No 3rd Game for Gen V? Doubtful

A Spanish site has posted an interview with GameFreak in which they have declared Pokemon Black and White to be the last games in this iteration.  Of course this declaration does not impact whether or not we get AquaSapphire and MagmaRuby, but unfortunately this looks like a no-go for Pokemon Grey (or Gray?  Or why debate the spelling of a fan-guessed title for a game we now speculate may never exist?).  I have my own doubts as to whether anything got lost in translation between Japanese, Spanish, and English, but this is definitely interesting news. Would definitely be ground breaking for the series not to cash in on a 3rd version.

As Serebii and I were discussing though, there is the fact that an interview with GameFreak (in Japan) had said that a third game would go deeper into N’s history and reveal his name.  Tackman also points out that there are items and attacks that would seem to coordinate with the third legendary, Kyurem, that are not seen in Black or White.  Is this rumor busted?  Probably. But it’ll be interesting to see how it plays out.

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ps- Thanks BOB for the tip!

  1. Wow i would really hate it if they didnt have a 3rd game, we have been doin this since the 90s, i know they trying to change some stuff but seriously .________.

    Edit: The opening to Pokemon: BW really sucked, they skipped through all of the cool parts of the opening and even shaded in all of the pokemon’s colors, bull crap, but im glad they r bringing back the good ole “Whos That Pokemon”

  2. In the game, you get a Light Stone in Black for Reshiram, and a Dark Stone in White for Zekrom. There is a third stone that is coded in the game but is inaccessible, the God Stone, its sprite is of grey colour. There are also two Ice-type moves that no pokémon can learn, one is Special and can burn (like Reshiram), and one is Physical and can paralyze (like Zekrom) Clearly they are moves for Kyurem. And there’s also the underwater ruins, and all this stuff about Team Plasma that clearly point at a third game (I made a first article about those mysteries months ago, but PJ hasn’t answered the three e-mails I send him…) So yeah, there will be a third game.

    1. Yeah, I don’t believe this either. Maybe they will do something nontraditional with the third game and make it a sequel to the plot rather than another version of the same plot. Who knows at this point.

    2. Exactly what I’ve been pointing out since September too XD
      There is no way this would be true, since one can notice that stuff was intentionally left out or feels incomplete in BW, for the sole purpose of putting it into the third game.

  3. Maybe not a third game….but a whole new story that can be downloaded! It’s kinda been done before. With the event pokemon you get a story. Even though it’s short, they can definately make a longer one for this. And think about it. The b/w game hinted to a SEQUEL. I don’t wanna say what happens but a pokemon sequel game would be hard because you would lose your pokemon when switching games. So I think a god stone download would create a new story for b/w.

    1. What you wrote doesn’t make much sense, but if you are saying they could add stuff to BW via wifi-downloads, this won’t happen. They can’t add data that’s not in the game. They can only unlock what’s already on the cart, because DS games are ROMs, which means read-only-memory.

    2. Then what happens when people cant go out and download this features, it would be a waste of a game.
      Think about this.

    3. Well when you bring up that the games have ROM based set-ups, you need to understand that there are “hidden” functions in the games. They program some parts of the game to only work when, a.You have a specific pokémon, b.You have a specific item, or c.When a flag is set, prompting it to work. It’s because of this that stuff like Team Plasma’s liberation speech only happens once. It’s also because of this, that you can walk past a point and nothing may happen, but you can walk past the same point again with a new item and be greeted by someone, or be taken somewhere new. i.e., The Old Sea Map in Emerald gave access to Mew on Faraway Island. It was a download that added to the storyline, but Faraway Island wasn’t “new”, it was just inaccessible until you had this item. So they can distribute the God Stone via wi-fi and have an add-on to the storyline, but I do doubt they could have a new forme of Kyurem either way because if so hackers who cheated to finish the pokédex would have seen it already, because as you said, it is Read-only-memory. I think the god stone is either incorporated in Gray, or a way to obtain the other dragon in ur game, ex. getting reshiram in white or zekrom in black

  4. There are so many new things people would like to see added to this gen’s games (rematches, animated trainer sprites, etc.) I somehow doubt there won’t be a third version.

