Pokemon Monochrome

Now that we’ve all been playing Black and White for awhile, it’s time to sit down and discuss what we want in the third version (Monochrome, Gray, whatever they will call it…).  What do you want to see changed?  Improved?  Added?  And let’s stay reasonable.  Here’s my list:

  • More places to get exp for high level pokemon
  • More interesting place than White Forest/Black City
  • Improved plot (one that makes more moral sense)

Overall, I felt like Black and White were very strong additions to the main series.  I’m sure you all have some opinions on what could have been better though 🙂

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  1. I think poor Kyurem needs a new, better looking form. Like you said, better training spots although there is Audino which is pretty helpful and about the plot, I’m sure they’ll expand on it like they always do in the 3rd games.

  2. Personally, I’d enjoy some new forms. I know people complain when they milk the pokemon they have to an extreme- but I love seeing now forms. The rotom forms were amazing in my opinion, and I loved Giratina’s as well. It adds a new level of depth to some pokemon.

  3. You pretty much summed up some of the things I want to see as well.
    Training for the elite four was a big pain.
    And ya know..I know a lot of people want N to stay in the 3rd version, but I would like it if we get more interactions with him, maybe team up with him, get more of a story and development, but still have him depart. It gave the game such..what’s the word I’m looking for…depth?
    And I’d like to know more about the Shadow Triad. they pretty much just popped up, took you three steps forward, and disappeared, I wanna know who they are aside from the rumors of the gym leader triplets, and why they’re doing what they’re doing.

  4. I think that some of the gym leaders should at least have more than three pokemon. For example, Drayden & Iris only having three pokemon for the 8th gym is bogus. They need five pokemon each, in my opinion. Brycen should have four and so should Skyla.

    One other thing that bugged me was the Elite Four members only having four pokemon each. They should all have five. A little more of a challenge never hurt anybody. I have yet to let my Black and White versions rest for longer than a week. They’re awesome games and I always discover something new every time I reset and start over.

    1. They did three Pokémon for the Gym Leaders and four for the Elite Four because not every type had a lot of Pokémon introduced in this generation. I kind of doubt they would let each Gym Leader have five Pokémon during the first match … I know a lot of little children would struggle with the first couple of Gyms. Gym Leaders will have an upgrade in a team, most likely, in their rematches.

    2. A lot of gyms in the old games had 3 pokemon ex. Clair only had 3 (kingdra, gyrados, dragonair) its not easy to have a lot of pokemon on a dragon gym team as there’s never a lot of dragons introduced in a gen

  5. I would love to see Auto Level 100 in Pokemon Grey. Possible a Grey Mountain to replace Black City/White Forrest. But they might do something with the ID like in Platinum. I want to see Iris/Drayden both be battled in Grey. And I want to see Iris/Drayden with Zweillous. Brycen needs to have either a Vanillux or a Cubchoo. Possibly higher levels for gym leaders as well. Gym Leader rematches are needed.

    1. Gosh, maybe it’s because I’ve been digging out old Gamecube games recently, but when I read Gray Mountain I instantly thought of Mt. Battle in Colosseum and XD. I’d love to see a Mt. Battle in the handhelds.

  6. Every third version has had new sprites, how would they do it? New animations? That would be awesome

  7. What I would like to see in the 3rd game would be cool cut scenes like what was shown in the intro for black and white mostly the legend of Unava and how the 2 brothers had Reshiram and Zekrom battle to see who would be sooted to rule over the Unava region. I also would like to see gym leader rematches and new moves that pokemon can learn. Maybe even some animations for gym leaders and better animations for some of the pokemon.

  8. A few changes:

    1. A high levelling area. Lv. 80 wild Audinos! Gym Leader rematches!
    2. Iris and Drayden in a double battle. If it comes out before the RSE remakes, people could totally point to Tate & Liza.
    3. Kyurem not to look like a half-plucked, half-frozen chicken. Seriously, someone in Japan got bored plucking a chicken, shoved it into the freezer half done until it got freezer burn, pulled it out, and said “WE HAVE A NEW LEGENDARY!” :/ Kyurem’s about as awe-inspiring as Stunfisk. If I looked like that, I’d probably eat people, too.
    4. More storyline on N and the Shadow Triad. (More on N is confirmed, I believe. But still.)
    5. More triple/rotation battles. They did basically the same thing with RS and E. RS had a few double battles. E had lots of optional ones. Do that again!
    6. More areas to show off graphics. Really, you can only go over Skyarrow Bridge & the Royal Unova so many times…
    7. More weather. Seriously.

