Pokemon TCG DS Game, Not Exactly What I Wanted

Long news titles for the win, amirite? Originally I skipped this news because the ‘game’ is simply a glorified tutorial and really does not come close to anything that a Pokemon TCG handheld game should do. Especially when some of us have been waiting for a true multi-player sequel to the Gameboy games that were released based on the trading cards.  Here’s the rundown though: the set (entitled ‘Hajimete Set+’, eng: Beginner’s Set+) will be packaged with a TCG set aimed at new players.  I have seen SO MANY KIDS play Pokemon in Japan, but not once have I seen the card game being played.  Hmm… maybe they do need to hook some fresh players?  The game is for the Nintendo DS and has 5 main features which are:

  • Story Mode‘ which gives you a loosely connected string of NPCs to battle in order to learn the basics of the game and study the rules
  • Quiz which is, you guessed it, a quiz mode aimed at testing you on rule and card mechanic knowledge
  • Battle which allows you to face off against NPCs
  • Rule Dictionary which is a reference guide
  • Download Contents which allows you to send a tutorial via the DS’s ‘Download’ option

Wonder if this will get sent to the US?  I’m almost doubting that it will since we have the online version (which I’m quite fond of).  That’s it for now!

<3 pokejungle