  5. Off topic once again but…team rockets motto was AWESOME! They got it almost exactly like the japan version.

  6. Inb4 “OMG PJN is so bad for posting unconfirmd rumors. Serebii much better lolz, thiz site suckz”

    I agree with Tacky and Ttaur, at least I hope they are both right.

      1. Oh no, I’m not mad. I know you’re really busy, but forget what I said. I had two roughs weeks and was not in a good mood. it’s not your fault.

        1. You said something like “so we’re not mad at each other” and I was like ‘uh-oh’. I just have issues with procrastination. Ask tackman ;-; He submitted an article at the end of Dec and I still haven’t gotten back to him. But I WILL. Before this weekend is over. Get back to both of you.

          1. Oh, sorry. Now I see you’re different (in a good way) than most people I’ve dealt with. Most of them are just d-bags that ignore you to the fullest. But luckily, you’re not. My apologies

  7. We have to get a new Kyurem form, because seems like it’s weak and roughed up or it lost its strenght.

    1. Yep. And it’s secret signature attacks hint even more towards a relation to Zekrom/Reshiram.
      *BW story SPOILER below*
      I’m confident we will see something along the lines of this in the third:
      When the original royal dragon split into Zekrom and Reshiram, because of the fight between Unova’s 2 kings. After this process, there was something left behind of the original one dragon: Kyurem.
      So somehow Kyurem will get it’s powers of flame and lightning back and become the original full-power royal dragon of Unova. I wonder how that will work without destroying Reshiram and Zekrom though.

      1. they don’t have to be destroyed necessarily , maybe Kyurem consumes/absorbs them along with their powers

          1. @three monkeys: You are correct, sir! The sites automatically redirect to Nintendo because they have been copyrighted. 3

  8. To be fair, there’s no need for a 3rd game. Why? Everything could be handled thru’ events and movies.

    However, because logically it would not make sense, since Gamefreak wubs their money and every single new gen had three games, there probably will be one. I’ll just won’t wait for it, because I lack the patience to wait years for it. 😛

    1. A new form for Kyurem where it doesn’t look like a beaten up frozen chicken, cannot be handled by events, because BW don’t have any data or sprites for it.

      1. Yeah not huge on how Kyurem looks, so I wouldn’t be opposed to a new form ala Platinum’s Giratina.

        1. Nope, they don’t add data. The data is already stored on the cart, than unlocked by for example mystery gift. That’s why we know everything about unconfirmed legendaries like Genesect. If they want to do a new form, they need to create a new game, as they have done with Platinum.

        2. No they cannot add data.
          Like I said above
          “They can only unlock what’s already on the cart, because DS games are ROMs, which means read-only-memory.”
          And even the trigger for the unlocking is already preprogrammed into the games. So for example they can give you the Secret Key on Platinum via wi-fi, but the key is already in the game, the script for opening the door to the unlocked room is already in the game, and of course the room with all the Rotom items is already in the game. No data is added to the ROM (just the save file changed), because it cannot be added.

      2. lol frozen chicken, I was really disappointed with Kyurem’s design, I hope it gets a new form but….what would be its change in stats? Giratina’s switched offense and defense

  9. Pokejungle, I would like to see this japanese interview where they talk about the possible sequel, deep plot and Ns name, please. Thanks

        1. I actually read almost every single comment on posts that I write so if I’m awake I respond pretty fast :p If I’m not awake or at school I might miss it ;-;

      1. Wow, it’s very well made, especially artworks.

        I love how Jellicent sucks Remoid’s life energy, and Terrakion steps on land. And little Joltiks!!!

  10. Wow that’s a shocker…

    I wonder if this means we’ll have some more surprises down the line…….maybe Game Freak will be focusing their attention on another pokemon game instead?

