be limited to one, who knew that they will make direct sequels from the pair versions of pokemon black and white, anyways 3ds owners should be shut the idea of the games being on 3ds, the designers in many interviews they had after the release of black and white..have categorically made statements that there will be no pokemon black and white in 3ds, with the circumstances surrounding the 2 new games, they are just keeping what they promised. whats the sense of making it 3d when in fact the game’s signature graphics is 2d. not to mention that pokemon games in general have a relatively huge amount of game data, imagine adding extra bytes there is quite impractical . I sense there will be a launch of a tao trio toyline similar to digimon where in you can combine kyurem to zekrom and reshiram.

  23. Just thought I’d let everyone know that the game is supposed to come with additional DSi and 3DS features…probably just the X-Transceiver though.

    Also, am I the only one wondering what type these two will be?

    I am so beyond excited right now, I cannot even describe it. I’m glad I’m the only one home right now, because my family would’ve thought I was going crazy or something…I yelled quite a bit… :$

  24. ya know, with this game being announced, i had an idea, when news starts pouring in about this game. I think we should try our best to limit ourselves from looking at it, and especially from trying to play the game early before it comes out. don’t you all remember the surprise and confusion you got when you’d go into a new area or find a new pokemon in the old days? Well lets try that again with this game.

  25. so i guess its a slow news day(!)
    im not too fussed at it being on ds cause ill just play it on the 3ds..! see problem solved.
    i like the new formes, they seem cool (sorry i know im not that punny)
    I guess ill get both, although one at a time(white first methinks), start with good ol oshawatt in one and start with the fourth starter in the other one(!)

    1. Yes, it’s really a slow news day. I hoped for more stunfisk merchandising, and they come up with this. I’m seriously disappointed.

  26. I’m reserving my real opinion for an exciting article coming in the next few days.
    Similarity will love it 😛

  27. We got BW 2 instead of Gray, how surprising.
    I think that the mashup looks awesome! I didn’t like Kyurem’s basic form much because he looked like a frozen chicken wing (I know I’m not the first to say this). Now what type will they be? Also, I’m expecting new character designs for this game. Not just the player character and rivals, the Gym Leaders, Elite Fours, and Alder too.

    But regardless of however magnificent logo design of the game… I know the English title will have that unfitting yellow and blue Pokémon logo on it. *sigh*

    1. Well, it was called ‘frozen chicken wing’ by Pokéxperto, during the leak of the whole dex.

      And I don’t expect many redesign of existing character, but rather them together with a whole new cast.

      1. It will probably end up like how Kanto was in Gold and Silver. Except hopefully with areas epanded instead of downgraded.
        Which makes me realize that G/S had a new region – MAYBE SO WILL THESE! Well, probably not. Maybe it’ll be Hoenn!

        Now I have to go explore Pokemon Black to see what needs a sequel!

  28. I have a prediction!
    Paired games have always been an alternate-universe situation. The games are the same, but you can find different Pokemon, or the storyline is even slightly different.
    Black and White played this up with having cities that existed only in one version.

    So my prediction is that B2/W2 will play it up even further – if they are sequels, which is probable, they will be sequels only to their namesake, and I think this will result in alternate timelines! Remember how Reshiram/Kyurem represented truth/ideals? These new games will be based off the worlds resulting from choosing one of these.
    Or maybe that’s too deep for Pokemon, and we will just get different Gym Leaders and cities like in B/W, but up to eleven!

  29. Just oh my God is really all i can say. The new forms are soo cool. The new games aswell was just an extremly welcome bonus 😀 😀


    would never have guessed sequels….was so adamant it would be Gray..lol.

    I would love them to be connected to Hoenn…the game logos certainly suggest it but well see- i can definitely see them conneting to other places beyond Unova..i mean Anville Town is just screaming out for a railway expansion of that train in the centre (IT MUST GO SOMEWHERE!!), not to mention the airport which could take you to hoenn or somewhere else…

    i really cant see any new pokemon beyond these form changes, new pokemon generally means new gen in fan terminology… maybe a couple new ones but not much…

    I cant wait to see how they change the current areas of unova.. hmm, maybe pinwheel forest will have overgrown nacrene city lol.

    I can see the striaton city gy leaders possible have splitted up??

    i could go on forever ol…so much stuff that could have happened lol..

  31. See Gen III also was the first Generation to have a remake, so, what if, as Gen V is not concurrent with any current previous generation, that One Game has Kanto[and possibly Johto] (a region available in all previous generations in one way or another) and Hoenn in the other one, one could take elements from FireRed and one from Sapphire.

    Each game since Hoenn has been crying out for additional gyms and more extensive post league areas.

  32. i fail to c the reason 4 2 new games they r going to mirror black and white anyway and r just going to have maybe at least 2 new ares so i might not buy it at all

    ps the 2 forms are cool but i probably just goin to get one since it retarted

  33. Omg this is gonna be so awosome, didn’t expect it at all. The red ad blue parts of the logo indicate that we might get to go to Hoenn.. Also maybe they’re could be an ‘Ultimate form’ of all three dragons merged together?

  34. just had a random thought… if remaking hoenn is in order, they’ll more likely go with the emerald story, right? so groudon would be in terra cave, kyogre would be in marine cave, and rayquaza would be at the sky pillar. so what would the cave of origin be for? it’d be a great place to have black or white kyurem hiding out!

  35. Reshiram + Kyurem is so Frickin awesome. If I take one it’s gonna be white 2. But i’ll probably take both

    1. I guess that all depends whether or not this is a *legit* sequel or not. 😡

      But Nintendo’s officially broken the pattern, so I would expect everything, anything and nothing.

  36. A bit depressed be4 but the news of black and white 2 makes me want to turn into the joker and blow up unoccupied caravans with rpgs, i just only bought black & thinking about buying nobunaga’s ambition+pokemon, this news will make my WEEK & this comes 12 hours after the labor party caucus battle which to all non aussies is the result of a bloodless coup of a pm elected, sorry for that political news, but 2 games instead of 1 is either WICKED or the news is going to be labeled as a marketing strategy

  37. The more I look at these new forms the more I love them 😀 Still cant decide which one I prefer tho :S I cant wait for black2 and white 2 😀

  38. Judging by the two forms, Kyurem will have something to do with the plot. So, in a way, it’s kinda of like Pokemon Grey/Gray!

  39. the region is unova but it has new parts and two new gym leaders are out one is a poison type and the other is a water type the poison type gym is a band stage

  40. also i am getting both games and pokemon conquest is the pokemon+ nobunaga’s ambition english name

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