BW Rumors – Post Launch Edition

I know, I know Black and White already launched!  So why would pokejungle have more rumors for us?!  Mainly because I don’t have the scans in hand that prove these are true :3  Nonetheless I made a reputation for giving fans ALL the developments from the Japanese world, whether they were confirmed or not, so I’ve also decided to post these details.

  • Junichi Masuda (Game Director) admitted he had made a mistake by raising Hypnosis’s accuracy in the 4th Generation games Diamond and Pearl (70% vs 60%).  That was later fixed in Platinum with its return to the lower accuracy.
  • Geechisu’s name is based off of musical terms “Gee” and “Chisu” (pronounced “gehh” and “chee-soo”), but to be honest I’m not familiar enough with Japanese terms regarding music to know exactly what.  In his theme music however you can hear “geeeeeeetesu”.
  • N’s real name was hinted to be revealed in the third game.  There are hints about what it is in Black and White (according to Musada), but it never actually tells you.

Aaaaaaaaaand you thought you’d have some rest from rumors now that Black and White are on Japanese store shelves ;D  THINK AGAIN!

<3 pokejungle

ps- Thanks NL for doing the legwork on this information!

  1. Yay! First! (Not that it matters anyway)

    Anywho, these are pretty cool. 🙂 I’m not sure whether or not I want the one about N to be true, because while I think it’d be awesome for him to have a real name, I kinda liked the mysteriousness of his name being just “N”.

  2. MY LIFE IS COMPLETE! finally pokejungle has rumors again : D I was having a crappy night until I saw this post

    now im hyper

  3. Well, Bulbapedia mentioned Geechisu’s name meaning. And since all those “rumours” come from the same interview, I guess we can say they are pretty much confirmed!

    There are so many mysteries surrounding Geechisu and N… Why is the Dark Trinity protecting Geechisu? Why are those two “goddesses” watching over N? What is that Harmonia name that Geechisu and N share? I haven’t bought B/W yet, but I’m already eager for the third game! 😀

    1. If you go in N’s room in the castle and click on the basketball (I think it’s the basketball…) It says someone wrote “Harmonia” on it

  4. i for 1 want to know n’s real name because it is just a code name, but for gesh’s english name, i hope its either penance of dennis, due to his battle theme.
    ps. due to a certain profile pic changer, who changes his profile pic every time he gets the chance, who has changed it to a pic with him in a muscleman suit, i have added his twitter name + anti to my nickname
    pps. yay, more rumours, ftw +9000

      1. Dennnnnnnnnnnnnis.
        Don’t fight it.

        (It’s a meme. And… as Pokejungle explains in the post we happen to be commenting on, it’s “geetesu”.)

    1. Woah, that’s what I was thinking, and I just posted a comment about this because I noticed the same thing!

  5. im really wondering what the third version will bring next to a story line involving kyurem. Once again we will see snow I guess (sinnoh returns XD) Maybe N gets both reshiram and zekrom and you have to catch kyurem to ‘cool him down’.. got it? cool him dow- *bricked*

    anyways, cant wait till the rumor mill starts again on pokemon grey!

      1. Actually Kira is the Japanese word for “killer” which would be Genosect (?) or maybe Kyurem since he took humans and Pokemon from Kagome Town back to his cave to eat them, Arceus would be Kami which is the Japanese word for spirits, natural forces and sometimes translated as “god” or “deity” which makes sense considering he’s known as the “god” of the Pokemon world!

  6. “G” and “Cis” (C-sharp in english) are German names for musical score (the japanese love foreign words), so Geechisu should be romanised as “G’Cis” I think. Dogasu did this on his webpage as well.

    1. I don’t know if I’m pronouncing that right but when you say G’Cis multiple times it sounds like Jesus

  7. Wait, im confused. What do you mean by the third version? Diamond, Peal and PLATINUM type of thing? Something like pokemon Grey? Is that what the “third version” might be?