  11. Lol I think this is fake, didn’t they already say there would be a third? One that tells us more about N?
    Also, I may be wrong but aren’t the following pokemon sprites in the B/W coding? I could have sworn I saw someone somewhere that was ripping sprites and found them, the same ones from HGSS. I guess they could have just put them in for fun… XD

    Ah well, it’s up to them in the end, but I do hope they make a third game.


    I hate to be left hanging with N flying away and then never getting to see him again… ;_; I love N! He better not leave for real!

    …imagine how much of a twist it would be if you could battle him in the R/S remakes. Kind of like Red, on some mountain somewhere. Or in those falls whose name I can’t remember – kind of like Steven.
    Or a double battle against Steven and N…! Or.. -is on a tangent of things that likely will not happen.-

  12. Wasn’t their speculation sometime about the third game being for the 3DS? I wonder if this interview meant to say something about that… Like, “The third game won’t be on the DS,” instead of the third game not existing at all.

      1. LOL, let’s really mix stuff up and make the third storyline game on the WII! 😛 The new BR-type game is secretly for the 3DS….

  13. There are plenty of changes that could be made to BW like pokemon following you, battle frontier, pokethalon, etc.,

    They could also make the games hard past the 2nd gym haha

    There were also many things that pointed to a 3rd game like all the sages, underwater ruins, Kyurem etc.,

  14. If I’m not wrong, do you remember that they said a long time ago that in BW no character from past games will appear? but voila, Caitlin, Looker, Cynthia…. Maybe they’ll make a similar surprise. Here’s what I think:
    1. There IS a third version. They’re just talking like that to tense us up. (like the characters)
    2. Expanded storyline to be downloaded by wi-fi.
    3. A parallel sequel that introduces another region but same pokemon lineup and connecting plot. Although this is so boring
    4. MagmaRuby and AquaSapphire to be the sequel of BW. Although this will break remakes tradition of not changing the main plot..
    5. The new 3DS Pokemon game will have connections with the plot of BW

    Please, I really want a third version!!! C’mon Game Freak!!

      1. Yes, sort of.
        Gen I and III run at the same time.
        Gen II and IV 3 years after that.
        Gen V unknown time after Gen II and Gen IV.

        1. They should tell the gap between gen V and gen II & IV.. It’s hard to tell.. Cynthia looks same like it’s a few years (or months) after gen IV, but the team rocket guy already has children with him like it’s been a long time..

        2. I always thought that II and III happened at the same time, considering that you just moved from Johto in III, and everyone acts as if you’re new to Johto in II. yet II is 3 years after I. hmmm… Also, Red is ageless. in r/b/g/y he is 10, in g/s/c he’s 13, in fr/lg he is 11, in the manga he is 19 in hg/ss but in the game he’s thirteen, but it’s a sequel to a remake, fr/lg, so he’s 14. Yeahhhh…

  15. Totally off topic, im just realizing something about axew lines name

    Axew- AxYOU

    Weird huh lol

  16. Google translate is optimistic. Read the title when you use google translate XD
    Nintendo: “There will be a ‘Pokémon Grey’ in 3DS

    Anyway in all seriousness, there WILL be a third one.

  17. If there was a third installment It would compliment both games. To be honest I’m really exsited about the VI generation which could be a fully developed 3D pokemon stadium style games. A sad yet exsiting departure from the style we all grow up on. I really hope they expariment with the graphics and add more exclusive features, to the point that both versions are almost entirely different.

    1. I’m pretty confident that they will stick to sprites.
      In an interview they stated they would not want to replace 2d sprites with 3d models. I’ll try to find it.
      I personally hope they really stick to sprites, because sprites have something about them that makes you like them much easier than a fully defined 3d model. They leave some imagination, which is absent with 3d.

      1. No, Iwate didn’t say there would be no 3D images. He said that 3D doesn’t need to be a major part in Pokémon, probaly refering to no 3D movement.

  18. There is a decent sized group who always wait for the third version before making a purchase. If that doesn’t happen, then those sales are either completely gone, or they’d most likely be buying Black/ White used.

