BW Rumors – Post Launch Edition

I know, I know Black and White already launched!  So why would pokejungle have more rumors for us?!  Mainly because I don’t have the scans in hand that prove these are true :3  Nonetheless I made a reputation for giving fans ALL the developments from the Japanese world, whether they were confirmed or not, so I’ve also decided to post these details.

  • Junichi Masuda (Game Director) admitted he had made a mistake by raising Hypnosis’s accuracy in the 4th Generation games Diamond and Pearl (70% vs 60%).  That was later fixed in Platinum with its return to the lower accuracy.
  • Geechisu’s name is based off of musical terms “Gee” and “Chisu” (pronounced “gehh” and “chee-soo”), but to be honest I’m not familiar enough with Japanese terms regarding music to know exactly what.  In his theme music however you can hear “geeeeeeetesu”.
  • N’s real name was hinted to be revealed in the third game.  There are hints about what it is in Black and White (according to Musada), but it never actually tells you.

Aaaaaaaaaand you thought you’d have some rest from rumors now that Black and White are on Japanese store shelves ;D  THINK AGAIN!

<3 pokejungle

ps- Thanks NL for doing the legwork on this information!