    Things I’d like but we probably won’t get:
    1. Some sort of new game plus function. Lock up all the Pokemon, but keep the items. Pokemon unlocked after 8th gym badge, or in some sidequest. Let people replay the story without wiping all their ‘mons.
    2. Difficulty settings. Simple enough, in the intro after they ask your name. “How good are you at Pokemon? >What are Pokemon? >I’m okay. >Pro, man!” Easy, medium, hard.
    3. Challenge new game plus. Common things like Poor Man’s Challenge, Nuzlocke, Monotype, that sort of thing.
    4. Multiple character design choices. Even if they didn’t go whole hog like DQ9, give us at least a few options. HAIR COLOR, for crying out loud.

  9. 1. More N
    2. More info on Shadow Triad
    3. More info on the Pink-haired girl and the Blonde in Plasma Castle (Although I bet you they put them in BW just so that it wouldn’t seem unnatural for them to be in the plot line in Grey. I mean Handsome/Looker God’s sake. -__-;)
    4. More challenging Gym Leaders with more Pokemon.
    5. MORE N.
    6. MORE N!!!

    I would just love a game from N’s point of view. *__*

  10. … I really just want them to give you more opportunities to train/boost levels, and make more different species available early on. I hate how you’re stuck with really crappy Pokemon for the first couple badges. I also want there to be a lot a more after the Elite Four. I don’t care if it’s a Battle Frontier, just something. I got bored really easily after completing the story.

    1. if thats gonna happen i would prefer it to be cel-shading, and not the extremely rounded polygons in those shots, as well as like all the pokemon ‘stadium’ type games

  11. i agree with alot of what was mentioned above.

    -new areas, and inclusion of more pokemon would be really nice.
    -lets shake things up and move around some of the apearances, like get deerling way earlier as well as maybe 5% shaking grass chance for rufflet/vullaby . just stuff like that
    – maybe we could get access to more of route 17/18 earlier, as well as more of the desert resort.
    -and of course later in the game post e4 some new areas would be really grand.

    one thing that id like to see is more moves made available, for pokemon. alot of pokemon get stuck with a big physical move pool, and they are clearly special attackers, or they end up with the same move pool of dozens of other pokemon, but with slight changes. in the past we had new egg moves, and even new level up moves. id love to see a big overhaul to move pools and learnable tm’s that really shakes up how some pokemon get used.

    -of course more story stuff, about N, the trio, as well as N’s “sisters” or whoever they are meant to be.
    -new forms would be nice long as they arent silly
    -lets get season changes on more routes, that effect pokemon apearance in more then just two ways (winter vs. spring/summer/fall) as well as open up and close more areas. i mean heck with water freezing during winter i dont get why we didnt have more areas that could only be accessed because of it.

  12. Let’s see…mostly everyone summed everything up. What I would really want is….
    Customizable characters: they’re getting closer and closer to it with the feature of changing your appearance on the entralink.
    More training areas and events for before and after the E4.
    SAVE FILES! I know it’ll be hard with all the pokemon people would catch and all. But at least 3 so you can use each starter if you can’t trade and don’t want to lose you game.
    More triple/rotation battles. I also want an event triple or rotation battle (You, Cheren and N or bianca vs shadow triad?)
    Outfits for each season. If the custom character thing doesn’t go through, at least have this. I coulda swore I saw an early scan of the female character in a winter outfit during the winter.
    Now for the story…
    Have a side quest for N like in pokemon explorers of the sky where they had different stories.
    Explain what that water temple was all about.
    Explain where those two goddesses came from.
    Now for the pokemon…
    Kyurem needs a change.
    Can we have all region pokemon before the E4 now?
    And a few other things….
    Moving sprites for special characters.
    Gym leaders having more than 4 pokemon. And rematches also.
    And maybe a flashback story for Alder?