    Seeing as how the production of a third game is editing an already-completed game as opposed to making one from scratch, I can only assume they’d notice a profit loss with no third version.

    It’s either a mistranslation or a scare tactic to force people into buying Black and White as soon as possible, rather than waiting.

    1. If *that* is a scare tactic, I’m scared. Very.

      The reason is I’m one of them who tends to play *only* the third game(except the RBY series), as they’re generally much better if not superior than the pair that comes before it.

      If they’re not into it, I can wait for DarkBlack and LightWhite versions 10 years from now. Let’s face it. We’re doomed to settle for remakes!

      1. This is random but yellow was the first pokemon game I ever played. However in Japan Blue version was actually the third installment.
        Perhaps they want to repeat this strategy.

  19. They just created entire “new” region,over 150 new pokemon,i think this generation deserves the third game.

  20. gamefreak better make a third game,or some people are going to get kicked in the balls!

    btw,i know its off-topic,but the new pokemon episodes from today rocked! one of those great things was the opening sequence,and the return of “who’s that pokemon”.its been too long of a wait for the new season,but im very pleased with it 🙂

      1. it aired at like 9 am this morning.sry u missed it

        however…..the first episode will air again tommorow,at 7:00 am,so if u want to see it,u may want to go to sleep early

        1. LOL, it is ok, i just finished watching the episode on Youtube. There was only one episode today right?

  21. Btw, IF the third is called Gray, it will be spelled gray, not grey. Why? Because is registered and is not.

    And for the love of god, don’t reply telling me they’ve also registered brown, pink, topaz, and crimson. I KNOW. I’m just saying that IF it is Gray, that would be the spelling.

    1. I’ve got my money on Gray as well. How anyone thinks that the third game will be named “Crimson” is beyond me lol

      1. I still think Gray is the most unattractive name they could ever think of.
        Since Sapphire, when I started playing Pokemon, I have always picked up sequels/remakes, Emerald, FireRed&Leafgreen, Platinum & SoulSilver, but I won’t touch Gray version even if it is as big an improvement as Platinum was. Don’t say “Platinum is Gray” because Platinum is a metal.

        However, everyone knows GameFreak loves their money, and many people might overlook the abhorrent title of the game because they love new content.

        1. Gray just seems to be the most practical. I get what you mean regarding titles, but they also have to follow the theme, instead of, “zomg that name would sound so kewl” lol And yes, Platinum is indeed a metal. Fully aware :p

        2. As I’ve been saying to my staff and such, there must be a serious movement of the loss of creativity in the world if they make “Gray Version”. I mean come on, its so basic and it is SO unattractive to gain interest in (Platinum was the same for me cuz it seemed dull; it was good gameplay nonetheless).
          And I may be extremely wrong here, but Ruby and Sapphire really arent that old in truth. I have a feeling Yellow, or a Blue will be the next remake version because if it was, then that would finish off the update of the 1st Gen; and then it would make sense to move on to Gen 3 because all of GEn 1 and 2 would be finished as a whole for the time being.

  22. I think what’s going on is that the third installment will be a sequel, as opposed to a remake. Also, I don’t think ruby and sapphire will come out any time soon. Maybe with the next generation, on 3DS. Its not really worth having RS on normal DS graphics (also, HGSS came out in the 10 aniv of the games, so we probably would have to wait that long).

    Anyway, just saw Best Wishes in english. WHAT IS UP with the song!!!! It’s terrible!!!! Everything else was fine, but MY GOD the editing on the clips is awful and the song itself is so dull! Def not as good as the Galactic Battles theme.

    1. *hi-fives you* finally! someone who isn’t going MagmaRuby and AquaSapphire are coming out this gen! now, about RoughDiamond and SoftPearl…

    2. I completely agree about the waiting period for the R and S remakes. Which is why, as every Gen since the 3rd has included remakes, it would make sense if Yellow or a version of Blue was remade instead; after all it would finish off Gen 1 for the time being.

  23. What happened is very likely mistranslation.
    I guess they asked if the third version would be on the 3DS, to which they replied “obviously not rofl”.

