Pokemon TCG DS Game, Not Exactly What I Wanted

Long news titles for the win, amirite? Originally I skipped this news because the ‘game’ is simply a glorified tutorial and really does not come close to anything that a Pokemon TCG handheld game should do. Especially when some of us have been waiting for a true multi-player sequel to the Gameboy games that were released based on the trading cards.  Here’s the rundown though: the set (entitled ‘Hajimete Set+’, eng: Beginner’s Set+) will be packaged with a TCG set aimed at new players.  I have seen SO MANY KIDS play Pokemon in Japan, but not once have I seen the card game being played.  Hmm… maybe they do need to hook some fresh players?  The game is for the Nintendo DS and has 5 main features which are:

  • Story Mode‘ which gives you a loosely connected string of NPCs to battle in order to learn the basics of the game and study the rules
  • Quiz which is, you guessed it, a quiz mode aimed at testing you on rule and card mechanic knowledge
  • Battle which allows you to face off against NPCs
  • Rule Dictionary which is a reference guide
  • Download Contents which allows you to send a tutorial via the DS’s ‘Download’ option

Wonder if this will get sent to the US?  I’m almost doubting that it will since we have the online version (which I’m quite fond of).  That’s it for now!

<3 pokejungle

      1. I dunno, I never was really able to figure out the card game as a kid. Mostly because Digimon and Yu-Gi-Oh were super-popular in my grade school at that point. It wasn’t “cool” to like Pokemon until I got to high school, and by that point no one cared about the cards.

        I have no intention of playing the card game -now- but I think that this is a really good idea. Like having a personal tutor for the card game!

  1. I use to love collecting the cards when I was little. I still like to buy some here and there..but I never understood how to play it, I still don’t lol. I’m probably not gonna be picking this up if it hits the states.But I can see it getting some attention to some kids wondering what/how to play this game.
    I’ll stick to collecting the cards lol.

  2. PLEASE put up the episonde preview for next weeks pokemon episode PLEASE i dont know where else to find it :'(

  3. im guessin that this will be the last pokemon game on the ds, so… roll on the 3ds games includin rumble 2!!! =D

  4. Well I check with Serebii forms, and many people said its confirmed to not be released outside Japan, and the same may happen to PKM Rumble 3D if it doesn’t sell well in Japan. I’m hoping both will make the cut, and am glad Typing pkm didn’t make the cut, even though I wanted the blue tooth key board :/

    1. Frankly, SPPf members aren’t going to know or be able to confirm anything about an international release :p Pokemon Scramble/Rumble probably WILL be released outside of Japan (in fact, it’s pretty certain). Typing did not because it was designed specifically for Japanese typists and would not fit into an English market.

  5. this “game” reminds me of all the years i’m sure many of us had these kinds of moments… “MERRY CHRISTMAS! open your present!” “oh boy! oh… socks….”

  6. hey hey you know what’s a really good idea, everybody?? If you wanna learn a trading card game, a game that comes in a box set, you know what’s a great idea?????


    everybody mocks me for always reading the manuals actually ):

  7. You’ve missed the point of the thing entirely.

    Typically, with sets like this, they include a DVD instrution to help you learn how to play the game. This time, they made it more interactive with a DS tutorial. It’s not a new game. It’s a TCG Boxset with an interactive manual

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    1. I have comments on articles older than 2 weeks turned OFF because of spam prevention (since I don’t require any sort of registration) =[

      I will definitely look into your account issue when I get home tonight, I’m also working with another user to identify some password recovery bugs. Sorry!

  9. Am I the only one who thinks this will be pretty cool? I wish the story mode was alot more like the gbc games though, where you actually moved a character.

  10. wait, wait, wait…. IS THAT FUCKING GREEN MOTHERFUCKER OAK?! look the screens in the right side of the scan, IS GREEN, IS FUCKING GREEN! just for that they must release this game in the west (?)

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