  13. i would like:
    * kyurems new form
    * trainer animations maybe even regular trainers like youngsters?
    * vs animated sprites like when your about to battle lets say cheren, his hair moves too
    * more story on alder’s pokemon that passed away
    * weather conditions that last throughout the whole battle. make battles more realistic game freak!
    * walking with your pokemon?:)
    * more story with the ruins underwater
    * triple battle with the triplet gym leader
    * gym leader rematches
    * new gyms
    * more triple and rotation battles
    * player, cheren, bianca vs cilan, chili, cress
    * oh and idk how theyre gonna combine the story with the main legendaries:)

  14. 3rd game: Opal.
    Kuyrem is the box legend, but he doesn’t have a new form or anything.
    N, whose actual name is revealed in the game, catches both legendaries. This time, you face Alder, but before you can be entered into the hall of fame Plasma swoop in and steal your starter (or the top Pokemon in your party) along with Alder’s Volcarona. They run off to a new area west of Mistralton, which is accessed from the aeroport. But the first gym leaders show up before and challenge you to a triple battle (Maractus, Heatmor, Alomomola, Sawsbuck, Darmantian, Jellicent and the three evolved monkeys.) Once you beat them, they will announce that you are ready before leading you to dragonspiral tower, where, at the top, it Kyurem. Then, you take the aeroplane to Plasma’s lair, which on it had all the gym leaders and Alder, who are there to help you.
    Once you get ther,e you see Team Plasma’s castle, which is the same layout at B/w. N stands at the end, like he does in the other two games. He will announce that leading the gym leaders here was a cunning ploy to capture you all so you didn’t interfere with Plasma’s plans. He then challenges you yo a battle (he no longer has Zoroark in his team). When you beat him, he then starts to set free the gym leaders… but then Ghetis storms in, and challenges you. Once you beat Ghetis he has no choice but to set the gym leaders free. Looker turns up and arrests Ghetis. N has mysteriously disappeared.

    After this, Looker will once again show up at home and ask you to catch the Seven Sages, who ar ein the same places. You can then re-challenge the gym leaders. Doing so, followed by defeating the Elite Four again, will unlock the Battle frontier-like facilities.

    These are:
    The battle Subway, which still remains. It unlocks the Super Trains after defeating Elesa.
    The Battle Playground, (you have to go up form the daycare bit on route 3.), where you will have to take part in Little Cup challenges!
    The battle Museum (located through the back of the normal gym), where you will be asked a tough quiz, in which you have to battle trainers in order to be asked the questions.
    The battle cruise (located on a pier in Castelia), a which is basically the battle castle from DPtHGSS.
    The battle Arcade, also in Nimbasa, exactly the same as previously.
    The battle bridge, which is driftveil bridge after you start the challenge by talking to a new guy in driftveil opposite the welcome man). This it veyr similar to mount battle from Collosseum.
    The battle jet, located in Mistralton. It is the same as the battle factory.

    The new location (where black city and white forest are) is called Opal City. It is a city, with houses, each with a trainer inside, which are battleable. But it also has grass. It’s a veyr natural city. In this grass you can find level 5 Pokemon that correspond with the trainers you have in the city.
    In this city, crucially, are the all important Move Tutors. You can choose how to pay for the moves, be it Pokedollars (the moves costs loads like this), using Shards, or using BP.

    Other new features are the Contest tent, which replaces the Musical. In this tent, you can take part in Contests, with three rounds: A Musical round, an Athlete round and an appeal round. This combines all three previous contest things. The musical round is chosen from your selection of the five types: Cool, Elegant, Cute, Unique and Smart. You have to dress up your three Pokemon and they perform a performance together. You have to make sure they’re in sync with eachother.
    The athlete round takes a random selection of three Pokeathlon challenges from HGSS and makes you perform them. These follow the theme you chose at the start.
    Finally, the appeal round, in which you have to choose which of your Pokemon will perform each turn, so you get the best possible appeal.

    Also in the game, some Pokemon have new poses, such as Samurott standing up, Conkeldurr lifting his pillars above his head, and Krookodile much lower to the ground and looking angrier.