  24. Of course it will. And it will be “Chrome” 😉

    If not, then this’ll be the first time I’ve ever skipped a generation since I started with Blue.

    There’s definitively going to be a THIRD version!

    It´s not a good marketing strategy to say:

  26. In response to everything;
    1) Pretty sure third game (Gray being the much more than obvious name here.) will be a bit more of a sequel, maybe. Another option is no third game, remakes instead thicken the s**t out of that plot.
    2) The Ruby and Sapphire remakes are those games currently in progress for the 3DS, and I would personally put money on that. A LOT of money.
    3) Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but back in the advance generation, didn’t they release a patch for the berry glitch in Ruby and Sapphire? Correct me if I’m wrong again, but they could end up doing stuff like that if Kyurem were to get a third form related to that God Stone, as the process would be similar. Think about it; they’re clearly not going to code in an alternate form for all to see, but they also wouldn’t have thrown coding like the God Stone in for no reason.
    4) Just realized this while typing this out. N is going to either pop up in the R/S remakes, or the much further down the road D/P remakes. Remember, N disappeared and was last seen in another region “playing with dragons”. N’s either off mucking around with Rayquaza, [email protected], or Dialga/Palkia. Totally calling it now, you read it here first.

  27. Remember when all the new pokemon were leaked by Didnt they say the thurd legendary has three heads and drew a picture of it? That was the only pokemon they got wrong. But now think about it… Since apparently zek, resh and kyurem were all one pokemon before, according to the plot in b/w

    Wouldnt it be obvious then that pokexperto actually leaked the alternate kyurem version that has three heads. One for zek, one for resh, and one for itself.
    Also, all the people expecting plotwise sequels. Not gonna happen

    1. Nope, he said that about the pseudo-legendary, Hydreigon.
      About kyurem he said it was an ugly chicken noody would like

  28. OBJECTION! it said they had no plans for future games….not that they wouldn’t make anymore….so you fail~

  29. There IS a timeline for the Pokémon Universe.
    Ash doesn’t exist here in the games.
    Pokémon Red, Blue, Yellow and their remakes occur at the same time with Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald (so they can’t be sequels to BW)
    Gold, Silver, Crystal, HeartGold, SoulSilver occur at the same time as Diamond, Pearl and Platinum three years after RBY/FRLG and RSE. And Black and White occur ten years after GSC and DPPt.
    And the Pokémon Ranger and Colosseum series occur some tim after Gen I/Gen III and Gen II/IV.
    Dont’ ask about Ash. He doesn’t exist in the games.

    1. ¿?

      I mean, I know that GSC are sequels of RBY 3 years later, but how do you know DPPl happen at the same time and BW are 10 years later?! Specially since BW have a time traveling factor with the dragon gym city being different in both versions and the guy who talks about how one game is in a different time than the other. Also, how do you explain the presence of Cynthia or Hansom in Unova if its 10 years later but they look the same? According to your theories, BW should happen at the same timea s Platinum at the very least! And then the whole spin-off timeline I have no idea how you put those in there.

      I think, strictly talking, the only ones we know for sure are RBY and MAYBE RSE (because the remakes talk about how they connect together in the Sevii Islands) happening at the same time, and GSC happening after RBY.

      The only reason DPPt could be thought as happening at the same time as GSC is because of the remakes and the presence of the gym leader, but then this theory gets messed up because Jasmine is there to decide if she wants to be a gym leader or something like that, and then leaves to be one.

      So I don’t think there is an official timeline, but something that is somewhat hinted. Until BW come out in english we probably wont be able to try to figure out when it happens.

      1. Pokémon is a kids game. If they changed an iconic character to be 10 years older, how many kids stil know it’s her.
        In the Pokémon world, nobody ages. You’re born young or old and stay so.