    1. Yup, there’s always a third game (except for the remakes and spin-offs)
      Red and Blue had Yellow, Gold and Silver had Crystal, Ruby and Sapphire had Emerald, and as you said, Diamond and Pearl had Platinum.
      It’s pretty much a staple of the main games, it would actually be more surprising if they didn’t make a third version 😛

      1. Cool, thanks. I got confused because it said the third version and i had no idea what that meant. Cant wait to get pokemon white first then “the third version”!!!!!

      2. You forgot about the SPIN-OFF series Explorers of “—“. They have Explorers of Sky as their third version :3

  8. I bet his name will be Nicholas or something….

    It is possible that it doesn’t begin with an N though…..who’s to say the name “N” has to represent the first letter of his name? There could be another reason behind it.

    1. Technically “N” could mean Neutral considering he plays a role as a protagonist and an antagonist, it could also mean North as many people have speculated due to the fact that N’s Castle is located in the north of Unova/Isshu (whichever you want to call it)!

  9. What do you think the new pokemon game will be called. I have two theories. It can be called gray to be the neutral color of black and white and represent Kyurem. Or it could be called something like rainbow ( yes, i know its weird) because black and white are not colors, they are shades and a rainbow has all of the main colors. Also, Pokemon black has Reshiram wich is white and Pokemon white has Zekrom which is black. It would be hard to see Kyurem in pokemon gray version because they would both be grey. If it is pokemon Rainbow or something, then it would be a gray pokemon with a rainbow theme or something. They are opposites. Plus between the colors black and white are the rainbow colors.


      1. I actually like that spectrum idea. Dont take my word for this but i secretly think that pokejungle read your comment. Dont tell ANYONE. It a sectret!!!!

    1. Sorry I just thought about what those looney ppl that think Pokemon is devil worshiping would say about a Pokemon Rainbow version LOL and PJ knows where I’m getting at – provided he reads this comment XD

  10. Unrelated but i just noticed this but Snivy written in japannese has a smily face at the begining.

    1. do you know Shin Chan ?
      his dog Lucky has the same smiley followed with a square in jappanes XD
      written on its doghouse

      1. Mmmhm, coz the dog’s name is Shiro.
        So it has Shi シ and Ro ロ written on it.

  11. What?!!?

    no time to comment!
    Its Here Time For Sint-Nicolaas 😀
    Time to unpack my presents 🙂

    best Holiday ever XD

  12. I personally think N’s name is Dennis because in the end battle with Geechisu, if you listen closely to the music it sounds like they are singing, the name Dennis

  13. I hope the name for movie (15?16?) is Kerudio and the Three Musketeers? question as in wondering about the three musketeer Pokemon. Also, pokemon scarlet (for victini) would be a cool wiiware/wii game. 3d graphics (as in, polygonal) and shiny victini, it would be in-between b/w and grey/gray explaining the story of Dark trinity. also, in grey/gray, who wants coats on their trainers? I know I do.

    1. By “Gray”, you mean a hypothetical third version of BW, right?

      If so, saying something takes place between BW and Gray is completely meaningless – third versions are retellings of the original story, meaning they take place at the same time.

  14. Hey peoples, help me. I think I want to start a virtual team for PMD, but with 1st 2nd 3rd or 5th gen pokes, no 4th unless needed. so just reply to this comment with a pokemon you wish to add. I’ll start with Snivy.

  15. I’ve been thinking about it, I think that N’s name also has something to do with music, like Geechisu. After all, their last name is Harmonia, which is also related to music. I guess that’s what Masuda meant when he said that there were hints about N’s real name.

  16. I actually really don’t want to learn N’s real name. It, in my opinion, would devalue his role. He’s supposed to be on the side of the Pokemon – which aren’t supposed to have real names !

    1. But people nickname pokemon… WAIT! Do we get to nickname N!?
      I want to name him inappropriate things! And have the name rater tell me I suck at naming him!

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