    Finally, there are new rosters for gym leaders!
    1st gym: Same as B/W.
    2nd gym: Lillipup, Audino, Watchog.
    3rd gym: Leavanny, Dwebble, Whirlipede, Whirlipede.
    4th gym: Emolga, Zebstrika, Joltik.
    5th gym: Excadrill, Golett, Palipitoad, Krokorok.
    6th gym: Swoobat, Unfezant, Swanna, Archen, Vullaby, Rufflet.
    7th gym: Vanillish, Vanilluxe, Beartic, Cryogonal
    8th gym: Druddigon, Fraxure, Deino, Haxorus.

    Well, that’s it. Juts my opinions on what should happen in Pokemon Opal.

    1. I like your ideas except for two points.
      The story kinda seemed all over the place and also I think it’s pretty much revealed that the next game will feature the three dragons original form.
      And for the gym leaders, they all looked good except for skylas and drayden/iris. I think that skyla shouldnt have the most pokemon so I think archen should be out. And for drayden/iris I think it should be denios second form instead of deino. And I think burgh should have just one whirlipede. Four pokemon (one fully evolved and two second form) on the third gym seems like a bit much.

  15. pokemon Grey prediction:
    1: team rocket returning
    2: BIG alternative kyurem
    3: more story on shadow triad
    4: musketeer trio being allies of n, guarding n, thus enabling a triple battle between you & them
    5: gesh attempting to summon creation trio & arceus
    6: manaphy & water member of musketeer trio being catchabl. In water temple
    7: battles at pokemon musical, meaning more carnage
    8: older pokemon getting alt formes
    9: gym leaders rebattleble
    10: unfortunate fan website staff transported to unova due to one of them being a portal fan

    1. The prediction with arceus nd pass legends shouldn’t be in ya predictions as unova isn’t tied to the past regions in no way except with a 2 recurring players

  16. I thought black and white were boring as hell! The story line was so unrealistic, even team Galactic wanting to take over the universe was more beleivable!

    Hopefully the third game will have more features and maybe a different story line to some extent.

    But what i dont get is if Kyurem is the third game mascot, how come you can catch him in black and white? :s

    1. Are you serious???? *facepalm* In RS, and DP, you could catch Rayquaza and Giratina, even though they’re the mascots of the 3rd games of those generations…

  17. let’s see, what i would like to see in this new version is:
    -kyurem’s new form. it’s not because i hate his actual form (i like kyurem), but i think they could do as platinum
    -create something like battle frontier: they could include battle subway, but they could add other facilities with new rules
    -new areas to explore: i don’t mind if it is an old region or not (an old region would be great), but they could do like diamond/pearl/platinum, a huge island that you can explore, or like FRLG, a lot of small islands
    -re-establish pokemon contest OR change pokemon musical so you can do more things than watching your pokemon moving around
    -more previous generations-pokemon to be catchable: include more pokemon of the previous generations instead of getting them only by dream world
    -leader gyms rematches: it was very funny and an excellent way to train your pokemon
    -re-establish experience system of the previous games: in the previous games, you won an established amount of experience for each pokemon, no matter the level of your pokemon; but now, when the difference of the levels of both pokemon is high and your pokemon has the highest level, the amount of experience you receive decreases and i don’t like that, it makes harder to train pokemon
    to make it clear, an example: in HG, a lvl 40 rapidash gives you 1000 exp. points no matter the level of your pokemon, but in Black, the same lvl 40 rapidash gives 1500 points to a lvl 35 pokemon, 700 points to a lvl 50 pokemon, 500 points to a lvl 65 pokemon, etc; THAT’S what i don’t like
    -change clothes by season: in each season the character should have a different outfit: longer clothes in winter, shorter in summer, etc.
    -more triple/rotation battles
    -trainer’s moving sprites: like they did with all the pokemon, when trainers appear they are moving, panting (does panting exists? i can’t remember now), they can throw the pokeball like we do, a lose pose, something like that: more life to the trainers
    -include safari zone, something like HGSS or better
    -include some of previous generations’ LEGENDARY POKEMON, like they did in platinum, HG and SS, it would give us more challenges

    i can’t remember right now anything else, but i said more things than i expected, xD

    1. I agree with a lot of what you have said.
      -I tottaly agree with the change of clothes by season, is something that will give to the game a really nice plus.
      – The rematches are something NEEDED, come on, i need my VS. seeker back too!!!!
      – The trainers sprites, when i saw that the gym leader didint have animation, that dissapointed me a lot.
      – Oh, and yes, Safari zone, for the love of god, at least at the end of the game =P

  18. More places to train high level pokemon?
    Are you high ?
    The stadiums are here.
    The league is there too.
    Lucky eggs are easily obtainable.
    Having a level 100 pokemon has never been so easy.