        1. I’m sorry, I don’t mean to put you on the spot light, but that is a ridiculous comment.

          a) Pokémon isn’t “a game for kids” like so many people like to say. Pokémon is a game. Period. Is not as intense as other games in other platforms like PS3 or Xbox360, but that’s mostly Nintendo’s choice.

          b) Even if kids were the main target audience (which they’re not, as blatantly proven by BW), kids aren’t idiots. OK, let me stress that: KIDS AREN’T IDIOTS. For some reason, the most popular explanation when talking about anything pokémon is “well, you know, it’s a game for kids”. SO WHAT? I work for the entertainment industry and do a lot of work for kids. Kids today are very smart, and even if this was a 10-year-old target audience exclusive game, I’m pretty sure their brains would be able to process people aging.

          So, no. I’m sorry but your comment makes no sense.

          1. Oh, sorry, I’m tired, and I didn’t want to explain it to its fullest in my previous post, so I went with the lazy comment. :p
            Perhaps we have a diferent perception of what a ‘kids game’ is. You say it’s not because there are many adults that play it, but for me Pokémon still target kids in a way of not showing blood, sex references, ….
            But what I tried to say is that Pokémon is… wel just Pokémon. There’s no other explanation for it. You can say it’s a kids game, it’s just simple, but know they won’t change their roots.

          2. While I disagree with you in that I don’t think a game for adults needs to have blood or sex references, I do agree that Pokémon sometimes has a way of pissing people off by not wanting to change those roots.

            However, I still don’t understand this “10 year” thing, the lack of aging, and I haven’t seen any proof of that (the bulbapedia link doesn’t count, while I like that site quite a bit, they dont provide the reader with any examples to prove their statements).

    2. Makes sense, after all, Caitlin was in the Battle Frontier on D,P,Plt,HG,and SS and she wouldn’t have gotten as good, or as grown up as the kid she was if about 10 years never passed.

  30. That’s silly. A 3rd version should exists. That is why they kept the triple and rotationa battles for.

  31. I was always wish there would be a third game just not in isshu. like all the 5th gen pokemon could inhabit another region besides isshu.

  32. Hey pkjn while doing some research in the B/W rom I managed to find the Royal Unova ship music… But apparently the song is called SEQ_BGM_PLEASURE_BOAT … Maybe this is the english name? I guess it is! Plz reply

    1. Doesn’t seem likely. That name is used by Gamefreak, beacause they didn’t know from the beginning how they would name it. And it is TPCi that chooses Englisgh names.

  33. meh
    if there is a third game i probably won’t buy it
    even though i got Yellow, Crystal, Emerald, and Platinum.
    i just don’t have the money to spend anymore ;_;

    oh well.
    that’s what emulators are for i guess ;;

      1. The Team rocket member that stole the part from the power plant in Kanto is also in Black and White.
        Correct me If I’m wrong but, He has a family now and I think he’s located in Icirrus City.

        1. Apparently the character is in the game in Castelia (team rocket theme sounds when you talk to him). Unfortunately I don’t read japanese well enough to be able to tell you accurately if the whole family thing is true.

          This doesn’t really mean that it’s been 10 years though. It could’ve been 3 as far as we know.

          And there’s still the whole “time traveling” concept of the Dragon Gym town (keep forgetting it’s name) with the guy who wants the pokémon “from the past/future” meaning the other version.

  34. Lemme just say a few things here that apparently need some clarifying.
    1. There will be a third version. It doesn’t make sense for there not to be. GameFreak really does like to profit on anything they can manage to, so instead of hyping fans up by saying “there will be a third game” and making them impatient for it, they’re saying “there won’t be a third game” and making it all the more exciting when it finally does get revealed. And it will get revealed, believe me. It’s only a matter of time.
    2. The game won’t be on the 3DS. Did people really think it would be? You’re forgetting something big here: THE 3DS IS NOT A 3D VERSION OF THE DS. It’s a completely-new system. To release the third version on the 3DS would be like releasing Emerald on the DS, or Crystal on the GBA. That doesn’t happen. The format for a generation doesn’t change midway through. Nintendo is likely using the Pokemon franchise to stretch out the sales of DS games during the 3DS’s early years. With Pokemon still being released on the DS, sales for it will be stretched out as far as they can be.