    And i want a true battle frontier with a factory like(and other stuffs), that was my favorite in gen 4.

  19. N’s young life which says the story of how he comunicated with Pokemon then have the two mysterious female plasma members involved.
    Re-battleable gym leaders
    A new form of Kyurem- One with Bolt Freeze and one with Freeze Flame(???)- When you get to the top of the Dragonspiral Tower, N will ask you if you search for the truth(Reshiram-Freeze Flame) or if you search for ideals(Zekrom-Freeze Bolt)). Then when you at N’s castle, Ghetsis tries to summon Zekrom & Reshiram but fails as Kyurem’s meteor crashes into the castle. It comes out as the form chosen about truth/ideal-you catch it-N/Ghetsis/somelse tells the story about how Kyurem is involved in the trio…?

  20. I want almost all the other said earlier, i just want gym leader rematches,more team plasma and more ‘suspenseful’ and ‘believable’ story,and the mixing of zekrom,reshiram and kyurem,and possibly introduce the availability of three types(not just i.e Normal/Flying,it will be Fire/Electric/Ice as in the case of the mmixing of the former).

    1. it would be difficult to make pokemon of three types at the same time, and, if they do that (i don’t think so) they would do it in the next generation

        1. Impossible to create a pokemon with 3 types mid gen tht mean the game wouldn’t be able to connect to pass games cuz they would have to change the battle physics nd macanics in order to in corparate tht pokemon

  21. Everything just needs to be harder. Gym Leaders need more pokemon, Elite 4’s need more Pokemon the first time you fight em. The Champ needs a full rehall on the team as he is far too easy to take down.

    I know they keep trying to reach out to the younger audiences but at some point they are going to have to realize that so many of their buyers have been playing since previous generations and simply do not need tutorials and handholding. Hell at least make it optional like the thing they have in New Super Mario Bros Wii.

    But really I can live with the ingame being easy and bogged down with tutorials and handholding if they just bring back, well, everything from HGSS. Pokemon following you, auto-running and ALL of the 4th gen battle options. Auto set to 100, auto set to 50 etc. B/W just got boring to play with friends because we don’t all have full boxes of 100s.

    1. Yeah they need to go back with the wifi matches thing. It was stupid for them to change that. And also they gotta redo the gts because I’m tired of seeing requests for a level 1-10 zekrom for a tepig.

  22. Most of what I want have already been said. But here are some things:
    -The First gym leader is a triple battle where you, Bianca, and Cheren are battling the leaders all at once. 3 on 3
    -The final gym has you battling both gym leaders in either a tag battle style or just a double battle where the leaders have different pokemon and either 2 or 3 each
    -Customizable characters
    -maybe have a new rival, one for the opposite character that you did not choose. That would show a Ruby/Sapphire remake is coming
    -higher level training grounds- new high level trainers, high level wild pokemon both in the new game in the Black City/White Forest area.
    -Hopefully for the 3ds but is able to connect quickly to the Black/White

  23. I hope the give more of a move sets to more pokemon (cough sereperior). 2 gym leader rematch. 3 we learn more about n and getisis.3 whe go to honen region and we team up with n on the new plot. 4 better places to train.

  24. It would be nice to see them put more Hoenn-related characters and information, since the third generation is almost 10 years old and like before that may mean a remake is possible. There was a lot of Sinnoh-related information in Unova, in my opinion. I am not a big fan of Cynthia, so seeing her return was a major disappointment and I felt they brought her back because she “reaches out” to older (male) players and some females too.

    As for rematches, I created something on my Tumblr that has my predictions, http://melaugh.tumblr.com/unovarematches. I used the rematch formula for the Elite Four in B/W to come up with teams. It was a lot of fun.

  25. @seriin- See this is my problem. There are some people who play Pokemon games and find them too easy, others find them too hard. I personally find Black and White perfect difficulty. I don’t play competitively often (Apart from Pokemon Online where I can choose everything…) and I just enjoy going through the story and having fun. You have to bear that in mind. Gamefreak’s target audience is not hardcore gamers, but kids. Kids don’t like things to be too hard. I agree, some slightly more challenging Gym leaders (Like the ones I suggested) would be great.