    1. they’re “faking their death” so people don’t bug them about it. Or they’re serious…
      btw- you’re welcome pjn

    2. The 3DS comment does make sense in the “stretch the DS games as far as possible” concept. You are, however, forgetting that Gold and Silver originally came out for GB with GB colour enhancements, but Crystal was a GBC exclusive. And it applies to this example, since there was backwards compatibility, it was basically the same system but with enhancements (color/3D) etc. This doesn’t mean I disagree, though. I think while it might be a DSi game, it may come with 3DS enhancements.

    3. But something seems off to me, because i heard a while back that Game Freak (the company that makes pokemon) was heavily involved into the development of the 3DS. I was thinking that the games would have 3D when used on the 3DS or some other kind of feauture, but since that’s been deconfirmed, maybe they already have the next row of games in development. If that was the remakes of ruby and sapphire, there would be some great ways to integrate the SpotPass (or whatever its called) feauture. remember the secret base things??? well what if spot pass exchanges data about that automatically and there would be different trainers all over your map?? that’d be kinda awesome xD
      i personally would be happy if there was no third game and they would move on in development faster. It would also show that they aren’t just trying to milk it some more

      1. Well when the DS came out, Game Freak worked heavily with it, too, but didn’t release Diamond and Pearl for a little while. The first thing they released on it was a Rescue Team game. Actually, I think it was Dash. Either way, just because they’re working with new software does not, by any means, mean they’ll be ready to release a main series game on it any time soon.

  35. I just did a quick check on google translate and found some interesting news. Even though it is not the exact quote, I put “There will not be a 3rd pokemon game on the 3ds” in google translate from english to spanish. After I got that, I changed it from spanish to japanese. Finally, I changed the translator from japanese to english, and the end result was quote, “There will be a third 3ds pokemon game”. Whether or not this has relevance, I’m not sure, but I thought it might help.

  36. I would like a link to the interview about “future titles” that talks about N.

    The one in the topic only links to a summary, I want to see exactly what they said.

    1. Yeah I think we all knew that it was just a translation error xD

      That’s why I even posted the news with ‘Doubtful’ in the title :p

      1. yeah im just glad it wasnt true. this game seems like it actually has some potential to be an actual sequel and not just a remake. i think it’ll be like pokemon mystery dungeon sky where, after you beat the game, you play a new story. hopefully you get to play as young n and present time n. and then afterwards they can go back to your characters story to figure out the story of kyurem and figure out what getis does next.

  37. “What you wrote doesn’t make much sense, but if you are saying they could add stuff to BW via wifi-downloads, this won’t happen. They can’t add data that’s not in the game. They can only unlock what’s already on the cart, because DS games are ROMs, which means read-only-memory.”

    Ok I just want to point out they use flags to run memory in pokémon games. Sometimes the flags only work in reaction to the presence of an item, so it isn’t technically adding new data to the game, just like the Old Sea Map in Emerald. Faraway Island wasn’t a new map, it was just inaccessible until you had the item. They could make the story go much further with built in scripts like that. If you take a Meloetta to the café in Castelia you can teach it a new move; but that’s not new programming that’s just an event that only works when you have that pokémon

  38. I’m sure there will be a third game, but not as a downloadable content. I’m also pretty sure that the third game will be a sequel instead of just a remake, because black-white actually has got a quite good storyline. This sequel will probabely be playing the black-white game again, but with other trainers maybe or something like that. They won’t make a complete new map, because that wouldn’t be in the spirit of third games.

    I also think it is better to make this sequel than to make a complete new generation, because actually, every game has the same ‘layout’ and i’m getting sick of all these new, extremely uncreative new pokemon. To make a fourth game after BW would also be a nice idea, because if the story is good enough, it won’t be boring and the same.

    Also I really hope they’re making a remake of ruby and sapphire soon, because I really LOVE that generation! I’m now playing sapphire nuzlocke style and the awesomeness is beyond reality.

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