    Having said that, they do tend to make the 3rd game the gamers’ game. It focuses less on trading and the social side of Pokemon and concentrates on battling, with Move Tutors, the battle Frontier, etc.. becoming readily available. So it will be harder. That’s only natural. But I want it to be only a little more challenging. I’m really struggling with a Duotype Scramble on HeartGold at the moment that originally was also a Nuzlocke, but I gave that up. And the Elite Four on Black are starting to irritate me… I completely forgot about routes 17 and 18 and can’t be bothered to go back…

    So the short of it is that yes, they need to be more challenging, but only slightly so.

  26. There won’t be Character customization and there won’t be difficulties. The closest we can get to Character customization is alternate outfits. At the start of the game they will ask if you are a boy or girl and you pick which ever one and a list of outfits will appear. Take Brendan for example(His RS and E outfits plus the blue one from the TFG).

  27. Alright, well…

    *Needs to be on the 3DS. Use the system’s power to give us the truly stunning Unova that they were trying to show off in B/W.
    *As much as it pains me to say this…go with 3D models. Pokedex 3D very clearly shows that the Pokemon can look great in 3D.
    *New abilities for B/W Pokemon. They have them in B/W but are inaccessible without hacking the game. Maybe in Gray’s Unova all the Pokemon have their alternate abilities?
    *Gym Leader rematches, Battle Frontier (preferably like Emerald’s), and more Triple and Rotation battles.
    *The trainers of the region need greater Pokemon variety. It got rather tiresome facing trainers that had the 3 Monkeys over and over, or trainers that used Purrloin/its Evolution and the like. There are a heck of a lot more Pokemon in Unova, so there’s not much of an excuse to give them the same types of Pokemon.
    *Speaking of Pokemon variety, switch up the locations of some Pokemon. Trubbish for example could be placed closer to Castelia, while other late-game Pokemon can be placed closer to the middle. I was incredibly disappointed that two of my favorite species of Unova Pokemon both appeared on Route 10, by which time I already assembled a good team to use for the Elite 4.
    *Then there’s the obvious story changes and Kyurem form they will add.
    *Perhaps some features I miss from HG/SS, like the menu always being on the touch screen (with C Gear relegated to a menu option), walking Pokemon, more battle modes, etc.

    Also, while we’re on the subject of improving the games, I’d like to make a request for Gen 6 (whenever that may arrive): Next time, don’t very obviously leave out features of the game. It’s rather irritating to go from one of the best Pokemon games ever (HG/SS) to one that would be even better if it had some features from previous games. Diamond and Pearl did the same thing, by leaving out the Battle Frontier and Gym Leader rematches from Emerald. At this point, it’s becoming obvious that they’re doing these things to sell more games. The first two games need to be great, with the features intact. Then when the third game comes around, it needs to be good ON ITS OWN MERITS, not because it restored features and mechanics from previous titles. That may be a bit much to ask, but it’s obvious a marketing ploy to get players to buy the third title in addition to one or both of the first two in order to get the proper experience.

    A good example of what I mean are the first 3 generations. Red and Blue started it and were great on their own, and then Yellow came along to make the sprites better and changed the story to make it more interesting. Gold and Silver were great already, yet Crystal again made changes to the story to make it interesting while adding some features. And while I can accuse Ruby and Sapphire of removing some of the Crystal features (day/night, animation), it otherwise overhauled the games anyways. Then Emerald came along and really made me appreciate the Hoenn region and overall just improved Ruby and Sapphire.

    1. Part of the reason many of HG/SS’s features were missing was because development of Black and White started before development of HeartGold/SoulSilver did. So it’s quite likely they made the awesome HG/SS interface after B/W’s interface was completed and locked in.

    2. Uh, no. They can’t make any main series games on the 3DS until the next generation. Granted, it would look cool, but they can’t just spontaneously switch consoles partway through a generation. Other than that, your points are totally on-the-mark.

      1. The DS is on its last legs already, releasing the third game AND R/S remakes (which aren’t confirmed but let’s assume they’ll happen) on the DS would be completely stupid.

  28. Mainly, i would like to have Reshiram, Zekrom, Victini shiny. That’s for me the most important ! Game Freak have an interest to correct this problem boring for the shiny hunters.

    1. but, it’s just a picture of kyurem? It could also be a download or something 😛

          1. I think it will be something like Fusion Bolt and Fusion Flare. Maybe Fusion Snow or Fusion Ice?

          2. Kyurem already has Glaciate (which is like a powerful Icy Wind) and I guess that Glaciate is the equivalent of Fusion Flare/Bolt. The 2 other attacks that Kyurem can know (although it is impossible to get them so far) are:

            1) Freeze Shock(Ice Type attack):On the second turn, the user hits the target with electrically charged ice. It may leave the target with paralysis.

            2)Ice Burn(Ic Type attack):On the second turn, an ultracold, freezing wind surrounds the target. This may leave the target with a burn.

            As you can see, both the attacks induce a condition that refers to the other two parts of the Taio Trio… possibly meaning that if there is a third installment of Gen V, Kyurem could know these attacks

  29. Move tutors, gym leader rematches, a new Kyurem form, and some pokes at Hoenn.

    And gosh darnit, keep the sprites for at least the rest of gen V. 3D modeling takes too much for my computer and spriting is more fun anyhow.

    1. don’t worry, i think they will leave sprites in this game and maybe in Ruby and Saphire remakes, think about it: if they change and make 3D modeling, there won’t be any way to connect the new games with black and white, you couldn’t battle people who have black and white
      that’s my opinion, who knows what will happen?

  30. My only request is a VS seeker or something similar. The lack of rematches gives B/W little to no replay value. Although there’s a chunk of the map left after the Elite 4, you can breeze through those trainers easy. JUST NEEDS SOME PIZAZZ, yadigg?

    Also more shadow triad. and N. gimme.

    Also unrelated slightly but Hoenn remakes so I can put that Dive HM to use.

  31. How does the plot in Black and White seem to make less moral sense than you expected? I see no flaws in the plot. The graphics, though, in terms of overworld and battlefield, could be improved.

    1. I know what you mean. The overworld sprites resembled 4th gen too much. and while the enemy moving sprites were flawless, the full body backsprites look pixelated. I’d also personally like to see a sidequest where you build on the origin of Klink, something mentioned later in the game but never really built on.

  32. If there’s one thing and one thing only that I hated about Black and White it was the freaking story. I hate hate hate HATE the plot! Specifically, I hate how linear it makes the game feel. In other games, you get a big region to explore at your own pace, but in Black and White, your rivals are either one step ahead of you or one step behind you, and you’re always following after them. It makes it feel like you’re never ALONE and you’re never exploring an area for the first time because just when you think “gee, I guess I finally got away from the plot” it’ll pop back up again. It’s horrible.

    Even Unova itself is horrible like that. Before you beat the game, the map is just a giant line! Seriously, look at it. You start in Nuvema and you end at the Pokemon League. It’s just Point A to Point B. Sure, maybe you go off the line once or twice, but there are no branched-off areas. Is that the biggest issue? Branches? GameFreak didn’t make any new branched evolutions, no branched-off routes… I guess I want more branches. That’s all. Rant over. You may carry on now.

    1. @Similarity Agreed, Unova was too linear, as opposed to Sinnoh, which was twice as big, and more varied, with branching paths and stuff, Unova was also a little too small in my opinion compared to how HUGE Hoenn and Sinnoh were…..

      On the subject of the plot, they could have done a bit better with it, such as making it a lot longer at the least, as it seemed quite short.

  33. heard they made Unova like that becaue some retard kids couldn’t complete Platinum =_=

  34. I honestly thought B/W was fun till about the 5th gym it got super boring nd dry not to mention the story was completely bs there’s tons of improvements thts needed to be done to the 3rd game no just added new areas or makin it challenging but make it atleast playable to keep people wanting to play we all kno kyruem gonna be the main pokemon of the the 3rd game nd just like platinum I’m sure they gonna change a lot because B/W seems like a rushed game too me with the unbalenced of types added to this gen to the unbalence teams the gym leaders have smh

  35. I’d like to see the Game Corner come back! There should be an arcade floor where you could play Pokémon-related minigames, and a casino floor with an age limit and the original slot machines.

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